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Landmark Education TMLP Weekend Location and Logistics for Feb


									                                                    Landmark Education

                                    Team, Management, & Leadership Program
                                                  Logistics - August 2010
Please take a moment to read through the entire document as there are a number of actions that you will need to take by specific

The person who is available to answer your questions regarding your hotel accommodations is your Logistics Facilitator. Your
Logistics Facilitator is Niddia Zamora. Their contact information is:

Cell:              512-653-4319

                     Please fly into the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), arriving at the hotel by
                     5:00pm on Friday, August 20, 2010 and leaving the hotel starting at 4:00pm on Sunday,
Air Travel           August 22, 2010. You may also fly into the Oakland International Airport (OAK).

                     Hilton Union Square

Hotel                333 O’Farrell Street
                     San Francisco, CA 94102
                     Tel: (415) 771-1400
                     Fax: (415) 771-6807

                     SFO Airport Proximity: 15 miles; OAK Airport Proximity: 21 miles

                     SFO  Hotel:                Super Shuttle = ($17 one way) located outside baggage claim.
Ground                                           For advanced reservations 415-558-8500. Approx 40-60 min.
Transportation                                   Taxi = Approx $40-45 (each way). Approx 25-40 minutes.

                     OAK  Hotel:                Super Shuttle = $25 (each way). Trip time approx 1 hour.
                                                 Taxi = approx $60-70 (each way). Approx 40-60 minutes.

                     BART from SFO:              Trip time approximately 1 hour. Take ‘Airtrain’ from any terminal,
                                                 or walk to Bart station from International terminal. Buy BART ticket
                                                 for $8.10, walk through stalls, go down escalator on right & board
                                                 Pittsburgh/Bay Point train (only option). Exit train at Powell Street
                                                 station. Go up escalator, through stalls, and up another escalator
                                                 to Market/Powell street. Depending on where you exit, walk down
                                                 Market towards Powell St. Turn right on Powell & walk 2 blocks to
                                                 O’Farrell St. Turn left on O’Farrell & walk 2 blocks. Hotel main
                                                 entrance will be on your left.

                     BART from OAK:              Trip time approximately 1 hour. Take the shuttle bus from the
                                                 airport to the Coliseum Bart station (cost $2.00, cash only). Buy
                                                 BART ticket for $3.80, walk through stalls, take escalator & board
                                                 any Bart train towards San Francisco (Daly City, Millbrae or SF
                                                 Airport train). Exit train at Powell Street station. Follow walking
                                                 directions above in BART from SFO section.

Hotel Amenities:      Go to for a list of local attractions and hotel amenities.

                                                                                                                         6/6/10 by CHA
Parking:         The self parking rate is $52.01, & valet parking is $56.63. Parking is extremely expensive in downtown San
                 Francisco. If you planned to drive, it is recommended you find an alternative way to get to the hotel. There is no
                 discount available.

Weather:         Temperatures are expected to range from 55-70 F (13 to 21C).

The following does not apply to Program Managers, Classroom Leaders or Weekend Leaders who are leading the
weekend. Hotel accommodations for Landmark Staff will continue to be handled by World Headquarters.

You, the participant, are responsible for booking your hotel room directly with the hotel. If you are sharing a room with
other people, only ONE person from each room is to call the hotel to make the reservation.

If you are unclear on anything here, please speak with your Logistics Facilitator immediately.

                     Between now and July 21st one person from each room must call the hotel’s central
                     reservation office: (800)-HILTONS;
Hotel Booking         Tell the reservation agent “I am attending a conference at the Hilton Union Square in San
                        Francisco with Landmark Education (TMLP). The Conference dates are Aug 20-22, 2010”;
                      Say your name and the names of anyone who will be sharing the room with you (be sure to
                        have the correct spelling of everyone’s name);
                      Say the number of people who will be sharing the room with you;
                      Say the dates you (and each roommate) will be checking into and out of the hotel;
                      Say what kind of bed(s) you want (choices are King or Double/Double);
                      Say whether you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room;
                      Give one credit card number to hold the room.*
                      By July 21st, please inform your Logistics Facilitator to say that you and your roommates
                        (give their names also) have completed booking your room.

    *Note: This credit card number will NOT be charged a deposit prior to check in. Upon checking into the hotel, each person in
    your room will give the hotel their own credit card number; however, if one or all of your assigned roommates do not show up at
    the weekend, and did not cancel their reservation in advance, then you (the person who called the hotel) will be liable for that
    person’s room cost.

    All room cancellations must be made at least 5 days prior to your check-in date, by 3pm. After this time, you will be charged
    one night’s hotel stay.

    At all times, you are responsible for who and how many people are in your room.

