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									                         Scotia Knight
Volume 11, Issue 1                                                                                                       July 2011

     91 Annual State Convention
    hosted by Bedford Council 9404
    Under the careful guidance of Grand Knight Stephen                    The following is a list of the new executive that was
Oickle, our Annual State Convention was hosted by Bedford             elected on May 15th. They will assume their new duties on
Council 9404. The event took place at Mount Saint Vincent             July 1st, 2011 for a term of one year.
University from May 13 to 15. Our sincere thanks go out to            State Deputy – Robert W. Brooks, Cole Harbour
the convention chair and his committee for their dedication           State Chaplain – Rev. Leo Boone, Glace Bay
and commitment for planning and running the 3-day event.              Past State Deputy – Errol O’Neil, New Glasgow
    Our Supreme guests for the weekend were Supreme                   State Secretary – George McCormick, Halifax
Director Thomas Wegener and his wife Joyce. The couple                State Treasurer – W. Arthur Rice, Halifax
enjoyed their visit very much and promised to be good                 State Advocate – Tim MacLaughlin, Halifax
ambassadors for our province.                                         State Warden – Robert A. Stevens, Sydney
    During the Annual State Banquet held on Saturday                      Next year’s convention will be held in Dartmouth from
night, the Grand Knight of the Year was awarded to Brother            May 4th to 6th and will be hosted by State with help from
Claude Cajolais of Saint John Vianney Council 7077, Lower             volunteers mostly from the local area.
Sackville. Family of the year was awarded to Brother Hector               Again, our warmest regards go out to Bedford Council
DiPersio and his wife Bunnie. Bro. Hector is a member of              for the efforts it took to make this such a successful
Santa Maria Council 2024 in Sydney Mines.                             convention.

 The Annual State Memorial Mass was held Saturday morning at Saint Benedict Catholic Church. The mass was celebrated by
 Bishop Brian Dunn. The Fourth Degree hosted a large honour guard for the ceremony. Shown above is the honour guard that
 posed with the bishop following mass. The list of deceased knights read that day is reprinted in this newsletter for all to see.

