and infrastructure projects by 4DkM1jmD


Senior Project and Business Development Engineer
Present Address : TOKO MAJU BERSAMA,
Jalan Raya Bumiayu 224 Bumiayu Brebes Jawa Tengah
INDONESIA, Post Code : 52273

Mobile Phone:+6285747706003, +628111831741, +62-289-430364
Email :,

Oil/Gas Project Engineering Experience : total 21 years experiences in the Onshore-Offshore, FPSO, and Fix
Jacket Platform E&I Project Engineering Management Team, initially involving from design Engineering,
Construction Engineering Management, TBE ( Technical Bid Evaluation ) Procurement, Yard Fabrication, Yard
Construction, Yard Installation, Offshore Installation, Testing Calibration until Pre-Commissioning and start-up
Commissioning, As Built Drawings, Final Document, including Maintenance Engineering Management

Oil/Gas Business Development Experience : preparing the Business planning, Business target, Business
Look ahead, Business Schedule , Review and analyze, strategy, than reported to General Project Control
Manager including
    - Liaise Inter-department ; Drilling, Production, Maintenance, Well Service, Project, Engineering,
    - Liaise with BP MIGAS, concerning to AFE, CAPEX,COMEX, Progress Report Presentation,
    - Liaise with Third Party concerning to the Certifications

  Goal Oriented to increase company profit and assets thru build a good team player in the Project
  Management Team to do running and delivering the project & Services meet to High HSE quality, High
  Project Quality, On time Schedule, Target Achievement, High Productivity , get an approval and Platform
  Certification from the third parties : BP MIGAS, MIGAS, MWS, SUCOFINDO, Government Marine
  Agency, etc.

Oil & Gas Offshore/Onshore Experiences         : 10 Years
Petrochemical, Chemical Experiences            : 8 Years
Power Plant, Experience                        : 3 Years

    1. Contract Management Training, conducted by Total EP Indonesie
    2. Key Performance Measurement, Index, and Analysis, by Total EP Indonesie
    3. Cross Tree Analysis, by third party of Total EP Indonesie
    4. FMEA ( Failure Module Effect Analysis), RCA (Root Cause Analysis ) Training by third party of Total Indonesie
    5. Logistic, export, import Management Training, conducted by Trisakti University
    6. HSE Management Training conducted by Total EP Indonesie, Al Suwaidi Industrial Services

Achievement :
We have been delivered 5 set platforms Total EP Indonesie from design, Procurement, yard fabrication, yard
construction, offshore installation, testing commissioning until startup, and including maintenance engineering,
with on time schedule , high quality, high production, high HSE quality, Zero Accident, zero LTI.

Curriculum Vitae of Muhammad Nur Budiyanto
   Bachelor Degree of Science, Physics Engineering
   Concentration in Instrumentation System Control
   Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta

 Place / Date of birth       : Brebes, 14 January 1964
 Indonesia Passport No       : AK 989483


Understand, familiar with Oil/Gas Business Development Management

Understand, familiar with Microsoft Project, Primavera, Excel, Word, VBA, SQL Server, Access, Database,
 Power point

Understand and experience to the Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunication including ESD, PCS,
 SSS, X-mass Tree, WHCP etc

Understand and experience to the Project, Construction, Maintenance Management. including Planning,
 Scheduling, S-Curve, Job Sequences, Progressing, Organization charts, Manpower allocation plan,
 Equipment and tools Allocation plan, etc.


