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COOS BAY, OREGON                                                  OCTOBER 13, 2003


The Board of Directors of Coos Bay Public Schools met on October 13, 2003 in the
Coos Bay City Council Chambers, 500 Central, Coos Bay, Oregon, in regular session.
Chairman Caddy McKeown called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. Guests joined the
Board in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board members present:           Tom Bennett                Richard Sebesta
                                 Don Blom                   Charlie Sharps
                                 Wally Hazen                Sue Walberg
                                 Caddy McKeown

Board members absent:            None

Others present included: Superintendent Jeremy Lyon, Attorney David Dorsey, Rod
Danielson, Duella Scott-Hull, Karen Gray, Tim Enright, Ben Hammer, Mary Bjornerud,
Arnie Roblan, Mike Hughes, Travis Howard, Gina Sutherland, Nancy Tedder, Nancy
Zeck, Arlene Roblan, Jennifer Brink, Lynda Sanders, George Tinker, Adam Drew, Stan
Sweet, Ross Lorenzo, Greg Stambaugh, Teri Harris Jones, Karen Scott, Taylor Scott,
Kathy Walker, Jim Walker, Alex Walker, Joe Slack, Vicki Goodrich, Pete Stys, and
David Bennett.


Tom Bennett moved, Charlie Sharps seconded, and the Board unanimously approved
the items on the Consent Agenda with one correction to the September 8, 2003
Regular Board Meeting Minutes.

     Minutes of the September 8, 2003 Board Executive Session.
     Minutes of the September 8, 2003 Regular Board.
     The hiring of Wendy Farrell as Speech Pathologist for Millicoma Intermediate
     Memorandums of Agreements with the CBEA employees, OSEA employees,
      Administrative group, and Confidential staff as negotiated.


Mike Hughes talked about the new teaming concept at Sunset Middle School. He
thanked Dr. Lyon, Travis Howard, and parent Kathi Walker who heads up the MVP
(Most Visible Parent) organization at Sunset, as well as the team leaders for all their
efforts. Stan Sweet talked about the teaming process concept. There are four core
teams plus a team of elective and special education teachers. Students stay with same
October 13, 2003
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core teachers throughout the day, which allows a greater level of consistency. Adam
Drew talked about how the teaming is working in the school. One of the big advantages
of teaming is the ability of the teachers to collaborate and open the instruction arena.
Creativity has been amazing, and things are going very smoothly, building up academic
excellence in the students. Two students – Alex Walker and Taylor Scott – shared their
experiences with the new team concept. Students are doing well in the new


No one made public comments to the Board this evening.


     Board Member Activity/Committee Reports:

      Wally Hazen reported the negotiations sub-committee had met and finished
      negotiations with classified and certified staff. He and Don participated in the
      regional OSBA meeting October 9.

      Sue Walberg had taken part in meetings at Destinations and CE2 this month.
      She said lots is going on at the Harding Building.

      Richard Sebesta met with Ben Hammer and finished the facilities tour. He was
      involved with the classified negotiations. Dr. Sebesta encouraged others to take
      part in the SMART program at one of the schools. He will be a SMART reader at
      Blossom Gulch this year.

      Caddy McKeown was also involved in negotiations; significant time is involved in
      this process.

      Charlie Sharps reported he had toured the kitchens at Blossom Gulch and at
      Sunset and visited with teachers and former friends there. He also toured the
      newly remodeled administration building and was impressed with the outcome.
      Dr. Sharps also saw and visited with some teachers at Bunker Hill.

      Don Blom reported on the OSBA regional workshop Wally and he attended.
      They listed to legislators Messerly, Verger, and Krieger, who talked about their
      roles in developing the State budget – a very difficult process. Don said there is
      a huge concern regarding the possibility of a taxpayer initiative that may be on
      the ballot, which would affect schools significantly. Don has also been attending
      the Resource Link advisory group where they are currently working on bylaws.
      Along with his wife Renee, he participates in a reading mentor program at
      Bunker Hill. They’ve been volunteering for over five years now as mentors.
October 13, 2003
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     Tom Bennett said he enjoys seeing Marshfield High School graduates at
     Southwestern during his regular work there.

    OSBA Oregon Values & Beliefs Workshop: The Board was reminded of this
     October 22 workshop sponsored by OSBA and encouraged to attend.

    OSBA Annual Convention: Dr. Lyon was pleased to announce we will have a full
     contingency represented at the OSBA Annual Convention November 14-16.
     Wally encouraged everyone to attend the Saturday general meeting where
     participants will vote for new Board members. He is running for the “at-large”
     position on the OSBA Board.


