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					    SCR          Sludge scraper for seawater pretreatment system                                   Sheet 1/2     barcode
     Class                      Category                                Value                         Revision
                 Purchaser                                                *
                 Qty                                                      *
                 Project                                                  *
                 P&I Diagram                                              *
                 Tag No                                                   *
                 Description                                              *
   GENERAL       Database id                                              *

                                                        sludge removal from the sedimentation
                 Process                                      basin after flocculation stage
                 Installation                                            outdoors
                                                          pendant rotating scraper for circular
                 Scraper type                                      sedimentation tank
                                                            to transport sludge to the axially
                 Process                                             installed hopper
                 Drive                                                  gear motor
                 Duty                                            continuous, heavy-duty
                 Painting color                                          RAL7001
                 Ambient temperature range, oC                               *
                 Area Classification                                  Non Classified
                 Certification                                         Not required
                 Fluid phase                                                 *
                                     Temperature, oC                         *
                             Opearing density, kg/m3                         *
                                                  pH                         *
                                           TDS, ppm                          *
                                       Chloride, ppm                         *
     DATA        Solid phase                                      hydroxide sludge
                       Concentration (top/bottom), %                     2 - 10
                          Average dry solids, kg/hour                      530
                        Maximum dry solids, kg/hour                       2869
                 Solid phase composition,%                               14000
                                     Inorganic solids                       50
                                       Organic solids                       30
                                     Ferric hydroxide                       20
                 Material                                              concrete
                                                        bottom-cone with floor axial slope of 5
              Configuration                                 degrees, see drawing sheet 2/2
SEDIMENTATION Overall dimensions, m[LxWxH]                           10 x 12 x 8.25
    BASIN     Water depth, m                                               7.3
              Scraping area at bottom, m2                                   80
              Central hopper top diameter, m                               2.0
              Central hopper bottom diameter, m                            1.2
              Central hopper height, m                                     1.5
              Scraper diameter, m                                           10
              Scraper speed, rpm                                          0.05
              Design torque, Nm                                         24000
              Peak torque, Nm                                           36000
              Scraper tip speed, m/s                                     0.026
                                                         SS316 ceramic epoxy coated 240mk,
                                                         upper end with flange, bottom end -
  SCRAPER    Central tubular shaft                                     flangless
CONSTRUCTION Central tubular shaft diameter, mm                            100
             Scraper arm                                     SS316 ceramic epoxy coated
             Arm-shaft connection                               bolting, rubber gasket
             Adjustable vertical blades                          Trellex 60 (rubber)
             Blade number
             Blade dimensions, LxH
             Central hopper blade length,mm
             Guide bottom axis and brackets                              SAF2205
                                                        fastened to the hopper floor and may be
                 Bottom guide axis design                           easily desmantled
                 Bracket-shaft connection                         bolting, rubber gasket
                 Fastening material                                          Ti
                                                          steel epoxy coated, 10500mm length,
                 Bridge                                              2500mm width
                 Walkway                                               GRP grating
                 Handrail                                       900 mm height, Aluminum
                                                        Steel parts sand blasted and painted for
                                                         hot, humid and salty atmosphere, RAL
                 Painting                                           7031 bluegrey dull
                 Type                                                        *
                 Motor power, kW                                            0.37
                 Motor RPM                                                 1450
               Motor service factor                                       1
               Voltage                                           420V/50 Hz /1ph
               Duty type                                          S1 (continuous)
               Enclosure                                                IP 65
               Standards                                                 IEC
               Insulation / Temp. rise                           Class F / Class B
               Mounting                                                 hold
  DRIVE UNIT   Terminal box position                                    hold
               Cable entry                                                I
               Torque limiting coupling                                   *
               Gear ratio                                                 *
               Gear output speed, RPM                                   0.05
               Gear output torque, Nm                                  24000
               Gear design                                        shaft mounted
                                                       Shrink disc, cover, rubber buffer, rain
               Gear box construction details                       hat for motor
               Lubricant                                      Mineral oil ISO VG220
               Overload protection                          Torque transmitter, 24VDC
               Electrical enclosure                                     IP65
               External power supply                                      *
               Analog signal output                                  4 - 20 mA
               Resolution                                                 *
   REMOTE      Area classification                                  not classified
   CONTROL     Certification                                        not required
               CE compliance                                             yes
               Signal calibration/range                                   *
               High/highest values                                        *
               Overall accuracy of span                                   *
               Linearity error                                   < 0.2% full scale
               Control panel                                       not requested
               Bottom scraper                                            yes
               Drive unit                                                yes
               Spare parts for commisioning                              yes
     UNIT      Spare parts for 2-year operation                          yes
   SCOPE OF    Documentation
    SUPPLY                     Drawings for erection                3 copies
                                   Operation manual                 3 copies
                                     Inspection plan           on order placement
               Order status                                    RQ/PFQ/purchasing
               Order id                                                 *
               Catalog id                                               *
  PURCHASE     Client id                                                *
               Manufacturer                                             *
               Manufacturer Code                                        *
               Date                                                     *
               Total installed pieces                                   *
               Expected life, hours                                     *
               Scheduled maintenance, hours                             *
MAINTENANCE    MTBSM, hours                                             *
               MTBF, hours                                              *
               MTTR, hours                                              *

     Date                  Description                         by/checked/approved

                                                                                                 autogenerated by

    NOTES:     * - to be filled by the Vendor
               MTBSM - mean time between scheduled maintenance
               MTBF - mean time before failure
               MTTR - mean time to restore

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