2009 – present, TOTAL Exploration & Production Indonesie ( Contract Basic ) ( )
      Total E&P Indonesie is Oil and Gas Company in indonesia

       Current Position : Senior Project Engineering and Business Development

       Project Name :

            1. TUNU TP 12 – 3 Set Gathering Testing Satellite Platforms GTS Nx, Fx, Bx,

            2. TUNU TP 13A –2 Set Gathering Testing Satellite Platforms GTS Gx, Mx,

       Scope of Work :

            Monitoring, Reviewing, Checking, Controlling, Supervising, and advising of on-shore, off-shore
            EPSC Contractors activities than reporting to Project Manager Including :

            1.   Procurement Monitoring Status
            2.   Expediting Monitoring Status
            3.   Engineering Monitoring Status
            4.   Documentation Monitoring Status
            5.   Logistics, Material, Shipping Notice Status

Curriculum Vitae of Muhammad Nur Budiyanto
    6. Construction Material Monitoring Status
    7. Planning, Schedule, progress status ( Fabrication, Installation, Testing Commissioning)
    8. Planning, Schedule, progress status ( NDT, Hydro testing, Flushing, Calibration etc
    9. Planning, Schedule, Progress Status for Third Party Certification / Inspection
    10. Planning, Schedule, Progress Status of FAT, SAT, Inspection and Certification
    11. Planning, Schedule, progressing Status for Punch List Clearance
    12. Marine Spread Monitoring status
    13. Man-Power, Tools and equipment mob and demobilization, and allocation Planning, Schedule
    14. On-shore, Off-shore Job Sequences
    15. Fabrication, Installation, Testing Daily activity Reports
    16. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Progress Report
    17. Pre-Commissioning, and Commissioning Status
    18. PTR ( Project Technical Review ) Monitoring Status
    19. Commissioning and two years operation spare parts
    20. Liaise with Drilling Schedule and Production Schedule
    21. Final Documentation Status

Liaise and close communication with Drilling Department, FO ( Field Operation Department),
 Maintenance Department, Engineering Department, Marine Department, HSE Department

Liaise and Manage with Third Party regarding to Certification Authority Agency, Inspection Authority
 Agency, MWS ( Marine Warranty Surveyor ) , MIGAS ( Government Oil & Gas Authority Agency ) ,
 NDE /NDT Agency, Testing Authority Agency. etc

Liaise with Vendor Supplier regarding to FAT, SAT, Commissioning and start-up

Reviewing , checking all reports from EPSC contractors than make preparation comprehensive report
 to Company Project Manager

Reviewing, Identifying all probability problems and immediately raise the solutions.

Fully understand the contract agreement including scope of work between EPSC Contractors and

Reviewing, Checking, all document engineering from EPSC Contractors ; Drawings, Vendor
 Documents, Procedures, Site Query, Technical Query etc.

Reviewing, checking all possibilities concerning to the Additional works raised, related to the contract,
 scope of works, schedule, document, engineering and measurement..

Close communication and liaise with third party : PT. Sucofindo, PT. Marindotech to get construction
approval certificates,

Close communication and liaise with MIGAS, to get Safety Approval Certificate

Close communication and liaise with BP MIGAS , to get certificates : SKKI, SKKP, SKKAP,
SKKT etc

Close communication and liaise with Marine Warranty Surveyor , PT, Nobel Denton to get Sail Out,
and Platform installation Certificate

Curriculum Vitae of Muhammad Nur Budiyanto
     Close Communication and liaise with BKI, BPPT, LIPI, to get approval certificate such as, Lifting
     Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Instrument Equipment. etc.

     Close communication and liaise with Rig Company man Drilling Division and drilling Contractor to
     get planning synergy between platform, and drilling, Rig Schedule, Shallow Schedule, Preservation
     Schedule etc

     Close communication and liaise with Halliburton and close monitoring during system leak testing
     including certification

     Close communication and liaise with other division ; Seismic Div, Survey Div, HSE Div, Maintenance
     Div, Production Div, Business Development Div, Project Div, Engineering Div, CST Well Div, MTH
     Div to get comprehensive planning, on ( Regular monthly coordination meeting )

     Helping Business Development to get another opportunity include expanding block area etc with close
     communication with BP MIGAS.

     Close communication with Survey and seismic contractor ; Elnusa to get information pertaining to the
     current location where they are doing.