    CBEA Business: CBEA President Lynda Sanders thanked Duella Scott-Hull for
     the support by sending people to conferences and stretching the money as far
     as possible. She said the teachers are experiencing growing pains and
     frustrations with the new student database. She thanked the district for providing
     extra time for teachers to come in and work on it. Dr. Lyon added his
     appreciation to Lynda for her leadership along those lines and for helping the
     district get through the turbulence with the new system. Lynda announced that
     George Tinker had been recognized by OSTA as the outstanding high school
     science teacher in Region 3, which includes Lane, Douglas, and Coos Counties.
     He was nominated by one of the previous OSTA board members. George
     Tinker said he took inspiration from Bill Lansing, adopting a different “me” and
     handling science class more like a business – he is the CEO, and the students
     are the workers. He handed out information about the Pirate Water Service to
     test rural springs or wells for human consumption. This program gives project-
     based learning through an application in the real world.

    OSEA Business: OSEA President Greg Stambaugh also acknowledged the
     openness and time Dr. Lyon has extended to him as new president of OSEA.

     Ross Lorenzo thanked the Board for 24 years of providing him a very good place
     to work. He said he is proud of the work the maintenance department has
     provided over the years. Ross thanked the Board for approving his leave of
     absence. Although he has no intension of coming back, he said, if needed, he
     would be delighted to come back. Ross said he appreciates the friendships
     throughout the district and reminded everyone we need to be mindful of how
     good these relationships are and how they got there. He said, “Treasure these
     friendships. It is very important for all employees to have a good relationship
     with the district. Ross will handle 11 different OSEA chapters as field
     representative. Ross closed by saying he very much appreciates the support
     Caddy and Jeremy gave him in his efforts to gain this position.
October 13, 2003
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     Caddy said “OSEA’s gain is our loss” and expressed gratitude for the leadership
     role Ross has played. On behalf of the Board, she presented him with a plaque
     expressing appreciation and depicting the respect and esteem the Board has felt
     for him.

    MHS Activities Report: David Bennett reported on Marshfield’s recent activities
     and events – homecoming week was filled with lots of school spirit and fun;
     Sarah Ragle was named Homecoming Queen. David talked about competition
     and the standings for volleyball, football, soccer, cross-country, band, forensics,

    Madison 50th Anniversary Celebration: Madison Principal Arlene Roblan talked
     excitedly about the celebration. Former teachers and administrators, including
     some out of the area, and current teachers and administrators enjoyed the
     celebration. The Young Bucks sang songs from the 50’s and Dan Gibbs, who
     went to Madison, sang for the celebration. Everyone had a great time, and it
     was a nice landmark.


    Adopt 2003-04 Board Goals: There was Board discussion about bringing
     students and student performance into the technology goal. Duella suggested
     adding a comment to Goal 3, “support the student learning goals adopted in the
     district technology plan.”

     Tom Bennett moved the Board adopt their 2003-04 Goals with the addition of
     Duella’s comment as a fourth bullet under Goal 3. Charlie Sharps seconded the
     motion. Dr. Lyon commented that Sue had expressed some concern about
     using the word “cadre” in their goals, referring to its military definition. In
     education, however, it means a group trained to train others. With the current
     military situation overseas, Sue said she would prefer to use other terminology.
     Dr. Lyon suggested they might replace that term in the Board goals. Instead of
     “assessment cadre members,” they could say “assessment team members.”
     Tom changed his motion and Charlie changed the second to adopt the 2003-04
     Board Goals as amended and corrected. A voted was taken, and the motion
     passed unanimously.

    Proclaim American Education Week: Caddy McKeown read the Proclamation
     stating that public schools are the backbone of our democracy and how they
     equip young Americans for the future. Citizens were urged to reaffirm their
     commitment to public schools. Wally Hazen made a motion the Board adopt the
     Proclamation. Sue Walberg seconded the motion, and the Board unanimously
     proclaimed November 17-21, 2003 as the 82nd annual observance of American
     Education Week. Caddy reminded everyone this is an important document, and
     that too often we are tied up in the minutia of what we do. We cannot forget our
October 13, 2003
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     goal – to support our children in the educational process, which, in the greater
     picture is democracy.

    Resolution 2004-07:      Charlie Sharps moved adopt Resolution 2004-07,
     designating depositories and custodians to various district accounts. Don Blom
     seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


    Business Manager Rod Danielson asked Tim Watson-Williams to discuss the
     summer feeding program. Tim handed out a quarterly update on their food
     services. The free summer feeding program served 810 children at Blossom
     Gulch and 3,059 meals at Madison. This was done without infringing on the
     budget at all. Tim said he was also pleased to share that September’s
     participation numbers during the regular year was up about 17%. They now
     have a new program that allows for families to pay for services on-line. They
     have also been able to do some facelift improvements at Marshfield and at
     Sunset. Rod thanked Tim for his work getting the summer feeding program
     going again this year.

