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     SOL Review Quiz: Colonies and Independence
1. The main exports from colonial New England           7. Which of the following people was well-
were                                                    respected, both in Europe and in America, as a
       a. fish and timber                               statesman and a scientist?
       b. cotton and tobacco                                   a. George Washington
       c. sugar and tobacco                                    b. Samuel Adams
       d. molasses and cotton                                  c. Benjamin Franklin
                                                               d. Alexander Hamilton
2. Which of the following was the FIRST "cash
crop" of the English colonies?                          8. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the frontier
       a. tobacco                                       for the British colonies of North America could
       b. indigo                                        usually be found at the
       c. rice
       d. cotton                                               a. edge of the Atlantic Ocean
                                                               b. Appalachian Mountains
3. John Rolfe                                                  c. continental divide
        a. introduced automated cloth-making to                d. borderline where French and Spanish
        New England                                            territories began
        b. was a ship designer who built the original
        Yankee Clipper                                  9. Who is given credit for writing the Declaration
        c. halted a Spanish invasion from Florida       of Independence?
        d. developed the commercial growing of                 a. John Adams
        tobacco                                                b. Thomas Jefferson
                                                               c. James Madison
4. The House of Burgesses is historically significant          d. Benjamin Franklin
because it was the
       a. first colonist-controlled legislature         10. Which idea is NOT included in the Declaration
       b. site where several Salem women were           of Independence?
       found guilty of witchcraft                              a. governments are created to protect
       c. first democratic government in the world             people's rights
       d. first meeting house of the Society of                b. each person has certain unalienable rights
       Friends (Quakers)                                       c. people have the right to alter or abolish
                                                               corrupt government
5. What name was given to those who, in exchange               d. all people are entitled to political equality
for passage to America, agreed to work without
wages for a certain number of years?                    11. In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson
        a. serfs                                        and the Congress listed grievances against George
        b. tenant farmers                               III and the British government. Which of the
        c. patrons                                      following was one of these grievances?
        d. indentured servants                                   a. The British established a system of
6. William Penn                                                  b. The British forced colonists into a system
        a. organized a colony to help debtors                    of indentured servitude.
        b. organized the first Quaker colony                     c. The British cut off colonial trade with all
        c. was a leader in the Rhode Island Colony               parts of the world.
        d. was king of England when Pennsylvania                 d. The British denied colonists freedom of
        was founded                                              religion.
                                                     18. The person MOST responsible for turning the
12. America's national government between 1776       Continental Army into a well-disciplined military
and 1781 was the                                     was
       a. Second Continental Congress                       a. George Washington
       b. Albany Plan of Union                              b. Baron von Steuben
       c. Articles of Confederation                         c. Horatio Gates
       d. federal government established by the             d. Marquis de Lafayette
          Constitutional Convention
                                                     19. Daniel Shays was a champion of many
13. The last battle of the Revolutionary War was            a. loyalists
fought at                                                   b. bankers
       a. Bunker Hill                                       c. debtors
       b. Saratoga                                          d. landlords
       c. Valley Forge
       d. Yorktown                                   20. Which power was shared by both the state
                                                     governments and the Congress of the Articles of
14. According to the Treaty of Paris (1783), what    Confederation?
became the western boundary of the United                  a. power to raise tariffs
States?                                                    b. power to print money
        a. Appalachian Mountains                           c. power to prosecute law-breakers
        b. Mississippi River                               d. power to regulate trade between the
        c. Rocky Mountains                                 states
        d. Pacific Ocean

15. Which of the following was a British advantage
during the Revolutionary War?
       a. local support
       b. experience in wilderness fighting
       c. excellent medical care
       d. well-trained army

16. Which battle is considered to be a turning
point of the war?
       a. Bunker Hill
       b. Princeton
       c. Saratoga
       d. Yorktown

17. France allied itself with America because
       a. the American rebels had modeled their
       movement after the French Revolution
       b. the French needed American support in
       their war with the Native Americans
       c. France wanted to regain Louisiana
       d. France wanted to weaken Britain

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