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                     STUDENT HANDBOOK
                                 2007- 2008
          Also available on the web

                        Beth A. Wittcoff, Principal
                    Erich Ledebuhr, Assistant Principal
                              500 Lincoln Street
                        Franklin, Massachusetts 02038
                          Telephone: (508) 553-0322

August 7, 2012                                                                  1
                    STUDENT HANDBOOK 2007-2008
                             MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Annie Sullivan Middle School!

We are pleased to present to the Annie Sullivan community the latest edition of our
Student Handbook. This Handbook is a result of collaboration with the Horace Mann and
Remington Middle Schools of the Franklin Public Schools as well as the ASMS School
Council which is comprised of parents/guardians and faculty. We hope that you will find
this handbook a useful guide throughout the school year.

Each fall is an opportunity for new challenges, exciting changes, and a fresh start.
However, the beginning of each school year can also bring with it a level of anxious
anticipation. It is our hope that the Student Handbook will answer any questions you may
have and serve as a resource that can be referenced throughout the school year. It is
designed to inform students, parents/guardians, and teachers regarding the expectations,
rules/regulations and laws that govern Annie Sullivan Middle School and the Franklin
Public Schools. Following the rules and meeting these expectations are essential, if we
are to provide a safe environment for all students and staff.

If I can be of assistance at any time during the school year, please do not hesitate to
contact me at 508-553-0322, extension 3414 or

I wish all of you a happy, safe, and successful year.

Very truly yours,

2 August 7, 2012
Beth A. Wittcoff

                                FRANKLIN PUBLIC SCHOOLS

      Mr. Jeff Roy, Chairman
      Ms. Paula Mullen, Vice Chairman
      Ms. Cora Armenio
      Mr. Edward Cafasso
      Ms. Susan Rohrbach
      Ms. Mary Jane Scofield
      Ms. Roberta Trahan

      Mr. Wayne Ogden, Superintendent                                   (508) 553-4819
      Ms. Maureen Sabolinski, Assistant Superintendent                  (508) 553-4819
      Ms. Linda Waters, Administrator of Special Services               (508) 553-4833
      Ms. Michele Kingsland-Smith, Director of Instructional Services   (508) 553-4824

Call 508-553-0322 – press 2 to reach ASMS then enter the appropriate extension number

      Ms. Beth A. Wittcoff, Principal                                   3414
      Mr. Erich Ledebuhr, Assistant Principal                           3414
      Ms. Marguerite Almanas, Nurse                                     3421
      Ms. Rebecca Motte, Special Education Team Chair                   3683
      Mr. Robert Flanagan, School Psychologist                          3418
      Ms. Roberta Nelson, Adjustment Counselor                          3420
      Ms. Mary Jane Waite, Librarian                                    3424
      Ms. Kathy Carucci, Secretary                                      3415
      Ms. Sharon Caruso, Secretary                                      3414
      Ms. Wendy Jenkins, Cafeteria                                      3672

The telephone lines are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.                    Formatted: Justified, Indent: Left: 0", First
                                                                                             line: 0"
Absentee Line: 508-553-0322 press 2 to reach ASMS, then press 1.


   August 7, 2012                                                                        3
No School announcements will be made over the following radio stations: WBZ-Boston, WOON-Woonsocket,
WMRC-Milford, WPRO-Providence, and WCVB-TV Channel 5 and WBZ-TV Channel 4 between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m.

                     Annie Sullivan Middle School Fax Number: 508-541-2109

                     Annie Sullivan Website:                 Formatted: Tab stops: 5.76", Left

                     eThis handbook may be revised/changed or edited after publication.


                                  PERSONAL GROWTH

ASMS celebrates the unique qualities of early adolescence by
nurturing the physical, social, emotional and intellectual
growth of all students.

                               ACADEMIC STANDARDS

We encourage independent, creative and critical thinking in a
rigorous program of studies that promotes student excellence.
Our team of educators combines passion with innovative
practices to inspire lifelong learning.


We provide a safe learning environment that fosters tolerance
and respects individual differences.


4 August 7, 2012
In partnership with the Franklin community, our mission is to
educate our students to be resourceful, responsive and
contributing    members      of    our  evolving     society.

                                                                                                                                  Formatted: Centered
Please find listed below what we anticipate will be some of the most frequently asked questions by students at the Annie
Sullivan Middle School.

WHAT IF I AM ABSENT FROM SCHOOL?                                 Office. It must be clearly marked with the student’s first
A parent/guardian must call the absentee line before 7:20        name, last name and grade level.
a.m. to report an absence. The absentee line can be
accessed by calling 508-553-0322, then press 2 to reach          It is the responsibility of the student to retrieve items
ASMS, then press 1.                                              brought into the office as staff will not interrupt a class to
                                                                 notify a student that his/herr forgotten item has arrived.
Upon his/her return to school, the student must check in
with each teacher to find out what work was missed.              WHAT IF I LEAVE SOMETHING AT SCHOOL
Students should also check the school website for                THAT I NEED FOR HOMEWORK?
homework missed due to an absence.                               The school building remains open until 4:00 p.m. daily.
                                                                 Students can still access their lockers until then, but not a
Homework, classwork and tests missed due to an excused           teacher’s classroom. Please do not ask office, custodial, or
absence must be completed within the number of days the          teaching staff to let you into the building after 4 p.m. This
student was absent. For example: One day for a one-day           is a disruption to the important work that needs to be
absence, two days for a two-day absence, etc. Extensions         completed after school hours.
can be made at the discretion of the teacher and/or team.
                                                                 WHAT IF I NEED EXTRA HELP?                                       Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
WHAT IF I AM ABSENT ON THE DAY OF A                                                                                               Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Bold, Italic,
SCHOOL-SPONSORED EVENT?                                                                                                           Underline
W                                                                Teachers and teams will develop an after school help             Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                                 schedule for each team once the school year is underway.
hen a student is absent from school, he or she may not                                                                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt
attend any school function. These include, but are not                                                                            Formatted: Font: Not Bold
limited to, concerts, theater productions, field trips,
                                                                                                                                  Formatted: Body Text 2, Left
athletic events, etc., on that day or evening. In addition, if
a student is dismissed before 11:00 a.m., or comes in after                                                                       Formatted: Font: Not Bold
11:00 a.m., he/she can not attend any school function                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold

WHAT IF I FORGET SOMETHING AT HOME?                                                                                               Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                                                                                                  Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
 If a student leaves something at home (e.g. homework, a
                                                                                                                                  Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Bold, Italic,
project, lunch, lunch money etc.) he/she may call home                                                                            Underline
before school starts, or at the discretion of his/her teacher.
Parents/Guardians may drop the item off at the Main                                                                               Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                                                                                                  Formatted: Font: 11 pt

    August 7, 2012                                                                                                           5
                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVITIES?                                       Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline

                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt
Teachers will be organizing and arranging the various
clubs and activities in the first one - three weeks of
school. It is anticipated that clubs and activities will be up
and running by the third week of the school year. A list of
the various clubs and activities will be provided to
students and families. There is a $25.00 user fee for all
non-athletic extra- curricular activities.

                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt
WHAT TIME IS LUNCH OR SNACK?                                     Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Not Bold
There are two three lunch periods this year at Annie
Sullivan Middle School. First lunch (8th grade) is at 10:26      Formatted: Font: Not Bold
a.m., second lunch (6th grade) is at 10:56 a.m., and second
third lunch (7thgrade) is at 11:28 a.m.. a.m. ... Lunches are
twenty-one minutes long. The cost of lunches is $2.50,
which includes milk. There are hot lunch choices each
day as well as sandwiches, bagel plates, and salad plates.
Ice cream may be purchased for $.75 or $1.00. Milk is
also sold separately for $.50.

Snack time is built into the school day by team/cluster;
this is decided by the teachers. We expect students to
bring in healthy, nutritious snacks. Soda, caffeine drinks
and/or glass bottles/containers are not permitted at school
at any time.

WHAT IF I FORGET MY LUNCH MONEY?                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Bold, Italic, Underline
                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
 Students are not allowed to charge lunches.
                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt
Parents/Guardians can prepay lunches with a check made
payable to the Town of Franklin. Students can bring the
checks to the cafeteria. SThe students’ lunch account
balances can be replenished throughout the year. Lunch is
$2.50 with milk. Milk is also sold separately for $.50.

WHAT IF I WANT TO BRING A BOTTLE OF                              Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Bold, Italic, Underline
                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                                 Formatted: Font: 11 pt
Students are permitted to bring clear, plastic water bottles
to their classrooms. Please no flavored or vitamin waters.
Glass bottles of any kind are not permitted.

WHAT IF I LOSE A BOOK, MY JACKET OR A                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
PERSONAL ITEM?                                                   Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic
                                                                 Formatted: Font: Italic

Lost items are usually turned in to the Main Office.             Formatted: Font: Not Bold
Whenever a student loses any personal property or books
he/she should check at the Office to see if the article has
been turned in.

WHAT IF I WANT TO TAKE A BUS TO MY                             absence from school is considered an excused medical
FRIEND’S HOUSE?                                                day.                                                     Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: 11 pt

Skateboards will not be allowed on school property this        WHAT IF I NEED TO BE EXCUSED FROM                        Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
year. However, iOnly students with bus passes are eligible     PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS?                                Formatted: Font: 11 pt
to ride the bus. Due to space issues, students are only
permitted to ride their assigned bus, and will not be                                                                   Formatted: Body Text, Left, Line spacing:
                                                               In order to be excused from participating in physical    single
allowed to switch busses.                                      education, a student must present a statement with
                                                               inclusive dates from his/her physician. Statements are
                                                               kept on file in the health office and reported to the    Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
WHAT IF I SKATEBOARD TO SCHOOL?                                Physical Education Department.                           Formatted: Font: 11 pt

Skateboards will not be allowed on school property this
year. However, iIf a student skateboards to school he/she
will be allowed to store the skateboard at the school in the
designated storage area during the school day. Students
will be able to pick up the skateboards at the end of the
school day. All students must carry the skateboard upon
entering the Annie Sullivan driveway. The school accepts
no responsibility for lost or stolen skateboards.

Students are not permitted to skateboard on school
property at any time, even if school is not in session.

Massachusetts General Law c. 85 s. 11B ½ requires that
all children 16 years and younger wear a safety helmet for
in-line skates, skateboards or non-motorized scooters.

WHAT IF I RIDE MY BICYCLE TO SCHOOL?                                                                                    Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Bold, Italic, Underline
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
 Students must walk bicycles on and off the school
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Bold, Italic, Underline
grounds, using the designated crosswalk through the
parking lot.                                                                                                            Formatted: Font: 11 pt

All bicycles should be parked and locked on the bicycle
rack at the front entrance of the school. It should be noted
that it is the responsibility of the students to lock their
bicycles, as the school department cannot assume
responsibility for stolen bicycles.

Massachusetts General Law c. 85 s. 11B now requires
that children 16 years and younger wear safety helmets
while operating or riding as a passenger on bicycles.
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: 11 pt

SCHOOL TIME? Students should ask a teacher for
permission to see the school nurse immediately. If a
student is feeling dizzy the student should will be escorted
by an adult to the nurse’s office. The nurse will decide if
there is a need to leave school or to seek further medical
attention. In these cases, parents/guardians will be
notified. The nurse will arrange to have the student picked
up from school if it is necessary for the student to go
home. If the nurse sends a student home from school that

WHAT IF I WANT TO BRING A CELL PHONE                           Students will stay for the detention on the day the teacher,   Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
TO SCHOOL?                                                     the Assistant Principal, or the Principal assigns.

 You may bring a cell phone to school. Cell phones must                                                                       Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
be turned off during the school day. A cell phone that is      WHAT IF I WANT TO DECORATE MY LOCKER                           Formatted: Font: 11 pt
used or is on during the school day will be forwarded to       OR A FRIEND’S LOCKER WITH BALLOONS
the Office and an Office Detention will be assigned. This      OR POSTERS?                                                    Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic
includes text-messaging. Cell phones may be used after
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Body Text 2, Left
school, outside the building. Cell phones may not be used       Nothing is to be attached or affixed to the outside of
on field trips at any time, including while on the bus as      lockers. Magnets are the only acceptable method of
these trips are considered part of the school day. In          attaching anything to the inside of lockers.Nothing is to
addition, students are not permitted to take pictures with     be affixed to the outside of the locker. No locker is to be
their cell phones on school property or at school-             written on or defaced in any manner. Latex balloons are
sponsored events.                                              not allowed in school because of the potential risk to
                                                               students and staff who have latex allergies.
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
TO SCHOOL, E.G.: I-PODS, MP3 PLAYERS,                          Students may use grocery store bags or book socks to
HAND-HELD VIDEO GAMES, ETC?                                    cover textbooks. Book socks that are too small for the text    Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
Due to the possibility of theft, we advise students not to     are not to be used as they damage the books and students
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 11 pt
bring these electronic devices to school. However, while       will be held accountable for said damage. Contact paper
they are permitted into the school building, they are not to   or adhesive paper is not to be used as they permanently        Formatted: Font: Not Bold
be used during the school day, and should be kept in a         damage the books as well.                                      Formatted: Font: Not Bold
locked locker. The school is not responsible for any                                                                          Formatted: Body Text 2
electronic device lost or stolen. If used during the school    WHAT IF I LOSE OR DAMAGE SCHOOL
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Not Bold
day, the device will be forwarded to the Main Office and       TEXTBOOKS, LIBRARY BOOKS OR SCHOOL
an Office Detention may be assigned.y will be taken and        SUPPLIES, E.G. CLACULATORS                                     Formatted: Font: Not Bold
forwarded to the Office.                                       Students must pay for lost books and or pay for any            Formatted: Font: Not Bold
                                                               damage to books or supplies.                                   Formatted: Font: Not Bold
 Laser pointers are also prohibited at the Middle Schools.
Violations may result in appropriate action being taken by                                                                    Formatted: Font: Not Bold
                                                               WHAT IF I HAVE TO CALL HOME DURING
the Assistant Principal or the Principal as described in the   THE SCHOOL DAY TO MAKE AFTER SCHOOL                            Formatted: Font: Not Bold
Rules and Regulations section of this Handbook. The
                                                               PLANS?                                                         Formatted: Font: Not Bold
school is not responsible for any electronic device lost or
stolen.                                                                                                                       Formatted: Font: Not Bold
                                                                We strongly suggest students make after school plans in
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Bold, Italic, Underline
                                                               advance of the start of the school day, e.g. the day/night
                                                               before. If the occasion arises where calling home becomes      Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Bold, Italic, Underline
                                                               necessary, students will only be permitted to use              Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Italic, Underline
                                                               classroom phones during Academic Extension, at the
A teacher, the Assistant Principal, or the Principal may                                                                      Formatted: Font: 11 pt
                                                               discretion of the teacher. Students may use the phone in
assign a classroom detention. The Assistant Principal or                                                                      Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Italic, Underline
                                                               the Main Office at the discretion of the Secretaries.
Principal may also assign an Office Detention. Detentions
                                                               According to school policy, teachers must dial the phones
are assigned because of misbehavior, lack of respect,
                                                               for students when calling from the classroom.
repeatedly coming to class unprepared, tardies, etc.
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Bottom: 0.75", Number of
                                                                                                                              columns: 1

                                           GENERAL POLICIES
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Justified
ATTENDANCE                                                     to-day instruction is a critical dynamic to the overall
                                                               success of each student.
The Franklin Public Schools expect parents/guardians and
students to make every reasonable effort to have their         If a student is to be absent for an extended period of time
child(ren) attend school every day. The continuity of day-     due to illness, fourteen (14) or more consecutive days, the
                                                               family may be eligible to receive home tutorial services.