                                                         Scotia Knight 1
    It’s Canada Day and as we all celebrate each in his own way we
give thanks to God for all He has given us in this great country of
ours. We are truly blessed in being the caretakers of the vast natural
richness and beauty of all He has seen fit to bestow upon us. We are
in effect God`s designated caretakers.
    Are we then not caretakers of our fellow man? Earlier in June we
had the opportunity to travel on your behalf to New Haven for the
annual gathering of instructions and installation of State Deputies.
    For the first time State Secretaries accompanied us. Together with
our wives, Terry and Colleen, George and I were alternately dined,
instructed, worked, toured, impressed and inspired. There, in St                SUMMER SWEEPSTAKES: Shown above, drawing for the
Mary’s Church, the place where our order began its life, I was                  first prize winner of our annual cash bonanza sweepstakes
invested with the emblem of State Deputy by Supreme Knight Carl                 is Supreme Director Thomas Wegener with Co-Chairmen
Anderson.                                                                       Brothers Henry Ziabek and Gerald MacGillivray looking on.
    At that time many thoughts come to a person especially that of the          First prize, ticket 48520, worth $25,000 was won by Godfrey
awesome responsibility all the State Deputies seated there have                 J. LeBlanc, of Yarmouth and was sold by Council 2181.
willingly assumed. As we sat in our designated place, oh yes, each              Second prize, ticket 03798$ worth $1,000 went to Robert
                                                                                Stewart of New Glasgow. Third prize, ticket 83100 valued
State has its own special pew complete with plaque, many of us
                                                                                at $750 was won by Gordon Cameron of Sydney. Fourth
reflected on how we would fulfill those responsibilities. “He who               and fifth prizes, tickets 45771 and 50032 valued at $500
would be first among you must be the servant of all” is a recurrent             each were won by Tina Zinck of White’s Lake and Melinda
thought. Our Brother Knights have seen fit to elect us to be their              Smith of Meteghan.
representative in all things Knightly in our part of the order. For this
confidence I am I thankful and commit to you that I will do my best
to fulfill that commitment and merit your confidence.
    One great theme from our Supreme Knight’s inspired address
would keep coming back to me. The theme was “I Am My Brothers
Keeper” This applies most aptly to the task before your State
Executive team and equally to yourselves and your councils and
assemblies. We are the “Keepers”. As an executive team, we are the
Keepers of our Brother Knights in Nova Scotia and must diligently
work on their behalf and welfare in all things.
    As I asked earlier, are we not also the Keepers of our fellow man?
Through our many charitable works in church and community are we
fulfilling the obligation imposed and yes, gifted upon us by the
Creator to care for our fellow man? Just how we do this in the coming
year as we face many challenges in our church and a predominantly
secular society will be the measure by which we judge our success.
    To accomplish our mission as “Keepers” will require effort,                 DONATION TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS – A cheque valued at
                                                                                $7,015.00 was presented to a representative of Nova Scotia
commitment and above all Manpower. For the last four years we have
                                                                                Special Olympics at the official opening of our State
experienced negative growth in our membership. Our task plainly is              Convention in Bedford. Shown above accepting the cheque
to bring into the order new and younger men of energy and ideas to              is Lorna Flemming, board member and treasurer for the
follow us and become “Keepers” in their turn. By exercising the                 group with Bro. Sean Kelly, Special Olympics Chairman,
virtue of Charity and by our personal example as Keepers, we will               and State Deputy Errol O’Neil.
draw them to us. Do your part and ask them to become a “Keeper”
    So show to our parish and our community that by our works they
will know us. Be visible. Participate fully in the charitable programs
of the order and ask those men around us to join us.
    As we gather again this month of July in Dartmouth we will be
                                                                                         Scholarships Awarded
offering training for District Deputies and Grand Knights. Also the                               By RICHARD VALLEE
program will include much new and needed information on programs                           NS State Scholarship Committee Chair
                                                                                   The Nova Scotia Council Simon J. Khattar Scholarship
and changes. More information on our charitable programs will be
                                                                               Committee is pleased to announce the following successful
presented at the meeting.
                                                                               candidates for 2011. Each scholarship is worth $1,000.00. They
    Best wishes for a successful and Charitable Columbian year.
                                                                               are in random order.
Good luck as “Keepers” as we work towards what our Supreme
                                                                               Nicole Catherine MacFarlane, sponsored by Council 2298,
Knight Carl Anderson has asked us to become:
              “I AM MY BROTHER`S KEEPER”                                        Melanie Louise Scallion, sponsored by Council 5017, Halifax
    Come to our July meeting and see how your council can help
                                                                               Jason Lee Cecil Schofield, sponsored by Council 5030,
widen our net of charitable projects, increase our visibility. Hope to
see you there.
                                                                                Patrick Joseph LeClair, sponsored by Council 8387, Fall River
Vivat Jesus
                                                                               Tia Drew Howell, sponsored by Council10486, Eastern Passage
Robert (Bob) Brooks, SD

                                                                  Scotia Knight 2
        Surge with Service Awards for 2010-2011
The following is a list of the Surge with Service award winners           3    Fr. Don Campbell Council 11526,Windsor 300 pts,
for 2010-11, which were presented at our annual State                          Grand Knight Owen Stephens
Convention which was held in Bedford in May of this year.             PUBLIC RELATIONS
Congratulations to all the councils and their Grand Knights.             1. St. John Vianney Council 7077, Sackville, 300 pts,
COUNCIL                                                                      Grand Knight Claude Cajolais
   1. St. John Vianney Council 7077, Sackville, 360 pts,                 2. Sydney Council 1060, Sydney, 300 pts, Grand Knight
      Grand Knight Claude Cajolais                                           Raymond Doucet
   2. Monseigneur William A. Penny Council 2181,                         3. Sigone Council 6348, Comeauville, 300 pts, Grand
      Yarmouth, 360 pts, Grand Knight Darryl DeViller                        Knight Joseph Mombourquette
   3. Sydney Council 1060, Sydney, 360 pts, Grand Knight              FAMILY
      Raymond Doucet                                                     1. Pope John XXIII Council 7302, Cole Harbour, 131 pts,
CHURCH                                                                      Grand Knight Eugene Pettigrew
   1. Saint Ninian’s Council 1105, Antigonish, 341 pts,                  2. Santa Maria Council 2024, Sydney Mines, 98 pts,
      Grand Knight William MacNeil                                          Grand Knight Brian Dandy
   2. St. John Vianney Council 7077, Sackville, 330 pts,                 3. Sydney Council 1060, Sydney, 98 pts, Grand Knight
      Grand Knight Claude Cajolais                                          Raymond Doucet
   3. Sydney Council 1060, Sydney, 322 pts, Grand Knight              PRO LIFE
      Raymond Doucet                                                     1. St. John Vianney Council 7077, Sackville, 211 pts,
COMMUNITY                                                                    Grand Knight Claude Cajolais
   1. St. John Vianney Council 7077, Sackville, 300 pts,                 2. Santa Maria Council 2024, Sydney Mines, 132 pts,
      Grand Knight Claude Cajolais                                           Grand Knight Brian Dandy
   2. Saint Ninian’s Council 1105, Antigonish, 300 pts,                  3. Saint Rose of Lima Council 8387, Fall River, 130 pts,
      Grand Knight William MacNeil                                           Grand Knight Gordon Sears
   3. Glace Bay Council 1953, Glace Bay, 290 pts, Grand               MEMBERSHIP
      Knight Robert Morrison                                            1. Cape Nova Council 7924, Port Hawkesbury, 109 pts,
YOUTH                                                                      Grand Knight Joe Praught
   1. Santa Maria Council 2024, Sydney Mines, 300 pts,                  2. Msgr. William A. Penny Council 2181, Yarmouth, 103
      Grand Knight Brian Dandy                                             pts, Grand Knight Darryl DeViller
   2. St. John Vianney Council 7077, Sackville, 300 pts,                3. St. John Vianney Council 7077, Sackville, 98 pts,
      Grand Knight Claude Cajolais                                         Grand Knight Claude Cajolais

