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Business to Business Marketing - INSEAD by fzJbgL0


									                    B2B Marketing
                    Profs. M Sarvary & D Weinstein
 What makes B2B marketing different?
    Customers are organizations
    They seek functional as well as process and relationship benefits
    Decision making process is complex and considers high risk and large transactions
    Markets include competitive alliances and joint ventures
   Implementation requires strong inter-functional coordination
 Course overview
 Review of traditional marketing topics in the business marketing environment:
   • Customer behaviour: industrial decision making process
   • Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting
   • Pricing
   • Strategic Account Management
   • Industrial Branding
   • Partnerships, Alliances, Negotiation
   • Conflict in industrial channels of distribution
 Course format
    INDUSTRAT simulation. Lectures and cases (
 Target audience
    All students who will work for or advise firms selling to organizations.
                                                                            Marketing Area, INSEAD

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