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									                                 CLASS OF CALL FOR PAPER

NO              AUTHOR
  1   Puspa Pratiwi
  2   Rukli, Drs. M.Pd., M.Cs.
  3   Atok Isyulukhi
  4   Muhammad Thohri
  5   Ifan Rikhza Auladi
  6   Erny Rahmawati
  7   Soma Salim
  8   Suyoto
  9   Didik Hariyanto
 10   Deny Budi Hertanto
 11   Siswono
 12   Junni Wijayanti

Developing an Online Collaborative Learning System with Knowledge Construction
Examinees Response Test Pattern Simulation-Based Adaptive Computer Using Fuz
Application of Adventure Game for Islamic Learning
Supporting Teaching and Learning Process Using cd Interactive in Islamic Junior Hig
The Use of Kompasiana as Media for Teaching Writing Skill at School
Application Software “SiapCerdas” To Identify The Potential Of Intelligence And Le
Blogmatika: Mathematics Learning Inovation In School Based On Ict (Information A
Developing Instructional Multimedia for Science at Elementary School
“Z80 Simulator” for Improving Student Competence in microprocessor field of sub
Application of PDF Reader for Final Project/Thesis Reports in Electrical Engineering
Applications of Information Systems to Improving the Competitiveness of Higher E
Application of Mathematical Software for Realistic Mathematical Learning Process
 nowledge Construction Based
 ve Computer Using Fuzzy Reasoning Tsukamoto

 tive in Islamic Junior High School

 l Of Intelligence And Learning Styles Of Students In Educational Institutions To Enhance Studen
ed On Ict (Information And Communication Technology)

roprocessor field of subject
 n Electrical Engineering
 petitiveness of Higher Education in Indonesia
matical Learning Process in Differential Equations Subject
utions To Enhance Students Achievement
                            CLASS OF CALL FOR PAPER
NO            AUTHOR
 1    Alfian Cahyo Budi
 2    Ahmad Luthfi
 3    Anita Sulistyani
 4    Langgeng Setiyono
 5    Yusri Aldiano
 6    Sri Budyartati
 7    M Ridwan Aziz
 8    Shanta Akhtershima
 9    Meike Tri Yurindari
 10   Laily Amin
 11   Slamet Haryadi
Global School Administration System (G-SAS) for Better Education in The Future
Inteligent Learning Content Management System Using Web Services Technology
Emerging ICTs and Their Potential in Revitalizing Small Scale Agriculture in Central
Cheaper and Creative Learning Method bBsed Wikiwikiweb
Bugis Linux Ubuntu
The Effectiveness of Computer-assisted Multimedia for Social Science Learning in G
Multimedia in Bilingual Learning: a Case of Pilot Project of International Standardiz
Making ICT based child society : ideas for school leaders of Bangladesh
Learning Management System (LMS) as an Alternative for Supporting Co-op
ICT-assisted Oral English Instruction in Grade VII Students of SMPN 5 Panggang, Gu
Use blog
ucation in The Future
 b Services Technology for E-learning Performance
e Agriculture in Central Sulawesi

ial Science Learning in Grade IV of Sekolah Dasar Percobaan II Depok Sleman
nternational Standardized School in Indonesia
upporting Co-op
f SMPN 5 Panggang, Guningkidul
                                    CLASS OF CALL FOR PAPER

NO              AUTHOR
 1   Irfan Muh
 2   Ariadie Chandra Nugraha
 3   Berli Arta
 4   Triyoga
 5   Yuli Ardika
 6   Yuli Ardika
 7   Faisal Agus Tri Putra
 8   Novia Anggraeni
 9   I Nyoman Tenaya Santika, MCA
10   Yeni Rustina, PhD
11   Taufiq A Simon
12   Hartoyo
                     CLASS OF CALL FOR PAPER

Design a Mobile Learning Flash Lite-Based
Manipulator Robot Simulator As a Learning Tool on Robotics Course
Information and Communication Technology: Taking Benefits to Improve Student Writing Skill
“kinect” as an innovation in nui-based interactive learning development
Online System for Physic Learning Difficulties Diagnostic Based on Social Networking and Web Integration
Moving Forward With Innovation: Facilitating Language Learning Through On-Line Social Networks (Snss)
Designing Project Based Learning Through 2.0 Web Application For Indonesian Teachers
Optimisation Of Ict For Education In Remote Area
Strategic Plan of ICT-Mobile Learning Case Studies on Sanskrit for Indonesia
The Development of Discharge Planning Model through Family Empowerment in Nursing Care for Low Birth Weight Babies
Information and Communication Technology in Education Technology Application for Student Learning The rise of plagiarism
Improving Learning Effectiveness and Flexibility through Hybrid Learning Model
 Birth Weight Babies
g The rise of plagiarism Culture as Impact for Use of the Internet for Islamic Learning This Paper is compiled to fulfill a condition for Intern
led to fulfill a condition for International Conference Call for Paper: ICT in Education

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