      Family of the Year 2010-2011                                                Grand Knight of the Year
Shown above from left to right are Hector and Bunnie
DiPersio, with State Deputy Errol O’Neil following the                    Shown above following the presentation of Grand Knight
presentation of the Family of the Year Award for 2010-                    of the year for 2010-2011 is GK Claude Cajolais with his
2011. Brother Hector is a member of Santa Maria Council                   wife Jacqueline. Bro. Claude is a member of St. John
2024 in Sydney Mines and currently holds the position of                  Vianney Council 7077 in Lower Sackville.
Financial Secretary.                                                              Congratulations and Best Wishes
       Congratulations and Best Wishes!                                                for a Job Well Done!

                                                            Scotia Knight 3
  Awards Night at the 91st Annual State Convention
      The following is a list of the winners at our 91st State                            Council
   Convention in Bedford during the second weekend in May.                                1. Council 1060, Sydney, Membertou Fund Raiser
   Proficiency Award, Council 1060, Sydney                                                2. Council 2181, Yarmouth, Lotto to Survive
   Performance Award, Council 14596, Heatherton                                           3. Council 2916, Amherst, Wheel Chair Donation
   Surge with Service Award, Council 7077, Lower Sackville                                Family
   Highest Membership Gain, Council 7077, Lower Sackville                                 1. Council 1060, Sydney, Reinforcement of Family Life
                                                                                          2. Council 2181, Yarmouth, Moving Family of Bro. Knight
   Round Table Award, Council 1060 Sydney
   Vocations Award, Council 1097, Halifax                                                 1. Council 14596, Heatherton, K of C Christmas
   Family of the Year, Hector and Bunnie DiPersio, Sydney Mines                           2. Council 5449, Halifax, Youth Bingo
   GK of the Year, Claude Cajolais, Lower Sackville                                       3. Council 10565, Lower Sackville, Youth Finger Printing
                                                                                          Pro Life
   BEST SINGLE PROJECTS                                                                   1. Council 6348, Comeauville, Weekly Pro Life Vigil
   Church                                                                                 2. Council 14596, Heatherton, Parish Baby Bottle Campaign
   1. Council 11526, Windsor, Church Hall Renovations                                     3. Council 8831, Dartmouth, Giver of Life Award Program
   2. Council 1097, Halifax, Year of the Priest Event                                     LAWRENCE KAVANAUGH
   3. Council 8831, Garage for Rectory
                                                                                          CERTIFICATES OF MERIT
                                                                                          St. John Vianney Council 7077, Lower Sackville
   1. Council 5030, Kentville, Food Bank Building
   2. Council 11625, Enfield, Support Your Local Food Bank                                Father Gerald MacKenzie Council 8608, Pictou
   3. Council 1060, Sydney, Support Talbot House                                          Saint Mary’s Council 13734, Mabou

