Livestock Sale Rules 2012

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					      Loudoun County Fair – 2012 Livestock Sale Rules

     Beef Steers – Must grade select or better and weigh at least 900 lbs.
     Sheep – Must grade Choice or better and weigh at least 92 lbs.
     Goats – Must grade Select or better and weigh at least 50 lbs.
     Market Hogs – Must grade US No. 2 or better and weigh 220 to 285 lbs.
     Rabbits –Must be between 12 and 52 weeks of age.
     Poultry—Market birds must be between 6 and 8 weeks of age. All other American
     Poultry Association birds must be between 5 and 18 months of age.
     Only livestock that meet these requirements may be shown in market classes.

2. The decision of the graders is final. There will be NO re-grading.

3. Loudoun Fair Committee will appoint a weigh master to weigh all market animals prior to
   Livestock Sale. If an owner disagrees with the weight of his/her animal at the time of
   weighing, the animal will be taken off the scale and immediately placed back on the scale.
   The decision of the weigh master is final. There will be NO re-weighs.

4. All 4-H and FFA project animals must show in their respective conformation class in order to
   be eligible for the livestock sale.

5. Selling Fees: The selling fee shall be based on the total cost of the sale and is not to exceed
   5% per animal.

6. Number of animals to be sold:
      BEEF, SHEEP, GOATS, AND SWINE – Each exhibitor may sell only one animal per
      species with the exception that the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion must be sold.
      RABBIT – Each exhibitor may make one sale.
      POULTRY – Each exhibitor may sell one lot of up to 3 birds, cannot contain more than
      one male.

7. Animals going through the sale ring must be sold to the highest bidder if the bid is not under
   current market price. The current market price will be determined on the week of the sale
   based on local prices for the particular type and grade of animals to be sold. To protect the
   seller, the sales committee reserves the right to refuse questionable bids.

8. All animals sold through the sale ring that are designated to go to the Farmer’s Livestock
   Exchange must go to the Exchange; not to a private buyer.

9. Transportation to market will be provided at no cost to the buyers for all large animals sold in
   the Loudoun Fair Livestock Sale. Transportation of rabbits and poultry is the responsibility of
   the purchaser.

10. A transportation fee will be charged to the seller of all private sale animals (those who do not
    go through the sale ring) if transported by the Livestock Sale Committee.

11. All animals are to be shipped unfitted.

12. The seller will be responsible for the animal until the time of shipment.

13. A check-off fee will be deducted from sale of beef, sheep, goat, and swine sold in the
    Loudoun Livestock Sale.

                                                                                     Revised May 6, 2012
14. The United States Department of Agriculture Wholesome Meat Act applies to the sale of
    market livestock sold during the Loudoun County Fair.

        a.   Animals must be in good health and carcasses free of drug or chemical residues.
        b.   Animals must have met required withdrawal periods for antibiotics and
        c.   Drug label directions for use and withdrawal periods must have been followed.
        d.   If drug or other chemical residues are found in the blood, the entire carcass may be

    If violation levels of drug or other chemical residues are found in the blood of animals sold
    through the sale or sales connected with the Loudoun County Fair, said show will in no way
    be liable or responsible for conditions of carcass or sale price of animal. Exhibitor forfeits all
    rights to the sale proceeds which shall be returned to the purchaser. In addition, exhibitor
    forfeits all fair premiums, ribbons and placings. Before administering antibiotics and/or
    sulfonamides, consult a licensed practicing veterinarian, or label directions of the drugs.

15. All market animals entered in the fair are subject to testing for the presence of illegal or
    unethical use of drugs, chemicals, and feed additives. The fair designated veterinarian must
    do any testing with owner present.

16. Market animals determined by the Fair Veterinarian and Agricultural Superintendent to have
    levels of drugs in violation will be disqualified. The ranking of other animals in the show will
    remain unchanged regardless of the test results (i.e. – Reserve Champion would not be
    moved to Grand Champion should the Grand Champion be disqualified because of a positive
    drug test).

17. Exhibitors who violate the show rules regarding illegal or unethical use of drugs, chemicals,
    and feed additives will be prohibited from exhibiting animals for the next four (4) years at the
    Loudoun County Fair.

18. Grand and Reserve Champion animals of all the market classes will be tested for drug levels
    within a timely manner following their respective shows. The Livestock Sale Committee will
    notify the selected slaughterhouse when the animal can be released.

19. In the event of a positive drug test the sale is void. The seller is responsible for all processing
    costs of any animal testing positive.

20. To the extent possible, net proceeds from the sale will be distributed to sellers within 45 days
    of the sale. Under no circumstances will sale proceeds be distributed prior to the completion
    of blood testing.

21. Loudoun Fair Committee has the right to amend the Loudoun County Fair Livestock Rules.

22. All private sale animals are the responsibility of the seller and buyer. The fair is not
    responsible for the care and welfare of these animals.

                                                                                       Revised May 6, 2012

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