Job Title: Head Cashier

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					Job Title: Head Cashier

Job Summary

The Head Cashier is responsible for all aspects of the customer payment process in the form of cash,
cheques, or debit/credit card transactions for goods or services purchased/rendered and assists
customers with various questions typically related to the payment or item(s) purchased. This position
oversees the staffing, workflow of the unit, balances cash drawers of cashiers in the unit, and provides
excellence in customer service.


The essential duties of the Head Cashier are comparable to those of Cashier. In addition to the normal
duties of the Cashier, this position will assume the following duties specific to the Head Cashier role:

    •    Staff, monitor and oversee the work of the team on a day-to-day basis.
    •    Assign the workload to the team on a daily basis and make decisions on various daily workload
    •    Handle more complex customer problems and inquiries.
    •    Provide on-the-job training to cashiers
    •    Monitor store front-end operations
    •    Resolve daily team conflicts or simple disciplinary actions. Any reoccurring or progressive
         disciplinary actions are to be brought to the attention of the COO.
    •    Responds to complex customer inquiries and customer issues which have been escalated.
    •    Balance cashiers at the end of the shift, make adjustments as needed, and prepare the bank
    •    Performs general cashiering duties as needed.
    •    Prepares payment vouchers, receipts, deposit slips, and related documents which record cash
    •    Ensures register/counter areas are neat and stocked with necessary supplies.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

    •    High school diploma
    •    Minimum of 2 years work experience in a position handling cash and other forms of payment.
    •    Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing,
         percentages and knowledge of weights and measures.
    •    Read, write and communicate using English language sufficient to perform job functions.
    •    Excellent customer service skills and a pleasant personality. Customer service skills and a
         positive attitude are essential to a head cashier because they constantly interact with customers
         and other employees/volunteers.
    •   Demonstrate leadership skills and be comfortable with leading by example.
    •   Ability to process merchandise information through store POS register system and complete all
        required paperwork according to policy.

Special Working Conditions

This position may require standing for extended periods of time.

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