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									                        From the Major’s Desk

                                  April 26th – April 29th

As spring arrives, so does the active campaign season, and preparations must be made for
the coming year.

We will have the distinct honor of conducting our Battalion Spring Drill at Historic Ft.
Wayne in Detroit. Last year was the first time many of you had been to the Fort, but one
look at the place and everyone agreed it would make a great place to conduct Spring
Drill. The Fort’s interior walls and building made a great backdrop for our camp.

Again, as in the past, we will be camping in a garrison type setting. You will need your
dog tents or A-Frame. Heads of the street and Officer row are for A-Frames only, there
will be no flies. As always, campaign style shebangs and wall tents will be strongly
discouraged. There will be no sleeping in the barracks building except for those who have
made prior arrangements.

Everyone who attends this event will be asked to sign in before you pitch a tent. Straw is
limited ($5.00/bail), or you may bring your own. I have firewood and water.

I have arranged a four (4) day week-end at the Fort. I’ll start setting up the Camp on
Wednesday after work (5:00 p.m.). Thursday morning will commence historical
preservation of the Fort Grounds. This is an important aspect of the weekend, and many
hands make light work.

Not only do I need people to show up, but will need tools and equipment (list below).
Friday morning we will pick up where we left off on our preservation efforts. As usual,
10:00 p.m. will be an Officers’ Call at Battalion Headquarters.

Saturday morning we will conduct morning colors. Different units will have this honor
throughout the weekend. Following breakfast call Battalion Formation will be held
followed by classes, drill and inspection followed by lunch after which there will by more
classes, drill and inspections until ending with Guard Mount, evening colors and dinner
call. Friday and Saturday nights we will once again be having our fundraiser. Sunday
morning we will have morning colors, breakfast call, camp inspection and church call
followed by Battalion Formation and concluding with more drill. Camp clean-up and
packing will start at approximately 12 noon. As was the case last year, you will be
allowed to leave after everything is cleaned up.

It took me three (3) years to get the people at the Fort to allow Confederates to come and
use the facilities. Last year with just one day and 10 or so dedicated Battalion Members
we made an impact on cleaning up. Our fundraising efforts netted a $500.00 donation.
This will be our second year there. I was able to get an extra day for preservation. I just
need you guys to help. It’s such a worthy cause, and I believe we are just the kind of
people who can do it. So be creative in your planning for this weekend. Non-Civil War
Re-enactors are welcome during our Thursday and Friday preservation work.

I hope this year is going to be even better.

Yours in Service,

Major McIntosh


Two handed lopper
Tree trimming saw
Pitch forks
Lawn mower (gas)
Weed wacker (gas)
Chain saws (gas)
Edger (gas)
Tractor with mowing deck
Trailer for hauling
Brush hog (gas)
Tarpaulin for moving/dragging brush
Stump grinder
Log splitter
Branch/tree shredder
Bob Cat
Provide your own gas & oil

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