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                                  PRESS RELEASE

October 28, 2011


Bridgewater State University-Last night, Thursday, October 27th, investigators assigned
to the WEB Major Crimes and Drug Task Force executed search warrants related to an
on-going drug distribution investigation involving several Bridgewater State University
students. For the past month or more, WEB detectives, led by Bridgewater State
University Police Detective Sergeant Mark Russell, have been monitoring alleged drug
sales both on and off the campus of Bridgewater State University, originating from an
apartment building located on Perkins Street in the town of Bridgewater.

On Thursday night, WEB detectives, assisted by BSU Police and Bridgewater Police
patrol officers, stopped a vehicle on Burrill Ave operated by Mr. Patrick McGirr, age 20,
a registered BSU student from East Longmeadow, MA who lives off-campus at #11
Perkins Street, Bridgewater. WEB Detective Sergeant Russell had previously obtained a
search warrant for Mr. McGirr’s black, 1998 Toyota Camry sedan related to the on-going
drug distribution investigation. Upon stopping Mr. McGirr in his vehicle in close
proximity to the Moakley Center building on Burrill Avenue at the university, detectives
located approximately 1 ounce of marijuana and more than 10 Oxycodone pills. The pills
were stored inside a false, hidden compartment of what appeared to be a soda can.

Mr. McGirr was arrested by BSU Police and transported from Burrill Ave to the
Bridgewater State University Police Station. Immediately after arresting Mr. McGirr,
WEB investigators and Bridgewater Police executed a second search warrant at Mr.
McGirr’s nearby Bridgewater apartment, located at #11 Perkins Street in town. Upon
executing the search warrant, WEB investigators located and identified two other
residents of the apartment, Mr. Tyler Trainor, age 21, from Saugus, MA, who is also a
BSU student and a resident of #11 Perkins Street and Mr. Eric Eldred, age 21, from
Metheun, MA, also a BSU student and resident of #11 Perkins Street.

Detectives searched McGirr, Trainor and Eldred’s apartment. During said search
approximately 2 ounces of cocaine (street value in excess of $5,000.00), in excess of 100
Oxycodone tablets (Percocet 30 mg pills, street value in excess of $3,000.00), and
approximately 2 pounds of marijuana (street value in excess of $9,000.00) were seized
from Mr. McGirr’s bedroom and two other bedrooms located inside the first floor
apartment. Approximately $7,000.00 in cash was seized as alleged proceeds of drug
sales from Mr. McGirr’s belongings.
In addition, detectives located plastic bags, a heat sealer, a digital scale and other items
utilized to store and/or distribute for sale, quantities of cocaine, Oxycodone and/or
marijuana. Numerous cellular phones were seized from said location as well. The largest
quantities of drugs were located inside Mr. McGirr’s bedroom closet. Other smaller
quantities of marijuana, Oxycodone and/or cocaine, in addition to other drug distribution
related evidentiary items were seized from the other bedrooms as well.

While executing the search of the apartment, a fourth roommate, Mr Bradley Head, age
21, from Ashby, MA, a BSU student and #11 Perkins Street resident, arrived at the

All 3 of Mr. McGirr’s roommates were arrested for drug distribution related offenses and
transported to the Bridgewater Police Station.

Mr. McGirr was charged with the following offenses:
   1. Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws
   2. Drug Violation near a School Zone (The Burnell Children’s Learning Center, on
      the campus of BSU, Room #135 Burnell Hall)
   3. Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drug (Oxycodone)
   4. Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D Drug (Marijuana)
   5. Trafficking Class B Drugs (Oxycodone and Cocaine)

Mr. Trainor was charged with;
   1. Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws

Mr. Eldred was charged with;
   1. Possession of a Class B Drug (Cocaine)
   2. Possession of a Class B Drug (Oxycodone)
   3. Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws

Mr. Bradley Head was charged with;
   1. Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws
   2. Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drug (Oxycodone)
   3. Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D Drug (Marijuana)

Mr. McGirr’s cash and 1998 Toyota Camry were seized as alleged proceeds and/or
utilized to facilitate drug sales and forfeiture procedures have been initiated with the
Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. McGirr was held overnight at the
House of Correction in Plymouth on NO Bail. Mr. Trainor, Mr. Eldred and Mr. Bradley
were released on $140.00 cash bail. All four individuals will be arraigned Friday
morning at Brockton District Court.

This case was another example of the results that positive, proactive drug distribution
investigations produce from the collaborative efforts of the WEB Major Crimes and Drug
Task Force, which is made up of detectives from West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater,
Whitman, Bridgewater and Bridgewater State University. The WEB Task Force has been
in existence since 1999. Bridgewater State University Police came aboard the WEB Task
Force within the past year, signifying the commitment that BSU Police Chief David
Tillinghast and his staff have toward taking a proactive approach in identifying and
targeting individuals involved in the sale and/or use of controlled substances in and
around the campus of Bridgewater State University.

The combination in this case of the seizure of quantities of marijuana with large
quantities of cocaine and Oxycodone, indicates the relationship these drugs have with one
another for those that use and/or sell these drugs in combination with one another. WEB
detectives often see Oxycodone and/or Cocaine go hand and hand with marijuana, which
goes contrary to the recent changes in the law that no longer makes it unlawful to possess
less than one ounce of marijuana in Massachusetts. Oxycodone and heroin use continue
to plague WEB investigators and area police departments with daily crimes at epidemic

This investigation shows that the Bridgewater and Bridgewater State University Police, in
cooperation with the WEB Task Force are committed to identifying and prosecuting any
individual involved in the sales of narcotics in and around the campus. Bridgewater
Police Officer Matthew Lynch, the newest WEB Task Force officer, assisted Detective
Sergeant Russell greatly in the investigation, in addition to the other 8 WEB Task Force
detectives, along with BSU Patrol Officer Robert McEvoy.

WEB Task Force Press Information Officer, Sgt Detective Scott Allen, 508-378-1641 or

The WEB Task Force is a collaborative investigative unit made up of investigators from
the West Bridgewater, Whitman, East Bridgewater, Bridgewater and Bridgewater State
University Police Departments.

All Defendants are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

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