     Rod provided a brief three-year financial review covering 2000-01, 2001-02, and
     2002-03 and compared it to the year of turmoil we are in. He said many creative
     things are going on to make it through the year.

     The 2002-03 year ended up with a negative revenue balance of over $408,000.
     However the legislature passed a new law that allowed districts to “borrow” from
     the July payment to balance the last fiscal year. The cash balance will come
     back up to about $300-350,000 as planned.

     Overall, revenues were about $2 million less than budgeted due to the Oregon
     economy. The State portion of the revenue came in $3.3 MM less than
     projected. In expenditures, all areas saw significant savings totaling $1.6MM.
     Personnel costs were under by $735,000 mainly due to negotiated savings with
     employee groups.        Supplies were over $300,000 under budget because
     everyone realized problem and cut back as much as possible. Also, we did no
     short-term borrowing, which saved another $112,000 or so. Rod said auditors
     will be starting their annual audit the second week in November, which is later
     than normal.

     The Food Services Fund had a very good year last year, ending with a $145,976
     positive balance. Much of the savings came from consolidating facilities and
     resources in the kitchens. The Debt Service Fund, which is used for paying off
     the 1999 bond, had a balance of $107,098. This is the 4 th year of that 8-year
     debt. The next payment is due early December – just before we receive a tax
     payment. The Capital Projects Fund, mostly made from the sale of property to
October 13, 2003
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     Wal-Mart, had little activity. The balance in that fund is $197,259. The GOB
     Series funds are used for approved projects. We completed the Blossom Gulch
     playground and ADA projects at Marshfield, leaving a balance of $888,229.
     There is one more big project to cover – a major re-roofing project at Blossom
     Gulch. Other than that, only small projects remain to be done. Tom asked what
     happens with any remaining funds, and Rod said the district can pay off
     outstanding debt, possibly retiring the bond early.

     Going into next fiscal year, Rod talked about the possible initiative to repeal the
     $545MM surtax that the legislature approved. If that passes, it would mean a hit
     to us of about $2.9 million – not this year, but next year. Factoring in cost of
     living increases and declining enrollment could mean another $1 million.

     Rod referred to Board Goal 2, developing funding priorities. The Board has
     committed to “utilize the district budget committee to examine innovative
     strategies to deliver high-quality instructional programs within a limited budget.”
     Rod said we need to bring the budget committee into the process very early,
     possibly December or January, to talk with them about the initiative and what
     impact it may have and to start developing priorities, etc. The deadline to come
     up with ballot signatures is November 25. Dr. Lyon said it would be wise to start
     talking early for two reasons. One, it would help the district get a jump on the
     next year’s issues relative to class size, defining base-line programs, etc.,
     regardless of the funding levels. And two, we would like to use budget
     committee as a forum to raise community level awareness as to what’s at stake
     regarding the possible ballot measure. Tom recommended setting a date early
     in December due to the holidays.

    Special Programs Director Karen Gray referred to the extensive packet of special
     education policies and procedures. She said the Department of Education
     rewrites policies to reflect federal law, nuances in IDEA, etc. We are required to
     submit our policies to them to prove we are in compliance. Major changes have
     been made in the Initial placement and area of eligibility. These will be
     submitted for second reading and approval; at the November Board meeting,
     and then Karen will submit them to ODE.

    IT Manager Tim Enright provided a summary of progress and situations over the
     last 8-12 months relative to the new Electronic Student Information System
     (eSIS). He provided a handout the described the process, the plan to get back
     on course, and what lies ahead. Tremendous effort has been placed on
     processing backlogged paperwork, training of users, and upgrading older
     workstations. Caddy commented on the positive way that everyone came
     together to solve problems when gliches arose and thanked everyone for their
     hard work. Superintendent Jeremy Lyon added an important note about eSIS –
     it is a nationwide movement that school districts are adopting student information
     systems of all kinds. We are marrying ourselves to these technology systems
October 13, 2003
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      and everything we do is dependent upon them. We need to manage this so we
      don’t become slaves of it but that it functions for us.

     Dr. Lyon presented his 2003-04 Superintendent Goals. He asked for feedback,
      especially relevant to the measurability of the goals. They were written to
      correlate with the Board goals. These will be presented again in November with
      any needed changed.


Chairman Caddy McKeown read a letter from the National Forensic League informing
Debbie Larsen and Scott Peters that Marshfield’s NFL Chapter has been awarded the
“Leading Chapter Award” in the South Oregon District. She congratulated them on
receiving this award and on their great forensics program.

Caddy reminded the Board to read other communications and Site Council minutes
included in their packets. Don Blom commented on the monthly update on early
release professional development days and thanked Duella for keeping the Board
informing on professional development days.


Chairman McKeown adjourned the meeting at 8:37 p.m.

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Catherine McKeown                            Mary Bjornerud
Board Chairman                               Board Secretary

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