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					                            BROOKVALE HIGH SCHOOL

Job Title:            Assistant Cook

Grade:                4

Location:             School Kitchen

Responsible To:       Catering Manager

Responsible For:      Kitchen Assistants (in the absence of Catering Manager)

Job Purpose:          To assist with the preparation, production and distribution of
                      high quality, healthy meals for the school as appropriate. To
                      take responsibility for the operation of the school kitchen in
                      the (short term) absence of the Catering Manager


       1.    To assist the catering Manager with the preparation and cooking of
             food as required, including hospitality catering and special dietary

       2.    To undertake clearing, cleaning of premises, plant, equipment and the
             setting up and putting away of dining room furniture.

       3.    To assist the Catering Manager with the provision of a quality service,
             to include transported meals where applicable.

       4.    In the absence of the Catering Manager to liaise if necessary with the
             Headteacher or Business Manager with regard to the school’s

       5.    To assist with promoting the service including the provision of
             hospitality catering.

       6.    In the absence of the Catering Manager to ensure the security of the
             kitchen including the associated stores and surrounds as appropriate.

       7.    To report the breakdown of equipment, the need for structural repairs,
             Food Safety hazards, break-ins and accidents, to the Catering
             Manager or as directed.

       8.    To carry out cashier and cash handling duties as appropriate.

       9.    To undertake basic administration tasks under the direction of the
             Catering Manager.
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       10. In the absence of the Catering Manager to communicate all relevant information
           to catering staff as directed.

       11. To attend training sessions as specified both during term time and out of term

       12. To attend and assist in the cleaning of the kitchen and surrounds on specified
           out of term time cleaning days.

       13. During the short term absence of the Catering Manager to take responsibility for
           the day to day operation of the kitchen, including the production of food and
           related tasks, and staffing issues.


When requested by senior management or other County Council designated Emergency
Planning Officers, take an active role in emergency alerts or exercises.

Subject to the duration of the need, the special conditions given below apply:

       (a)   The nature of the work may involve the postholder carrying out work outside of
             normal working hours.
       (b)   The postholder may be required to attend, from time to time, training courses,
             conferences, seminars or other meetings as required by his/her own training
             needs and the needs of the service.
       (c)   Expenses will be paid in accordance with the Local Conditions of Service.
       (d)   This post is subject to a check being carried out at an Enhanced level by the
             Criminal Records Bureau regarding any previous criminal record.

All Brookvale employees are expected to promote and safeguard the welfare of
students at the school. Our Safeguarding Policy can be found on the school’s
website – www.brookvale.leics.sch.uk, and is made known to all. It is designed to
guide staff, students and parents/carers with regard to Safeguarding issues.

Leicestershire County Council is seeking to promote the employment of disabled
people and will make any adjustments considered reasonable to the above duties
under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to accommodate a suitable
disabled candidate.

This job description sets out the duties and responsibilities of the post at the time
when it was drawn up. Such duties and responsibilities may vary from time to time
without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility
entailed. Such variations are a common occurrence and cannot themselves justify a
reconsideration of the grading of the post.

                           BROOKVALE HIGH SCHOOL
                            SPECIALIST LANGUAGE COLLEGE
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Job Title:           Assistant Cook

                                           Essential   Desirable     How
Reasonable general education.                                       App

Willingness to undertake training as                                 Int

City & Guilds 706/1 and 706/2 or                                    Doc
Vocational NVQ.

Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.                                     Doc

Previous large scale cooking experience.                          App/Int

Previous cooking experience.                                       App/Int
Operating commercial catering                             
equipment.                                                         App/Doc

Experience of cooking in a school                                 App/Int
                                                                  App/Int
Experience of supervision of staff

Basic knowledge of Food Safety / Health                           App/Int
and Safety.

General knowledge of nutrition.                                   App/Int

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Good rapport with Children and Young                                 App/Int

Ability to work as a member of a team.                                App/Int
Must have a mature attitude and be                                   App/Int

Sensitivity to the needs of colleagues and                            App/Int

Must be able to communicate with staff,                               App/Int
parents, other customers and colleagues.

Demonstrate an understanding of the                                   App/Int
provision of a catering service to a                        
diverse school population.

General Circumstances

  A flexible approach to working,
   including out-of-hours, and an ability                            App/Int
   and willingness to travel to various
  An understanding of, and
   commitment to, Equal Opportunities,                               App/Int
   and the ability to apply this to work
   and day-to-day situations

Factors not already covered

Must be able to perform all duties and                                    Med
tasks with reasonable adjustment,
where appropriate, in accordance with
the provisions of the Disability
Discrimination Act 1995.
In addition to candidates’ ability to perform the duties of the post, all Brookvale employees
are expected to promote and safeguard the welfare of students at the school, therefore the
interview will also explore issues relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of
children including:
     Motivation to work with children and young people
     Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with
        children and young people
     Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours
     Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline

Please be aware that any relevant safeguarding issues that arise on receipt of references
may be discussed at interview.
App = Application Form
Test = Test
Int = Interview
Pre = Presentation
Med = Medical Questionnaire
Doc = Documentary Evidence (E.g., Certificates)
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