           Knights of Columbus Nova Scotia Deceased Members
    Re-printed from the list of Deceased Members from April 30, 2010- May 13, 2011 as read at the Memorial Masson Saturday, May 14 at Saint Benedict’s Catholic Church.
                   Let Us Remember Our Deceased Brother Knights Of Nova Scotia And Commit Their Souls
                               To The Love And Care Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ.
                                  Rev. Thomas Mcquade                Anselm J. Deveau                     Robert Wells
Sydney 1060                       Walter Richard Hubbard
                                                                                                                                                Timberlea 12917
Rev James I. Attwood                                                 Rev. David H. Stokes                 Tusket 8988                           Marc E. Vallee
Louis C. Buckland Pgk              Amherst 2916                      Bridgewater 6417                     Pierre Emile Babin                     Mabou 13734
Rev. Gerald A. Dunphy              Eric B. Vandervoort               Norman A. Macneill                   Arthur J. Bowering                    Andrew Maclellan
Steven Macadam                    Dartmouth 3133                     Malcolm Rubin                        Edward S. D`Entremont
                                                                                                                                                St.Peter’s 14280
Frank J. Macdonald                Ralph Fraser                       George W. Sampson                    Isaac D`Entremont
                                                                                                          Edward John Doucette                  Lawrence Macintyre
Roderick N. Macdonald             John Gillis Fdd Pgk                Wedgeport 6505                                                             Frank Sutherland
Oscar J. Macdonnell Pgk           Joseph Gillis                      Laurie Pothier                        Sydney River 9476
Alexander Macinnis                Jack Hartnett Pgk                                                       James Bacich                          St Andrews 14596
                                                                     Truro 6633                                                                 D. James “Jim Andy”
Frederick A. Whalen               Ernest Tomsom                      Douglas Perry                        John Coleman
Halifax 1097                      New Waterford 3209                 Cole Harbour 7302                    James Macdonald
Wilfred T. Burke Pgk Fdm          Joseph Bryden                      Cecil R. Rusty Power                 Lower Sackville 10565
John F. Cochrane                  Charles Macdonald                                                       Claude C. Collins                       FOR ALL DECEASED
                                                                     John F. Michaud Pgk
Tennyson Cormier                  Colin Macdonald                                                         Dartmouth 11456                         BROTHER KNIGHTS,
John E. Macdougall                                                   Port Hawkesbury 7924                                                         FAMILY MEMBERS,
                                  Cheticamp 3850                     Hector B. MacIsaac                   Adelard A. Martin
Duncan H. Maclellan               Leonard Aucoin                                                                                                   RELATIVES AND
Thomas R. Spearns                                                    Dartmouth 8831                       Windsor 11526
                                  Arthur Romard                                                           Angus B. Grant                           FRIENDS LET US
Rev. John C. Thomas Pgk,                                             Rev Robert I. Floyd
                                  West Arichat 4607                                                                                                PRAY FOR THEM.
Edward C. Wheeler
                                  Leo Callahan
Antigonish 1105                   Halifax 5017
Alexander William Chisholm
                                  James Keenan
Charles H. Fraser                                                                                                              In recognition for all the years
                                  Edward G. Nash
Daniel Macdonald
                                  Halifax 5449                                                                                 he worked as team captain of
New Glasgow 1667                  Rev. John F. Campbell
                                                                                                                               the Metro 3 Degree Team,
James D. Chisholm
                                  Malcolm Fancey                                                                               Brother     Ted     Coffin    of
Bruce E. Willis
                                  Elmer Keefe                                                                                  Dartmouth Council 3133 was
Glace Bay 1953                    Martin Maloney                                                                               presented with a plaque
Robert B. Campbell                Nelson Mcnight
John A. MacDougall                                                                                                             honouring this long term
                                  Clarence Phillip Psd\
James O`Keefe                                                                                                                  accomplishment. Shown on
                                  Thomas Willdey
Sydney Mines 2024                                                                                                              the left presenting the award
                                  Comeauville 6348                                                                             is Sir Knight Hal Benson, GK
Joseph Mackinnon                  Jeremie C. Comeau
Neil Mackinnon                    Rev. Noel Cormier                                                                            of St. Bernard’s Council 11625
Yarmouth 2181                     Gerard D`Entremont                                                                           of Enfield.
Albert Bourque Pgk                Robert J. Deveau

