1341317816938 CT scan tender document 2012 13 by HC120807105313



Issued to______________________________________________

Of________________________________________ on deposit of

Cost of Rs._________________ vide C.R.No.________________

Dated             .    .12

                                 INDIAN RAILWAYS
                         CHITTARANJAN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS
                         CHITTARANJAN:: DIST. BURDWAN (WB)


   1.   Tender No          :      Med/Treat/CT-Tender(2012-2013)
   2.   Approx. Value      :      Rs.8,00,000/-(Rupees Eight lakhs only).
   3.   Name of work       :      CT Scan of CLW’s patient.
   4.   Place of work      :      At the premises of the contractor.
   5.   The tender document consists of the following pages all of which should be
        signed and dated by the tenderer and all the documents should be submitted
        together to form one tender.

           i.         Instruction to tenderers.
           ii.        Tender form ( TENDER)
           iii.       Conditions of tender.
           iv.        Schedule of items quantities of rates
           v.         Special conditions of the contract
           vi.        Supplementary special conditions of contract.

   6. The tender documents are not transferable.
   7. The rate should be quoted both in figure and words which shall form basis of
      payment for the works and for any extension or modification that may be
   8. The tender document duly completed should be put in a sealed cover
      superscribing thereon the (i) Tender No., (ii) Name of the work and (iii) The
      name of the officer in whose favour the tender is submitted.
   9. The tender should be submitted to Chief Medical Supdt., K.G.Hospital,
      Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, P.O. Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan (WB), Pin
      Code No: 713331.

   10. The tender will be received up to 13:30 hours on 06.08.12 and the tenders so
       received will be opened and rates read out to the attending tenderers on the
       same day, i.e.06.08.12 at 16:30 hrs. The tender box placed in the office of the
       Chief Medical Supdt for dropping the tenders will be closed and sealed at
       13:30 hrs on 06.08.12.
   11. The tenderers may drop their tenders duly sealed and superscribed in the
       tender box specially allotted for the purpose and placed in the office of the
       said officer mentioned in para-9 above or send their tenders by registered
       post to the address of the said officer so as to reach his office not later than
       13.30 hrs. on 06.08.12.
   12. The tender must be accompanied by the deposit of sum as shown in Annexure
       ‘D’ and full amount of earnest money shall constitute as “Initial Security” for
       keeping the offer open for acceptance for a period of 90 (ninety) days from the
       date fixed for receipt and opening of the tenders.
   13. The rates quoted for the job should be strictly as per the provision in the
       schedules splitting up of the job and quoting of rates thereof may result in
       the tender being cancelled.
   14. Should be tenderer find any discrepancy in or omission from the drawings or
       any of the Tender Forms should be in doubt as to their meaning be should at
       once notify to the Authority inviting Tenders who may send written
       instructions to all Tenders. It should be understood that every endeavor has
       been made to avoid any error which may materially effect the basis of Tender
       and the successful Tenderers should be taken upon himself and provide for
       the risk of any error which may subsequently be discovered and shall make
       no claim on account thereof.
   15. Cost of tender form is Rs. 2000/-(Rs. Two thousand)only

Signature of tenderer / contractor


                                  Indian Railways
                          Chittaranjan Locomotive Works,
                           Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan.

                                  TENDER FORM

The President of India,
Acting through the Chief Medical Superintendent,
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works,