Sometimes families plan vacations that occur during                 A contagious disease such as chicken pox, flu,
regularly scheduled school time. The Franklin Public                 strep throat, whooping cough (pertussis),
School Department does not encourage or condone such                 salmonella, measles etc.
action.    Instead, the schools uphold Massachusetts                If your child is absent for an extended period of
General Law, Chapter 75, Sections 1 through 47 entitled              time with atypical symptoms for a prolonged
"School Attendance." This section of the General Law                 period of time do not hesitate to call the nurse to
requires parents/guardians to "cause" their children to              share information
regularly attend school. Individuals who induce a student           If there are any recent changes in your family
absenteeism are liable for fines up to $200.00.                      that may affect your child; such as, a birth, recent
                                                                     loss, or sudden illness
With this in mind, we reaffirm the position that
parents/guardians are responsible for their child(ren) to   Attendance at school is mandated by state and district
attend school every day that classes are in session. The    regulations (see above). The following procedure will be
practice of the School Department is not to provide         in place at Annie Sullivan Middle School to enforce these
advance and/or make up work when a student is absent        regulations.
from school due to vacation/travel. Students who are
absent at the time when state or national standardized         Seven absences per trimester, without medical
tests are administered will be allowed to make up missed        documentation, will result in a letter sent to
tests to the extent that scheduled make up time is              parents/guardians     indicating    student     failure.
available.                                                      Parents/Guardians have the option to appeal this
                                                                decision to the Principal and Assistant Principal.
Absence from School
                                                               Ten absences per year, without medical
If students are going to be absent from school, a               documentation, will result in a letter sent to
parent/guardian must call the school at 508-553-0322            parents/guardians indicating that, if the student
press 2 to reach ASMS, then press 1 before. When calls          reaches fifteen absences, a Children In Need of
are made before 7:20 a.m. or the evening before leave the       Supervision Petition (CHINS) will be filed with the
details of the absence on the voice mail system for the         state.
school nurse. When reporting your child’s absence from
school due to illness, please leave the following           The Assistant Principal, in cooperation with the team and
information.                                                counselor, will monitor student attendance.

       Student’s name                                      In accordance with the Franklin Public Schools
       Classroom number or teacher’s name                  Attendance Policy, teachers are not required “to provide
       Date(s) of absences                                 advance and/or makeup work when a student is absent
                                                            from school due to vacation/travel.” Any questions
Please do not leave the following information on the        regarding this policy should be forwarded to the Principal
absence line:                                               and/or Assistant Principal.
     Confidential medical information-please speak to
         the nurse directly                                 Tardy to Class/School
     Requests for homework
     Messages for classroom teacher or for Solutions       It is very important that students start their school day off
         Personnel                                          on the right foot. As students grow and learn it is
                                                            imperative that they assume more responsibilities for their
When Should You Call the School Nurse About a Child         actions, choices and behaviors. Arriving to school on time
with an Illness?                                            is one of these responsibilities. School begins promptly at
                                                            7:20 a.m. and we strongly suggest that if students are
We encourage parents/guardians to call any time they        being driven to school that they be dropped off no later
have concerns about symptoms or an illness and              than 7:10 a.m. This allows them time to go to their
specifically for the following reasons:                     lockers and get organized for their classes. We appreciate
                                                            family cooperation in this very important life long
       A new medical diagnosis, or a change in your        responsibility. If a student is to arrive late to school
        child’s health status i.e. the diagnosis of an
                                                            he/she must report to the main office to receive a late
                                                            pass. The fifth tardy in one school term (14 weeks) will
       A newly prescribed medication
                                                            result in an office detention. An office detention will be
       Any change(s) in a current medication
       A serious injury such as an illness, or             issued for every tardy thereafter in that term. A
        hospitalization                                     parent/guardian will be notified by a letter when a student
       A fracture, sprain, stitches, cast or need for      has accumulated five tardies.

If a family is experiencing difficulty getting a child to       Students must walk bicycles on and off the school
school on time please contact the office for assistance.        grounds, using the designated crosswalk through the
As part of building responsibility, it is important for         parking lot.
students to understand the importance of arriving to
school on time. All students must be in assigned rooms          Ride Right! Bicycle Rules of the Road
by 7:20 a.m. Students arriving tardy to school must:            Massachusetts General Laws, C. 85, S. 11-B

1.Report to the Main Office prior to attending class               Ride on the right with the flow of traffic.                 Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
2. Provide a written parental excuse (unless student is            Ride single file.
    accompanied by parent/guardian)                                Stop at stop signs and traffic lights.                      Comment [FPS1]: This would mean if a parent
                                                                                                                                writes a note the tardy is excused. This could get
                                                                   Signal by hand for turns.                                   sticky with the frequent flyers. I think we should
A student will be allowed no more than five unexcused              Give the right of way to pedestrians.                       take it out.
tardies to school per term. An excused tardy is one for
                                                                   Give a clear warning (bell, horn, voice) when needed        Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", Numbered +
which a note has been received from a parent/guardian.
                                                                    for safety.                                                 Level: 1 + Numbering Style: 1, 2, 3, … + Start
More than five tardies per term will result in an after                                                                         at: 1 + Alignment: Left + Aligned at: 0.25" +
                                                                   Carry no passengers (except in approved baby seat).
schoolafter school detention. A parent/guardian will be                                                                         Tab after: 0.5" + Indent at: 0.5", Tab stops:
notified by letter when a student has accumulated five             Check your brakes often.                                    0.25", Left + Not at 0.5"
unexcused tardies.                                                 Equip your bike with front and rear reflectors, pedal
                                                                    reflectors and reflective material on both sides.
It is also a student's responsibility to arrive at each class      Do not adjust handlebars above your shoulders or
on time. A student who has been detained by a teacher               alter the front fork of the bike.
from the previous class must obtain a pass, or return after        Do not ride on express or limited access highways.
school to secure a pass from that teacher. Tardiness to            You may ride on the sidewalk outside of a business
class without a pass will result in a teacher issued                district.
detention. Abuse of this rule will result in referral to the       Helmets must be worn.
Main Office for discipline.
Make-Up Work
                                                                Bus Pass Implementation Procedure
Students are responsible for getting make-up work for
assignments missed due to an absence. Before returning          Bus passes are issued to each student who is eligible to
to school, students should check the school website for         ride. Each student is expected to have his/her bus pass
missed homework. Emails can also be sent to the team of         each day and to make sure that it is visible to the bus
teachers requesting homework assignments be left in the         driver. In the event that a student forgets a bus pass in the
Main Office if the absence is prolonged.
                                                                morning, he/she will be given one day’s grace. If he/she
                                                                does not have a pass the next day he/she will not be
Assignments are to be completed and turned in within one
                                                                allowed to board the bus. In the event that a student loses
day if absent one day, two days if absent two days, etc., or
by arrangement with the teacher.                                a pass, there are temporary bus passes in the Principal’s
                                                                Office. The student may use that pass until a replacement
                                                                bus pass is issued. There is a $5.00 charge for a
                                                                replacement bus pass.
Backpacks or book bags are to be left in lockers during
the course of the school day. Students will have the            Late Bus
opportunity to access their book bags and other books
during locker breaks throughout the day. However, these         A late bus will be provided on a daily basis (with the
breaks will be scheduled and enforced as an important           exception of Wednesdays, half days and early release
part of the middle school years is learning how to plan         days) for students who remain after school for extra help,
and prepare for the next class.                                 clubs, intramural activities or for disciplinary reasons.       Comment [FPS2]: What about purses the size of
                                                                The late bus will stop in front of the main entrance of the     bookbags.
BICYCLES                                                        school. Please note that the late bus, at times, will not
                                                                drop students off at their regular bus stops. There is a
All bicycles must be parked and locked on the bicycle           $1.00 charge for the late bus. There is no late bus charge
rack at the front entrance of the school. It should be noted    for pay-to-ride students.
that it is the responsibility of the students to lock their
bicycles, as the school department cannot assume                School Bus Rules and Regulations
responsibility for stolen bicycles.
                                                                     Students being transported are under the                 Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
                                                                       authority of the bus driver. The driver and

         students are subject to all School Department         enforced as the bus is considered an extension of the
         policies and regulations.                             school. The bus driver has full authority and
       Students shall be on time for the bus both            responsibility to enforce order and maintain discipline by
         morning and afternoon. The driver is not              direct command to the Students. In the event of a
         required to wait beyond the scheduled departure       discipline problem with a student, the driver will deliver
         time.                                                 the student to his or her destination and then notify the
       Students shall cross the road in front of the bus.    principal.
       Students are to board and to get off the bus at the
         school and the bus stop to which they are             Any violation of the aforementioned rules and regulations
         assigned. Except in emergency situations, with        may result in the suspension of bus privileges, permanent
         prior approval from the Principal or Assistant        removal from the bus and/or suspension from school.
         Principal, students will not be given permission
         to ride on a bus to which they are not assigned.      CAFETORIUM
       Students will be dropped off and picked up at
         their designated bus stops only.                      The lunch period affords students the opportunity to
       Middle school students will not be allowed to         socialize and enjoy time with their classmates. To ensure
         ride the elementary school buses. Any exceptions      that this time is beneficial to all students, the following
         will be handled by the Principals involved.           guidelines have been established:
       All articles such as athletic equipment, books,
         musical instruments, etc. must be kept out of the          Students are to line up and wait their turn to be      Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         aisles.                                                      served. Cutting in lunch lines is not permitted.
       While awaiting the arrival of the bus, students            Students are asked to help keep the Cafetorium
         must remain well back from the road, in an                   clean by cleaning up any mess on the table and
         orderly fashion.                                             floor area around where they ate.
       The bus driver has full authority to assign seats          Students must properly dispose of papers and
         to individual students if the driver feels it is in          other trash in the proper receptacle.
         the interest of safety and/or good conduct.                No soda, caffeine drinks or glass bottles are
       No pets or animals will be allowed on the bus.               permitted at school at any time.
       The bus driver has the authority to summon the             All students seated at a the table are responsible     Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         police or school administration in a situation               for the cleanliness of that table.
         which threatens the safety of students.                    Students are to follow the directions of the lunch
       Students shall not extend their hands, arms or               room supervisors.
         heads through the bus windows and will not                 Students are not to throw anything at any time in
         open any window without permission of the                    the lunch room.
         driver.                                                    Students are not allowed to take food or drink
       Nothing shall be thrown out of the bus.                      from the Cafetorium.
        Roughhousing is prohibited.                                Upon completion of their meal and after they
       Students will converse in a normal tone. Loud or             have returned their trays, students may use the        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         vulgar language, and/or shouting are prohibited.             lavatories nearest the Cafetorium after receiving
       Students shall be courteous to the driver, to                the lunchroom supervisor's permission.
         fellow students, to pedestrians, and to passengers         Students will be dismissed by table at the end of
         or drivers of other vehicles on the road.                    the lunch period, at the discretion of the
       Students will enter the bus in an orderly fashion            lunchroom supervisor. When weather permits,
         and go directly to a seat. Students will remain              students may go outside to a supervised play
         seated until the destination is reached unless               area.
         instructed otherwise by the driver.                        A hot lunch or a soup and sandwich lunch may
       There shall be no littering or defacing of the               be purchased at the cost of $2.5000. This
         buses. Vandalism of any type will require                    includes milk. Ice cream, cookies or chips may
         restitution and suspension from school.                      also be purchased at an additional charge.
       Use, possession or sale of drugs or alcohol on the
         bus is forbidden and would result in suspension       Free Lunch
         or expulsion from school.
       The emergency door must be used for                   Children from families receiving public assistance, as
         emergencies only. Students shall not touch any        well as students from families with low income, may be
         safety equipment on the bus.                          eligible for free lunches or lunches at a reduced price.
                                                               Applications may be obtained in the Main Office.
It is essential that all Students cooperate with the bus
driver for everyone’s safety. Bus rules will be strictly

COMMUNICATIONS                                                         When discussing the issue with the school
                                                                        professionals, parents/guardians should listen
Open and respectful communication is one of the primary                 carefully and ask clarifying questions.
goals at the Annie Sullivan Middle School. Students and                Understand that the school professionals know
parents/guardians are encouraged to keep in close                       that students make mistakes. Their ultimate goal
communication with teachers.                                            is to help each student learn from his/her
Conferences are one of the many ways in which this can                 Students at this age expect consequences for
be accomplished. Students and parents/guardians may                     their behavior and are confused when they are
schedule a conference with a teacher at a mutually agreed               not forthcoming.
upon time.                                                             When discussing the situation with his/her child,
                                                                        the parents/guardians should listen to how he/she
Parents/Guardians, students and teachers are encouraged                 is making sense of the issue; help him/her to gain
to continue communication through email, progress                       perspective and articulate what he/she has
reports, report cards, and voice mail. Parents/Guardians                learned.
should understand that the availability of technology can
increase the volume of communication to which school           COURTESY CODE
staff is asked to respond. Reasonable guidelines may be
set by the school with respect to the timeframes and           Annie Sullivan Middle School students are expected to
formats in which staff is expected to respond to emails        conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will bring
and other communications.                                      credit to and reflect positively upon themselves and their
                                                               School. Rules of common courtesy are to be exercised
Home-School Partnership                                        with other students, school personnel, substitute teachers,
                                                               and visitors to the school. Special note is made of the
When receiving a communication from the school,                need for courtesy at school-sponsored activities such as
parents/guardians should keep in mind that education is a      field trips, assemblies, athletic events, and theatrical
partnership involving students, his/her teacher(s) and the     performances. Respect for the feelings of a student’s
parents/guardians. It is natural for parents/guardians to      classmates must be a top priority. Violations of the
love and support his/her child. In fact, it is that support    Courtesy Code will result in appropriate action taken by
which enables a child to face the world every day and to       the Assistant Principal or the Principal as described in the
grow into a competent adult. Sometimes, however, that          Rules and Regulations section of this Handbook.
support requires parents/guardians to recognize that           Additionally, students may also be excluded from future
children make mistakes and it is through recognition of        extra-curricular activities if their behaviors have presented
these mistakes that growth occurs.                             a problem at previous events.