     Close communication and liaise with government marine agency at balikpapan to get the informations
     concerning to the certificate, safety marine etc.

     Giving information to BD div concerning to Oil Gas demand supply, market, competitors, project
     expansion, etc

     Participating to technical reviewing, checking, all bidders for next project including Basic Design
     contractor, EPSC contractor, third party inspection company etc for next project.

     Evaluating all current contractors ( EPSC ) TP12 and TP 13A Project including vendor supplier, thru
     making summary close out report

     Making Presentation, and Attending the meeting with BP MIGAS ( Monthly progress ) concerning to
     the project progress Development

     Monitoring, review and checking Project scrap material including local content, import content and
     reported to BP MIGAS

     Preparing HO ( Hand Over Certificate ) for 5 sets platforms.

     Preparing, Project Close Out Report including Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation,
      Commissioning start-up.

2007 – 2009 , Al Suwaidi Industrial Services (SIS), KSA Saudi Arabia ( )

     Al-Suwaidi Industrial Services is EPC and Maintenance Company, majoring in the Oil & Gas Onshore
      /Offshore, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Refinery.

     Work Email :

     Curriculum Vitae of Muhammad Nur Budiyanto
      Position: Electrical & Instrumentation Construction Manager ( Project Management Team )

      Project          :
         1. NGL ( Natural Gas Liquid )-Aramco Yanbu Saudi Arabia
         2. Yanbu Refinery – Aramco Fire and Gas Detection System, Saudi Arabia
         3. Sabic Polycarbonate Complex ( Saudi Basic Industries ) Jubail Saudi Arabia
         4. Al-Haradh FPSO-Aramco Saudi Arabia

      Scope of Work :

       Experience in the Project Management Team Responsible for overall management of projects
        Construction and Maintenance from conception to completion, and making, creating including
        implementing of a new IT system based on Data Base, VBA, and SQL Server for Electrical and
        Instrumentation including Fire & gas Detection System, Data and Telephone Communication
        System , Paging System , CIMS( Construction Information Management System), MIMS(
        Maintenance Information Management System) to each project.
       In the CIMS, MIMS gives detail information’s ; Technical Data Specifications, Drawing No, Process
        Data Sheets, Detail Locations, Plant Area, Plant Elevation, Equipment Manufactures, Equipment
        Models, Standard Operation & Procedures, Testing and Calibration Schedules, Planning’s,
        Recommended Spare parts, Tool, Tester and Calibrator, Calibrator Validity, Maintenance Manual,
        Turn Around Shutdown Schedule, Panel & Junction Box-Cable Connection List, Engineering
        Standard, Material Standard, Quality Control Check List, Safety Standard Operation Procedures

       Manage, Control, Supervision, and monitor of overall E&I Construction and Maintenance activities,
        Including Productivity, Progressing, Planning, Target thru CIMS, MIMS.

      Computer Skill :

       Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, VBA, SQL Server, Access, Database, Power point.

1998 – 2007     PT. NABICON - HONEYWELL Instrument Project & Service Management


 Responsible for overall management of projects from conception to completion, with creating new
  system based on VBA, SQL and Database E&I CIMS (Construction Information Management System),
  MIMS (Maintenance Information Management System)

 As part of Project Management Team ( Construction & Maintenance ), and ensure project team have a
  clear understanding of contract and scope of work.

 Ensure all operation are undertaken in a safe manner in accordance with law and company policy

 Manage, Control, Direction, Supervision and co-ordination to Engineering Department. for L V Electrical
  and Instrumentation     Engineering including : Basic- Design System Engineering, Construction
  Engineering and Maintenance Engineering.

 Manage, Control, Direction and Review of overall project activities; scheduling, progressing, planning,
  milestone, targets, Man powers, Project cash flow, Project invoices, implementation, Cost-budgets.