                                                                           Scotia Knight 4
COLUMBIAN YEAR REPORT                                                      2012 NOVA SCOTIA STATE
             BY CHARLES (Chuck) MacAULAY, PSD
                Vice Supreme Master Kelly Province                         CONVENTION, MAY 4-6
    As we come to the end of another Columbian Year I would like to
take this opportunity to personally thank the Worthy Master for the            Brother Knights as most of you are now aware the 2012 State
District of Nova Scotia, SK Jim MacDonald for his tireless dedication      Convention will be hosted by the NS State Executive as no council
to his position. Also, I would like to thank the 14 Worthy Faithful        came forward to host the event. The convention will be held the
Navigators and your Assemblies for your support to both the Master         weekend of 4-6 May 2012 at the Holiday Inn Harborview in
and myself during the past Columbian Year.                                 Dartmouth. Further details will follow in reference to the hotel costs,
    We did not have a great year recruiting new members in Nova            registration and different programs and schedules as we go forward.
Scotia and only reached 46% of our quota. I have instructed all            The working group held two meetings on 5 Jun and 26 June at St
Masters in Most Rev. Francis C. Kelly Province to instruct their           Thomas More Parish in Dartmouth and at the 26 June meeting the
Faithful Navigators and Assemblies to start at the grass routes and        following committees were formed:
work within their third degree councils to recruit new members.            Convention Chairman           Chuck MacAulay, PSD, VSM
    If each one of us were to recruit one new member we would be           Vice Chairman\Secretary       Carl Reid, Council 13987
well on our way to having a very strong fourth degree in Nova Scotia.      Vice Chairman                 Leandre Richard Council 10486
The fourth is religiously devoted, and patriotically proud. "Sir           Finances                      Syd Bowman Council 13987
Knight" is more than a Title. It's an Honor.                               Registration                  Harold Meuse Council 2181
    With my re-appointment as Vice Supreme Master until end                Registration Desk             Council 10486 Eastern Passage
August 2013 I commit myself to working hard to achieve our goals as        Advertising                   Andy Casey Council 11456
we move forward during the next Columbian Year. Lets make 2011-            Hotel Liaison                 Henry Ziabek Council 10486
2-12 our best.                                                             Awards Banquet\Ent.            Bill Yochoff Council 13017
NEW FOURTH DEGREE EXEMPLIFICATION                                          Closing Luncheon              Bill Yochoff Council 13017
    During the June 17-19 weekend the four VSM's and 26 Master's           Ladies Program                Hal Benson Council 11625
from Canada all gathered in Toronto to review the New Canadian             Convention Kit Requirement Carl Reid Council 13987
Version of the Fourth Degree Exemplification.                              Memorial Mass                 Chuck MacAulay, PSD, VSM
    The sessions were led by Supreme Master SK Dennis Stoddard             Bishops Dinner                Bob Brooks, State Deputy
and Vice President of Membership Development & Supreme                     Banquet Flowers               Chuck MacAulay, PSD, VSM
Ceremonials Chairman, SK Gary Nolan.                                           As you can see we are far advanced with only two meetings but
    It was an impressive ceremony with 141 new Sir Knights taking          there is much work to be done and all of these Chairman require
the exemplification all in proper dress. Some major changes to the         assistance so if you feel you can help in any of these areas please
exemplification are that it has to be done from memory, but as you         contact the committee chair and they will be more than happy to take
will see it is much more impressive being done this way.                   your names. As we go along there will be other requirements and we
    We will continue to perform the old exemplification until such         will need more assistance so keep an open mine and be ready to help
time as we have a team or teams ready to do the new version.               when the call comes.
    In closing, I thank all of you for your support during the past two        Andy Casey needs brothers who are good at going out and talking
years and look forward to working with you this upcoming                   to businesses and companies to try and get them to purchase
Columbian Year. May you have a successful summer and remember              advertising space in our convention program, so if there are any good
to keep recruiting.                                                        talkers who can help Andy please contact him because this will help
                                                                           to defray the cost. Also brothers who are good at getting pins, pens,
                                                                           and pencils etc for our packages would be much appreciated.

