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									                                                                           March 26, 2012
Regular Meeting                                                                  4:30 PM
Springfield Mass Transit District                                             Page 1 of 6

The Board of Trustees of the Springfield Mass Transit District met in a regular session in
the office of the Springfield Mass Transit District located at 928 South Ninth Street,
Springfield, Illinois. The meeting was called to order at 4:35 PM by Frank Squires,

I.     Roll Call      Present:
                      Frank Squires                  Chairperson
                      Christine Groves               Secretary
                      Joyce Rodgers                  Trustee
                      Jerry Doss                     Trustee
                      Karen Hasara                   Trustee
                      Leslie McCarthy                Trustee
                      Linda Tisdale                  Managing Director
                      Diane Townsend                 AMD of Finance & Administration
                      Angela Brooks                  Superintendent of Transportation
                      Earl Amos                      Superintendent of Maintenance
                      Shoun Reese                    Grants & Procurement Manager
                      Ruth Bellm                     HR Manager
                      Ed Gower                       Counsel
                      Dale Schultz                   Planner, SSCRPC

                      Brian Brewer                   Vice Chairperson
                      Bill Brown                     Paratransit Superintendent
                      Pete Roberts                   SCIL
                      Linda Wheeland                 Senior Planner, SSCRPC

Frank Squires introduced the District’s new board member, Leslie McCarthy.

II.    Approval of Minutes

Joyce Rodgers made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting which
was held on February 27, 2012, and of the special meeting on March 9, 2012. The motion
was seconded by Karen Hasara and the motion unanimously carried.

III.   Communications

Linda Tisdale announced that Jennifer Hinkle is doing well in her accounting classes and
that she has made the Dean’s List at Benedictine University for this semester. She also let
everyone know that Bill Brown is home from the hospital and doing well.

Linda Tisdale added there would need to be a special board meeting in April in order to
award the new commercial insurance contract. She asked if there would be a good time
during the week of April 9th. A tentative time was set for Monday, April 9, 2010, at
noon. Ed Gower said he would be out of town, but if we would like someone here from
his office, just to let him know.
                                                                             March 26, 2012
                                                                                   4:30 PM
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IV.    Reports

A. Operations Summary

Linda Tisdale reported that ridership was up 34.2% for February, 2012; even adjusting
for the extra day due to leap year, ridership was up 28%. The fiscal year-to-date is up
19.4% and 11.4% for twelve months ending. It appears as though the fare increase is not
having a negative effect. Revenues continue to be up. Access is up 19.6% for the month.
Part of the increase can be attributed to the new software that Access is using. It really
keeps the drivers moving and there certainly appears to be more capacity available. The
Dispatchers enter the trip and the software assigns a seat. There have been some growing
pains and a few complaints, but those are being worked out as they arise. Night ridership
on the original four routes is at 11.38 riders per hour and the 5th route is at 10.31 so those
routes are doing well.

B. February Financial Statements & Approval of Cash Disbursements

Frank Squires asked if there were any concerns or questions about the financial
statements and cash disbursements. There were none. Karen Hasara made a motion to
approve the February financial statements and cash disbursements. Joyce Rodgers
seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

C. Board Committee Reports: Finance-Operations-Administration

Finance: Jerry Doss reported that the Illinois Funds interest to date was $984.92. There
is a CD that will roll over into an 18 month CD at INB and one at the credit union. There
is a CD maturing at Prairie State Bank, and it will be rolled into the Illinois Funds.

Operations: Joyce Rodgers told the Board that the “Consultant Recommendations” item
was put on the agenda in error. She let everyone know that she toured the new facility
and it really looks beautiful. It looks like it is absolutely complete. Earl let everyone
know that there were still quite a few items on the punch list, so he was not sure when
everything would be completely finished. Ms. Rodgers also said everyone is hoping that
Bill Brown is on his way to a complete recovery.

Administration: There was no Administration report.

