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					Select the Proper Bat

•   Comfortable Stance
•   Stride and Hands (Load)
•   Quick Swing Straight to Ball
•   Long Follow Through
• Make sure that players can handle their
• Too heavy of a bat lead to inconsistent
Observation: Hitters are NOT Robots
• Grip: Knocking Knuckles Aligned
  – Bat in Fingers NOT in Palm
• Feet: little wider than Shoulder Width
• Head: Turned to Pitcher
  – See the Pitcher with BOTH Eyes
• Hands: Near Head, At or Above Shoulder
  – This will vary from person to person
• Brief, synchronized movement with the
  hands and the lead leg in preparation of
  the swing
• Hands slightly move towards catcher
• Front Leg moves towards Pitcher
• Stride and Hands should be SET before
  the ball gets to the plate
• Stride and Hands go EVERY pitch
• Recognize a pitch to swing at
• Quick Fire of the Back Knee
  – Continues to move to form a “Power L”
• Hands straight to contact
  – Bat to Follow
• Eyes See Contact
• Throw the Bat Head at the Ball
• On Contact, Extend Through the Ball
  – Power Triangle
How do you hit Home Runs?
           *Drive the Ball by getting Backspin
• Backspin: Occurs when the bat hits the
  ball through the bottom 1/3 and the ball
  stays on the bat
• Power Triangle keeps the ball on the bat a
  split second longer, creating back spin
• Maintain a Firm Front Leg until Contact
  has ended
One of the best Power hitters. Hits well to RF b/c keeps hands
inside ball but still hits line drives. Also, Whether ball is HIGH
or LOW, he adjusts with his hands but BASE is the same.
                             #1: Weight distribution of about 60/40 in favor of back side.
                             #2: Hands move back a little with stride, head stays still.
#3: Hands straight to
ball, ball to left-center.
Also, head over the knee
and eyes on the ball.
#4: Extension through
ball. Power Triangle.
#5: Long back swing &
still firm front side.
#6: Completed back
swing and ready to run.
#1 & #2: Look at the consistency in his lower
half, even though the ball is at two different
#3 & #4: Notice how he stays inside the
baseball on #3 and lets the ball get deep to hit it
to Left Field. The only adjustment he makes to
pull the ball is hitting the ball out in front of the
Notice: Keep your
head over your
back knee to
remain balanced
and your eyes on
the ball
                                       Even though Ichiro isn’t a power guy, notice the similarities with
                                       Ichiro and Pujols in picture #3. He still hits off a firm front leg and
                                       has a “Power L” although it is less distinctive.

Ichiro has a high leg kick (#1) but                                            In the bottom picture, notice
he still is in the same position to                                            how through his swing his head
hit as others are before the ball is                                           remains on the same plane.
to the plate (#2).                                                             This allows for better vision of
                                                                               the ball.
Notice here that his head maintains placement on
the shoulder in #1 & #2. This provides stability and
easier vision of the ball. Also note: in #2, hands go
back slightly as his left leg goes forward
Notice the approach to the ball in #1 & #2. Short to
ball with solid contact in #3. and the extension in #5.
Look how in #4 his head is down with the “Power L”
on the backside.

                                     #6: Long Follow
                                     Through. Admire
                                     the work that you
                                     have done.
Starts high and unorthodoxed:
finishes in a great position (#5) to
hit the ball hard and far. Has a firm
front side, Power L, Power Triangle,
and great extension.
Swinging a bat is much like swinging an axe.
In #1 check out his firm front leg and his
“Power L.” #2 you can see the developing
“Power L” and the split second before
extension and the Power Triangle.
                                                    1) READY EARLY
#1: Everyone should be in this position, ready      2) SET THE ANGLE
for the ball with the angle already set
                                                    3) LEVEL BAT
#2: Straighter back, leg to the ground, level bat
                                                    4) GET IT DOWN
                                                    5) NEVER DROP BAT HEAD
#3 & #4: Eye level with the bat and squat down
1. Recognize it will hit
2. Roll shoulder into the
3. Take it in the meat of
    the body

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