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									 Auto Guidance Systems.

By Adam Wood
Assisted Steering Systems.

     Auto steering uses Global Positioning System
     (GPS) to guide the sprayer through the field.

     Electro hydraulic steering is required.
         This can be factory installed or bought as an
          aftermarket ad-on.
  Here's How Auto Steering
Set the first pass (Track 0) from the In cab display.

The system will "draw" lines that are parallel to Track

Simply press a button on your tractor's Command Arm,
and AutoTrac will steer your tractor down these
parallel lines.

Once you are at the end of the row simply turn the
tractor around press the Resume switch on the
tractor’s Command Arm and let go of the wheel.
 Accuracy Within Each System.
AutoTrac       Recommended Application                        Accuracy

AutoTrac SF1   Tillage, Pull-Behind Sprayer, Air Seeding      +/- 13-in.

AutoTrac       Planting, Self-Propelled Sprayer, Broad-Acre   +/- 4-in.
   SF2            Harvesting

AutoTrac RTK   Bedding, Strip Till, Drip Tape                 Sub-Inch
                  Irrigation Repeatability                       Repeatable
        Benefits of Auto Steering.

Reduce Operator Fatigue
   More comfortable working hours
   Increased awareness of machine functions

Optimize Machine Efficiency
   Operate at faster field speeds
   Reduce per acre fuel consumption
   Reduce overlap on implements and sprayers

Increase Yield
   Cover more acres with fewer hours of operation
   Centralize compaction due to planned traffic patterns on fields
   More accurate placement of agronomic inputs such as fertilizer
    and herbicides
Disadvantages of Auto Steering.

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