Vectors vs. Raster by ewghwehws


									Vector vs. Raster
Fundamental difference between
   Illustrator and Photoshop
   The fundamental difference between
    Illustrator and Photoshop is the use of
    Vectors to define a graphic.
   This is the heart of how Illustrator works.
Vector vs. Raster

   VECTOR - Illustrator   RASTER - Photoshop
Vectors vs. Rasters
   Images look pretty much the same until you
    zoom in on the image
   In Photoshop pixels define the shape of the
   In Illustrator lines define the shape
Scale the Image
   In Photoshop – If you scale an image down
    and then zoom in - the image is almost
    indistinguishable … why?
    Because Photoshop has to create pixels
    and try to figure out what it should look like
   You end up with nothing much better than
    an icon
Resizing a Raster image

    Reduced to 10 %

     Then enlarged 800%
Resizing a Vector image

    Reduced to 10 %

     Then enlarged 800%
How does this all work?
   Paths make up shapes in Vector images
   Vector objects have a bounding box …
       Defined by points
       Illustrator “connects the dots” - makes up paths
        that defines the shapes … Segments + Points =
Example of paths

  Paths with no fill or stroke   Same path with a fill in stroke
How does this all work?
   If you take away the stroke and the fill, the
    Path – defining area of the shape – is still
   You can resize an image, larger or smaller
    and Illustrator figures out the best look for
    what goes on the inside of the path … the
   It gets filled up with paint, textures,
    patterns, strokes etc.
A popular Vector Image

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