                                                                               I am highlighting this paragraph as we feel as a committee it is
         Council 14596 hosts March for                                     very important. We require that 100 rooms be booked at the hotel on
         "Men' s Respect For Women"                                        Friday and Saturday evening so that we do not have to pay for the
                 By PETER GOSBEE, Grand Knight                             meeting rooms for the convention. If we do not meet this
              Msgr. Hugh MacPherson Council # 14596                        requirement it will cost us at least $1000.00 extra for the meeting
     Sunday, May 22, 2011 saw the first ever, Men's Respect For            rooms so we are asking local councils, district deputies, state
Women March take place in Antigonish, NS. A crowd of                       executive, state appointees to consider staying at the hotel for the
approximately 225-275 people gathered at the Antigonish Town Post          two nights of the convention.
Office parking lot, to march down Main Street to Columbus Field,
where they were addressed by Grand Knight Peter Gosbee of the                  With State taking on this task they did not have two\three years to
Msgr. Hugh MacPherson Council 14596.                                       fund raise so we are asking for everyone's assistance so that we can
     Participants included members of the Lions & Kinsmen Clubs, a         have a successful 2012 State Convention. We know will the
high school football team, young men from around town and county,          assistance of all we can do it. In closing remember this is your
our Town Mayor & County Warden and councellors, St. F.X.                   convention so if you wish it to be successful be willing to help when
University staff, and many families young and old.                         called upon. Our next meeting will be held at St Thomas More on
    A fundraising barbecue was held following the speech, with all         Sunday evening 7pm 28 August so consider coming out and joining
proceeds going towards the 'Daughters of Ottilia' Fund, to assist          us, I am sure we will find some work for you. Have a great summer
caregivers in raising the daughters of Ottilia Chareka who was slain       and we will see you at the meeting 28th August.
in March. A total of $1,414.47 was raised for the fund.
    The march was covered by various news medias including                 Fraternally yours
television, radio and newspapers. Many thanks to Past Grand Knight         Charles A. (Chuck) MacAulay, PSD, VSM
Henry van de Weil, who thought of this initiative and for our Brothers     Chairman 2012 Nova Scotia State Convention
at St. Ninian' s Council 1105, who came on board to assist us.

                                                                 Scotia Knight 5
Father Gerald MacKenzie Council will host The Musical Ride
           By WAYNE MacGILLIVRAY, DGK                             tradition. The troop of 36 horses and riders will perform a
          Father Gerald MacKenzie Council 8608                    variety of cavalry drills choreographed to music.
   One of Canada's most recognized icons, the Royal Canadian          Working through a unique medium, they support the RCMP
Mounted Police (RCMP) Musical Ride, will be performing at         community        policing      efforts   throughout    Canada.
Hector Arena, Pictou on Natal Day, Monday August 1. The               Two of the members of the Musical Ride are from Pictou
host organization for the event will be Father Gerald             County, Const. Megan Apostoleris and Const. Robert Munro.
MacKenzie Council 8608 of Pictou. There will be two shows at          For ticket information call the deCoste Centre Box office at
2:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. and all seats are general seating.        485-8848. Proceeds from ticket sales will be used for
   The RCMP Musical Ride represents a colourful Canadian          community activities sponsored by Council 8608.

  On Thursday May 12 Downtown Halifax was the
  scene of a March for Life demonstration. Primarily
  made up of Fourth Degree Knights the march                           Pat Slaney from St. Peter's Council 3133 in
  started at St. Mary’s Basilica and ended at Province                 Dartmouth is the proud recipient of his 50 year
  House. Shown above from left to right are Sir                        membership pin. Bro. Pat is a very active council
  Knights Jim MacDonald, Sean Kelly, Hal Benson,                       member and is a regular Honour Guard with his
  Claude Cajolais and Sandy Pelham. The Knights of                     4th degree assembly. Brother Pat is retired and
  Columbus hosted many marches across our                              enjoys walking, golf, and banquets. He is also a
  country in May to support the unborn.                                generous contributor to various charities.

                                                                       Shown above are the Sydney Free Throw Basketball
                                                                       Champs for boys and girls 8 to 13 years old. They are
                                                                       from left to right (front) Tony Tighe, Joshua MacAskil,
  Knights of Columbus Sydney Council 1060 were succesful
                                                                       Taylor MacKenzie, Ryan Sheppard, and Jocelyn Surrette.
  last weekend in Dartmouth defending their Bowling
                                                                       (Back) Frank MacLellan Deputy Grand Knight, Bill
  Championship Title against other K of C Councils across
                                                                       Deleskie past Grand Knight, Daniel Johnston, Kiegan
  Nova Scotia. Standing left to right are Vince Buckland,
                                                                       Morellato, Marian Caldwell, Ray Doucet, Grand Knight
  Bobby MacNeil, Joe Cash, John Hugh Johnson, and
                                                                       and Douglas Mombourquette, District Deputy. Missing
  Robert Parsons. In front are holding the winning trophy,
                                                                       from the photo was Matthew Campbell.
  Ray Doucet, Grand Knight and Joe Marchand.

                                                         Scotia Knight 6

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