D. Planning Commission Report

Dale Schultz informed the Board that Linda Wheeland was unable to attend due to the
meeting she was attending concerning the development of a rural Bike & Pedestrian Plan.
The draft of the SATS Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was finalized on 3/22/12 and there is
a public input meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 4, 2012, at 6:00 PM at the
Lincoln Library. The Planning Commission has been helping to compile information for
the District’s triennial review, as well as continuing work on the Sangamon/Menard
County Rural Transit System. They are also planning the 5th Annual Curb Your Car
event, which is set for May 14th- 18th.
                                                                         March 26, 2012
                                                                                 4:30 PM
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The Paratransit report showed 5288 trips for February, 2012, which is 883 trips more than
last February. This places the FY average at 5224, which is over 100 more trips than last
year’s average.

E. Disabled Persons Advisory Committee Report/Access Springfield

There was no Disabled Persons Advisory Committee Report.

V. New Business

A. Approval of the Waste Hauling Agreement

Linda Tisdale advised the Board that, as outlined in their Board packets, there were three
vendors who submitted waste hauling bids. The low bidder was Allied Waste at
$3628.32 for the two year contract. Frank Squires asked if they are a local company and
Ms. Tisdale informed him that they are. Karen Hasara made a motion to approve Allied
Waste as the District’s waste hauler for the next two years. The motion was seconded by
Joyce Rodgers and it passed unanimously.

B. Approval of the Phase I Group Health Insurance Broker

Linda Tisdale outlined the procedure used to evaluate the vendors who bid on the group
health insurance RFP. The team of evaluators each independently scored the written
proposals and the interviews. Those scores were combined and the cost proposal was
then scored and added to the combined totals. American Central was the high scorer.
Karen Hasara asked who they are, since she has not heard of them. Linda explained that
they are a local firm which has been in business for 25 years, concentrating primarily in
group health insurance. They have quite a bit of experience dealing with companies
formerly with the Local Government Health Plan. Joyce Rodgers made a motion to
approve American Central as the District’s Phase I group health insurance representative.
Jerry Doss seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

C. Approval of the Heating & Air Conditioning Contract

Linda Tisdale explained the District had requested proposals for this contract because it
was important to evaluate the potential vendors on qualifications and cost proposals.
They have to know boilers. Henson Robinson received the highest score. The hourly
rate was an additional $5/hour over the previous year and the overall cost of the contract
has increased, but there are now six more boilers than last year and much is involved in
the required inspections. Karen Hasara asked how many vendors responded to the RFP.
There were three proposers. Of those, two were interviewed. Jerry Doss made a motion
to approve the contract with Henson Robinson and the motion was seconded by Karen
Hasara. It passed unanimously.

D. Approval of Drug & Alcohol Policy ATU & Admin

Linda Tisdale informed the Board that the difference between the old and new policies is
primarily that the new one has a “zero tolerance” policy for positive alcohol or drug tests.
                                                                          March 26, 2012
                                                                                4:30 PM
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The policy revisions have been approved by not only ATU, but SEIU as well. Jerry Doss
asked for clarification for the difference between the agenda item, “Drug & Alcohol
Policy” and the “Substance Screening Policy.” Linda informed him that it was the same
policy. Joyce Rodgers made a motion to approve the new policy and Jerry Doss
seconded it. It passed unanimously.

E. Approval of Drug & Alcohol Policy for SEIU

See Above.

F. Approval of Revised Procurement Policy

Linda Tisdale explained that Shoun Reese had been attending training on procurement
procedures and therefore the policy has almost doubled in size. To date, she has attended
three out of the four training classes, so there might be an additional update in the near
future. Due to the amount and scope of the changes, it seemed best to update the policy
immediately. If additional items need to be added after the fourth training seminar,
another update will be submitted. Karen Hasara made a motion to approve the revised
Procurement Policy. The motion was seconded by Joyce Rodgers and it passed

VI. Public Comments

Steven Simpson-Black introduced himself and handed out a written summary of his
comments. A copy of his summary is included with the Board materials on file. He told
the Board that he had a few items to cover. He informed them that his term as Chair of
CAST has come to an end and that he plans to still be an active public transit advocate.
The group is still determining who will be the next Chair.

His top concern is the fact that Route 18 does not run on Saturdays. It is the only one
which does not. He feels that the District should look at the issue of Saturday service for
this route more closely. It appears that at present, Route 1 stops and parks on Saturdays
and he wonders if any consideration has been given to using that manpower to continue
Route 18. Angie and Linda explained that there were budgetary constraints, but that the
matter is being evaluated.

