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					                                                              June 2001

                                                           President’s Message
                               By Randy Hayman                                       DSL and Broadband, I did some research lately on
                                                                                     the availability of high-speed Internet access and
                               Greetings All!                                        found that nearly 50% of the population can
                                                                                     conceivably get high-speed access; yet less than
                          First, thank you to all the volunteers whom made           70% of the households in America have
                                         our presence at the Strictly                computers. Absolute best case is that only 50% of
Officers:                                eBusiness expo an overwhelming              the population of America can get high-speed
President: Randy Hayman                  success:      David Skarjune, for           Internet access. Is it any wonder why ISPs are
                    Voice (651) 261-9939 organizing our exhibit and                  dropping from the marketplace like flys attracted
                     Fax (651) 456-9426 presenting the Introduction to               to bug zappers?
           email: Knowledge Management seminar;
CO-VicePresident: Amy Mckenna Larry Bremer and Ben Moyle for                         Warning: highly technical content ahead.
                   Voice (651) 702-5036 the efforts of getting us our own            I, personally, could never give up the 'always on'
           email: booth display and handout                       high-speed access. However, since I'm on a DLC
CO-VicePresident: Charles Brotzler materials; and all of the volunteers              circuit about 19,000 feet from the local CO, my
                   Voice (952) 440-6673 who helped spread the word in our            choices are severely limited due to the hardware
                     Fax (952) 440-6673 booth - Larry Bremer, Bill                   choices made by our local CLEC. Currently, I
              email:                                             have the option of buying a T1 link, dual ISDN
                                         Buending, Ray Giske, Karl Hella,
Treasurer: Norm Nelson                   Amy McKenna, Bill McTeer, Ben               circuit, or iDSL connection, the least expensensive
                    Voice (612) 399-0107                                             option is $129.00 a month. If my family and I
                                         Moyle, Norm Nelson, Bob
                                         Newman, David Skarjune, and                 weren't such fans of high-speed Internet access, we
Secretary: Ben Moyle                                                                 would drop this monthly fee in a heart's beat and
                                         Jerry Stiff. Apologies if I have
                    Voice (952) 933-2885
                                                                                     survive on 56Kbps (52Kbps best case) dialup
                     Fax (952) 933-7764 omitted anybody.
                    email:                                        access.
Editor: Magne A. Hatlevik                      I sure enjoyed meeting and talking
                          Voice (651) 264-1608 with the people that came by our      I like to call our service crawl-band. We chose the
                    email: booth looking for information            iDSL connection, which is effectively an aDSL
                                               about what ICCA is.                   service over two ISDN channels, requiring a
                                                                                     separate phone circuit to our demarcation point.
                               Again, I was surprised at the comments people         This crawl-band service we get is maxed out at
                               made. The majority of people that stopped by the      about 160Kbps, asynchronous transfers. We
                               booth while I was there had no idea what ICCA         enjoy a non-shared connection to the Internet at
                               is, as evidenced by questions like "Are you a         144 Kbps , ups tr eam and downstream,
                               company?", and "What does ICCA do?".                  asynchronously, un-optimized (160Kbps max
                                                                                     recorded transfer rates according to my metrics).
Newsletter of the                  When traffic by our booth slowed way down,
                                   I strolled around the expo. If booth size and     If DSL is going to be a hot technology today, it
                                   quantity are any indicator of the currently hot   sure needs to meet the connection needs of the
                                   technologies, then from what I saw, Internet,     computer owning households. Currenltly it doesn't
                                   DSL, handheld (phone and PDA), wireless           appear to be meeting those needs. Is high-speed
                                   and printing technologies are hot.                cable modem access available in your area? It's
                                                                                     not in mine.
                                   Speaking of High-Speed Internet Access -
  Consultants in Minnesota                                                                                                2
(Continued from page 1)                     UCITA adopts many of the current            especially among groups representing
Handheld, wireless, and printing            rules but adds many other                   the interests of consumers. ICCA is
technologies may be topics of future        responsibilities. UCITA codifies the        opposed to the law. In his view, Mr.
columns, so stay tuned. Security of         rule making developers liable for their     Brown thought that UCITA even with
home LANs, local firewalls, and             express warranties, their "affirmations     its flaws was a good step because it
personal firewalls may also topics of       of fact or promises." Statements of         provides clearer, more definite and
future columns.                             value or opinion are not express            more stable rules governing the
                                            warranties.                                 development and licensing of
That's the view from here. Let me                                                       software."
know your thoughts by sending me               "UCITA creates four new implied
email at               warranties. Mr. Brown said that unless
                                            the developer and the owner reach a
                                            different understanding and
                                            agreement, developers implicitly
                                            warrant that the program to be written
                                            will run as programs of that types
Software Developers’                        generally run (the implied warranty of
Rights and Duties.                          merchantability); the program when
                                            run will deliver reasonably accurate
By Ray Giske
                                            information (the implied warranty of
                                            accuracy); in certain circumstances,
"At our April meeting, Greg Brown, an
                                            the program will run on the owner's
attorney at the University of Minnesota
                                            computer system (the implied warranty
and an expert in intellectual property                                                  Something about MicroSoft
                                            of system integration); and the program
law, discussed the Uniform Computer                                                     By Karl Hella
                                            does not infringe the copyright or other
Information Transactions Act
                                            intellectual property rights of any third
(UCITA) and the warranties and                                                          Microsoft will host the Thursday, June
                                            parties (the implied warranty of non-
liabilities software developers can                                                     21, meeting of ICCA Minnesota at its
incur under the proposed law. Mr.                                                       offices in Bloomington (Suite 950,
Brown started his talk by outlining                                                     8300 Normandale Drive). Tom Moen
                                               "Mr. Brown then discussed ways to        will discuss current Microsoft
developers' potential liabilities under
                                            disclaim the implied warranties and to      initiativ es including Share Point
current law. "The law of software
                                            limit potential liability. Except for the   Server, Office XP, and .NET.
liability is far from being clear,
                                            implied warranty of non-infringement,
definite, and predictable, " according to                                               Tom is the lead evangelist for Share
                                            the other implied warranties may be
Mr. Brown. The software program                                                         Pointe Server and Office XP in
itself is a "good" and its sale is          disclaimed (that is eliminated) by
                                                                                        Microsoft's North Central District. He
governed by the Uniform Commercial          having the owner agree that he is
                                                                                        previously headed the international
Code                                        accepting the software "As Is, With All     team promoting Small Business
(UCC). But software development is a        Faults." To disclaim the non-               Server from Microsoft headquarters in
service and is not covered by the UCC.      infringement warranty, the owner must       Redmond, Washington. Prior
                                            agree that "there is no warranty against    Microsoft, Tom worked for 3M and
Courts, therefore, have struggled with                                                  Apple.
how best to control software                interference with (his) enjoyment of the
transactions. Nonetheless, these courts     (program) or against infringement." A
                                                                                        Social/Networking time begins at 5:30
will hold developers responsible for        developer's potential damages for           PM, pizza will be served at 6:30, and
certain types of software defects,          breach may be limited so that he            the presentation will begin about 7:00
                                            cannot be held liable for certain types     PM. There is no charge for this
unless the developer has taken steps in
the agreement with the owner to write       of damages or for damages in excess of      meeting, but please make
                                            a certain amount.                           reservations in the normal way.
and install the program to protect                                                      Please arrive early, as the doors to
himself.                                                                                the building are sometimes locked
                                               Mr. Brown closed noting that there
                                                                                        about 6:00.
                                            is substantial opposition to UCITA,
   "Mr. Brown told the group that
 Consultants in Minnesota                                                                                     3

