SEASON 2012

             Statement of Purpose
“To promote the game of Australian Rules football at a junior level,
      Through opportunity, education and skill development,
   In an environment which encourages equality, participation,
            Positive self esteem and sportsmanship.”
                                           Eighth Edition

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1. Wearing The Club Strip
2. Protective head Gear - Under 9’s
3. Training Nights
4. Practice Matches
5. Interleague
6. Match Time
7. Weekly Votes
8. Vote Counting Night
9. Junior & Senior Club Champion
10. Trophies
11. Cash Float
12. Weekly Sponsors’ Awards
13. Duty Week
14. Canteen Rosters
15. Start-Up/Pack-Up Duty
16. Newsletter & Match Reports
17. Lodgement of Match Day Paperwork
18. Notification of Red & Yellow Cards
19. Fundraising For Individual Teams
20. End Of Season Trips
21. Registration Fees
22. Police Checks-Coaches
23. Appointment Of Coaching Staff
24. Playing In A Higher Age Group (Seasonal)
25. Playing In A Higher Age Group (Weekly Basis)
26. Milestone Awards – 50, 100 & 150 games.
27. Approaching Umpires
28. Best Player In A Final Series
29. Grand Final Night
30. Presentation day
31. U16 Presentation dinner and sponsorship
32. Club Sponsorship
33. Club Pennants
34. Smoke Free Clubrooms
35. Consumption Of Alcohol
36. Subletting Of Rooms


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The purpose of this manual it to ensure that the policies and procedures of the
Frankston Rovers Junior Football Club are clearly defined, and that consequently, any
person involved with the Club is aware of the Club’s expectations.


When playing matches for Rovers, all players are to wear the correct “strip” which is as follows:
              Frankston Rovers Jumper
              Brown shorts (V.C.F.L approved)
              Yellow and brown socks as Hawthorn football club
              Jumper numbers are to black or brown

The wearing of mouthguards is strongly encouraged.
Each jumper is to have the Frankston Rovers Club logo, VCFL logo, VCFL Sponsor logo and from
time to time Frankston Rovers major sponsor’s logo.

All coaches must be also dressed in their Frankston Rovers uniform while performing their duties at
Training, game day, and Sunday night reports.


As part of the club’s commitment to safety, all under 9 players will be supplied with protective
headgear. Players must be wearing the protective headgear to take the field.
Protective headgear supplied by the Club must be returned to the Club at the end of the season.


Training nights will be set for each team by the Junior Development Officers (J.D.O.’s), in
consultation with the coaches. Coaches are expected to be available for each training session for their
team but if for some reason they can not attend, they must notify the relevant J.D.O. of their

Coaches are requested to take into consideration EXTREME weather conditions and the age of their
team, ensuring they do not breach the implied Duty of Care.


Where possible, practice matches will be organised by the club for each team before the start of the
season. All coaches will be informed of any relevant practice matches, as they become available.


Coaches must co-operate with the F&DJFL when requested to nominate a specific number of players
for interleague games. Nominations are to be forwarded for the correct number of players who are to
be selected at the coach’s discretion. Any concerns that the coach has with this process are to be
discussed with the relevant J.D.O.

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6. MATCH TIME. Under 9’s to Under 14’s

In keeping with our Statement of Purpose, each player is to have a minimum of two quarters on the
field in each weekly game. Coaches are required to increase this to three quarters when ever
possible. Where possible, coaches should refrain from starting the same players on the bench each

During the U/9’s & U/10’s Round Robin “Fun Day” format, every player is to have time on the
ground during each match.

During ordinary finals matches, players are to have a minimum of one quarter of match time.
Coaches are expected to extend this minimum time wherever possible.

Under 15’s & 16’s
The coach of the Under 15’s &16’s side will try to give each player a minimum of two quarters
but the coach can at his or her discretion reduce the game time as he\ she sees that it will
benefit the team and the development of other team members.

