iOS 6 drops google maps. Might follow with google search too by androidapplication


									iOS 6 drops google maps .Might follow with
google search too
iOS 6 is one of the most anticipated mobile operating system of the year and is already raising
many eyebrows due to some radical changes. Apple has decided to do away with google maps
and the youtube app on iOS 6. Instead it is making its own map application and has also signed
up deals with Facebook and twitter to make dedicated apps that would run on iOS 6 and deliver
better user experience; Apple’s prime focus. These developments has surely made one
company worried. Thats Google.

Google worries because-
The major chunk of Google’s revenue for mobile search comes from iOS. And like maps, if the
entire google search is stopped by Apple on iOS, Google can really end up loosing a lot of ad
revenues. Some believe that google pays $1b a year to Apple as a result of being the main
search engine on iOS. Compared to the revenues that Apple has and will likely generate, this is
insignificant. Besides the fact that google is the search verb, if Apple drops google it is going to
have some hard hitting effects on google’s revenues and not on Apple itself.

But, If not google then what?
Since the windows phone has gone nowhere and bing struggles even after a number of costly
surgeries, Microsoft is in a delicate position. Some analysts however say that bing delivers better
search results than google, however if you are thinking an iOS and Bing integration then things
are little difficult for Microsoft. Microsoft has to pay a huge sum to get bing into iOS. However,
 experts suggest that a close association of Microsoft with Apple in developing a search engine
can surely break the google dominance and pave way for a new search engine.

The Social Headache-
Facebook that was losing user shares due to its inferior mobile app will likely fare good in iOS 6.
One can also think of facebook users directed to the Apple app store more often through
effective social engagement. This can benefit both apple (competing android play) and facebook
(competing google plus with better experience).
The facts are startling and Apple has always surprised us with deals and innovations that
appeared radical in the beginning but slowly made a lot of sense and a lot of money in the end.
Is this again the beginning of something radical from Apple?

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