      Curriculum Vitae of Muhammad Nur Budiyanto
 Manage, Control and Review all Service activities ( Annual Maintenance Contract, Maintenance and
  Calibration works during Plant shutdown Schedule, etc ) including cost- budget, planning, man powers,
  Implementation and quality of services.

 Responsible to resource strategy to meet company effective and optimal team to run the projects and
  services / maintenances.

 Assist in Preparation to Bid Proposal including Technical and Commercial, Quotation for maintenance,
  calibration / testing and annual contracts.

 .Responsible to provide the Professional Instrument Service Engineers and or Instrument Technicians to
  the customers

PROJECT EXPERIENCES during joined with PT. NABICON : ( Instrumentation Works )

o 2007 - PDAM, 120 km Pipe Line 10”-14” , SCADA System
o 2007 - Kujang Fertilizer Plant - 4
o 2007 - Cilacap Pertamina Oil and Gas Refinery Optimization / revamping project
o 2006 - Palembang Pertamina Oil and Gas Refinery Optimization / revamping project
o 2005 - Balikpapan Pertamina Oil and gas Refinery Optimization / revamping project
o 2004 - PTA& polymer Petrochemical Plant
o 2003 – Amoco Merak Polyethelene and Polyprophelene Plant
o 2001 – Tanjung Jati PLN Electrical power plant Combine Cycle type
o 2000 – Transpasific Petrochemical (Postponed)
Nabicon Yokogawa :
o 1998 - Balongan Pertamina Oil & Gas Exxor-1, Truck loading system, Pipe line system, Terminal
   automation system.
o 1998 – Muara karang Power Plant Combine Cycle

1988 – 1998 Joined with PT. FOXBORO PERKIND as Senior Instrument Engineer


 Preparation of Bid Document, overall project cost estimations.

 Preparation of design engineering, System Engineering, Construction Engineering, Project Engineering

 Preparation of calibration sheets, Testing sheets, and commissioning reports

 Supervision and coordination with Instrument Technicians during calibration works, testing works, loop

 Supervision and coordination with Instrument supervisors regarding to Erection works, installation hook

 Establishment and responsibility for project communications with client, sub contractors.

 Development and review project planning, Progressing, Reporting, Targeting, Scheduling.

 Preparation of quotation for maintenance, calibration / testing and service annual contracts

PROJECT EXPERIENCES during joined with PT. FOXBORO PERKIND :( Instrumentat Works)

      Curriculum Vitae of Muhammad Nur Budiyanto
o   1998 - Cilacap Pertamina oil & gas refinery Plant -I, revamping project
o   1997 - Balikpapan Pertamina oil & gas refinery Plant – I, revamping project
o   1994 – Balongan Pertamina Exxor-1 oil gas refinery Metering & Filling Station, revamping project
o   1993 – Palembang Pertamina oil & gas development Plant I-II, revamping project
o   1992 - Palembang fertilizer Plant
o   1991 - Bontang Fertilizer Plant, revamping project
o   1990 – Bontang LNG Metering system , Revamping project
o   I990 - Indah Kiat pulp & Paper Plant
o   1988 - Chandra Asri Petrochemical Plant
o   And Small Project & Services

Technical Skills :

   Experience and familiar to        the Project Management : Scheduling, Planning, Cost Budgeting    and

 Experience and familiar to the Instrumentation Design Engineering, Project / Construction Engineering.

 Experience and familiar to the Instrumentation System Design Engineering : Program Ladder Logic /
  PLC, Pipe Line SCADA System, RTU, .Oil and Gas Metering System, ESD- Emergency Shut Down
  System, Tank Gauging System / Terminal Management System, Oil & Gas filling Station system.

 Experience and familiar to the Instrumentation Hardwares : Transmitters, PLC, Calibrators, ( Foxboro,
  Honeywell, Fisher Rosemount, Yokogawa, Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Oval, Varec )

      Curriculum Vitae of Muhammad Nur Budiyanto

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