6.5 Capping of team numbers.
In the event of one team having more than 25 players registered to play in one season the
executive committee will have the option to cap the side at a maximum of 28 players, players
who have registered and trained will take first preference in the list of 28 players. Any players
who fall outside the list of 28 players will have their fees refunded in full and the club will assist
in finding a club they can play for if required.


“Best on ground” vote cards are to be distributed prior to each game by the team manager. Two vote
cards are to be given to different parents each week and the third card is to be given to the coach or
member of the coaching staff.

Votes are to be awarded for “best on ground” performances, not an individual’s best game for the
season so far. The best player on the ground receives three votes, the second best – two votes and so
on. Vote cards are to be collected by the team manager at the end of each game, checked for correct
details and then sealed in the envelope supplied with the round and team details clearly printed on the
outside. Votes are to be returned to the Clubrooms on Sunday evening, before 6.30 pm, and handed to
the Secretary/President with team paperwork. The President will lock the votes away until vote
counting night. Votes are confidential and are not to be discussed with anyone apart from the coach
and only then when necessary.
No split votes can be awarded for a vote, for example a 1 vote can not be given as ½ votes to two
different players. If this occurs all votes on that card will be null and void.


This will be held generally on the first Tuesday following the conclusion of the home and away
season. All coaches and team managers must attend, as must the Officers of the club and the
Registrar. No one else is permitted in the clubrooms during counting. The results are confidential
and must not be discussed with anyone either in the room or elsewhere. Anyone doing so will be
ineligible to hold any official position within the club for the following two seasons. All votes will be
destroyed immediately following the count and the completed trophy list will be collected by the
President or Secretary and held until the trophies are ordered.


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Following round seven, coaches from the U/11’s to U/16’s teams will nominate up to three players
from their respective teams whom they believe will be possible candidates for Club Champion later
in the year. (Nominations will be made based on specific criteria, which will be available before
round seven.) The list of nominees will be circulated to members of the Club Champion Selection
Panel, so they may observe the players during match time, in the second half of the season.

On vote counting night, coaches must nominate a player from each team in the under 11's to under
16's age groups Club Champion. Under 11 to under 13 inclusive will be for the junior category and
14’s to 16’s for the Senior category.
Coaches will then be required to speak on behalf of each nominee to a Selection Panel, on the
following Sunday evening at the clubrooms.

Any coach who does not attend the nomination hearing will automatically rule his nominated player/s
as ineligible for the relevant award. Such action will also be taken into consideration when coaching
applications are considered for the following season.

The panel will be comprised of the President, the Junior Development Officer (younger age groups),
two life members of the club, appointed by the Executive for this purpose, and
another member of the committee not involved in coaching and who does have not a son as a
nominee. The result of this process is extremely confidential.

All nominees for Club Champion will receive a medallion.


The President, Secretary and/or Vice President will select the trophies. Each player for the club will
receive a trophy on Presentation Day. Each team will award the following trophies:



Prior to the season commencing each team will be provided with a cash float. The amounts will be as

        Up to & including under13’s               $ 120.00
        Under 14’s to under 16’s                  $ 150.00
These funds are to be used for oranges, cordial etc. for the team during the season.


Awards will be distributed to each team prior to the season starting. These awards, from club
sponsors, are to be distributed to players on game day. Coaches are not to withhold awards
because they feel the team played badly on a given day. Awards are to be given for individual efforts
and are to be distributed evenly throughout team members during the course of the season. We are
also obliged to our sponsors to ensure that their names are mentioned each week both when giving
out the awards and in the newsletter.
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Each week during football season one team will have duty week. The rostered teams will begin with
U/16’s for Round 1, U/15’s for Round 2 etc. This roster will continue to rotate until the conclusion of
the home & away games. Duty week includes the following responsibilities:

 Cleaning the club rooms on the Saturday
   Vacuuming the main room and upper change room
   Emptying and washing bins.
   Sweeping and mopping of all upstairs toilets, canteen and bar.
   Cleaning of all basins, toilet bowls, bench tops sinks etc
   Restocking of toilet roll and paper towel holders
   Cleaning of windows if necessary.
   Picking up rubbish around the outside of the rooms and on the oval.
   Sweeping the verandah and all pathways
   Thorough sweeping and cleaning of the umpires’ room and downstairs change room.
   Marking the ground on Saturday
   Canteen duty on Sunday night from 5-30pm
   Emptying of bins and picking up main rubbish at the conclusion of Sunday night.