   1. I/We, ………………………………………………………………………have read
      the various conditions to tender attached hereto and hereby agree to abide by
      the said conditions. I/We also agree to keep this tender open for acceptance
      for a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date fixed for receiving the said and
      in default thereof. I/We will be likable for forfeiture of my/our “Security
      Deposit” I/We offer to do the works of “CT Scan of CLW’s patient” at the rate
      quoted in the attached schedule and hereby bind myself/ourselves to do the
      work for a period of one year from the date of issue of the letter
      communicating acceptance of my/our tender. I/We also hereby agree to abide
      by the General, Special & Special Specification and addition Special
      Conditions of contract and to carry out the works according to the
      specifications for materials and works laid down by the Railway for the
      present contract.
   2. The tenderer whose tender is accepted shall be required to appear at the
      Office of the Chief Medical Supdt. in person or if a firm or corporation, a duly
      authorized representative shall appear and to execute the Contract
      Agreements within seven days after Notice that the contract has been
      awarded to him. Failure to do so shall constitute a breach of the Agreement
      effected by the acceptance of the Tender in which case the full value of the
      Earnest Money accompanying the Tender shall stand forfeited without
      prejudice to any other rights or remedies.
   3. In the event of any Tenderer whose tender is accepted shall refuse to execute
      the contract documents as herein before provided the Railway may determine
      that such tenderer has abandoned the Contract and thereupon his tender and
      acceptance thereof shall be treated as cancelled and the Railway shall be
      entitled to forfeit the full amount of the earnest money and recover the
      liquidated damages for such default.
   4. Until formal Contract Agreement is prepared and executed the acceptance to
      this tender shall constitute a binding contract between as indicated in the
      letter of acceptance of my/our offer for the works.

(Signature of Tenderer/Contractor/s)                Dated:………………..

   *5. I/We produce herewith the Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque/Cash
       deposit/Fixed deposit receipt No._______________ dated__________ for
       Rs._______________ of the ______________________ the deposit or
       Earnest Money of Rs._________________

   *6. I/We have already made the Standing Earnest Money Deposited of
       Rs.________+++ with the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works for my enlistment
       as an approved Contractor in Category ____________ and as such no fresh
       Earnest Money is being deposited with the Tender. I/We further agree and
       declare that in case I/we fail to abide by the conditions for keeping the offer
       open for 90 days, I/we shall have no objection to the forfeiture of the Security
       Deposit portion of the Earnest Money amounting to Rs.________________ and
       also in case of my/our default in execution the contract documents within the
       time limit given in para-2 above. I/we shall have no objection to the forfeiture
       of the full value of Earnest Money of Rs.______________ without prejudice to
       any other rights or remedies of the Railways and the said amount may be
       realized by the President of India also from my/our said Lump-sum deposit of
       Rs.__________ as Standing Earnest Money.

      (* Strike out the initial paras, which do not concern the Tender)

                                       (Signature of Tenderer/Contractor/s)
   NAME                        :

   Address                     :

                                                           Dated: __________________

                          Signature of witnesses to the Signature of Tenderer.
   1.NAME                     :

   Address                     :

   2.NAME                      :

   Address                     :

(Signature of Tenderer/Contractor/s)                        Date:___________

                                 INDIAN RAILWAYS
                          CHITTARANJAN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS

    A) Composition of Tender Documents:
    The Tender is composed of the documents as mentioned in the
    B)Manner of submission of Tender:
       (a)   The full set of tender documents, duly filled in, signed and dated by the
             Tenderer,must be submitted together in a sealed cover subscribing
             clearly on the cover (i) the name of the work, supply,(ii)the tender no.,
             and (iii)the address of the official in whose name the tender is
       (b)   The Tender either may submitted in sealed “Tender box” specially
             allotted for the purpose and placed in the office of the Chief Medical
             Superintendent. KGH/CLW/CRJ, or be sent by registered post so as to
             reach this office not later that date and time fixed for receiving the
             same. The tender submitted in a manner other than that specified
             above shall be at the sole risk of the tendered.
9. Deposit of the earnest money with the tender submitted.
    The tender must be accompanied by the deposit of the earnest money of the sum
    specified in the “INSTRUCTION OF THE TENDERER”
10. Submission of the tender without the deposit of earnest money.

     Tender submitted without the deposit of earnest money or with less deposit of
    earnest money as specified will be summarily rejected.
11. Retention of earnest money as a part of the security deposit.
    The earnest money of the successful tenderer shall be retained by the Rly. as a
    part of the security deposit against the contract and the balance to make up the
    total security deposit required for the contract in accordance with the provision
    given vide clause no. 28(D)/2.

Signature of the contractor with seal.