Communication from the school comes in many different          DANGEROUS AND FORBIDDEN ARTICLES
forms. School personnel may call home to commend a
student for exemplary behavior or for an outstanding           Inappropriate personal items such as wallet chains,
academic accomplishment. There are also occasions              beepers, dice, playing cards, laser pointers etc. may not be
however, when school personnel will call home to inform        brought onto school property and will be turned into the
parents/guardians that a student owes homework, broke a        Main Office. In addition, students can not bring aerosol
school rule, performed poorly on a test, was late for class,   cans or "white out" in any form onto school property.
misbehaved on the bus, etc.                                    These items will also be taken and sent to the Main
                                                               Office. These and sent to the office these items will not be
The following guidelines may be helpful to                     returned.
parents/guardians as they try to understand the situation:

        When parents/guardians and the school work            DISMISSAL
         collaboratively and respectfully on an issue it is
         less likely to happen again.                          Parents/Guardians are urged to plan appointments and
        The school professionals wish to collaborate          activities so that students do not have to leave school
         with parents/guardians in order to help each          during the school day or prior to the designated school
         student to feel safe, and to realize success.         closing time. However, if a dismissal is necessary,
        If the news is upsetting or catches                   students are reminded that they are responsible for all
         parent/guardian off guard, he/she can tell the        work missed as a result of the dismissal. In order for a
         school professional that he/she would like time       student to be dismissed, written notification stating the
         to think about the issue. A time should be set to     time of dismissal must be presented to the Main Office
         call back or to make an appointment for a             prior to the beginning of the first period class of the day.
         meeting (except in the case of a suspension).

For the safety and protection of all students at ASMS, a           No halter-tops, tube-tops, camisoles, low-cut
student will be released only to a parent/guardian or a             necklines and no underwear-type tank tops
person designated in writing by the parent/guardian. A             No apparel (shorts, skirts, pants) should be worn that
parent/guardian, or the designated person picking up the            inappropriately leave parts of the body exposed
student, will be required to sign out the student prior to         No clothing with logos that promote the use/sale of
the student leaving the building.                                   drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco products
                                                                   No clothing that discriminates, demeans or that is
Students dismissed from school prior to 11:00 a.m. will             derogatory towards any group or individual. Apparel
not be allowed to attend or participate in any extra-               that contains statements or symbols that make
curricular functions, unless special permission has been            negative statements about race, religion, ethnic
received from the Principal or Assistant Principal.                 origin, gender, sexual orientation, stereotypes or that
                                                                    has sexual connotations, or sexual innuendo
Dismissal on Snowy Days                                            No skirts and/or shorts that are shorter than five
                                                                    inches above the knee (measured from the middle of
Dismissal on snowy days: Sometimes the buses may be                 the knee)
dismissed a few minutes early in order to maintain the             No studded wallets/belts/chains/jewelry
schedule at the elementary schools. Students may arrive            No slippers or flip flops/beach shoes (shoes that are
home a few minutes earlier than usual. Contingency                  easily bendable, able to be folded or that may be
                                                                    penetrated by a dangerous object such as a nail or
plans should be in place prior to the commencement of
the school year. If a parent/guardian chooses to pick up
                                                                   No sneakers with wheels are permitted (“heelies”)
his/her child up on days of inclement weather, he/she
                                                                   No pajamas or flannel loungewear will be worn
must join the student pick up line.
                                                                   No hats will be worn in classes but may be worn to
                                                                    school and removed upon entering the building and
After School Pick-Up                                                placed in the locker until dismissal
                                                                   No outside clothing such as a winter jacket will be
After school pick-up: Students will be released from                worn during classes
clubs/activities, extra help or detention at 3:10 p.m. All
                                                                   No jewelry will be worn during physical education
students must be either be picked up at this time or take           classes (e.g. rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings,
the late bus. In order that the after school activity is not        watches and nose-rings)
disrupted parents/guardians must wait for their children to
exit the building. Please follow the guidelines for car pick
                                                               EMERGENCY CARD
up that have been established for after school parent pick
up. The secretary will not call into the classroom to          An emergency information cardform is distributed at the
dismiss a student.                                             beginning of each school year. The information provided
                                                               on this cardform by the parent/guardian will assist the
DRESS CODE                                                     school nurse and other school personnel to respond
                                                               appropriately   when     medical     or   school-related
(FPS Middle School Policy)                                     emergencies occur.

Appropriate dress is required to maintain safety and to
ensure that there is no disruption to the educational
process in all middle schools. Items such as waist chains
and apparel which is deemed vulgar, provocative, or
                                                               EVENING ACTIVITIES
which advertises/advocates the use of alcohol, drugs
                                                               Student Council and other groups sponsor evening
and/or tobacco products is unacceptable and inconsistent
                                                               activities each year for students at Annie Sullivan Middle
with a safe and orderly educational environment. In
                                                               School. Students who attend school sponsored activities
addition clothing or jewelry that is disruptive to the
                                                               must observe the following rules:
educational process (e.g. low-cut pants, low necklines,
shirts exposing midriffs, short skirts or shorts) is not
                                                               1.   Students will not be allowed into the building until
acceptable in school. Flip-flops are not permitted as they
                                                                    the start time and should not arrive prior to that time.
pose a safety risk on stairs and in the event of an
                                                                    Students will not be admitted one half hour after the
emergency evacuation. Additionally, sneakers with
                                                                    start time unless accompanied by a parent/guardian
wheels are not permitted as they too pose a safety risk.
                                                                    into the building.
                                                               2.   Activities and events other than District-wide
The rules are as follows:
                                                                    concerts are for Annie Sullivan Middle School
                                                                    students only.
   No undergarments should be visible
                                                               3.   Clothing should be neat, clean, and follow the Dress
   No bare midriffs- (back and/or stomach cannot be                Code as described in this Handbook.
4.   Students must remain until the conclusion of the          Important flyers and information is given out either in
     activity unless a parent/guardian comes into the          homerooms or Advisor/Advisee.
     school to pick up the student(s).
5. Students are not permitted to walk home from                HOMEWORK
     evening activities.
5.6. Students should arrange for transportation home           Homework is valued by teachers and is part of a student’s     Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
     without the need to use a school telephone.               academic grade. We believe that hHomework is an
7. Students must be present in school until 11:00 a.m. in      important component of the academic program and the
     order to attend the activity.                             learning process. Students are required to use the agenda
                                                               book provided by the school. Students are responsible to
FIRE OR EMERGENCY CALLS                                        make up any missed homework as directed by the
                                                               individual classroom teacher and Team. Homework is
When the fire alarm sounds, every adult and student in the     factored into a student’s grade and is an important
school is expected to respond. Students are to pass            component of classwork.
quickly and quietly to the nearest exit. Once outside,         Put teacher homework blurb here.
students are to move away from the building as directed
by their teacher and wait for the signal to return to class.   HONOR CODE/ACADEMIC INTEGRITY
Emergency procedures are posted in each classroom.
                                                               Honesty with oneself and others is one of the most
                                                               precious qualities a person can possess. It is the goal of
GUIDANCE                                                       Annie Sullivan Middle School to assist in the
                                                               development of this attribute in all of its students.
The Middle School Adjustment Counselor and School              Dishonest acts such as lying, stealing, cheating, forgery,
Psychologist are available to students to assist them in       or plagiarism (copying of anyone’s work including from
making good decisions. This is accomplished by helping         books, articles, or the Internet) are never acceptable.
students to create an environment of respect and support,      Such acts will result in parent/guardian notification and
and by monitoring students’ academic success. The              appropriate consequences. The Assistant Principal or the
Adjustment Counselor and School Psychologist are               Principal, as described in the Rules and Regulations
available for conferences with students during the school      section of this Handbook, may assess major violations.
day.                                                           Students are expected to prepare themselves honestly for
                                                               tests, homework, projects, research papers, etc. No credit
                                                               will be given for work obtained through cheating (a 0 will
                                                               be given). A student aiding another in cheating will be
                                                               treated in a similar manner. Cheating is unethical and is a
Careless disposal of gum in drinking fountains, on
                                                               suspendable offense.
furniture and floors has presented sanitation and cleaning
problems as well as costly repairs and is not acceptable.
Additionally, gum chewing can interfere with classroom         INTERNET USE/COMPUTER USE AGREEMENT
activities such as oral presentations classroom discussions    (FPSFranklin Public School Policy)
or oral responses. Therefore, gum chewing is not
permitted at any time. Strict enforcement of this rule will    Franklin Public Schools Computer Use Agreement
be adhered to by all ASMS staff. Repeated offenses may         for Students
result in teacher/office detentions or in extreme cases
suspension.                                                    With the expansion of computers and technology
                                                               occurring in Franklin Public Schools, it is necessary to
It is important to note that in the 2005 -2006 school year     establish a set of rules to assure that the technology will
the Student Council introduced a gum chewing initiative        be operational and available at all times. This agreement
that failed because of the lack of full adherence to the       will assure the Franklin schools’ administration, faculty
rules as set forth by the students. Therefore gum chewing      and staff that we are in mutual agreement with students
is no longer allowed at Annie Sullivan Middle School.          and their parents/guardians as to what is acceptable
Students may use life savers.                                  computer and technology use.

HOMEROOM                                                       Classroom and Computer Lab Rules
School begins at 7:20 AM. AM with the first period class.         Students may use a computer only when there is a
Attendance is taken in the first period of the day and then
                                                                   teacher, aide or volunteer present.
opening exercises are conducted. Homeroom periods are
                                                                  No CD-ROMs may be brought in from home for use
held on an as-needed basis. Homerooms are organized by
                                                                   on any computers in the Franklin schools without
the B period class on the academic teams/clusters.
                                                                   prior consent from the classroom teacher or
                                                                   technology manager.
   No food, drink, or gum is allowed at any time.           schools by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and
Use of Disks/Diskettes
                                                             The Internet is an electronic highway connecting
   No disks owned by the Franklin schools may be            thousands of computers all over the world and millions of
    taken out of the school buildings.                       individual subscribers. Students and teachers have access
   No personal diskettes will be allowed in any of the      to:
    school’s computers except for those designated as
                                                             1.   Electronic Mail (email) communication with people
    resource computers.
                                                                  all over the world.
   No files may be copied onto any of the school’s          2.   Information and news from NASA as well as the
    computers from a personal diskette or removable               opportunity to correspond with the scientists at
    media. Any files edited on a computer must remain             NASA and other research institutions.
    on the diskette or removable media (zip drive,           3.   Public domain software and graphics of all types for
    SyQuest drive, etc.).                                         school use.
                                                             4.   Discussion groups on a plethora of topics ranging
A Student May Not:                                                from Chinese culture to the environment to music
                                                                  and politics.
   Give out his/her log-in password to others, or allow     5.   Many university on-line library catalogs, Library of
    another student to use his/her password.                      Congress on-line services, and ERIC resources and
   Write or draw anything profane, abusive, obscene or           many other Internet resources of importance to
    not appropriate for school.                                   educators and students.
   Record, copy, or import sounds that are profane,         6.   Graphical access to the World Wide Web, the newest
    abusive, obscene, or not appropriate for school.              and most exciting access tool on the Internet.
   Alter any files on the computer except those owned
    by the user; no changing files or folder names,          Along with the advantages associated with access to
                                                             computers and people all over the world come
    deleting files or folders, no moving files or folders.
                                                             disadvantages, such as the availability of material that
   Change any computer system setting including
                                                             may not be considered of educational value in the context
    system files, desktop appearances and icons unless
                                                             of the school setting. The Franklin Public Schools have
    instructed to do so by a teacher or the technology       taken precautions to restrict access to controversial
    manager.                                                 materials. However, on a global network it is impossible
   Connect or disconnect any cables or peripherals          to control the quality of all materials published there and
    unless approved by either a teacher or the technology    an industrious user may indeed discover materials that are
    manager.                                                 controversial. The Franklin Public Schools firmly believe
   touchTouch another student’s computer or disk            that the importance of access to the valuable information
    unless instructed by a teacher or the technology         available on this worldwide network far outweighs the
    manager.                                                 concern that the users may procure material that is not
   Use the computer or network for financial gain, for      consistent with educational goals of the Franklin Public
    commercial activity or for any illegal activity.         Schools.

