Supply lists grade 7 2012 2013 by HC120807095437


									                                     Percy Baxter Middle School
                                         Grade 7 Supply List

General Supplies (needed in most courses):
    2 boxes of Kleenex
    2 packages of 500 sheets of lined paper
    1 package of computer paper (white)
    8 duo tangs
    Pencils
    Erasers (white preferably)
    Blue and/or black pens
    Red pens
    Pencil crayons
    Highlighters
    4 glue sticks
    Scissors
    Felt Markers
    1 pencil case/box
    I USB flash Drive

Academic Courses:                                                       Learning Through The Arts:
    4 1” binders                                                              - 1 set of graphite pencils
    2 packages of dividers                                                    - coil bound sketch book
    Dictionary/Thesaurus (recommended)
    Protractor + compass
    Ruler (30cm)
    Calculator (simple and inexpensive)
    2 coiled notebooks
    Scrapbook

Phys. Ed:
    T-shirt and shorts
    Inside running shoes
    Outdoor Clothing for winter activities (Touque, gloves, winter coat, etc)

Please note that other supplies may be required throughout the year for projects and assignments.
Supplies that are lost or consumed during the year will need to be replaced.
Please have all essentials at school for the first day. It is advisable to keep extra supplies at home
until needed (i.e – extra glue sticks, pens, pencils, etc.).

School Fees:
       Note: The following school fees are applicable to all students

Locker Fee                     $ 5.00
Textbook Fee                   $50.00
Elective Fee                   $30.00 (hockey academy fees cover the elective fees)

Total                          $85.00

Please note the following regarding school fees:
    1. School Fees will be collected on the first day of school by your child’s homeroom teacher.
    2. Please send each child in the school with separate payments. One cheque/cash for each
    3. A receipt will then be distributed to your child to bring home.
Staff Instructions:

   1.   Please collect the school fees for your homeroom class by:
        a. Attaching a class list to an envelope with the students’ names, method of payment
            (including cheque number), and amount received.
        b. Collect the fees from your students and place them in the envelope.
        c. Hand in to office so that a receipt can be given for payment.


        Student Name                    Method of Payment                 Amount received
John Smith                                Cheque # 220                         85.00
Sam Wilson                                    Cash                             85.00
Madison Winter                            Cheque # 107                     55.00 (hockey)

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