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Coffee - Good or Bad by hirudov


Article about the coffee pros and cons.

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									                       Coffee - Good or Bad?
    There is only one answer when you ask yourself the question "Is
                         coffee good for me?"
1) The first group of people who regularly      you have earned by spending most of your
use coffee is the working class including       life at work, not around nature or your
hardworking managers and CEOs.                  family. After you have consumed your
                                                coffee, you feel that for a few hours your
Some of them drink caffeinated drinks           feeling of well-being and your mood have
(coffee, cola, tea, red bull). People who are   improved. The bad part comes after these
really ambitious as it comes to work            few hours have already passed. Your mind
performance, can even chew on coffee            has slowed down and now it has
beans when they need energy or they want        the capacity to think clearly. You realize
to stay alert. Did you know that coffee was     that you have bought stuff that not only
first used on African slaves who were           you did not needed on the first place but
viewed as cattle not human beings?! It was      you also used your credit card or borrowed
given to them so that they can be more          money. You poor thing - you have become
productive. Take your daily Anti-Sleep          once again a proud consumer and a good
pills and the corporation will be happy. I      bank servant. After you have found out
am not sure about you though especially in      what you had done, how do you feel and
the long run. If you are not being              how do your feelings and thoughts affect
paid enough for your hard, inhumane             your present and future health?
work or you are being heavily exploited
then the corporation will even provide the      3) Many people drink coffee because it
caffeine to you for FREE. Thus, you are         causes the bowels to move and improve the
supposed to feel happy and be thankful to       elasticity of their skin. Thus, the two
your exploiters for their good care of you.     reasons are health and beauty. I would
                                                offer you an alternative that will have the
2) Another group of people who use coffee       same effect but which will also save you
is the rich, negligent and uneducated           the side effects of drinking coffee. Please
people. Doctors, who are honest, will tell      feel free to use warm water with a spoon of
you that caffeine falls in the group of         honey in the morning instead. Make sure
chemicals which are used in hospitals for       you take the cups of warm water on an
treating patience such as: morphine,            empty stomach. Adopt this new habit and
cocaine, strychnine and other pain              you will not ever feel sorry for the decision
relievers. They are used rarely because         you have taken. Tell other people about it
they are narcotics.                             and ask them to apply it in their lives.
                                                Work       hard     to awaken      the higher
When animals eat coffee beans from plants       consciousness in people in your
they become uncontrollable and restless.        community.
Make your own experiment and don't take
anybody else's words for granted. What is       Caffeine is an irritant to the gastric
the result? Why do you think coffee is          mucosa. It results in secretion of adrenalin,
being served, sometimes even for free, in       insulin secretion and at the end you feel
every mall or shopping center? Do you see       tension and mild rise in blood pressure.
the    connection    between      rushing,      Approximately three hours after you have
not hesitating   and     spending money,        consumed your cup of coffee, you will
have a craving for sweets which is not very    about wrinkles, dark spots on the skin, grey
good for your athletic figure. Also, when      hair, spastic colons, an enlarged gall
coffee /alcohol/ reaches your stomach, it      bladder, high cholesterol, a protruded
reacts with the stomach acids and results in   stomach, irritable bowels and constipation.
a toxin which leads to cleansing the bowel.
The flush causes vitamin and mineral           In conclusion, listen to the voice inside
deficiencies which can lead to poor athletic   your head that says: "Your actions now are
performance, liver cancer, low energy,         incongruent with the person you want to
mood        levels,    insomnia,    changes    be, dear. You want to be a healthy and
in appetite,        sugar     carving      -   energetic person at this very moment and
fatigue, nervousness, general malaise,         why not - a healthy person 50 years from
general aches and pains to headaches and       now. This way of life will allow you to be
over working of the liver, pancreas,           able to depend on yourself and help out the
adrenal glands. Of course, when your           community and             your          family
recreation activities are negatively           members. What's the alternative? To be
affected, your body can not keep up with       sick, helpless and moody all the time and
the daily stress and your overall health is    wait for somebody else to take care of
compromised. Physical activity (daily          you. One of the worst side effects of long-
home exercises and outdoor sports) is          term coffee drinking is tachycardia.
beneficial for both your mind and body.        Sometimes, the only way to help stop a
However, if you insist on keeping the          quick heartbeat is through an open-heart
old habit of drinking coffee, hot cocoa or     surgery. If you think this is a great idea, go
eating chocolate, you have already decided     ahead and buy a red bull which is
on your number one priority. Caffeine          considered to have the amount of caffeine
has a negative impact on your immune           which is found in 4 cups of espresso. If
system. Your skin will be affected too but     you don't like somebody ask them to come
not in the positive way you have read          visit you often at your house and fix them a
about in the newspapers. When you liver        tasty decaf coffee. The heart risk for your
does not function properly, which is           "friend" is going to be the same. If you
valid for both coffee and alcohol drinkers,    have a real friend and would like to help
then you will end up having impure blood       them that they will experience withdrawal
circulating in your whole body. This blood     symptoms which include severe headaches,
will not be able to nourish each one of your   irritability and tiredness. In the long run it
cells, tissues, organs and glands. It brings   will be worth it.
Ventsislav Tsvetkov does not drink coffee.

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