                                                               Ben Moyle
The Strictly eBusiness Expo                                    Norm Nelson
by David Hedrick Skarjune                                      Bob Newman
                                                               Jerry Stiff
Our participation at the Strictly eBusiness expo at the
Minneapolis Convention Center on May 23-24 was a          There was serious interest in our ICCA services and
success.                                                  resources from a wide variety of folks--established
                                                          independents, young web programmers making a go
Thousands of people saw our exhibit, ICCA volunteer       of it, professionals considering consulting, seasoned
exhibitors talked to hundreds of them, and more than      pros going into retirement who want to stay involved,
one hundred attendees signed up to receive our cata-      companies who need consulting services, other pro-
log and/or newsletter.                                    fessional groups, and potential speakers...(and/or
We held an Educational Seminar on an 'Introduction
to Knowledge Management' by David Hedrick Skar-           We can look forward to new faces, along with the fa-
june on Thursday afternoon that 15 people attended.       miliar, at our upcoming meetings.

And, we had a great time working together at the ex-      Thanks again to all the volunteers. I'm happy to have
hibition booth, both in presenting our mission to the     helped as coordinator for this event, and I appreciate
public and in just hanging out together.                  all the help that I received !

We owe a special thanks to Larry Bremer and Ben
Moyle for working on getting our new (old) booth for
this event.

Our success is due to all the great volunteers who
     Larry Bremer
     Bill Buending
     Ray Giske
     Randy Hayman
     Karl Hella
     Amy McKenna
     Bill McTeer

   Meeting Reservations: Members may phone your reservation to Joan Barnes at 651-257-2570,
   by 3:00 PM, Tuesday June 19, 2001. Non-members should mail this form to:
   ICCA Minnesota, c/o Norm Nelson, 2200 E 22nd St. Minneapolis, MN 55404-3165

   Name: __________________ Company:_________________________________
   Address:________________ City:_____________________________________
   State:__________________ Phone: ( ) __________________
    Pizza by Microsoft
                                                      ICCA Disclaimer notice.
                                                     "Discussion of any legal issues in any article that appears in this publication is
                                                     presented as educational material only. The Independent Computer Consultants
               Next Meeting                          Association does not and cannot take responsibility for any statements made within
                                                     this publication as to the meaning or effect of any federal or state law, statute,
                                                     regulation or ordinance and any opinions expressed in this publication as to such
             Thursday, June 21, 2001                 meaning or effect are the opinions of the authors and are not the opinions of the
                                                     Independent Computer consultants Association, Inc. Any actions or legal steps
                                                     taken should be thoroughly reviewed with your personal attorney or tax consultant
          Something about MicroSoft                  as laws vary from state to state and also because the facts or your situation may not
                                                     support application of any rule, statement, or suggestion that may be printed in this
              with Tom Moen                          publication."

             Microsoft offices at 494 and            Permission is granted to all ICCA publications to quote and reprint any material
                                                     appearing in Consultants in Minnesota, except where protected by individual
           Normandale Blvd (building 8300)           copyright, provided credit is given to the author and Consultants in Minnesota

                Social Hour at 5:30PM
                  Dinner at 6:30PM

                 For reservations call
                                                                          [ed. note]
             Joan Barnes @ 651-257-2570
                                                                          Attention all ICCA members:
       FUTURE MEETINGS                                                    Get involved--write a story for
       Thurs Aug 23    Italian Market Deli by Lido                        the newsletter. I need stuff to
       Tues Sep 18     Wyndham Garden Hotel                               fill these white(blue) pages!!.


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