Remember that computer use throughout the Franklin           Internet access is coordinated through a complex
Public Schools is a privilege, not a right. The              association of government agencies, and regional and
administration, faculty and staff may deem what are          state networks. In addition, the smooth operation of the
inappropriate use and the decision final. The                network relies upon the proper conduct of the end users
administration, faculty and staff of the Franklin Public     who must adhere to strict guidelines.
Schools may request the technology manager to revoke or
suspend computer use for any student who misuses             These guidelines are provided here so that you are aware
                                                             of the responsibilities you are about to acquire. In general
his/her computer privileges.
                                                             this requires efficient, ethical and legal utilization of the
                                                             network resources. If a student user violates any of these
Acceptable Use Policy                                        provisions, his or her account will be terminated and
                                                             future access could/will be denied.
Internet access is now available to students and teachers
in the Franklin Public Schools.
                                                             Internet - Terms and Conditions of Use
We are very pleased to bring this access to the Franklin
                                                             1. Acceptable Use
Public Schools and believe the Internet offers vast,
                                                             The purpose of the backbone networks making up the
diverse, and unique resources to both students and
                                                             Internet is to support research and the education among
teachers. Our goal in providing this service to teachers
                                                             academic institutions by providing access to unique
and students is to promote educational excellence in

resources and the opportunity for collaborative work.         4. Disclaimer
Internet access must be in support of education and           The Franklin Public Schools make no warranties of any
research and consistent with the educational objectives of    kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is
the Franklin Public Schools.            Use of another        providing. The Franklin Public Schools will not be
organization's network or computing resources must            responsible for any damages you suffer. This includes
comply with the rules for that network. Transmission of       loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, miss-
any material in violation of any national or state            deliveries, or service interruptions caused by its own
regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited   negligence or The Franklin Public Schools specifically
to: copyright material, threatening or obscene material, or   deny any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of
material protected by trade secret.                           information obtained through its services.

2. Privileges                                                 5. Security
The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and      Security on any computer system is a high priority,
inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those      especially when the system involves many users. If you
privileges. The staff of the Franklin Public Schools will     think you can identify a security problem on the network
incorporate regulations for the use of technology and their   or on the Internet, you must notify a staff member,
rulings will be final. The administration, faculty, and       teacher, principal, or the Franklin Public Schools
staff of the Franklin Public Schools may deny, revoke, or     Technology Manager. Do not demonstrate the problem to
suspend Internet access due to a student's inappropriate      other users. You may not use another individual's network
use.                                                          account; you may not download executable files or
                                                              applications. Attempt to log on to the Internet or to the
3. Network Etiquette                                          network as a system administrator will result in
You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules     cancellation of user privileges. Any user identified as a
of network etiquette. These include (but are not limited      security risk or having a history of problems with other
to) the following:                                            computer systems may be denied access to the Internet.
A. Be polite. Do not get abusive in your messages to
     others.                                                  6. Vandalism
B. Use appropriate language.             Do not swear, use    Vandalism will result in cancellation of privileges.
     vulgarities or any other inappropriate language.         Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or
     Illegal activities are strictly forbidden.               destroy data of another user, Internet resource, or any of
C. Do not reveal your personal address or phone               the above listed agencies or other networks that are
     numbers or students or colleagues.                       connected to any of the Internet backbones. This
D. Note that email is not guaranteed to be private.           includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of
     People who operate the system do have access to all      computer viruses.
     mail. Messages relating to or in support of illegal
     activities may be reported to the authorities.           LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER
E. Do not use the network in such a way that you would
     disrupt its use by others.                               The library is for student research and reading use. In
F. All communications and information accessible via          order to ensure that all students may enjoy the use of the
     the network should be assumed to be private              facility, the following policies have been established:
G. No student may use the network or the Internet for
                                                                 A student is allowed to have two books checked out
     personal/material gain or other unethical or unlawful
                                                                  at a time.
                                                                 Books may be renewed for two weeks.
                                                                 All school rules must be observed in the library.
                                                                  Students must arrive on time and be prepared to
                                                                 Upon entering the library, the student is to put his/her
                                                                  pass on the check out desk and sign in on the sheet
                                                                 When leaving the library, the student must have
                                                                  his/her pass signed by the librarian.
                                                                 Reference books and magazines are to be used in the
                                                                  library only. They cannot be checked out.
                                                                 Gym bags and book bags are to be left at the check
                                                                  out desk. They cannot be taken into the library.
                                                                 Any student who has long overdue books, more than
                                                                  two overdue books, or chronically misbehaves in the
                                                                  library may not use the library without special

    permission from the Librarian, Assistant Principal, or     first aid. If follow-up care is needed, or if the child
    Principal.                                                 cannot remain at school, the parents/guardians will be
   Full replacement cost must be made before the end of       notified.
    the year for any lost book or any book defaced
    beyond repair or participation in extracurricular          Student Illness
    activities (e.g., Field Day, Talent Show, Video Year
    Book Presentation, Eighth Grade Celebration, field         Students may arrange for an appointment with the nurse
    trips etc.) will be jeopardized.                           to discuss any health problem. Excluding emergency
                                                               situations, students are requested to have a pass from a
LOCKERS                                                        teacher in order to report to the nurse's office.

Students are assigned lockers at the beginning of the          If a student becomes ill and must be dismissed, the school
school year. For security, lockers must be locked at all       nurse will notify his/her parent/guardian. A
times. Students should not share their locker combination      parent/guardian or his/her delegate will be expected to
with anyone. Students are not to change lockers or             transport the ill student home. If the nurse sends a student
remove any article from another student’s locker.              home from school that absence from school is considered
                                                               an excused medical day.
Each student is responsible for maintaining a neat and
clean locker for the entire school year. Nothing is to be      Medication
attachedaffixed to the outside of the locker. Magnets are
the only acceptable method of attaching anything to the        The policy of the Franklin Public Schools as mandated by
inside of lockers. No locker is to be written on or defaced    the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 105
in any manner. Student lockers will be checked for             CMR, 210.000 Regulations Governing the Administration
neatness, cleanliness, and inappropriate posters or pictures   of Prescription Medications in Public and Private Schools
affixed to the inside of lockers.                              is that medication is not to be dispensed without a written
                                                               order from a licensed prescriber as described in
Any violation of these locker rules may be subject to          105CMR210:002 and written parental consent. This
disciplinary action taken by the Assistant Principal or the    includes over-the-counter medication and medicinal
Principal as described in the Rules and Regulations            substitutes such as nutritional supplements. These orders
section of this Handbook. Lockers are the property of the      must be renewed as necessary and at the beginning of
school and therefore subject to search.                        each academic year. All medications must be in the
                                                               original container, properly labeled and delivered to the
Gym Lockers                                                    school nurse by a responsible adult (parent/guardian or
                                                               designee). No more than a thirty (30) day supply will be
Each student is issued an individual locker for physical       accepted at one time.
education equipment. There is no charge for these lockers,     Medication may be retrieved by the parent at any time and
but students are expected to keep their lockers in good        the medication will be destroyed if it is not picked up
condition. In the case of the athletic lockers, the padlock    within one week following termination of the order or one
must be returned at the close of the school year or a          week beyond the close of school.
charge of $5.00 will be made.
                                                               All medications will be stored in a locked cabinet or when
NURSE/HEALTH/SAFETY                                            required in a locked box in a refrigerator in the nurse’s
                                                               office. All medications shall be dispensed by an RN
Franklin school nurses are integral members of the             (including on field trips) with the exception of inhalers
educational team who assist children and youth to develop      that may be self-administered by students, if deemed safe
to their full potential. A comprehensive school health         and appropriate by the school nurse, in grades 5 through
program includes delivery of health services and health        12. Appropriate school staff shall be notified of
education which directly contributes to the student’s          medication administration by the school nurse (or
education as well as the health of the family and              student’s self administration) with parent/guardian
community.                                                     consent, if not in violation of confidentiality. Students are
                                                               responsible for documenting usage of the inhaler and
A school nurse is available for parents/guardians and          must report weekly to the school nurse. Most prescription
children at the school on a daily basis. Students who are      medication is available in a 2 or 3 times a day dosage
ill or injured are urged to tell a school professional         form. Parents/Guardians should inquire about the
immediately. They should not allow a minor problem to          availability of these medications from their physicians.
become a major one by not bringing it to the attention of a    This will eliminate the need to take medication during the
school professional. In the event of serious injury or         school day years..
illness at school, the school nurse will provide immediate

Medication may be retrieved by the parent/guardian at         Communicable Diseases: A student showing signs of ill
any time and the medication will be destroyed if it is not    health or of being infected with a disease shall be sent
picked up within one week following termination of the        home as soon as safe and proper conveyance can be
order or one week beyond the close of school.                 arranged and shall remain at home until the
Medical Waiver                                                communicable condition has been resolved to the
                                                              satisfaction of the school nurse.
Medication may be retrieved by the parent at any time.
The medication will be destroyed if not picked up within      Parent/Guardian help and cooperation are essential to
one week following termination of the order or one week       prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as
beyond the close of school.                                   conjunctivitis (pink eye), strep infections and viruses.
Medical Waiver: In order for a student to be granted a        Students under treatment for conjunctivitis and strep
medical excuse from any course(s), including physical         throat must stay out of school for the first 24 hours of
education, a doctor's certificate designating the length of   antibiotic treatment. A child who has been ill with a fever
time and the reasons must be given to the school nurse.       or symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea should not return to
                                                              school until he/she has been symptom-free for 24 hours.
Immunization: TThe School Immunization Law,
Chapter 75, Section 15 of the General Laws states: no         Pediculosis: Franklin Public Schools have a "nit free"
child shall be admitted to school except as hereinafter       policy which means a student treated for head lice will not
provided: The provisions are: A physician’s certificate       be readmitted to school until there are no nits observed by
listing immunizations given and/or the diseases the child     the school nurse.
has had; a A physician’s certificate stating immunization
is contraindicated for health reasons, or a                   Screenings
parent’s/guardian’s statement that immunization conflicts
with religious beliefs.                                       Screenings: All children in grade 7 are screened for
                                                              vision and hearing. Parents/Guardians of those children
The law requires immunization against diphtheria,             failing to pass either of these screenings will be notified.
tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, measles,          It then becomes the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to
mumps and rubella (German measles). Principals are            see that proper professional follow-up is completed.
responsible for refusing school admittance to children
who have not had the required immunizations or who are        Postural Screening
not otherwise exempted as explained above.             Un-
immunized or partially immunized children whose private       Postural Screening:         Postural screening will be
physicians certify they are in the process of receiving the   conducted in the Franklin School System on all students
required immunizations shall be regarded as in                in grades 5 through 9, as mandated by law. Every student
compliance with the law. However, all immunizations           will be screened and will not be exempt unless a note
must be complete for admission to kindergarten.               from a private physician is provided, stating that the
                                                              postural screening has been completed during the
In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Public           academic year starting in June.
Health requires HIB immunization for all students in
preschool programs as a condition of school attendance.       Initial screening will be conducted in PE classes in late
A second dose of measles vaccine will be required for         February into March by the nurse or the physical
entry into 7th grade until 2002. Effective September 1996     education staff who have been trained to conduct these
a second dose of measles vaccine will be required for         screenings. All students with questionable findings will
entrance into kindergarten. Hepatitis B vaccine and proof     be referred to the school nurse. Re-screens will be
of lead screening are also required for kindergarten entry    completed by the nurse after which recommendations will
for all children born on or after January 1992. A Td          be made.
(tetanus/diphtheria) booster is required in grades 10-12.
                                                              Since this is a health concern that is likely to develop
Physical Examination                                          during the adolescent years of rapid growth, it is
                                                              important to be assessed annually. TAlthough this
Physical examinations: State law requires that all            screening is usually done during a physician’s annual
students present evidence of a physician’s physical           exam, and it must be specifically noted by the physician,
examination during their seventh grade year.                  such as "postural screening negative" or "scoliosis
Communicable Diseases
                                                              PERSONAL PROPERTY AND VALUABLES
The ASMS administration strongly discourages students
from bringing excess money or valuable items to school.
Excess money or valuable items should not be stored in
lockers. Under no circumstances does the Town of
Franklin, Annie Sullivan Middle School, the
administration or the staff, assume liability for personal
possessions brought to school.

PROMOTION                                                       TEXTBOOKS/BOOKSS
                                                                                                                               Formatted: Normal, Justified, Tab stops: Not
Grade Six students must achieve a passing grade in all          Proper care and maintenance of textbooks is mandatory.         at 0.25" + 0.31"
major subjects (Mathematics, English/Language Arts,             All textbooks must be covered at all times to prevent
Science, and Social Studies) for two of the three terms in      damage and unnecessary wear.          Proper care and
the academic year.                                              maintenance of textbooks is mandatory and students must
                                                                keep textbooks covered at all times. Books may not be
Grade Seven students must achieve a passing grade in all        defaced, marred, thrown on the floor, or jammed with
major subjects (Mathematics, English/Language Arts,             papers that will force the bindings.
Science, and Social Studies) for two of the three terms in
the academic year.                                              You may use grocery store bags or book socks to cover
                                                                books. Do not use book socks that are too small for the
Grade Eight students must achieve a passing grade in all        textbook that you are covering as they can damage the          Formatted: Line spacing: single
major subjects (Mathematics, English/Language Arts,             books or texts permanently. Do not use contact paper or
Science, and Social Studies) for two of the three terms in      adhesive paper to cover books or textbooks.
the academic year.
                                                                It is the responsibility of the student and/or
                                                                parents/guardians to provide restitution for any damaged
                                                                books. Full replacement cost must be made before the
SUMMER SCHOOL                                                   end of the year for any lost book or any book defaced
                                                                beyond repair if a student is allowed to participate in
Franklin students may earn credit during summer school          extracurricular activities (e.g., Field Day, Talent Show,
provided:                                                       Video Year Book Presentation, Eighth Grade Celebration,
                                                                field trips etc.) will be jeopardized.
 In a year course, the student has passed two
 Administrative approval is given.
                                                                All parents/guardians or visitors coming into the school
TEACHERS’ PERSONAL ITEMS                                        are welcome. Visitors must sign in with the secretary in
                                                                the Main Office before proceeding to any other section of
                                                                the school. A pass or badge will be issued at the time of      Formatted: Justified
Teachers’’s desks, tables, files, cabinets, and personal
                                                                sign-in and must be returned before exiting the school.        Formatted: Indent: Left: 0"
property are their personal belongings and are strictly off
limits to students. Students may only approach any of
                                                                To avoid interruptions in the educational process of our
these items if asked to do so by a teacher. Removing any
                                                                students, parents/guardians or visitors are requested not to
teacher’s items will be considered theft and will result in
                                                                enter classrooms or meet with teachers without a
disciplinary action by the Assistant Principal or Principal
                                                                prearranged appointment.
as described in the Rules and Regulations section of this
                                                                Students not enrolled at Annie Sullivan Middle School
                                                                will not be allowed to visit without written permission of
                                                                the     Assistant    Principal     or     the    Principal.