Those teams, which reach the finals, will be responsible to ensure that a duty team continues each
week. This will be determined in conjunction with the Junior Vice President.

All cleaning products and equipment will be available in the store room, the key for which is
available from any of the Office Bearers and the canteen manager.

The last night of the year must come from either the Under16’s, Under15’s or the Under 14’s as it is
normally too late an evening to keep the junior kids at the club.


Each team manager is to have four people rostered for canteen duty for each home game, at
either Bruce Park or Baxter, and including Practice Matches where applicable. Two people are
required for each half of the game.

Those on canteen duty for the first half of each game are required in the canteen prior to the
conclusion of the preceding game, so those parents already in the canteen may join their team for the
post match address and award presentation.

Those parents rostered for the second half of the game should report to the canteen prior to half time.
All people working in the Canteen must be 15 years of age or over.


Bruce Park
The first team to play a home game on any given match day/night is to undertake the following
 Fit the goal post padding to all posts at both ends of the ground.
 Clear the ground of any potentially dangerous objects
 Erect the scoreboard
 Set up the siren and time clock on a table beside the main entrance to the club rooms
 Place bins out on the veranda

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The last team playing is to do the following:

 Remove goal post padding and place in the umpires rooms
 Put the scoreboard away in the top change rooms
 Pack up the siren and table

Baxter (if required)

Liaise with the canteen manager to determine what is required.

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Each team is required to submit a match report and newsletter report following each game played.
Both match reports may also be emailed after the game to the nominated Club email address or
alternatively the newsletter can be entered into the computer at the Clubrooms office by 6.30pm on
that Sunday night.
This must be completed no later than 10am on the Monday following your game, if not received your
team will not get the report into that weeks newsletter.

Newsletter reports are to be complete, including the final result, best players, goal kickers, specific
awards given including recipients and all other relevant information. Full names of all relevant
players are to be provided, not just first names or “nick names”.


All F&DJFL match day paperwork is to be collected by the Home Team manager. The Home Team
manager’s Club is then responsible for passing it on to the league. The Yellow Team sheet is to be
returned to the Clubrooms on Sunday evening for the registrars records, before 6.30 pm, along with
the votes for the game.


The President must be notified of the issue of all Red/Yellow cards by the respective coaches, on the
Sunday night following the conclusion of the round. These reports are to be made by 6.30pm.

Players who repeatedly have cards issued against them will be required to meet with a delegation of
the Committee of Management.


Individual teams are not permitted to carry out any type of fundraising without the express
permission of the Club Executive; this includes all raffles, auctions, sales, collections etc at Bruce
Park or other home venue as nominated by the Club. This includes either around the ground, use of
the clubrooms or any other method in any location or media which may lead to the belief that money
being raised are for the Club, or using the Club as a fundraising tool.


If “end of season” trips are organised by individual teams, such trips are made exclusive of any
responsibility on the Club. The insurance the club carries for players does not extend to trips away
and the club can therefore, not be linked to any such trips. The timing of trips away is not to clash
with the weekend on which Presentation Day is to be held.


It is preferred that Registration Fees are paid on registration day. If this is not possible, all fees are to
be paid before the first home and away game or the player will not be permitted to begin playing.
Registration fees are as follows:

        Single player (U/9’s to U/12’s) $140.00
        Single player (U/13’s & U/14’s) $150.00
        Single player (U/15’s & U/16’s) $160.00
        Family registration Discount of $20.00 per player applies after the second player.

