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									Volume I                                                                   OMTL-419
General Administration                                                     R. 6/1/12

MS 0060                    CASE TRANSFER PROCEDURES                               (1)

   [Hard copy case files will continue to be mailed to the recipient’s county of

   The following procedures are used to transfer an active or pending case on
   KAMES between counties:

   A.   When a household reports moving to another county, the sending county:

        1.   Enters the new address and county code and previous verification
             code. Do not pend the change for verification. Residence will be
             verified at the next recertification.

        2.   Documents case comments regarding any outstanding issues relating
             to the case.

        3.   The designated staff transfers the case to the appropriate county
             caseload code. This code is located by entering “?” in the new
             caseload field on the case reassignment field. Online help displays the
             designated caseload codes for county transfers.

        4.   Enters “N” to “Send Notice”.

        5.   Prepares form PAFS-25, Transfer of Case Record or Material.

        6.   Mails the archival case material to the appropriate county office.
             Addresses for all DCBS offices are located at

        7.   Annotates form PAFS-116, Case History Folder, that ongoing
             documentation is available in ECF.]

   B.   In the receiving county of residence:

        1.   Designated caseload staff person receives a spot check “Case
             Transferred in-Do Reassign” the first work day after the sending
             county makes the caseload change.

        2.   The case is reassigned to the appropriate worker and “Y” is entered to
             “Send Notice?”

        3.   The DCSR of the new worker will display all spot checks and other
             messages relating to the case.

   C.   If a recipient reports the change of address to the new county of residence
        or the worker otherwise becomes aware that an active case exists in
        another county:

        1.   Advise the recipient to notify the post office in the old county of
             residence so mail can be forwarded.
MS 0060                                                                           (2)

       2.   Contact the worker in the old county and request the case be

       3.   Conduct or reschedule a recertification interview if it is the final month
            of the certification period and no recertification interview has been

  D.   Accept applications, changes, and verification from a recipient or
       representative regardless of the individual’s county of residence. DCBS
       staff is responsible for providing the information to the appropriate office.

  E.   Designated staff in a county reassigns a case on KAMES from one
       caseworker to another in the same county by selecting function “R – Case
       Reassignment” on the KAMES Main Menu. Complete the screen, from left
       to right.

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