                                       STUDENT RECOGNITION
GRADING/MARKS                                                   based upon school wide set of criteria. Grades or Marks
                                                                should reflect the level of mastery of certain standards
Grades or Marks are the fundamental way we                      and criteria as set by the State and the Franklin Public
communicate with students and parents/guardians about           Schools. At Annie Sullivan Middle School grades/marks
students' progress in reaching their educational goals. It is   include, but are not limited to, the following data:
important as a school community that we have common
understanding about our grading/marking system.                         classroom participation
                                                                        effort
Grades or Marks reflect the measure or level of mastery                 tests and quizzes
that a student has achieved in a subject. Within the                    classwork
policies and guidelines of the school system and the                    homework
school, teachers are charged with the responsibility of                 special projects and reports
grading students. Marks must be fair and accurate and

Teachers will communicate their grading/marking system         Mission Cards are earned when a student has
to students and parents/guardians at the beginning of the      demonstrated that he/she has realized success in one of
school year in a letter home.                                  the aforementioned areas. A brochure that contains forty-
                                                               two plus examples of ways that students can earn these
Report cards are issued three times a year. Students           recognitions is distributed at the beginning of the school
receive a letter grade for each class using the following      year. One of the overarching goals of this program is to
parameters:                                                    demonstrate to students that effort, hard work and attitude
                                                               do matter!
A+       97 or Above         C        73-76 Inclusive
A        93-96 Inclusive     C-       70-72 Inclusive          A student who earns a “Mission Card in one of the four
A-       90-92 Inclusive     D+       67-69 Inclusive          areas: Personal Growth, Academic Standards, Culture and
B+       87-89 Inclusive     D        63-66 Inclusive          Community will place their card(s) in the appropriate
B        83-86 Inclusive     D-       60-62 Inclusive          fishbowl in the Main Office and are then eligible for a
B-       80-82 Inclusive     F        Below 60                 free movie ticket given monthly. Five names in each
C+       77-79 Inclusive                                       grade level fishbowl are drawn randomly each month.

                                                               This program is entering its second full year and has been
HONOR ROLL                                                     proven to be very successful.

In order to attain the Honor Roll, a student must not have     ANNIE SULLIVAN AWARD
any grade lower than B- or an incomplete grade.
                                                               Purpose: To recognize two eighth grade students at the
PROGRESS REPORTS/REPORT CARDS                                  end of the eighth grade year (one male, one female) who
                                                               best exemplify Annie Sullivan’s (the woman for whom
We have high academic expectations for each student.           the school is named) qualities as well as the school’s
Communicating how a student is performing at school is         ideals and principles, as presented in the Annie Sullivan
an important part of the learning process. There are eight     Mission Statement.
six reports that will be sent home during the year:
                                                               History: This Award was established in the 2006-2007
Progress Report   October 17, 2007                             school year by a committee comprised of Student Council       Formatted: Font: Italic, Font color: Auto
Report Card       December 5, 2007                             representatives. The Student Council believed that an         Formatted: Font: Italic, Font color: Auto
Progress Report    January 30, 2008                            award be established to recognize two students who were
Report Card       March 19, 2008                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Italic, Font color: Auto
                                                               exemplary role models to their peers, their school and
Progress Report   May 5, 2007                                  their community. We are very proud to introduce and           Formatted: Font: Italic, Font color: Auto
Report Card       June 19, 2008                                establish this Award at Annie Sullivan Middle School.         Formatted: Font: Italic, Font color: Auto

Progress reports are sent home midway through each term                                                                      Formatted: Font: Italic, Font color: Auto
                                                               Qualification: After researching Annie Sullivan and the
to make students and parents/guardians aware of the            origins of the Annie Sullivan Mission Statement, it was
student’s overall progress on his/her academic team.           determined that the eighth grader who would be
Report cards with the final term grades are distributed at     considered for the award would exhibit the following
the end of each marking term. Progress Reports and             qualities or attributes:
Report Card must be signed by a parent/guardian and
returned to school within three days.                                  Rises to challenges
                                                                       Focused
ANNIE SULLIVAN             POSITIVE       RECOGNITION                  Constructive
PROGRAM                                                                Dedicated
                                                                       Role Model/Leader
                                                                       Passionate
MISSION CARDS                                                          Ability to improve and grow
                                                                       Inclusive
This program is an opportunity for the students and staff              Encouraging
to live the mission of ASMS. It recognizes students for                Perseverance
their efforts, positive attitude, hard work, academic and/or
personal success, as well as positive contributions to their   Process: At the Eighth Grade Step Up Ceremony, the
community. This program is directly connected to the           Principal and Assistant Principal will announce the names
Annie Sullivan Mission Statement found on page 4 of this       of the recipients and award a plaque. The names of the
Handbook.                                                      final nominees will also be read and acknowledged.

                                     RULES AND REGULATIONS
One of the many goals at Annie Sullivan Middle School is        CODE OF CONDUCT
the establishment of a positive school climate that affords
all students the opportunity to have the best educational       The Code of Conduct guides our actions and words. All
experience possible. This climate can only be realized in       students and staff deserve the opportunity to work and
an atmosphere where students and staff are respectful to        learn in an environment of respect and trust. Students are
one another. Middle school is a time of growth and              responsible for knowing the school rules and
maturation and a place to learn how to make appropriate         understanding the importance of abiding by the thosethese
choices. Middle school is also a place to learn that            rules throughout the school year, both at school and at
unacceptable behavior and the violation of school rules         extra-curricular activities. It is expected that the Code of
has appropriate and reasonable consequences, some quite         Conduct and Courtesy Code will be followed by all
serious.                                                        members of the Annie Sullivan Middle School
                                                                Definition of Disrespectful Conduct/Harassment
Every effort is made at all levels to help students assume
responsibility for managing their own affairs within the        Disrespectful conduct/harassment is any form of behavior
school setting. Generally, teachers and students settle         that interferes with another person’s sense of safety,
classroom discipline matters in a cooperative fashion.          dignity, comfort, or productivity in the school
However, more difficult matters may be resolved with the        environment. Prohibited conduct may include but is not
help of the team, Adjustment Counselor, the School              limited to the following when it relates to a person’s
Psychologist, parents/guardians, Assistant Principal, or        gender, race, color, ethnicity/national origin, religion, age,
Principal.                                                      disability, sexual orientation, physical appearance,
                                                                physical/mental capacity and when such conduct is
The use of a student warning system is in place in each         unwelcome by the recipient or others:
teacher’s classroom and in the case of recurring behaviors
and/or repeated issues with homework completion and                     Name      calling    (verbal/written),    teasing,
Office Referral may be used.                                             mimicking, slurs or other derogatory remarks
                                                                        Offensive graffiti, symbols, posters, pictures,
Sometimes a student may be asked to leave a particular                   cartoons/caricatures, notes, book covers or
class where, in the teacher’s judgment, the student’s                    designs on clothing
presence is a disruption to the academic process. A                     Phone calls, text messages, emails, and/or instant
student may be suspended from school for serious                         messages, or postings on any web sites which
misbehavior if thata student’s presence poses a continuing               would embarrass, humiliate, hurt, or intimidate
danger to persons or property, or poses an on-going issue               Touching a person or touching a person’s
of disruption to the academic process. In instances where                clothing
a suspension may result, the student and parent                         Words, pranks, or actions which would
areparent(s)/guardian(s) are notified of the incident and                embarrass, humiliate, hurt or intimidate
are entitled to a hearing to discuss the concerns and the               Stalking or following
disciplinary action.                                                    Spreading false and malicious gossip or starting
                                                                         rumors which would embarrass, humiliate, hurt
If a student is suspended from school, he/she is required                or intimidate
to make up work. The work must be made up within a                      Discrimination
reasonable period of time following the guidelines
established when a student is ill.. Any incident that           These behaviors are considered harassment when they:
endangers the well being or safety of a student, faculty
member, or the school plant will be dealt with on an                    Have the purpose or effect of creating an
individual basis at the discretion of the Assistant Principal            intimidating hostile or offensive school or work
or the Principal, regardless of the student’s prior record.              environment
                                                                        Have the purpose or effect of substantially or
Any student who assaults a Principal, Assistant Principal,               unreasonably interfering with an individual’s
Teacher, ESP (teacher’s aide), or other educational staff,               academic or work environment
on school premises or at a school-sponsored or school-                  Otherwise adversely affect an individual’s
related event, including athletic games, may be subject to               educational opportunities
expulsion from the school or school district by the
Principal. The student will be suspended and a hearing          Students may be suspended for disrespectful conduct
will be held with the Principal to consider expulsion of        and/or harassment.
the student. Police will be notified if warranted.

DETENTION (CLASSROOM/OFFICE)                                       1.   One or more detentions                               Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
                                                                        Office detention                                     Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
All teachers will handle discipline violations, that occur in           2.       Temporary or permanent removal from
their respective classrooms. Teachers may assign                         a class
detentions, notify parents/guardians, and implement                     3.       Exclusion from extracurricularLoss of
consequences consistent with the infractions. Teacher                    attendance at school functions
detention has priority over home commitments, work,                     4.       Mandatory parent/guardian visit to
office detention and other after school activities. It is                school or school function to remove a student
imperative that the student understands that he/she must                5.       Academic probation
accept    the     consequences     of his/her        actions.           6.       IAssignment to in-school suspension
Parent/guardian help and support is critical to student                 7.       Out-of-school suspension
success.                                                                8.       Notification of proper authorities
                                                                         (Franklin Police/Fire)
Grounds for detention include, but are not limited to:

     Striking, tripping, or pushing another student or        EXCLUSION FROM SPECIAL EVENTS                                 Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
       staff member
     Bullying                                                 Attendance at special events held throughout the year is a
     Intimidation, humiliating, harassing, or verbal          privilege earned. Students may be excluded from special
       abuse of another student or staff member                 events based on academic performance or behavioral
     Sexual harassment                                        considerations. Events include, but are not limited to:
     Language that is threatening or violent in nature        field trips, the annual talent show, video production
       and that could pose a threat to the safety of the        presentations, field day activities, and student social
       school community                                         activities (dances, sports nights etc.). If students engage
     Unexcused tardiness to school                            in disruptive and/or inappropriate behavior during special
                                                                events, they will be asked to leave.
     Failure to report to teacher detention
     Failure to bring a written excuse for absence
     Violation of Cafetorium regulations                      SUSPENSION
     Repeated tardiness to class
     Running, pushing or roughhousing in the halls            A student may be removed from a classroom for a
     Repeated failure to return required forms,               designated period of time for continuous or serious
       progress reports, tests, quizzes, etc.                   misconduct in a classroom that interferes with the
     Inappropriate classroom behavior                         educational process of other students. Written
     Inappropriate display of affection                       documentation of the incident will be kept on file;
     Dress code violation (after one warning)                 parents/guardians will be notified. The length of the
     Wearing a hat during school day (after warning)          suspension is determined by the Principal or Assistant
     Removal from class due to disruptive behavior            Principal and is determined by the seriousness of the
     Failure to report to Office when sent by a school         offense or the student’s record of previous school
       professional                                             infractions.
     Vandalism or defacing school property                                                                                  Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
       (Restitution will be required)                           Investigative Procedures
     Graffiti
     Violation of bus regulations                             When the school receives a complaint or information of        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
     Inappropriate behavior in assemblies, on field           inappropriate conduct by a student, the Assistant
       trips, etc.                                              Principal, Principal or other designated staff member may
     Gambling                                                 conduct an investigation. Except in extraordinary
                                                                circumstances the parents/guardians of the student(s)
     Loitering after school
                                                                being investigated will not be contacted by the school
     Plagiarism, forgery, cheating or lying
                                                                until the investigation is complete. Generally the school
     Violation of the Courtesy Code and/or the Code
                                                                will contact parents/guardians only if it has been decided
       of Conduct                                               to impose a discipline/sanction.
     Missing homework                                                                                                        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
                                                                During the course of the investigation, school personnel
In the event that classroom or office detentions have not       may talk to witnesses, and may search students, students’
significantly altered the student’s behavior the Assistant      lockers or possessions and take other appropriate
Principal or Principal will assign, at his/her discretion,      investigative steps. The student(s) being investigated may
any of (but not limited to) the following consequences          be removed from class for all or part of the school day
consistent with the code of conduct:                            during the investigation.