Hotel rates          The rate for up to TWO (2) people in a room is $122 plus tax. The rate increases
                     by $10 per person for three or four people in a room. The maximum number of
                     people in a room is FOUR (4).

                              Occupancy                                   Cost
                                                              per person per night, plus tax
                    Single                                      $122.00 USD + 15.58% tax
                    Double                                       $61.00 USD + 15.58% tax
                    Triple                                       $44.00 USD + 15.58% tax
                    Quad                                            $35.50 USD + 15.58% tax
Length of           If you are staying at the hotel before or after the weekend, the hotel will honor the ‘Landmark
“Landmark Rate’     Rate’ for reservations on the following shaded dates, based on availability:

                                                              August 2010
                                                                                                                       6/6/10 by CHA
                        Sun            Mon           Tue           Wed            Thu           Fri              Sat
                                                17            18             19            20             21
                   22             23            24

Staying after      If you plan to stay at the hotel after Sunday and would like to stay with someone to save costs,
Sunday             please handle this yourself amongst your teammates. Landmark will not manage this for you.

                   Please note that the hotel has an “early departure penalty fee”. At the time of checking in,
                   you MUST confirm your check-out date. If you check out before that date, you will be
                   charged one night’s hotel stay.

All participants   All TMLP participants must stay at the designated hotel (except the host team, which may
must stay at the   choose to stay at their home).
                   If you request an exception, you must get this cleared by your Program Manager.

Everyone must      Every person in every room must check in at the front desk.
check in
                   If you arrive late and must attend a meeting, then check in at the front desk at the completion
                   of your meeting.

Breakdown in       If you have a breakdown with getting to the hotel (e.g. flight cancellation, etc.), contact
getting to hotel   someone on your team.

                                                                                                                       6/6/10 by CHA
Tentative Schedule
            Time                                      Event                                                            Who
                                                                                         All Team 2 participants + Program Managers & Classroom
   7:00pm to 9:00pm          Team 2 Meeting
   7:00pm to 9:00pm          Team 1 Welcome                                              All NEW Team 1 participants
                                                                                         Incoming & Outgoing Team 1 & Team 2 Team
   9:05pm to 9:45 pm         Completion Meeting                                          Leaders/Regional Team Leaders/Regional Team complete
                                                                                         and create new regional teams
   9:05pm to 10:00pm         Program Managers & Classroom Leader Meeting                 Program Managers & Classroom Leaders
   9:05pm to 10:00pm         Completion Meeting                                          Incoming and Outgoing Statisticians Complete
   7:45am to 8:45am          Program Managers & Classroom Leader Meeting                 Program Managers & Classroom Leaders
   before 9:00am             Breakfast                                                   Teams may choose to have team meetings
   9:00am to 12:00pm         General Session                                             All Participants
   12:00pm to 1:45pm         Working Lunch                                               All Participants
   12:15pm to 1:00pm         Program Manager & Classroom Leader Meeting                  Program Managers & Classroom Leaders
   2:00pm to 5:30pm          General Session (includes 30 minute break)                  All Participants
   5:30pm to 7:15pm          Working Dinner                                              All Participants
   7:30pm to 9:00pm          Team 2 Meeting                                              Team 2 Meeting
   7:30pm to 9:00pm          Program Manager & Classroom Leader Training                 Program Managers & Classroom Leaders
   7:30pm to 9:00pm          Accountability Clinics                                      All Team 1 Accountability Holders
   7:30pm to 9:00pm          Logistics Facilitator Clinic                                Logistics Facilitators for upcoming quarter
                                                                                         All incoming statisticians meet from 7:30 to 9:00pm -
   7:30pm to 9:00pm          Statisticians Meeting
                                                                                         training in preparing and sending stats.
   Before your first         Breakfast                                                   Teams may choose to have team meetings
   meeting                   Check out of hotel                                          Everyone
   7:45am to 8:50am          Program Manager & Classroom Leader Meeting                  Program Managers & Classroom Leaders
   8:00am to 8:50am          Team 2 Meeting                                              Team 2 Meeting
   9:00am to 11:15am         General Session                                             All Participants
   11:15am to 1:15pm         Extended Working Lunch                                      All Participants
                             Team 2 Meeting                                              Team 2 participants, Completing Team 1, and Program
   1:30pm to 3:25pm
                             T1 Completion & Opportunity into Register in T2             Managers
   1:30pm to 3:25pm          General Session - Games in the World                        Continuing Team 1 & Classroom Leaders
   3:25 to 4:00pm            Weekend completes                                           All Participants

 Note: A final, detailed schedule including breaks and team meetings will be available at the front desk upon check in. Please pick it up upon check-in.

                                                                                                                                                   6/6/10 by CHA

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