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Registration fees are to be paid to the Registrar or Treasurer prior to Round One.

If fees are paid via a cheque and that cheque is dishonoured, the Bank’s returned cheque fee will be
added to the member fees’ payable. The Club will not accept any cost arising from a dishonoured

(Parents having difficulty paying fees prior to the season commencing must contact the Treasurer
to discuss their particular situation.)


New coaches may be subject to a background check conducted by the Victoria Police, on behalf of
the club. These checks will be submitted by and returned to the President, the results of which will
be kept confidential.
Coaches must also have Working with Children accreditation certificate, and produce a copy to the


The responsibility for the appointment of coaching staff for each team is that of the coach. The coach
is required to appoint the following people:

   Team Manager
   Runner
   Trainer
   Assistant Coach (Optional)
   Boundary Umpire (excluding U/9’s & U/10’s)
   Goal Umpire
   Time Keeper
   Marshall
   Field Umpire (U/9’s, U10’s & U/11’s only)

Those appointed to these positions, must be people who the coach honestly believes will carry out
their duties in a manner which will enhance the “Statement of Purpose” of the club and who will not
bring the name and reputation of the club into disrepute.

The coaching staff is directly responsible to the Junior Development Officers, and ultimately
responsible to the Committee of Management.


Frankston Rovers is committed to ensuring that wherever possible, any child who wishes to play
junior football with our club is given every opportunity to do so.

To ensure that where ever possible, a junior football player is not turned away from the club, solely
on the basis that there are already sufficient players in the particular age group for which the player
would otherwise be eligible.

This policy applies only where ALL of the following criteria are met:

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   The term “higher age group” means the age group immediately above the one for which the child
    should be eligible.

   In order to play in the higher age group, there must already be sufficient players in the age group
    for which the child should be eligible, so as to deem the child as not required.

   These numbers will be as follows:
                       Under 9’s to under 12’s…………..(25)
                       Under 13’s to under 16’s…………(25)

   In order for a player to play in the higher age group, there must be a shortage of numbers in that
    age group. The final decision on whether a player may “play up” will not be made until three
    weeks before round one.

   The player concerned must be deemed as possessing sufficient prerequisite skills, to be able to
    cope with the requirements and demands of the higher age group. These skills must be
    consistently demonstrated at training, prior to the commencement of the season.

   A player wishing to play up must complete an “Application to play in higher age group” form
    along with their registration form. The player will be notified 3 weeks prior to the start of the
    season on the outcome of their application.

   Exceptional circumstances may also be taken into account however these circumstances must be
    unique to the family and/or player concerned.

   Permission to play in the higher age group is granted for one season at a time and may change
    the following year, should the eligible age group be short of players.

Should any of the criteria not be met, then the child may not play in the higher age group.

The decision to play in the higher age group will not be made without consultation with the child’s
parents/guardians, the relevant coaches and the child. The club President will make the final decision.
No child will be forced or coerced to play in a higher age group.


In the situation where there is a shortage of players in a particular age group in any given week,
players from the age group immediately below may be required to make up sufficient numbers. This
can only be done if the player has already played in his own age group earlier that day and a request
has been made by the coach of the older team to the coach of the younger team.

Any player, who helps out an older age group in such a way, will have the additional game recorded
against his name for his tally of games played with the club.

25 B Player wishing to change from one team to another in the same age group.

Any player wishing to switch from team to team within the same age group will need to fill out
a transfer request form available from the club secretary and submit it to the executive
committee. Requests will only be considered during the period between registration day and
the commencement of the season.

While the committee will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable request, it may not always
be possible to do so.

In considering the transfer request, the committee will take into account:
- the reason/s for the request
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- the impact on team numbers
- the level at which the player is currently playing and the level of the team he\she wishes to
play in
- any other factor the committee feels is appropriate to consider in the circumstances

Note that League rules require that any transfer request must be submitted to the League
executive for consideration. If for any reason the committee cannot obtain League executive
approval, the committee will be unable to approve the transfer request.