Grounds for Suspension                                              Being in an unauthorized area of the school
                                                                     building (E.g.: teacher’s room when the teacher
Reasons for student suspension include, but are not                  is not present)
limited to, the following infractions of the Code of               Being in school or on school grounds after being     Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
Conduct:                                                             dismissed
                                                                   Trespassing on school property
      Use and/or being under the influence,                       Graffiti                                             Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        possession, transfer or sale of a controlled               Repeated bicycle or skateboard violations            Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        substance and/or alcohol before, during, or after          Inappropriate bus behavior
        school or at any school activity including field           Throwing snowballs
        trips                                                      Hazing as defined by Massachusetts General
      Fighting in school, during a school function or              Laws, Chapter 269, Section 17.
        activity (The administration shall have the                Insubordination
        latitude to determine who is at fault and the               Violation of bus rules and regulations
        effect the incident has had on the safety of the            Violation of the Courtesy Code or Code of
        school community due to the severity and                     Conduct
        location of the fight. The consequence will be             Any offense the school administrators deem           Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        administered accordingly)                                    serious.
      Bringing a weapon to school or use of weapons
        (guns, knives, including a pen knife)               A conference with the parent/guardian and the Aassistant
      Unauthorized use of fire extinguishers              Pprincipal is required before suspended students are
      Possession of incendiary devices                    allowed to return to class. This conference cannot be
      Possession of imploding devices or “stink            completed over the telephone unless waived by the
        bombs”                                              Principal or Assistant Principal.
      False alarms                                                                                                      Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
      Harassment                                          Students involved with any type of suspension will not be
      Sexual harassment                                   allowed to participate in or be present at any school
      Violence or threats to another person, treating     related function/activity during the time of suspension.
        another person in a manner as to deprive the
        student of his/her education                        In-School Suspension/Out of School Suspension
      Discrimination/harassment as defined in this
        handbook                                            In-school and out of school suspensions may be assigned
      Theft                                               for any of the infractions previously listed. The severity
      Extortion                                           and/or frequency of an offense will determine the length
      Gambling                                            of the suspension. Students will be allowed to make up all
      Defacing or malicious destruction of school         academic work during an in-school or out of school
        property                                            suspension, including tests, if their conduct during the
      Vulgar language or gestures                         suspension warrants it.
      Refusing to comply with a reasonable request
        from a staff member                                 The severity and/or frequency of an offense will
      Failure to report to the Office when sent by a       determine the length of the suspension. In school and out
        school professional                                 of school suspensions carry the same weight. An in school
      Disrespect to any school professional or            or out of school suspension is determined based on the        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        authorized visitors                                 decisionat the discretion of the Assistant Principal or
      Repeated inappropriate displays of affection         Assistant Principal.
      Use of any forbidden items                                                                                        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
      Smoking at any time in school or on school          Typically a first offense, other than a drug/alcohol or
        grounds                                             violent offense, results in a detention or probation.
      Forgery                                             However, an administrator may deem that a first offense
      Truancy                                             warrants an in-school or an out of school suspension.
      Cutting/skipping class
      Cutting/skipping office detentions                   If a student is suspended from school he/she is required to
      Missing a class and not reporting to office upon    make up work. The work must be made up within a               Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        arrival to school when requested to do so by a      reasonable period of time at the teacher(s) discretion.
        school professional
      Leaving the building without permission

Suspension of Students with Disabilities                             be used as the basis for developing specific
                                                                     strategies to address your child’s problematic
PROCEDURES FOR DISCIPLINING STUDENTS                                 behavior.
WITH DISABILITIES                                                   Prior to any removal that constitutes a change in
                                                                     placement, the school must inform you that the
In general, all students are expected to meet the                    law requires the school district consider whether
requirements for behavior as set forth in the student                or not the behavior that forms the basis of the
handbook and the school’s code of conduct.          In               disciplinary action is related to your child’s
accordance with Chapter 71B of the Massachusetts                     disability.    This consideration is called a
General Laws and with federal law IDEA 2004: Section                 “manifestation determination”. Parents have a
615(k), the school may suspend or remove your child                  right to participate in this process. All relevant
                                                                     information will be considered including the
from his or her current placement for no more than 10
                                                                     IEP, teacher observations, and evaluations
school days. Special provisions are outlined below for
students with a documented disability who have an
                                                                    At a manifestation determination meeting, the
Individualized Education Program (IEP).                              Team will consider:
Suspension of Students with Disabilities                                           >Did the student’s disability cause
                                                                                   or have a direct and substantial
Procedures for suspension(s) not exceeding 10 school                               relationship to the conduct in
days:                                                                              question?
     Any student with a disability may be suspended                               >Was the conduct a direct result of
       for up to ten (10) days during a school year.                               the district’s failure to implement
       Disciplinary decisions are the same as for                                  the IEP?
       students without disabilities.
     Special circumstances exist if your child:                    If the manifestation determination decision is
       possesses, uses, sells or solicits illegal drugs on           that the disciplinary action was related to the
       school grounds or at a school-sponsored event;                disability, then you child may not be removed
       carries a weapon to school or a school-sponsored              from the current educational placement (unless
       event; or inflicts serious bodily harm upon                   under the special circumstances). The Team will
       another person at school or a school-sponsored                review the IEP and any behavioral intervention
       event. Under these circumstances, the principal               plans.
       may place your child in an interim alternate                 If the manifestation determination decision is
       educational setting (IAES) for up to 45 school                that the disciplinary action was not related to the
       days. Your child may remain in this IAES for a                disability, then the school may suspend or
       period of time not to exceed 45 school days.                  otherwise discipline your child according the
       Thereafter, your child will return to the                     school’s code of conduct. During the period of
       previously agreed-upon placement unless a                     time of removal from school that exceeds 10
       hearing officer has ordered another placement, or             school days, the school district must provide
       you and the school agree to another placement.                educational services that allow your child to
                                                                     continue to make educational progress.
       Procedures for suspension of students with a
        disability when suspension exceeds 10 school         School personnel will provide Notice of Procedural
        days.                                                Safeguards for students with disabilities prior to any
       If your child is suspended for more than 10          suspension exceeding 10 school days in one school year.
        school days in a school year, this removal is        The Notice of Procedural Safeguards will provide an
        considered a “change of placement”. A change         explanation of the process should there be disagreement
        of placement invokes certain procedural              regarding the manifestation determination or any
        protections under federal special education law.     placement decision. Parent, guardian and/or student may
       Prior to any removal that constitutes a change of    petition Bureau of Special Education Appeals for a
        placement, the school will convene a Team            hearing. Until issues are resolved, the student remains in
        meeting to develop a plan for conducting a           his or her current placement.
        functional behavioral assessment (FBA) that will

                                                              The following procedures are to be used in referring        Formatted: Tab stops: 0.25", Left + 0.31",
                                                              suspected child abuse:                                      Left
                                                              Any school staff member who suspects that a child
According to Massachusetts law, a teacher is a mandated       has been abused shall report this as soon as possible
reporter of suspected child abuse or neglect. Based on        to the principal and administrator of Pupil Personnel
legal requirements of Chapter 119, Section 51A of the         Services on the day of observation.             After
Massachusetts General Laws, guidelines, procedures and        notification and consultation with the school
information memoranda have been prepared to provide           psychologist, the principal will notify the
direction for school staff members in identifying and         Department of Social Services by telephone and
reporting suspected child abuse/neglect cases. Personnel      within two (2) working days submit a written report
should be aware that by state statute they are immune         (Form 51A) to:
from civil or criminal liability when reporting suspected
child abuse/neglect cases. Failure to report may result in             Department of Social Services
a fine of up to $1000.00.                                              185 Church Street
                                                                       Whitinsville, MA 01588
Franklin Public School teachers or other employees who                 508-234-6213
suspect a child is being abused or neglected shall report
the following information to the principal as soon as         COMMUNICABLE DISEASES
                                                                  When there is a confirmed case of a serious
1.   Name and address of the child and parent/guardian            communicable disease (i.e. salmonella, pertussis,
2.   Child's gender                                               meningitis), the school nurse will immediately
3.   Nature and extent of the child's injuries, abuse or          contact principal, pupil services office and
     neglect                                                      superintendent of schools. In consultation with
4.   Any evidence of prior injuries, abuse or neglect             administrative personnel, the nurse will determine
5.   Action, if any, taken to treat, shelter, or assist the       with the MDPH epidemiologist the guidelines for
     child                                                        notification, exclusion and treatment of close
6.   Name of the person or persons making the report              contacts. Copies of all letters will be sent to
7.   Other pertinent information                                  superintendent for review before dissemination.

School employees shall not contact the child's family or          1.   The director of Pupil Personnel Services and
any other persons to determine whether the child is in                 school nurse, in consultation with building
need of protection. However, it should be noted that                   principal will be responsible for:
nurses and school counselors should carry out their                        a. Determining close contacts as defined
normal duties in talking with parents/guardians about                           by MDPH
actions and physical hurts of children.                                    b. Notifying parents of close contacts by
                                                                                letter and/or phone, depending on the
Any personal interview or physical inspection of the child                      urgency of seeking preventative
should be conducted in a professional manner.                                   treatment
                                                                           c. Assigning additional personnel to assist    Formatted: Font: Bold
Definitions of Abuse and Neglect                                                with notification (i.e. guidance,
                                                                                secretarial staff, ESP’s)
Abuse means the infliction, by other than accidental                       d. Providing general notification to staff
means, of physical harm upon the body of a child.                               and the school community as indicated
Neglect means the failure to provide necessary food, care,
clothing, shelter, or medical attention for a child.              2.   School nurse will contact health care
                                                                       professionals in other schools if close contacts
Cases of reported abuse or neglect are to remain                       and/or siblings are involved.
confidential. Discussion of these situations is limited to
appropriate meetings with school staff members who have           3.   School nurse shall be responsible for direct
a need to know or authorized personnel from the                        communication with family, physicians and all
Department of Public Welfare or the Children's Protective              health care agencies.
                                                                  4.   Students with a significant medical disability
Procedures for Reporting Cases of Child Abuse                          requiring a Section 504 Plan and/or and
                                                                       Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) will be

         contacted by the school nurse, (as per the health      suspension     from    employment,       or    employment
         plan), if they may be impacted by the spread of a      termination.
         communicable disease within the school
         community.                                             Step 2: Superintendent

Complaint and Grievance Policy                                  In the event a complainant or subject of a complaint
                                                                disputes the result of the investigation, he/she may further
Policy                                                          appeal to the Superintendent of Schools within ten (10)
                                                                school days of the Coordinator’s decision. Any request
                                                                for appeal shall me made in writing. The Superintendent
It is the policy of the Franklin Public School District to
                                                                shall meet with the parties to hear the appeal, and shall
provide learning and working environment free from
                                                                review the records of the investigation. The
discrimination and harassment.           Staff or student
                                                                Superintendent shall issue a decision within ten (10) days
complaints of discrimination or harassment based upon
                                                                of the hearing.
sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age,
or sexual orientation should be brought to:
Discrimination/Harassment        Complaint     Coordinator,
Franklin Public Schools, Administration Office, 355 East        Step 3: School Committee
Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038. The policy and
procedures set forth herein shall apply to complaints           Further appeal may be made to the School Committee
pursuant to state and federal laws, including: Title VI of      within ten (10) school days of the Superintendent's
the Civil Rights act of 1964; Title IX of the Education         decision. Such appeal must be made in writing. The
Amendment of Act of 1972; Section 504 of the                    School Committee will hear the complaint and make a
Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans With                  determination within ten (10) school days of the School
Disabilities Act; and Massachusetts General Laws,               Committee Hearing.
Chapter 151B.
                                                                CORPORAL PUNISHMENT
                                                                Corporal Punishment is prohibited by the Franklin Public
All grievances shall be processed in a fair, expeditious        Schools.
and confidential manner.        When a complaint of
discrimination or harassment is made, the following             Corporal punishment includes but is not limited to the use
investigative and appeal procedures will be followed:           by any staff member of any type of physical force or
                                                                contact, physical redirection, verbal abuse or demeaning
                                                                of an individual student or group of students in a
Step 1: Discrimination/Harassment Complaint
                                                                classroom or at a school sanctioned event. Corporal
Coordinator                                                     punishment also includes damaging or destroying of a
                                                                student’s personal property or school property assigned to
Complaints may be made verbally or in writing to the            a student.
Coordinator, who has authority to investigate all
grievances. Complaints should be made promptly, within          Upon receipt of a complaint of corporal punishment, the
a short time after the occurrence, giving rise to the           Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee will
complaint, to assure a prompt investigation and fair            conduct an investigation in accordance with
resolutions.    All complaints will be thoroughly               Massachusetts General Laws.
investigated. Both the complainant and the subject of the
complaint will be interviewed and given a full opportunity
to state their case. Witnesses, if any, will also be            EDUCATIONAL     SERVICES               TO      STUDENTS
interviewed. A record will be kept of each investigation.       IDENTIFIED AS HOMELESS
The complaints will be investigated within a reasonable         Section 725 (2) of the McKinney-Vento Homeless
time, usually not to exceed ten (10) school days after the      Assistance Act, which applies to the Franklin School
complaint has been received. Both the complainant and           District, defines homeless children and youths as:
the subject of the complaint will be informed of he result
of the investigation, in writing. If the complain is               individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate
substantiated, the Coordinator will refer the matter to the         nighttime residence or have a primary nighttime
proper supervisor or administrator for appropriate                  residence in a supervised, publicly or privately,
disciplinary action. For students, discipline may include a         operated shelter for temporary accommodations
warning or reprimand, in school or out of school                    (including welfare hotels, congregate shelters, and
suspension, or expulsion from school. Discipline of                 transitional housing for the mentally ill), an
school staff will be consistent with collective bargaining          institution providing temporary residence for
procedures, if applicable, and may include reprimand,               individuals intended to be institutionalized, or a

    public or private place not designated for or             and services to teach language skills to students as rapidly
    ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation       and effectively as possible.
    for human beings.
This definition includes:

    children and youth who are sharing the housing of
     other persons due to loss of housing, economic
     hardship, or a similar reason; are living in motels,
     hotels, trailer parks, or camping grounds due to the
     lack of alternative adequate accommodations; are
     living in emergency or transitional shelters; are
     abandoned in hospitals; or are awaiting foster care
    children and youth who have a primary nighttime
     residence that is a public or private place not
     designed for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping
     accommodation for human beings;
    children and youth who are living in cars, parks,
     public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard
     housing, bus or train stations;
    migratory children (as such term is defined in Section
     1309 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
     of 1965) who qualify as homeless because they are
     living in circumstances described above; and
    unaccompanied youth a youth not in the physical
     custody of a parent or guardian.

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance
Act requires that school districts immediately enroll a
homeless student, even if they do not have the documents
usually required for enrollment, such as school records,
record of immunizations, medical records or proof of
residency. Homeless youth covered by the Act may also
be entitled to other services or program benefits, such as
transportation or reduced/free lunch.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS                                                                                                    Formatted: Underline, Small caps

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 71A defines an
English Language Learner as “a child who does not speak
English or whose primary language is not English and
who is currently not able to perform ordinary classroom
work in English.” As required by Chapter 71A, Title VI
of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related federal
statutes, educational services for English Language
Learners (ELL) are based on the individual needs of the
student. Professional staff assesses student needs and
develops strategies and interventions and services which
will enable the student to acquire language skills and
access the educational curriculum.

Services provided to English Language Learners are
designed to minimize barriers to educational services and
extracurricular activities and to provide an appropriate
education in the least restrictive learning environment.

