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					California’s Electronic Waste
           Recycling Program
              SB 20/50: An Overview of
            Collector & Recycler System

                      CIWMB E-waste Group
E-Waste Recycling Program
Material & Cash Flow
                       NEW item
                                                                   Remits fee
 Consumer              Fee paid                Retailer            (Quarterly)
                      at purchase

                                                                              Deposits fee

                                                     E-Waste Account

                                       Program              Permitting            Fee Collection
                                    Implementation         + Inspections


           Recycling payment   Payment
               (48¢/lb)         Claim

                      Recyclers              Recovery payment
                                                 (20¢/lb)                                          $$

  USED item recycled as “E-Waste”
   Distribution of recovery and recycling payments to
    qualified (approved) entities to cover the cost of
    collection and recycling.

   Eligible activities began January 1, 2005.

   Only properly documented covered electronic wastes
    (CEW’s) collected from CA sources after start date are
    eligible for payment.

   Payments are limited to recycling (cancellation)
    activities that occur in-state.
  California Source
“California Sources” of CEWs are consumers, as
    defined in Section 42463 (d) of the Public
    Resources Code, located in California who
    generate CEWs after their own use of the CEW.
    California sources may include, but are not
    limited to the business sector, residential sector,
    local government, state government, schools
    and other institutions within the borders of
    California. Entities who take, further handle,
    consolidate, store, or otherwise deal with
    discarded, donated or collected CEWs are not
    California consumers, or California sources.
                                   (14 CCR 18660.5(a)(11))
   Collectors and recyclers must offer a “cost-free and
    convenient” collection opportunity as a condition of

   Initial combined recycling payment rate is $.48 per
    pound of material cancelled (includes $.20 per pound
    recovery payment which must be passed on to
    Approved Collector).

   CIWMB may revise the payment amount every two
    years if necessary.
Responsibilities Under The Act -
Approved Collectors
An Approved Collector is entitled to receive $.20 per pound
     for CEWs transferred to an Approved Recycler if the

     Tracks sources of CEWs and only transfers CEWs
      generated from CA sources for payment.

     Submits required collection documentation to approved

     Establishes a cost-free opportunity for the collection of
Responsibilities Under The Act -
Approved Recycler
An Approved Recycler may claim $.48 per pound of CEWs
     cancelled in a manner approved by the State if the

     Is inspected by DTSC and be found to be in
      conformance with all applicable laws, and is accessible
      during normal business hours for unannounced
      inspections or audits by state or local agencies.

     Only submits claims for eligible CEWs, including
      supporting documentation, to CIWMB as specified in
      regulation. (CEWs that are reused are not eligible for
      recycling payment claim.)

     Makes recovery payments ($.20 per pound) to
      Approved Collectors within 60 days of the date of
      transfer of CEWs.
Useful Forms
   Application for Approval
   Collection Log
   Transfer Receipt
   Payment Claim
   Claim Worksheets
   Posted at:
Claim Organization
   Provide a table of contents
   Organize the package logically
   Ensure that collection logs and all other
    supporting documentation are clear
    and comprehensive
   When in doubt, provide extra
Common Claim Challenges
   Documentation is illegible (logs, weight
    tickets, receipts)
   Collector/Recycler relationship unclear
   Signatures on claim or supporting
    documentation are not that of a person(s)
    with designated signature authority (Section
   Confusion regarding what constitutes a
    Reporting Period
Common Claim Challenges        (cont.)

Ineligible Material Claimed
  Accumulated prior to Jan 1, 2005
  Received from undocumented
  Exempted equipment (PRC
   42463(f)(2)) included
Common Claim Challenges                (cont.)

Source Documentation
  Collection logs are missing or deficient.
  Collection activities details are missing
  Materials received from other handlers
   lacks source documentation.
  Confusion regarding Local Government
   provision and/or unclear Agent
Common Claim Challenges      (cont.)

Transfer Documentation
  Transfer receipts missing or
  Descriptions of discrepancies
  Recovery payment documentation
Common Claim Challenges                     (cont.)

Processing Documentation
   Record of definitive cancellation (weight,
    date, method) (18660.21(l)(3))
   Processing Log (description of cancellation
    activities including the types of cancellation
    methods used, and the time periods in which
    each cancellation occurred) often not included
   Manufacturers names, model numbers, serial
    numbers and weights for non-CRT-containing
    CEWs missing (18660.25(e)(4))
Common Claim Challenges                     (cont.)

Disposition Documentation
   Missing or incomplete shipping documents for
    glass and residuals
   Missing receipts from the end use destination
    and no description of the ultimate disposition
    of the glass cullet or bare CRTs
    demonstrating that the disposition is not
    disposal to land, water, or air (18660.23(g)
    or 18660.24(g))
   A quantification and description of the
    disposition of treatment residuals

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