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Propane Marketing Resource Catalog
         (Propane MaRC)

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                                              & Articles

MaRC Login Page
The MaRC
MaRC Login Page
Product Details Page
Product Details Page
Off-Road Items on the
    Propane MaRC
  On-Road Items on the MaRC

Blue Bird Propane                 Case Studies   Articles and
                    Roush F-150
    Vision Bus                                   Fact Sheets
Blossman Brochure
Western PGA Ad
Donahue Gas Forklift Ad
Find a Propane Retailer Program
Is your company listed on

Over 4,000 propane retailers are
already listed.

Make sure your company is taking
full advantage of the high traffic
volume on

Register your company at

Questions? Contact PERC’s Alicia
Dunn at 202-452-8975 or
Fleet Calculator

• Web based calculator
• Analyze potential cost savings
Technology Fact Sheets at
CETP E-Learning
Consumer Safety Materials website
The PERC Update and In Touch
           Alicia Dunn
         (202) 452-8975

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