26. MILESTONE AWARDS – 50, 100, & 150 GAMES.

All players, who achieve the milestone of playing 50,100 or 150 games with the club, will be
presented with a special award, which will be presented on Presentation Day. All players who reach
the 100 game milestone will have their name listed on the “100 Game Board” in the clubrooms at the
end of that season and prior to presentation day.


The Team Manager is the ONLY person permitted to approach a league umpire on any matter related
to a game played. Under no circumstances is a parent to approach an umpire, either before, during
or after a game. To do so may mean the club incurs a fine, the payment for which will be the
responsibility of the parent concerned. Refusal on the part of the parent to pay such a fine will result
in the parent’s membership being cancelled, as per the process set out in Section 8 of the constitution,
and may also result in the parent’s child’s registration being cancelled.


Players of a team that reaches the finals, and that team plays on beyond the first semi-final, will be
eligible for the award of “Best Player in a Finals Series.” Voting will be awarded by six people
watching the game and votes will be cast for the best six Rovers players on the ground in each final.
“Best” will receive 6 votes; “Second Best” – 5 votes etc. The vote cards will be collected by the team
manager and held until the team has finished its final’s campaign.

On the night of their last final, the votes will be counted publicly at the club rooms during the finals
celebration or wake, which ever the case may be. Winners of this award will receive a trophy on
Presentation Day.


The players of any team to reach a grand final will be provided with a pizza night back at the
clubrooms on the night of the grand final. This will be provided at the expense of the club, up to the
value of approximately $100.00.


Presentation day shall be held on the Sunday immediately following the Grand Final. All teams from
U9 to U15 are to attend to receive awards. Generally Presentation will start at 9:00am with each
team allocated 30mins for their presentation. A break will be held between 12:00 and 1:00pm.

Club Champion awards are presented at 5:00pm on Presentation day. No alcohol is to be consumed
until all awards have been presented.


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The U16 teams will be provided a Presentation dinner at the end of the season. Generally this will be
held on the Friday night prior to Presentation day. The venue will be selected by the Club in
consultation with the team/s.

Players, Coaching staff, Committee, Life Members and their partners will be guests of the Club for
the evening. Parents and friends will be required to pay.

Costs incurred by the Club for the Presentation dinner will be borne by the U16 sponsorship. The
U16 sponsor shall preferably come from within the team, if this is not possible then a long term Club
sponsor should be approached and offered the sponsorship. This sponsorship covers the Presentation
dinner and provision of a Club training jacket with the sponsors name embroided on the back for
every registered player in the team and the coaching staff and a training bag.

It shall be the Club and teams responsibility to source a sponsor each year. Any decision on
accepting a sponsor will be made by the Committee in consultation with the sponsorship coordinator.
If sponsorship cannot be found to cover the cost of the Presentation dinner, all attendees will be
required to pay. The Club must not be made financially liable for a Presentation dinner.

No team other than the U16’s may source or undertake a sponsor without the approval from
the executive committee..

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The President is responsible for co-ordinating sponsorship for the club each season. This
responsibility may be shared with or delegated to others, namely the sponsorship coordinator
following discussion with the President.

No team is to accept individual team sponsorship without prior discussion with and approval of the
Committee of Management.


Club pennants are to be hung in the Clubrooms during football season.


Frankston Rovers has a no smoking policy within the clubrooms. All smokers are asked to do so


The club’s liquor license prohibits the consumption of alcohol by members outside the clubrooms.


The tenancy agreement between Frankston Rovers and the Frankston City Council prohibits the
hiring the clubrooms for private functions.

37 Under 16’s playing up in Colts

The policy of the club from 2008 and onwards is that no player be given a permit to play up in
another division (colts) unless signed off by the executive committee.
This new policy is to make sure that the Under 16’s teams and competition is not compromised at all
by any outside club.

38 Committee – Coach &Team Managers

The Coach and team managers will form part of the general committee.


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