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                         Interact District Conference - March 3-4, 2012
        Hosted by Alvin HS Interact Club at Fairview Jr. High School, in Alvin, TX 77511
   Rather than students driving their own vehicles to the conference, we ask that they be dropped off, and picked up.
   Registration forms due February 23rd. Registration fee of $20 includes a district conference T-shirt, lunch &
    dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, and snacks & activities throughout the conference. Please notify us if you
    are a vegetarian or have any other special dietary requirements or allergies. Checks are payable to: DISTRICT
    5890 ROTARY INTERACT CLUB, and mailed to: Tommie Buscemi, 4722 Autumn Alcove Court, Kingwood, TX
    77345. Chaperones attend for free.
   Who’s invited? Interact members, Interact Teacher Advisors, Rotary Youth Exchange Students, Rotaractors, and
    Rotarians. Parents are also encouraged to attend!
   If your club plans to attend the conference, you must send in your registration forms and notify us that your club
    will be attending. Registration forms must be submitted no later than February 23rd. (see form for details)
   Once you have submitted your club’s registration forms, we will need to receive payment for the number of
    students listed. This is due to the fact that we will have already ordered t-shirts and food, and we cannot receive a
   Chaperones - To attend conference, every Interact club must have a chaperone at the event! Chaperones attend
    for free, and can be the Interact Club’s Teacher Advisor, another teacher/staff member from the school, Rotarians or
    parents. For every 20 members that a club sends, they need 1 chaperone. The same chaperone does not need to stay
    the entire conference, so they can rotate or work in shifts to share the responsibility. Chaperones are needed in case
    of an emergency, to monitor entrance/exit doors, & to help us take random roll calls to make sure all their Interactors
    are still present. Each club must have a chaperone volunteer to work a 3 hour shift between 10 PM & 6 AM.
   Early Departure - If a student needs to leave the conference early, their parent(s) must submit written consent to
    their Interact club’s Teacher Adviser. Upon arrival, your club's chaperone must submit the parent’s written consent
    to us at the Registration Desk. To leave the conference, the student and their Teacher Adviser/chaperone must come
    to the Registration Desk so we can call the parents to let them know the student is leaving. If we cannot reach the
    parent via phone, the student will not be allowed to leave the premises. Students cannot leave after 9 PM.
   Parental Consent Form – To attend the conference, ALL students must present a Parental Consent Form. As with
    any fieldtrip, all attendees should sign their school’s standard liability waiver form, if required by their school.
   Check-in will be from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday, March 3rd. Lunch will be served until 11:50 a.m. Pick-up is
    at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 4th.
   Door Prizes needed! Ask your sponsoring Rotary club to help obtain these items. Each Interact club is encouraged
    to bring $25 - $50 of door prizes. We’ll be giving these away during the conference and the more we have, the more
    we’ll give away. Suggestions: gift cards, electronics, DVD’s, gift baskets, tickets to sports events or concerts, etc.
    Please bring your prizes to the Registration desk upon arrival labeled with the name of your Interact Club.
   Please bring sleeping bags, pillows and additional padding to go under your sleeping bag since you will be
    sleeping on the floor. Tents and canopies are not allowed for sleeping. Electrical outlets will be available to inflate
    air mattresses, but once inflated they will need to be unplugged. Lights in the sleeping area will be left ON all night.
   Project Photos & PowerPoint (3 minute maximum)Presentations- Your club has been busy all year, and we want to
    see what you have been doing. Please bring photo albums and project boards to display on the project exhibit tables.
    Please bring your club’s PowerPoint or video presentation (3 minute maximum, please!) of your projects on a USB
    flash drive for our D5890 Interact Club Project Presentation on Saturday afternoon. NOTE: Presentations limited to
    3 minutes...No exceptions! When you arrive, let the Registration Desk know you have a flash drive presentation.
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                      Interact District Conference - March 3-4, 2012
       Hosted by Alvin HS Interact Club at Fairview Jr. High School, in Alvin, Texas

    MP3 players, etc.) since Alvin ISD, Rotary District 5890, or the District 5890 Interact Committee will not be
    responsible for lost or missing items. A common open area will be assigned for each school to store their items such
    as backpacks, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.
   Nominate your Interact Teacher Advisor and Rotary Sponsor for “Interact Teacher of the Year” and “Rotary
    Sponsor of the Year” awards so they can receive acknowledgement, and awards they deserve!
   Think your Interact club is a winner? Please complete the Interact Project Data Form to nominate your project(s)
    and submit them with your registration forms. THE FIRM DEADLINE FOR RECEIVING YOUR NOMINATION
    Community Service Project, School Service Project, and International Service Project. Provide a description of the
    project, and photos.
   Every Interact club in District 5890 is invited to attend the conference, however, to be eligible to win any of the
    above awards, your club must: 1) Paid the $3 per member Interact District Dues; 2) Be an officially chartered
    Interact club with Rotary International and; 3) Have the majority of your registered attendees remain at the
    conference overnight. The award ceremony will be Sunday morning and you must be present. If you have any
    questions about your status, please contact Tommie Buscemi at (281) 359-7193 or
    The $3 per member Interact District dues, payable to “District 5890 Rotary Interact Club” by check, money order, or
    cashier’s check, can be mailed to: Tommie Buscemi, 4722 Autumn Alcove Court, Kingwood, TX 77345.
   Don’t forget to bring your INTERACT CLUB BANNER, and wear your Interact club T-shirt. An award will be
    given to the Interact club with…The Best Interact Club T-Shirt Design!
   The sooner we receive your club’s registration...the better chance you have of receiving your requested t-shirt size.
   Encourage parents to attend the District Conference. Adult supervision will be needed during the day and especially
    at night. Adult chaperones will not be charged to attend the conference.
   If you plan to participate in the athletic activities, be considerate of your friends and bring a change of clothes!
   We will have a movie room showing movies all night, plus we’ll have a DJ for dancing, and the gym for athletics.
   Would your school like to host the Interact Roundup during September 2012 or next year’s Interact District
    Conference on March 1-2, 2013? If so, be prepared to nominate your school. Please have your Interact Teacher
    Advisor contact your school principal to confirm their approval prior to nominating your school.
   Would you like to be an Interact District Officer next year? For an Interactor to be eligible for a district-level
    office, the Teacher Adviser must submit the Interactor's name, and the position they would like to hold, to Tommie
    Buscemi by February 24th. The Interactor needs to have served as an officer, director, and/or in a leadership position
    in their own club. There will be nominations and elections for District Governor, District Lieutenant Governor,
    District Secretary, and Social Media/Community Liaison. So, get your speech ready for the nominating session on
    Saturday, March 3rd. If you have questions about the duties, please contact Tommie Buscemi.
   Please share the following phone numbers of our Interact Committee with parent(s) and/or guardian(s):

                                   For any questions or inquiries, please contact:
            Tommie Buscemi, Tel: 281-359-7193 Email: TOMMIE5890@SUDDENLINK.NET
            Charlie Buscemi, Tel: 271-598-7129 Email: CJSB@SUDDENLINK.NET
            Frank Parrilla, Tel: 832-396-2416 Email: FLPARRILLA@YAHOO.COM

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