12. Manner of deposit of earnest money.
    a) The tender shall be required to deposit earnest money with the tender for the
        due performance with the stipulation to keep the offer open till such date as
        specified in the tender under the condition of the tender. The earnest money
        shall be 2% of the estimated tender value i.e Rs. 16,000/-. The earnest money
        shall be rounded to the nearest Rs. 10/-.The earnest money shall be applicable
        for all modes of tendering.
    b) It shall be understood that the tender documents have been sold /issued to the
        tenderer and the tenderer is permitted to tender in consideration of stipulation
        on his part, that after submitting his tender he will not retile from his offer or
        modify the terms and condition thereof in a manner not acceptable to the
        competent authority. Should the tenderer fail to observed or comply with the
        said stipulation, the aforesaid amount shall be liable to be forfeited to the Rly.
    c) If his tender is accepted this earnest money mentioned in sub clause (a) above
        will be retain as a part of security for the due and faithful fulfillment of the
        contract in terms of clause 16 of the General Condition of the contract. The
        earnest money of the other tenders, shall save as herein before provided be
        returned to them, but the railway shall not be responsible for any loss or
        depreciation that may happen there to while in their possession, nor be liable to
        pay interest thereon.
    d) The earnest money should be in cash or in any of the following forms:
    i. Cash Deposit receipt and Demand draft. These forms of earnest money could be
           either of the State Bank of the India or any of the Nationalized Banks. No
           confirmatory advice from the Reserve Bank of India will be necessary.
    ii.    Deposit receipt executed by the schedule banks (other than the State bank of
           India) and the nationalized Banks) approved by the reserve bank of India for
           this purpose. The Rly.will not however except deposit receipt without getting
           writing the concurrence of the reserve bank of India.
    iii. Earnest money may be accepted in the following form: The earnest money
           should be in cash or in any of the following forms:
    a) Deposit receipts, pay order, demand drafts,. These forms of earnest money
           could be either of the State Bank of India or of any of the Nationalized banks.
           No confirmatory advice from the Reserve Bank of India will be necessary.
    b) Deposit receipts executed by the scheduled Banks (others than the State Bank
           of India and the Nationalized Banks) approved by the Reserve Banks of India
           for this purpose. The Rly. Will not, however accept deposit receipt without
           getting in writing the concurrence of the Reserve Bank of India.
13.     Authority in whose favour the deposit of earnest money and security shall be
        a) Cash receipt of demand towards deposit of earnest money for the tender
             should be drawn in favour of the FA&CAO/CLW/CRJ.
        b) Deposit of the earnest money in cash should be made to the ACC/CLW/CRJ,
             but before making the deposit, an authority slip should be obtained from the
             office CMS/KGH/CLW/CRJ. It should be clearly noted that without the
             authority slip the deposit of earnest money in cash shall not be accepted by
             the Asstt, Chief Cashier.

    Signature of the tenderer /contractor with seal.

Part II
14.    Adjustment of earnest money and security deposit against the present
       No reference to the previous deposit of the earnest money and security
       deposit for adjustment against the present tender will be accepted. No
       request for recovery of the earnest money for the present tender from any
       outstanding bill will be entertained.
15.    Tender form : Instruction for filling up
        a) The tenderer must carefully and completely fill up the tender documents
       and should not leave any blank space.
       b)The tenderer shall signed on every pages of the tender documents and
       submit the documents complete in all respect.
         c) Tender containing overwriting, erased rates and value not shown in words
       is liable to rejection. In case of discrepancies in rates shown in figure and in
       words in the tender submitted the decision of the accepting authority to
       consider the tender or other wise shall be final and binding on the tenderer.
        d) No scrubbing is permissible in the tender documents and no special
       condition are to be stipulated by the tenderer. If the tenderer wants to
       stipulate anything of importants, he may do so in a separate covering letter
       with the tender. Such stipulation and condition shall be deemed to be a part
       of the tender and communicated to the successful tenderer. The Rly. Reserves
       the right not to accept any such special stipulation and condition made by the
       tenderer and may ask the tenderer to withdraw any or all such stipulation
       and conditions before rewarding the contract in the event of refusal by the
       tenderer to do, the tender is liable to be cancelled.
        e) The tenderer must satisfy himself thoroughly about the site and nature of
       the work and the local conditions before submitting his tender.
16.    Rate to include all taxes
       The rates quoted for the work, supply should be inclusive of sales taxes,
       octroi, royalty and any other central, provisional and local taxes and charges
       existing or those may be imposed in future. The rates quoted by the tenderer
       and accepted by the Rly. shall hold till the completion of work supply and
       shall be subject to fluctuation. No claim on this account shall be entertained
17.    Transfer to tender documents, sold or issued
       The tender documents, sold or issued are not transferable.
18.    Attestation of the correction made in the tender documents.
       Any corrections made by the tenderer in his entries must be attested by him
       failing which the tender shall be liable to rejection.
19.    Quantities of work
       The quantities of work, supplies given in the special condition of contract are
       approximate and have been given as guidance. The quantities are subject to
       variations as per the need of the Railways. The Railways accept no
       responsibilities or guarantee for their accuracy. The railways shall entertain
       no claim on this part for variation quantity.

