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									                   Idea Management Software for Public Agencies to Achieve Greater Transparency

Wikipedia defines government agency as “a permanent or semi-permanent organization in the machinery of
government that is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific functions.” Government agency has the
toughest job in the world and that is working for the people. Unlike private companies whose objective is to make profit,
the purpose behind the existence of government agencies is not to make profit but to achieve the most difficult task of
all and that is customer satisfaction.

Government agencies have to utilize the money contributed by the people in the form of taxes for the welfare of the
same people. Since the taxpayers’ money is used for the entire agency’s operations, the efficiency and productivity of
government agencies are of great importance to common people. Hence, their operations and activities are closely
monitored and any carelessness and negligence on their part are seriously dealt with. That is why compared to the
private sector, government agencies or public agencies often come under fire for being slow and inefficient. The
following factors are largely responsible for this criticism.

        Lack of transparency in activities undertaken by its departments or staff members
        Duplication of effort
        Wastage of funds and resources in keeping records of various steps undertaken by each department/staff

The solution for this problem is not only cross-department collaboration but also collaboration among people. Only
when people and departments collaborate along with the people and external agencies, government agencies can
overcome its flaws. This is possible only with crowdsourcing software that helps government agencies to achieve better
transparency, viable solutions, and faster updates. The crowdsourcing software is actually idea management software
that seamlessly enable

        People (employees, partners, vendors, customers and the public) involvement in ideation and innovation
        Collective Intelligence
        Collaboration across strata to support a common cause
        Free flowing feedbacks, suggestions and recommendations for betterment of products, services and processes

The crowdsourcing software give government agencies the right platform to bring all concerned parties together and
encourage them to look collectively for a solution that is acceptable to all. It increases interaction with people and
among staff members across departments thereby helping government agencies to access a collective pool of smart
brains that may give insight into dealing with various pain points or simply improving time-consuming processes.

With the ideation software, government agencies can easily achieve transparency in workflow, monitor progress, and
address grievances of the people.

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