Lincoln cash box deposit form by iZcr2dLN


									                                          LINCOLN PTO
                                        CASH BOX DEPOSIT

Date: ___________________

Event (please check) : ____ 6th Grade Social           ____ 7th & 8th Grade Dance

                       Other: ____________________________________________________

Person filling cash box: __________________________________________________________

       Amount in Cash Box at beginning of event:       $_________________

At end of Event:

       Amount of cash at end of event                  $________________

       Less initial cash at beginning                   ________________

              Cash Collected subtotal:                $ ________________

       Less Expenses

           _____ cases of pop @ _________ =           _________________

       Other expenses (if any):

       Total Due to Lincoln PTO :                     $________________

Submitted by: ___________________________________________

Put this form in cash box and give to Sandra Osborne. The Treasurer will pick up cash due to PTO
within a week of event.

Revised 12/13/05

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