Signature of the tenderer/contractor with seal

20.     Execution of contract agreement
        The successful tenderer shall have to execute an agreement after receipt
        letter order on non judicial stamp paper valued Rs. 50 supplied by the firm
        with President of India acting through Chief Medical Supdt./K.G.hospital,
        Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Chittaranjan as the case may be, of the
        Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Chittaranjan for carrying out the work with
        terms and conditions and specifications provided and or agreed for the
        present contract as per format of contract agreement will be supplied by the
        Rly, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Chittaranjan.
21.     Negotiation of rates and condition with tenders
         Rly reserves its right to enter into negotiation of rates, conditions etc. with
        the tenderer if considered necessary by the Railways for greater interest of
        the work and such action of Rly. can not be challenged by the tenderer or
22.     Issue of letter by Railways communicating acceptance to tender
        The acceptance of the tender shall generally be communicated by a registered
        post if delivery of the same through the Rly peon book locally, for any reasons
        may not be possible. The communication of the acceptance of the tender shall
        remain operative till the format agreement is executed and signed by the
        contractor and the authority of the Rly. empowered to do so. On execution of
        formal agreement , the letter issued communicating acceptance of the tender
        will get merge into the agreement. I, we have gone through all the
        stipulations in the condition of tender and I/we understand that the same are
        fully binding on me/us for the purpose of present tender/contract.
24      (PART –III)
A)      PRICE:
        Rate quoted by the firm should include all taxes if necessary. The rate should
        be mentioned in the tender schedule. All rates are quoted both in figure and
        words and inclusive of ED and of all taxes should be valid for 120 days from
        the date of opening of tender.
        The whole work will be executed for the period of one year from the date of
      Earnest money should be deposited along with the tender. Without earnest
      money the tender will summarily be rejected. For details see page 6 clause 12
      for “condition of Tender”
      1) The earnest money deposited by the contractor with his tender will retained
        by the Rly. as part of security for the due and faithful fulfillment of the
        contract by the contractor. The balance to make up the security deposit, the
        rates for which are given below may be recovered by percentage deduction
        from the contractor’s “on account” bill.

Signature of the tenderer/contractor with seal

2) Unless otherwise specified in the special condition , if any, the security
   deposit/rate of recovery /mode of recovery shall be as under:-
   a) Security deposit for each work should be 5% of the contract value.
   b) The rate of recovery should be at the rate of 10% of the bill amount till the
      full security deposit is recovered.
   c) Security deposit will be recovered only from the running bills of the contract
      and no other mode of collecting SD such as SD in the form of instruments like
      BG, FD etc shall be accepted towards security deposit.
      Security deposit shall be returned to the contractor after the physical
      completion of the work as certified by the competent authority. The
      competent authority shall normally be the authority who is competent to sign
      the contract. If this competent authority is of the rank lower that JA Grade
      Officer (concerned with the work) should issue the certificate. The certificate,
      inter-alias, should mention the work has been completed in all respects and
      that all the contractual obligations have been fulfilled by the contractors and
      that there is no due from the contractor to Rely against the contract
      concerned. Before releasing the SD, and unconditional and unequivocal no
      claim certificate from the contractor concerned should be obtained.
3)    No interest will be payable upon the Earnest Money and Security Deposit or
      amount payable to the contractor under the contract, but Govt. Securities
      deposited in terms of Sub Clause(1) of this clause will be payable with
      interest accrued thereon.

