FAQ for 100Mbps Samsung GT-B3740 4G LTE Modem

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					         FAQ for 100Mbps Samsung GT-B3740 4G LTE Modem


As the improvement of mobile technology, more 4G LTE mobile devices

start to pour into people’s life. In 2012, Samsung GT-B3740 is known as a

wireless4g LTE modem which supports up to 100Mbps download speed

and 50Mbps upload speed, and it is reported that download a piece of

HD movie with Samsung GT-B3740 under the LTE network of 100Mbps

only cost 5 minutes. In the meantime, this Unlocked Samsung GT-B3740

works with 4G LTE band 800Mbps, which is available to most operators

such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, etc. in most cases, it is mainly available

to most EU countries where they have LTE network. So with this fast 4g

LTE modem Vodafone, you can watch movies, play games, check emails,

read e-Book, which is extremely fast and stable.
Following are some frequently asked questions from users who want to

get clear and correct answers. So we collected them from user manual

and real practice from Unlocked Vodafone GT-B3740.

Will my Unlocked Samsung GT-B3740 modem works without a SIM


No. The use of the 4G LTE modem requires a SIM card.

If I have another different kind of SIM card, does it can be used in the

4g LTE modem?

No. The modem works only with the information provided by your

service provider SIM card. Other SIM cards do not work.

Why is my 4G connection of Vodafone GT-B3740 slow in spite of the

use of 4G?

4G is a shared data network. Your connection may be slower when

multiple users simultaneously access the same area on the 4G service.

What should I do if my Samsung GT-B3740 4G LTE modem loses the

connection to the Internet?

You can take the following measures

Remove the 4G LTE modem and plug it again.

Try another USB interface on your computer with Vodafone GT-B3740.
Is Vodafone GT-B3740 compatible with my latest operating systems?

The 4g LTE modem of Samsung GT-B3740 is compatible with Windows

XP SP3, SP2, Vista, Windows 7 and the latest Mac 10.5 and 10.6


The program has disappeared during use.

You have the program may inadvertently reduced or closed. If you can

see this 4G LTE modem in your taskbar, the connection Manager icon,

double-click the icon to display the program again. Start the program

again or else.

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