Understanding by Design Instructional Template by 8P6Cqm4


									Book Study Title:                                      A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon
Course:                                                Literacy
Grade Level:                                           Kindergarten
Approximate Unit Length:                               2-3 days
Unit/Course Designer:                                  Reading Specialists

                                     Brief Summary of Book

Camilla Cream will not eat lima beans, even though she loves them. She is worried about what the
kids will think of her. She develops a condition where she turns into whatever is being discussed.
Will Camilla return to normal? Will she eat her lima beans?

              Link to Show-Me Content Standards and Performance Goals
Show-Me Content Standards: CA.2- reading and evaluating fiction, poetry, and drama.

Show-Me Performance Goals: 2.3- exchange information, questions, and ideas while recognizing the
perspectives of others.

                                    Stage 1—Desired Results
Enduring Understandings:                    U Essential Questions:                                      Q

Books have themes and messages.                        How do we know what the theme/message is in
                                                       this story?

Always be yourself.                                    Why is it important to always be yourself?

Sometimes characters change their mind.                How does Camilla feel at the beginning of the
                                                       How does Camilla feel at the end of the story?

Students will know                                 K   Students will be able to                         S
K1-Ab-Print tells a story                              K1-Fb- Develop and apply with assistance
K1-E- Develop vocabulary by listening to an            prereading strategies to aid comprehension:
discussing unknown words in storied.                   Preview text and picture.
                                                       K1-Ib- Identify connections with assistance
Vocabulary: fretting, contagious, bizarre, guru,       between text ideas and own experiences.
vanished                                               K2-C- Use details from text to identify story
                                                       elements in read alouds with assistance: a. main
                                                       characters b. problems/events
                                Stage 2—Assessment Evidence
Performance Tasks:                                                                                      T
(Include rubric)
                                   Stage 3—Learning Plan
Learning Activities—Considered the WHERE elements                                           L
The WHERE portion of the template is designed to provide an overview of the unit flow and
the major activities that will be part of the experience. This part of the template does not
contain the detail of a daily lesson plan. A unit calendar that lays out the day-to-day flow
of the unit and daily lesson plans can be found in stages 4 and 5.

What activity can you do to give students a sense of what the unit is all about?

How can you entice student interest and hold it throughout the unit?

What can you do to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary and how can you help
them experience and explore the key ideas?

What can you do to help students reflect, rethink, and revise their own understanding?

List three or four of the activities you will be using to assess students’ skills, knowledge, and
understanding in addition to the performance task.

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