25.   Rejection of tender in case of furnishing wrong information.
      If the tendered deliberately gives wrong in his tender or create circumstances
      for acceptance of his tender, the Rely reserve right to reject such tender at
      any stage.

26.   Cancellation of tender in case of death of tendered.
      If the tendered expires after submission of his tender or after acceptance of
      his tender, the Rly shall deem such tender cancel. If partner of the firm
      expires after submission of their tender or after acceptance, the Rly.shall
      deem such tender as cancelled unless the firm retains its character.

Signature of the tenderer/contractor with seal

 Contractor should furnish BG or cash as per clause mention below before execution of work
towards performance guarantee which will be refunded after satisfactory performance of
the contract. No interest will be payable on this amount.


The procedure for obtaining Performance Guarantee is outlined below.

a) The successful bidder shall have to submit a Performance Guarantee (PG) within 30 days from the
   date of issue of letter of acceptance (LOA). Extension of time for submission of PG beyond 30
   (thirty) days and up to 60 days from the date of issue of LOA may be given by the Authority who is
   competent to sign the contract agreement. However, a penal interest of 15% per annum shall be
   charged for the delay beyond 30 (thirty ) days i.e. from 31st day after the date of issue of LOA. In
   case the contractor fails to submit the requisite PG even after 60 days from the date of issue of LOA
   the contract shall be terminated duly forfeiting EMD and other dues, if any payable against that
   contract. The failed contractor shall be debarred from participating in re-tender for that work.

b) The successful bidder shall submit the performance guarantee in any of the following forms,
   amounting to 5% of the contract value.

    i)   A deposit of cash.
    ii)  Irrevocable Bank Guarantee.
    iii) Government Securities including State Loan Bonds at 5% below the market value.
    iv)  Deposit Receipts, Pay Orders, Demand Drafts and Guarantee Bonds. These forms of Performance
           Guarantee could be either of the State Bank of India or any of the Nationalized Banks.
    v) Guarantee Bonds executed or Deposits Receipts tendered by all Scheduled Banks.
    vi) A Deposit in the Post Office Saving Bank.
    vii) A Deposit in the National Saving Certificates.
    viii) Twelve years National Defense Certificates.
    ix) Ten years Defense Deposits.
    x) National Defense Bonds and
    xi) Unit Trust Certificates at 5% below market value or at the face value whichever is less.
           Also, FDR in favour of FA & CAO/CLW/CRJ (free from any encumbrance) may be accepted

c) The Performance Guarantee shall be submitted by the successful bidder after the letter of acceptance
   has been issued but before signing of the contract agreement. This P.G. shall be initially valid up to
   the stipulated date of completion plus 60(sixty) days beyond that. In case, the time for completion of
   work gets extended, the contractor shall get the validity of PG extended to cover such extended time
   for completion of work plus 60 days.

d) The value of PG to be submitted by the contractor will not change for variation upto 25%( either
   increase or decrease) .In case during the course of execution value of the contract increases by more
   than 25% of the original contract value, an additional Performance Guarantee amounting to 5%(five
   percent) for the excess value over the original contract value shall be deposited by the contractor.”

e) The Performance Guarantee (PG) shall be released after physical completion of the work based on
   ‘Completion Certificate’ issued by the competent authority stating that the contractor has completed
   the work in all respects satisfactorily. The Security deposit shall, however, be          ‘No Claim
   Certificate’ from the contractor.