The Franklin Public Schools is committed to teaching
English to students whose primary language is not
English. Personnel will provide instructional supports

HATE CRIMES                                                     In addition, the incident and name of student will be
                                                                reported to the Franklin Police Department for
The Franklin Town Council has adopted Resolution 96-            investigation and prosecution.
                                                                This policy is disseminated in the following manner:
Be it resolved by the Town Council:
                                                                1. It is presented to and reviewed with all students in
1.   That the Town of Franklin declares a zero tolerance        homeroom on the first day of school, at which time
     policy for all hate crimes in the form of any overt        students must sign for the receipt of their handbook.
     action motivated by bigotry and bias, including a
     threatened, attempted, or completed overt act              2. Each coach/captain and each advisor/club president
     motivated by racial, religious, ethnic, handicap,          presents and reviews the law at the beginning of the
     gender, or sexual orientation prejudice, or which          season/activity. A form which certifies this review is
     otherwise deprives or seeks to interfere with or           signed by both the coach/advisor and captain/president
     disrupt the exercise of a person's constitutional rights
                                                                and is then submitted to the principal.
     by threats, intimidation or coercion.
                                                                3. All signed homeroom forms and coach/advisor forms
2.   That the Town of Franklin's public officials and
     officers be charged to pursue such policy by fully         are kept on record in the principal's office.
     applying the powers of enforcement established
     under the Massachusetts General Laws at Chapter            4. Verification of the above process is then submitted to
     22C @ 32; Chapter 265, S37 and S39; and Chapter            the State Department of Education.
     266, S127A; and Chapter 272.
                                                                HEALTH EDUCATION
CHAPTER 269, S.17 CRIME                    OF    HAZING:
DEFINITION: PENALTY                                             The Franklin Public Schools, in compliance with federal
                                                                and state regulations, developed a comprehensive health
                                                                education program, which is implemented in our
Whoever is a principal organizer or participant in the
                                                                secondary schools. This program, developed in
crime of hazing, as defined herein, shall be punished by a      consultation with the Community/Health Education
fine of not more than three thousand dollars or by              Advisory Council, strives to promote the health and
imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than a       wellness of the student population and to enable them to
year, or both such fine and imprisonment.                       make informed decisions during their adolescent years.

The term "hazing" as used in this section and in sections       As part of this comprehensive health program topics
eighteen and nineteen, shall mean any conduct or method         involving human sexuality are discussed and studied.
of initiation into any student organization, whether on         Topics such as dating relationships and communication
public or private property, which willfully or recklessly       skills, abstinence, birth control, abortion, homosexuality
endangers the physical or mental health of any student or       and tolerance, prevention of HIV/AIDS and other
person. Such conduct shall include whipping, beating,           sexually transmitted diseases are all explored as part of
branding, forced calisthenics, exposure to the weather,         the comprehensive high school health curriculum.
forced consumption of any food, liquor, beverage, drug or
other substance, or any other brutal treatment or forced        Under Massachusetts State Law and School
physical activity which is likely to adversely affect the       Committee Policy, parents/guardians may exempt
physical health or safety of any such student or other          their child from any portion of the curriculum that
person, or which subjects such student or other person to       involves human sexuality. To receive an exemption
extreme mental stress, including extended deprivations of       please forward a written request to the Franklin High
sleep or rest or extended isolation.                            School Principal prior to October 1, 2007. Students
                                                                exempted for this portion of the curriculum will not be
                                                                penalized and will be provided with an alternative
Not withstanding any other provisions of this section to
the contrary, consent shall not be available as a defense to
any prosecution of this action. Added by S. 1985, c.536;
                                                                If you would like to review curriculum materials or learn
amended by St. 1987,c.665, c.665.                               more about the curriculum, please contact the Director of
                                                                Health Education, Ms. Mardi Donovan.
Any student who takes part in the organization of or who        Ms. Donovan can be reached at 508-541-2100, extension
is a participant in the crime of hazing shall be suspended      3150.
from the club, event, or activity to which the hazing was
related and from all other clubs, events, or activities in
which he/she is a participant.

INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORTS                                         355 East Central Street
                                                               Franklin, MA 02038
Each building will have a School-Based Support Team
(SBST) or Student Assistance Team (SAT) to provide a           Section 504 Coordinator
resource to teachers who express a concern about a child's     Ms. Joanne Cudmore
difficulty in mastering the general education curriculum.      Assistant Special Education Director
The team may suggest adjustments and strategies to             355 East Central Street
enable the teacher to work with a student in a more            Franklin, MA 02038
effective manner. The team may consist of the following
personnel:                                                     Title II Liaison
                                                               Ms. Maureen Sabolinski
         School     Psychologist/School      Adjustment        Assistant Superintendent of Schools
         Counselor                                             355 East Central Street
         Regular Education Teachers                            Franklin, MA 02038
         Administrator/Principal, Assistant Principal or
         Head-Teacher                                          Title VI Civil Rights Officer
         Related Service Providers/Speech/Language             Harassment / Grievance
                                                               Ms. Maureen Sabolinski
*Special Educators may consult with the team but may           Assistant Superintendent of Schools
only serve in an advisory role.                                355 East Central Street
                                                               Franklin, MA 02038
Pre-referral is not an automatic pathway to a referral for
special education evaluation. The team in consultation         Title IX Officer
with parents/guardians may make a referral at any time;        Ms. Maureen Sabolinski
however, the pre-referral process should focus on              Assistant Superintendent of Schools
providing instructional supports and strategies to teachers.   355 East Central Street
                                                               Franklin, MA 02038
District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)
    As part of the principal's role as instructional leader   Ms. Lisa O’Keefe
     the administrator must annually consult with the          Director Human Resources
     School Improvement Council to develop a menu of           355 East Central Street
     instructional supports to meet the needs of learners      Franklin, MA 02038
    These instructional supports are articulated in a
     building based Curriculum        Accommodation Plan       MANAGING    LIFE-THREATENING    FOOD
     (CAP) that is required by MGL c. 71-38Q effective         ALLERGIES   IN    THE     EDUCATIONAL
     January 2001                                              ENVIRONMENT
    The Curriculum Accommodation Plan must be
     updated annually and the supports must be                 Franklin Public Schools recognizes that students with life-
     implemented as part of the regular education              threatening      food    allergies    require    reasonable
     program.                                                  accommodations necessary to ensure access to available
                                                               education and education-related benefits. It is the policy
LIAISONS/COMPLAINT OFFICERS                                    of Franklin Public Schools that the management of life-
                                                               threatening food allergies be accomplished in compliance
Individuals with Disabilities /Special Education Director      with applicable state and federal regulations. Franklin
Ms. Linda Waters                                               Public Schools implements this policy and administrative
Director Pupil/Personnel Services                              procedures pursuant to the guidelines established by the
355 East Central Street                                        Massachusetts Department of Education, in a document
Franklin, MA 02038                                             entitled, “Managing Life-Threatening Food Allergies in
                                                               Schools” and other reliable resources relating to this
Homeless Liaison                                               issue.
Ms. Linda Waters                                               It is the policy of the school committee to establish age-
Director Pupil Personnel Services                              appropriate guidelines for students within the school
355 East Central Street                                        district in order to minimize the risk of students with life-
Franklin, MA 02038                                             threatening food allergies (LTA). The guidelines
                                                               established might include building-based medical
English Language Learner Liaison                               emergency plans, the implementation of Individual Health
Ms. Linda Waters                                               Care Plans (IHCP) that includes an individualized
Director Pupil Personnel Services                              emergency plan, effective training programs for

personnel, students, and consultation with appropriate          facilitate regular communication and cooperation between
medical specialists.                                            the parties in areas of mutual concern.
                                                                This MOU is an internal document between the parties
The Franklin Public Schools maintains the expectation           and does not confer any rights, privileges or obligations
that specific building-based guidelines/activities will be      nor is it enforceable as against the parties hereto in any
established to ensure that the health needs of all students     court, administrative hearing, or other forum. Any
will be met in the least restrictive environment. In order to   written or oral communication between the parties of the
assist students with developing the skills necessary to         MOU will be protected b y all laws relating to privacy
participate in all educational programs, building-based         and confidentiality. This MOU is in addition to, and does
teams will communicate with parents/guardians and               not supplant, policies of the FPS with regard to
students to allow the student to gradually assume more          disciplinary procedures and codes of student conduct
responsibility for maintaining their safety as they advance     which are not or my be formulated and published in any
from elementary school to secondary school.                     student handbook.

The Franklin Public Schools has developed a                     The parties hereby agree that in order to provide a "safe
protocol/guidelines for the management of life threatening      educational zone" for the FPS the following policies will
food allergies. Building-based teams will consult with          be established:
parents/guardians, and where applicable the student, to
develop a safe and effective health plans so that the           I. Official Response to Reports of Serious Acts of
student will be able to access all educational programs. If     Violence, Weapons, Hate Crimes or Drug
appropriate, the school-based team may indicate on the          Distribution
IHCP and/or the 504 Plan that the student will carry the
EPI-Pen on his/her person. Where this is a                          1. The FPS, through its superintendent or his/her
recommendation all necessary training procedures and                designee, shall continue to promptly notify the FPD
guidelines articulated in the policy will be adhered to.            liaison of any information regarding any "serious act
                                                                    of violence." A serious act of violence shall include,
Parents/Guardians of children placed in the same                    but not be limited to, any actual or threatened assault
classroom with a child presenting with a Life-Threatening           involving at least one student against another student,
Food Allergy will be informed in writing and are                    teacher, administrator, employee or member of the
requested to be sensitive to needs of children with these           school community occurring in a school facility, or
types of significant food allergies. We ask that                    on school property and/or in connection with a school
parent/guardians comply with requests to inform the                 function, which results in bodily injury and/or
teacher when sending in any type of snack for the class.            involved the possession or use of a weapon.

                                                                    The FPS, through its superintendent or his/her
                                                                    designee, shall continue to promptly notify the FPD
MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                                         liaison of any instance where a "weapon" is
                                                                    possessed by or taken from a student within the
Preamble                                                            school, on school grounds or surrounding area, or in
                                                                    connection with a school function. A weapon
This Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") is                         includes any item as defined in Massachusetts
established between the Franklin Public Schools ("DPS"),            General Laws Chapter 269, Section 10, and any other
Franklin Police Department ("FPD"), and Norfolk County              object that FPS, in its discretion, feels warrants
District Attorney's Office ("NCDAO") regarding the                  further attention by FPD.
establishment of a protocol for the reporting and                   The FPS, through its superintendent or his/her
coordination of response to incidents of violence or other          designee, shall continue to promptly notify the FPD
illegal activity within FPS facilities or at any school             liaison of any information regarding the distribution
related activities. The MOU is intended to foster and               of drugs within the school, on school grounds or
ensure an environment in which students, teachers,                  surrounding area, or in connection with a school
parents/guardians, administrators, employees and                    violence.
members of the school community may participate in the
educational process without fear of violence or other               2. The FPD shall assign an officer to serve as liaison
illegal activity. Toward the end, there shall be a "Zero            with the FPS. The FPD shall continue to make the
Tolerance" policy regarding serious acts of violence,               liaison officer available to FPS during school hours.
weapons, hate crimes and drug distribution within and on            The liaison officer shall receive report from the FPS
the school grounds of the FPS. A zero tolerance policy              superintendent or his/her designee regarding serious
means that such incidents will not be tolerated in the FPS          acts of violence, the possession or use of weapons,
and violators will be referred for disciplinary action,             incidents of hate crimes or the distribution of drugs
evaluation and/or prosecution in an expeditious fashion.            within the school, on school grounds or surrounding
Initially, this MOU will establish a protocol to foster and         area, or in connection with a school function. The

     FPD liaison shall investigate such cases and, where       all students and staff. As part of a comprehensive
     appropriate, refer such cases to NCDAO for                approach to safety, all schools have a physical restraint
     prosecution. The FPD shall promptly notify the            policy in place with procedures, which follow the
     NCDAO of any reports of weapons, distribution of          Department of Education Regulations (766 Reg. 603
     drugs, hate crimes or serious acts of violence.           CMR 46.00). If a student's behavior poses a threat of
                                                               imminent harm, he/she may be restrained until calm.
     3. The NCDAO shall coordinate any case involving          Qualified, trained staff carries out specific procedures and
     a child over the age of eleven which involves serious     parents/guardians are notified. For further information,
     acts of violence, weapons, hate crimes or drug            contact your child's school.
     distribution with the FPD liaison and the FPS. Such
     cases will be evaluated by NCDAO and prioritized          NO SMOKING POLICY
     for prosecution where appropriate. The NCDAO
     shall make every effort to consult with the FPS           The Franklin School Committee prohibits the use of any
     superintendent or his/her designee and FPD                tobacco products within the school buildings, the school
     liaison regarding appropriate conditions of               facilities, on the school grounds or school vehicles
     pretrial recognizance during the pendency of the          including buses by any individual, including school
     juvenile or criminal case. The NDCAO shall make           personnel, consistent with Massachusetts General Laws,
     every effort to consult with the FPD and FPS              Chapter 71, Section 37H.
     regarding the disposition recommendation of such
     cases. In any case involving serious acts of violence,
     weapons, hate crimes or distribution of drugs, it shall
                                                               PUBLICATION OF NAMES
     be the policy of the NCDAO not to recommend a
                                                               The school plans to publish the names of students in
     dismissal or pre-trial probation on any such case,
                                                               certain situations. Examples of this include: Honor
     except for extraordinary circumstances and only after
                                                               Society induction, sports assemblies, term honor rolls,
     consultation with liaisons of both the FPS and FPD.
                                                               special awards and assemblies, college acceptances and
                                                               graduation. If a student does not wish to have such
     The NCDAO shall report any felony delinquency
                                                               information released to the news media or printed in
     complaint or adjudication to the appropriate FPS
                                                               school programs, the student must inform the principal in
II. Discretionary Reporting of Any Illegal Activity
                                                               ".SECTION 504 SERVICES FOR STUDENT’S WITH
     1. In addition, the FPS, FPD and NCDAO shall              DISABILITIES
     establish regularly scheduled meetings to discuss the
     implementation and monitoring of this Agreement.          SERVICES FOR STUDENT’S WITH DISABILITIES
III. Roundtable Meetings                                       Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits
                                                               discrimination against persons with a disability in any
     1. The FPS, FPD and NCDAO shall establish                 program receiving federal financial assistance. Section
     regularly scheduled meetings to discuss the               504 defines a person with a disability as anyone who:
     implementation and monitoring of this Agreement.
                                                               1.   has a mental or physical impairment which
     2. Such roundtable meetings shall occur monthly,               substantially limits on or more major life activities
     unless by a suggestion of the parties, it is necessary         such as caring for one's self, performing manual
     or appropriate to meet more frequently. The parties            tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing,
     may also invite other officials (e.g., DYS, Probation)         learning and working.
     to participate as appropriate.                            2.   has a record of such impairment; or
                                                               3.   is regarded as having such an impairment.
     3. To the extent permitted by law, the parties shall
     share information regarding the implementation of         The Franklin Public Schools District acknowledges its
     the Agreement.         The parties agree that any         responsibility under Section 504 to avoid discrimination
     information acquired during roundtable meetings           in policies and practices regarding its personnel and
     shall be confidential and subject to privacy              students. No discrimination against any person with a
     restrictions established by law.                          disability shall knowingly be permitted in any program or
                                                               practices in the school district.
NON-VIOLENT        PHYSICAL                        CRISIS
INTERVENTION/PHYSICAL RESTRAINT                                Under Section 504, the school district has the
                                                               responsibility to identify, evaluate, and if the student is
All schools and programs within the Franklin Public            determined to be eligible under Section 504, to afford
Schools strive to maintain safe learning environments for      access to appropriate educational services.

