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Dedicated to the ex Amiga Technologies
                Petro Tyschtschenko

                    Petro, Petro,

               You are now so retro,

         You helped the Amiga comeback,

         With the Amiga 1200 magic pack,

         The Amiga is now in other hands,

       And you are looking in the Asian lands,

            Why you Petro left us alone?

   When you know the Amiga is loved by everyone,

         No-one forgets your achievements,

      Why you did not focus on improvements?

            To release better AmigaOS,

           Remember, you were the boss,

      25 years since the Amiga began to shine,

    Where are you to show us the new AmigaOne?

               We miss you so much,

       Every Amigan misses your warm touch,

          Good bye Petro and all the best,

             Now I am joining the rest,

             The Amiga is still around,
       Even without Petro, we will have another round,

                  Through better or worse,

                 Nobody can stop its course,

                  Of the brilliant platform,

               Where the best artists are born,

               Petro, you are always welcome,

            Even when you say you will not come.

                The Amiga X1000 is coming,

            With our without Petro's welcoming.

Written by your fan - Ventsislav Tsvetkov -

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Description: Poem dedicated to the ex Amiga Technologies director Petro Tyschtschenko