f) Whenever the contractor is rescinded, the Security Deposit shall be forfeited and the Performance
   Guarantee shall be encashed. The balance work shall be got done independently without risk & cost
   of the failed contractor. The failed contractor is a JV or a Partnership firm, and then every
   member/partner of such a firm shall be debarred from participating in the tender for the balance
   work in his/her individual capacity or as a partner of any other JV/Partnership.
   The Competent Authority shall not make a claim under the Performance Guarantee except for
   amount to which the President of India is entitled under the contract (not withstanding and/or
   without prejudice it any other provisions in the contract agreement) in the event of:

   (i) Failure by the contractor to extend the validity of the Performance Guarantee as described
           herein above , in which event the Competent Authority may claim the full amount of the
           Performance Guarantee.

   (ii) Failure by the contractor to pay President of India any amount due, either as agreed by the
            contractor or determined under any of the Clauses/Conditions of the Agreement, within 30
            days of the services of notice to this effect by Competent Authority.

   (iii) The Contract being determined or rescinded under provision of the GCC ,the Performance
            Guarantee shall be forfeited in full and shall be absolutely at the disposal of the President of

Signature of the Tenderer /contractor with seal.


Sl.   Spiral CT Scan                                         Rate for Rate with
No                                                           Plain    contrast
1.    CT Scan of Brain
2.    CT Scan of Brain with orbit & pituitary fossa
3.    CT Scan of Upper abdomen
4     CT Scan of Lower abdomen
5     CT Scan of Whole abdomen
6     CT Scan of Nose, Para nasal sinus and nasophyrinx

7     CT Scan of brain with special interest of internal
      auditory cannel
8     CT Scan of Neck
9     CT Scan of thorax
10    CT guided FNAC
11    CT Scan of Cervical spine
12.   CT Scan of Dorso Lumber Spine
13.   HRCT Thorax
14.   CT scan of upper extremities
15.   CT scan of lower extremities
16.   CT scan of Hip joints
17.   CT scan of shoulder joints
18.   CT scan of knee joints
19.   CT scan of Lumbo Sacral Spine & Sacri-Iliac joints
20.   CT scan of Mandible and T.M.Joint
21.   CT Angiogram
22.   CT scan of Abdomen with facility of Dynamic Scan

      Signature of Tenderer(s)                Date:___________

4) PAYMENT: As per rates quoted in the tender schedule on payment of bills will be based
on the certification/ acceptance on the body of the bill by Addl. CMS/Sr.DMO. Bank account
number, PAN no. and banker’s name& IFS code of the bank.are to be endorsed on the bill.
Payment will be made on submission of bill in triplicate to this office at the end of quarterly
along with copy of the report of investigation done i.e CT Scan.Payment will be made
through RTGS mode.


       1. A register for referring of patient for CT Scan should be maintained by this
       2. The rate for CT Scan quoted by the firm is fixed for one year from the date of
           commencement of the contract agreement.
       3. Investigation will be done on receipt of requisition from CMS/KGH and on
           verification of identity marks of the patient.
       4. The centre should have qualified Doctors/technician/Radiologist who should
           provide reporting of CT Scan along with plates.
       5. The centre should be able to perform CT Scan all the 24 hrs.in emergency.Atleast
           handwritten report should be given immediately in case of emergency CT scan.
       6. In case of failure to conduct above investigation, a penalty of Rs.500/- will be
           imposed and will be deducted from the bill submitted.
       7. It should be liability to the firm/contractor to submit proper CT Scan report. If the
           concern doctor is not satisfied with the report, firm/contractor is liable to do the
           same further without any charges.
       8. Chargesfor CT Scan and any other charges supporting to CT Scan should not be
           claimed by the firm/contractor from the patient & their parties.
       9. If the CT Scan machine is out of order, firm/contractor will held responsible to
           arrange to do the same investigation from other firm with same rate.If the
           Centre fails to arrange investigation from the other firm a penalty of `1000/-
           (Rupees one thousand)only per case, will be deducted from the bill.
       10. The rates quoted above investigation includes all taxes.
       11. Any deviation from any of the terms and conditions of the contract may entitle
           this administration to impose suitable penalty and or to declare the contract
           agreement null and void.
       12. The decision of the CLW Administration in all matters in respect of the
           agreement shall be final and binding upon the firm/contractor.
       13. Quality of pictures correctness of the findings etc. should be ensured strictly by
           the competent authority of CLW/CRJ.
       14. Preference will be given to the centres in close proximity of KGHospital for
           emergent logistic support.
       15. Centre should have minimum 2 to 3 years experience in providing this facility.
           Should have varied clinical Establishment and Trade license.
       16. Terms and conditions under General Condition of Contract will be applicable.

