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									Where to Stay in Orlando

Orlando has six different areas where one can look for a place to stay
after the long and adventurous day of tripping to theme parks and
recreational spots all over the place. It is quite a confusing task to
carry out so here are some ideas that may help you choose the best place
that will suit your vacation needs while you are in the family
entertainment capital of the world.

South of Disney or Highway 192

Over the years, this highway has been a well-known destination for many
tourists visiting Orlando. With the many restaurants, some good golf
courses, and family attractions as well, many visitors consider this area
a good one for finding hotel accommodations. Prices of the hotels are
less expensive as compared to other hotels in other areas. However, the
structures are already quite old since most of them were built in the
late 1970’s and that many of these hotels are not connected with national

North of Disney World

It is also called the Lake Buena Vista area which is the newest spot to
look for places to stay in Orlando. The hotels built in this region were
put up in the early 1990’s and mostly associated with national brands.
This part of Orlando hosts great shopping and dining sites only a few
miles away from each other.

Inside Disney World Resort

For a Disney aficionado, this area is the best option to scout for a good
hotel. It is obviously the closest to Disney World and they offer free
shuttle services which run for every thirty minutes. Disney hotels are
run at the highest standards so there is a total guarantee for an
excellent stay in Orlando. However, these hotel rooms only cater up to
four people in a single room and as compared to hotels alike outside the
Disney World area, the prices are almost doubled.

Universal Area

There are also good options that can be considered in this district
however, not as much as there is in other areas of Orlando. Only a few
hotels can be found in this place and there is not much competition going
on between these places to stay so the prices are really not that

Downtown Orlando

Visiting Orlando means visiting the theme parks and beautiful attractions
that this city offers. So if you do not want to go through the hassle of
long trips from your hotel to these theme parks and not to mention the
time that you will be wasting while traveling thirty minutes to the
Disney World, it would not be the best option to have your stay downtown.
International Drive/ Convention Center Area

This area is just a few minutes away from SeaWorld so it’s a good choice
for those who will be going to that park. However, the prices are a
little expensive here while the amenities that the hotels in I-Drive
offer are mostly geared for business travelers than for families.

Nevertheless the place does have a lot of restaurants offering the most
delectable and fine cuisines but you must be able to put up reservations
if you are intending to dine in these restaurants since during the peak
hours of dining, it is very difficult to find a seat due to the
conventions going on in the town.

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