                                                                Under these definitions, direct or implied requests by a
If the parent/guardian or person in parental relationship       supervisor for sexual favors in exchange for actual or
disagrees with the determination made by the professional       promised job benefits such as favorable reviews, salary
staff of the school district, he/she has a right to a hearing   increases, promotions, increased benefits, or continued
with an impartial hearing officer.           Any questions      employment constitutes sexual harassment.
concerning the implementation of policy and procedures
may be directed to:                                             The legal definition of sexual harassment is broad and in
                                                                addition to the above examples, other sexual oriented
Section 504 Coordinator                                         conduct, whether it is intended or not, that is unwelcome
Pupil/Personnel Services Office                                 and has the effect of creating a workplace environment
Franklin Public Schools                                         that is hostile, offensive, intimidating, or humiliating to
355 East Central Street                                         male or female workers may also constitute sexual
Franklin, MA 02038                                              harassment.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT                                                    While it is not possible to list all those additional
                                                                     circumstances that may constitute sexual
INTRODUCTION                                                         harassment, the following are some examples of
                                                                     conduct, which if unwelcome, may constitute sexual
It is the goal of the Franklin School Committee to                   harassment depending upon the totality of the
promote a workplace that is free of sexual harassment.               circumstances including the severity of the conduct
Sexual harassment of employees, students, and/or all                 and its pervasiveness:
other individuals conducting business in any Franklin
Public School facility, occurring in the workplace or in                Unwelcome sexual advances – whether they
the settings which employees may find themselves in                      involve physical touching or not;
connection with their employment is unlawful and will                   Sexual epithets, jokes, written or oral references
not be tolerated by this school district. Further, any                   to sexual conduct, gossip regarding one’s sex
retaliation against an individual who has complained                     life; comment on an individual’s body, comment
about sexual harassment or retaliation against individuals               about an individual’s sexual activity, deficiencies
for cooperating with any investigation of a sexual                       or prowess;
harassment complaint is similarly unlawful and will not                 Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures,
be tolerated.                                                            cartoons;
                                                                        Unwelcome leering, whistling, brushing against
Because the Franklin Public School takes allegations of                  the body, sexual gestures, suggestive or insulting
sexual harassment seriously, the Superintendent or his/her               comments;
designee will respond promptly to complaints of sexual                  Inquiring into one’s sexual experiences; and
harassment and where it is determined that such                         Discussion of one’s sexual activities.
inappropriate conduct has occurred, he/she will act
promptly to eliminate the conduct and impose such               COMPLAINTS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT
corrective action as is necessary, including disciplinary
action where appropriate.                                            If any employees, students, and/or individuals
                                                                     conducting business in any Franklin Public School
DEFINITION OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT                                      facility believe that they have been subject to sexual
                                                                     harassment, they have the right to file a complaint
In Massachusetts, the legal definition for sexual                    with the school district. This may be done in
harassment is this:                                                  writing or orally with the following personnel:
“sexual harassment” means sexual advances, requests for
sexual favors,                                                                 Assistant Superintendent of Schools,
 and verbal or, physical conduct of a sexual nature when:            District Compliance Officer
                                                                                  Central Office, 355 East Central Street
(a) submission to or rejection of such advances,                                  Phone: 508-553-4819
requests or conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly
a term or condition of employment or as a basis for                           Director of Human Resources
employment decisions; or,                                                        355 East Central Street
                                                                                 Phone: 508-553-4810
(b) such advances, requests or conduct have the purpose
or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s                    Building Principal      and/or   Department
work performance by creating an intimidating, hostile,               Director/Manager
humiliating or sexually offensive work environment.
                                                                SEXUAL HARASSMENT INVESTIGATION

When the complaint is received it will promptly be                  The U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil
investigated in a fair and expeditious manner, usually not          Rights
to exceed ten school days. The investigation will be                222 J.W. McCormack Post Office & Courthouse, 7th
conducted in such a way as to maintain confidentiality to           Floor
the extent practicable under the circumstances. The                 Boston, MA 02109-4557
investigation will include a private and confidential               617-223-9662
interview with the person filing the complaint and with       LEGAL REFERENCES :
the witnesses. The person alleged to have committed           M.G.L. 151 B, Section 3A ; 603 CMR 26.00
sexual harassment will also be interviewed. When the          Title VII, Section 703, Civil Rights Act of 1964 as
district has completed its investigation, it will, to the     amended (now known as 42 USCS § 2000e-2 )
extent appropriate inform the person filing the complaint     EEOC Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C.
and the person alleged to have committed the conduct of       1681 et seq. (Title IX)
the results of that investigation. A written record will be    34 CFR Part 106
kept of each investigation and a written report will be
issued to the Superintendent of Schools                       STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHS
DISCIPLINARY ACTION                                           During the year, we often take photographs of students,
                                                              parents/guardians, teachers, and school activities and may
If it is determined that inappropriate conduct has been       include these pictures on school bulletin boards, in school
committed by an employee, the Superintendent or his/her       and PCC publications, in local newspapers, and on our
designee will take such action as is appropriate under the    web site. Students’ addresses and phone numbers will not
circumstances. Such action may range from counseling to       be included with any information posted on the web site.
termination of employment, and may include such other
forms of disciplinary action, as the Superintendent deems     If you DO NOT want your child’s photo to appear in             Formatted: Font: Bold
appropriate.                                                  these public places, please complete the form provided
                                                              with this handbook, sign it, and return it to school by
STATE AND FEDERAL REMEDIES                                    October 1, 2006.
If sexual harassment has occurred, an individual may file     This policy shall not limit the right to publish photographs
a formal complaint with any of the following government       of any student participating in school sports, school plays
agencies set forth below. Using the complaint process of      or concerts or other activities in the public domain. For
the Franklin Public Schools does not prohibit an              more information on this School Committee policy, or
individual from filing a complaint with these agencies.       obtain a copy of this policy and additional information
Each of the agencies has a short time period of filing a      from the Principal.
claim (EEOC – 180 days; MCAD – 6 months).

     The United States Equal Employment Opportunity           STUDENT RECORDS
     Commission (“EEOC”)
     1 Congress Street – 10th Floor                           In January 1975, the State Board of Education adopted
     Boston, Massachusetts 02114                              regulations pertaining to student records.             The
     (617) 565-3200                                           development of these regulations, which have the force of
                                                              law, was mandated by state laws enacted in 1972 and
     The     Massachusetts   Commission            Against    1974. The regulations apply to all public elementary and
     Discrimination (“MCAD”)                                  secondary schools.       They are designed to insure
                                                              parents'/guardians’ and students' rights of confidentiality,
         Boston Office:                                       inspection, amendment, and destruction of student
         One Ashburton Place, Room 601                        records, and to assist school authorities in their
         Boston, Massachusetts 02108                          responsibilities for the maintenance of student records.
         (617) 727-3990                                       Under ordinary circumstances, when releasing records,
                                                              students should allow up to five (5) school days for
         Springfield Office:                                  processing.
         424 Dwight Street, Room 220
         Springfield, Massachusetts 01103                     The parent/guardian and student may request to have parts
         (413) 739-2145                                       of the record interpreted by a qualified professional of the
                                                              school, or may invite anyone else of their choosing to
     Massachusetts Department of Education                    inspect or interpret the record with them.
     350 Main Street
     Malden, MA 02148                                         Pursuant to Mass. General Laws Chapter 71, Section 34E
     781-388-3300                                             and Section 23.01(3) of the Massachusetts Student
                                                              Records Regulations, a parent/guardian of a student has
                                                              the right to inspect his or her child's student record

regardless of the student's age. Under Section 23.07(2)         of Education Regulations. Any individual who by court
(a) of the regulations, parents/guardians and "eligible         order does not have physical custody of the student is
students" (those fourteen or older or in a least the ninth      considered a non-custodial parent for purposes of M.G.L.
grade) have the right upon request to a copy of any             71, & 34H, 603 CMR 23.07 and this policy. This
information in the student record. However, Section             includes parents who by court order do not reside with or
23.01 (3) of the regulations permits a student eighteen or      supervise the student, even for short periods of time. The
older to limit his or her parent's/guardian’s right to a copy   school district will follow the law and the regulations
of some or all of the information in the record by              developed by the Massachusetts Department of Education
submitting a written request to the principle or                to standardize the process by which public schools
superintendent. A copy of such request must be kept in          provide student records to parents who do not have
the student record and honored by school officials.             physical custody of their children (“non-custodial
Confidentiality of Records
                                                                As required by M.G.L.71, § 34H, a non-custodial parent
With a few exceptions, no individuals or organizations          may have access to the student record in accordance with
but the custodial parent/guardian, student and school           the following provisions.
personnel working directly with the student are allowed to
have access to information in the student record without            (a) A non-custodial parent is eligible to obtain
the specific, informed, written consent of the                          access to the student record unless:
parent/guardian or the student. In addition, any person                     1. The parent has been denied legal
inspecting or releasing information in the temporary                             custody based on a threat to the safety
record must note which portion was inspected or released                         of the student or to the custodial parent,
and for what purpose in a log that is kept as part of the                        or
temporary record.                                                           2. The parent has been denied visitation or
                                                                                 has been ordered supervised visitation,
Amendment of Records                                                             or
                                                                            3. The parent’s access to the student or to
The parent/guardian and student have the right to add                            the custodial parent has been restricted
relevant comments, information, or other written                                 by a temporary or permanent protective
materials to the student record.         In addition, the                        order, unless the protective order (or
parent/guardian and student have the right to request that                       any subsequent order modifying the
information on the record be amended or deleted. The                             protective order) specifically allows
parent/guardian and the student have a right to a                                access to the information contained in
conference with the school principal to make their                               the student record.
objections known. Within a week after the conference,
the principal must render a decision in writing. If the             (b) The school shall place in the student’s record
parent/guardian and student are not satisfied with the                  documents indicating that a non-custodial
decision, the regulations contain provision through which               parent’s access to the student’s record is limited
the decision may be appealed to higher authorities in the               or restricted pursuant to 603 CMR 23.00.
school system.
                                                                    (c) In order to obtain access, the non-custodial
Destruction of Records                                                  parent must submit a written request for the
                                                                        student record to the school principal.
The regulations require that certain parts of the student
record, such as the temporary record, be destroyed a                (d) Upon receipt of the request the school must
certain period of time after the student leaves the school              immediately notify the custodial parent by
system. School authorities are also allowed to destroy                  certified and first class mail, in English and the
misleading outdate, or irrelevant information in the record             primary language of the custodial parent, that it
from time to time while the student is enrolled in the                  will provide the non-custodial parent with access
school system. Before any such information may be                       after 21 days, unless the custodial parent
destroyed, the parent/guardian and student must be                      provides the principal with documentation that
notified, and have an opportunity to receive a copy of any              the non-custodial parent is not eligible to obtain
of the information before its destruction.                              access as set forth in 603 CMR 23.07.

Access to Student Records for Non-Custodial                         (e) The school must delete the electronic and postal
                                                                        address and telephone number of the student and
                                                                        custodial parent from student records provided to
                                                                        non-custodial parents. In addition, such records
As required by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71,                    must be marked to indicate that they shall not be
Section 34H, a non-custodial parent may have access to                  used to enroll the student in another school.
the student record in accordance with law and Department

     (f) Upon receipt of a court order, which prohibits        Since 1991 and every two years thereafter, students in
         the distribution of information pursuant to           grades 6-12 in the Franklin School District have been
         M.G.L. 71, §34H, the school shall notify the          involved in a very important survey regarding health
         non-custodial parent that it shall cease to provide   risks. This survey is an important source of information
         access to the student record to the non-custodial     that impacts curriculum, counseling and interventions to
         parent.                                               assist students at risk. The survey is voluntary and strictly
                                                               anonymous. A copy of the survey and the results are
LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 71:34D; 71:34H; 603 CMR 23.07               available through the Health and Physical Education
Adopted: September 26, 2006                                    Department office, which is located in Franklin High
                                                               School. Parents/guardians not wishing their children to
Student Surveys                                                participate must notify the building principal, in writing,
                                                               within the first ten days of school.

The Franklin Public School System does not discriminate on the basis or race, color, religion, national origin, age,
gender, sexual orientation, or disability in admission to, access to, employment in, or treatment in its programs and

The Franklin Public School System is committed to maintaining a school environment free of harassment based on
race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Harassment by administrators
certified and support personnel, students, vendors, and other individuals at school or at school-sponsored events is
unlawful and is strictly prohibited. The Franklin Public School System requires all employees and students to conduct
themselves in an appropriate manner with respect to their fellow employees, students and all members of the school


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