Camp Packing List by iZcr2dLN


									                     Girls Camp at Farmington Packing List
                                     July 9-14, 2012

Campers should bring the following items:

Clothes (Modest Shirts and Shorts) – enough for the entire week - PLUS one “dressy” outfit
for a special evening activity!
One plain white t-shirt
Bug Spray
Sneakers – several pair(these must be worn at all times)
Water Shoes (these are for the river – old sneakers can be used)
Flip Flops (for shower and pool only)
One outfit that can be used for very messy games (one you don’t mind getting very messed up)
Swim Suit(s) (One-piece or two-piece that covers stomach and looks like a one piece.
Please make sure swim suit is modest.)
Sleeping Bag or Sheets/blanket for a twin sized bed/blanket
Flash Light
Stationery –paper, cards, envelopes if you wish to write to anyone while at camp.
Money for mission offering. This year we’re sending a girl to Angel Tree Camp in PA. Miss Lena
is their camp director.
**Older Track campers (completed 6-10 grades) and Training Track Girls – bring $5 cash
for Gifford’s.

Campers should not bring the following items: (these items will be taken up and
kept by the camp director until time to go home if brought to camp)
Cell Phone
iPod, CD Player/Video Games/MP3 Players or anything electronic
Anything that might access the internet or communicate with those off-campus

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