Signature of the Contractor                  Chief Medical Supdt./KGH/CLW/CRJ, For and
with Seal                                    on behalf of the President of India

Recovery of Advance Income Tax : Advance Income tax will be recovered from each
bill drawn in f/o the contractor at the rate of 2%(two percent) other than the amount
billed for payment to the contractor and surcharged thereof as applicable as per
sec. 194 (c) of income tax act 1951. the amount recovered of advance income tax
shall, however, not be made if the contractor produces orders of the competent
authority of the income tax department that advance tax is not recoverable from the
contractors bill.


a)     If any dispute of differences of any kind whatsoever arising during the
      progress of work (contract for CT SCAN of CLW’s patient) or after their
      completion shall be settled by an arbitration between the contractor and the
      concern department.
b)    Necessary arbitrator will be nominated/ appointed by the competent
      authority of CLW Admn. to settle the dispute.
c)    The arbitration proceeding shall be held at Chittaranjan and shall be in
      accordance with and subject to the provision of Indian arbitration act 1996 or
      any statutory modification or reenactment thereof, in force for the time being.

         In witnesseth whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set and subscribed
      their respective hands and seals the day, the month and year first above

Signature of the Contractor                           .
With date & seal

                       Special Specifications for CT Scan

1. Basic requirement:

   a) CT Scanner b) Spiral CT Scanner for high resolution whole body scanning.
   The model should be latest (mention year of manufacturing), state of art
   technology. The equipment should be capable of acquiring minimum 4 or
   more slices per 3600 rotation.

2. Scanning Capability:

   i.     Pediatric and infant based protocols shall be available based on the
          infant weight.
   ii.    Real time contrast monitoring acquisition with auto scan initiation
          protocol and with auto injector trigger.

3. Slice Thickness:

   Slice thickness for mode should be of the range Minimum : 0.625mm and
   Maximum : 20 mm.
4. Image Reconstruction:

   Image reconstruction capability should be at least 6 frames/sec.
   Should have simultaneous scanning and reconstruction ability.
   Should have facility of 2D & 3D reconstruction software.

5. Additional facilities:

   Should provide with contrast injector.
   Should have contrast media bolus tracking facility
   Should be able to perform CT Angiography.

6. Radiological Safety requirements:
   The centre/institute should have approval and clearance certificate from
   Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Govt. of India for commissioning CT scan
   instrument. The centre should comply with all applicable requirements from
   AERB for patient safety measure.

7. General:

   Minimum 2 to 3 years above in providing CT scan services. Should have valid
   Clinical Establishment and Trade licenses.


The Tenderer / Contractor should submit the following:

1. Model Name & no. of the CT Scan machine.

2. Date of manufacture of the CT Scan machine.

4. Date of installation of CT Scan machine.

5. Name and qualification of Radiologist who is performing the CT Scan.

6. Whether the Radiologist is available for 24 hrs.

7. Whether CT Scan services are available 24 hrs .

8. Total no. of CT Scan done in last 12months by your centre.

9. Any emergency medical aid services available for serious patients sent for CT
10. The rates should be at par with CGHS rates or if possible below.

Signature of the Contractor                           .
With date & seal

             भारतीय रे ल
    चित्तरं जन रे ल इं जन कारख़ाना

                 चित्तरं जन
Name of Works –CT Scan of CLW’s
employees and their dependents as detailed
in the tender document, for a period of one
year at the Firm’s premises.

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