Mr. Simpson-Black noted the three new bus shelters out at UIS and upon inquiry, he
found out that an advertiser owns the shelters. He asked if the District had considered
allowing outside vendors to develop bus shelters around the city. Ms. Tisdale informed
everyone that she just recently found out that the process for building shelters has
changed. In the past, the District could inform the city where they were interested in
placing a shelter and as long as they paid for the expense, there was no problem. Now
there is a new requirement calling for a surveyor to become involved prior to any shelter
being placed. Plans and permits must be obtained and an indemnity agreement must be
signed. All this makes the process more difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Mr.
Simpson-Black asked if a private citizen could urge the city to look into simplifying the
procedure in order to make it more appealing to advertisers; he was assured any citizen
could do so. A private company could also approach the city.
                                                                            March 26, 2012
                                                                                    4:30 PM
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Mr. Simpson-Black asked about the stop at White Oaks Mall. He noted it was not
included in his written statement, but was wondering about it. Ms. Tisdale let him know
that the Mall management had told SMTD where the stop needed to be placed. Mr.
Simpson-Black actually thought the stop was in a good place. Ms. Tisdale let him know
that the District was still working with the Mall concerning the bus routes during their
construction, since the current location has no sidewalk and no curb cuts. He had not
been aware of that, and says that if the area could be made safe for passengers, it would
be a good location.

Ed Gower asked if Linda Tisdale needed to have approval of the agreement with the
Mall. Ms. Tisdale let him know that the matter was not on the agenda because it had not
been resolved in time. Mr. Gower thought it was appropriate to discuss as a
communications topic. Even though no vote could be held, at least everyone would be
aware of the latest developments. If a vote was needed or other action needed to be taken
with Board approval, a special board meeting could be held. In the meantime, everyone
would have an idea of the issues with White Oaks Mall.

During the construction, the bus stop has been moved to the area at the east entrance by
Long Horn Steakhouse. The construction is going to be blocking all four of the main
entrances to the Mall, so this is the only area that was available. When passengers exit
the bus, they are basically in a traffic lane. There is no curb cut and the area has a berm,
rendering it inaccessible for wheelchairs. Linda Tisdale and other District staff have been
working diligently to try to ensure that passengers have safe access to the Mall. She is
trying to make sure that concrete barriers are in place as soon as possible. As soon as an
agreement is reached with the Mall in terms of the location of the barriers and the shelter,
the mall manager had told Ms. Tisdale that she would need the District to sign a simple
agreement, like the one they use for the Girl Scouts, in order to use the Mall property.
The next day, Ms. Tisdale was told that the simple agreement could not be used. No
barriers can be placed until the District can negotiate an agreement with the Mall. If a
special Board meeting is needed to approve one, it will be called.

Ed Gower outlined the difficulties obtaining an agreement for the stop, which began way
before the current construction issues. On July 14, 2010, his office provided a red-line
response to the Mall’s contract. To date, there has been no response to the changes
outlined by the District. The contract the Mall was offering posed huge liability exposure
for the District. Several deadlines have been missed and it was only at the last minute
that a temporary agreement was reached so that the District’s passengers did not have to
be dropped off down the road from the Mall. Mr. Gower explained one of the big issues
is the matter of the contributions that the Mall is seeking. This has been problematic in
the past. They had said they would waive this if shelters are provided, but that agreement
also required the District to accept liability without any negligence, along with several
other legally objectionable terms, all of which were totally unfavorable and totally
unacceptable for the District. Mr. Gower has contacted the Mall’s legal team directly and
was able to work out a temporary agreement that is in place through July 31, 2012. He
will continue to work out the details for a long-term agreement. The item will be placed
on the agenda when an acceptable agreement is negotiated.
                                                                        March 26, 2012
                                                                              4:30 PM
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The Board discussed what the best course of action should be, due to the fact that the
barriers should be put in place as soon as possible. Mr. Gower told them that as soon as
he can work out an agreement which needs to be approved, he will work with Ms. Tisdale
on the quickest manner available to make it happen.

VIII. Adjournment

At 5:15 PM, Joyce Rodgers made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded
by Christine Groves. The motion unanimously carried. The meeting was adjourned.

                                                   Christine Groves, Secretary


Frank Squires, Chairperson

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