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									Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan
              2009 – 2012

            Progress Report
         July 2011 - June 2012
Promoting Physical Activity and Active Communities
By June 2012, there will be an increase in participation in physical activity by residents in small and remote communities, and socioeconomically
disadvantaged and indigenous communities.
Target groups                   Partners                                   Impact Measures
      Small & remote                  Wellington Primary Care            1.1 - Reach
       communities                      Partnership (WPCP) staff              - Percentage of people, organisations or settings from small and remote
                                                                                communities and those most at need who participated in the
      Indigenous                      Central Gippsland Health
                                        Service (CGHS)
      Socioeconomically                                                      - Increased number of physical activities
       disadvantaged                   Yarram & District Health Service
                                                                           2.1 – Increased knowledge
                                                                              - Percentage of participants who have increased understanding of the
                                       GippSport
                                                                                value and benefits of physical activity
                                       Wellington Shire Council (WSC)
                                                                           3.1 – Change in health related behaviours
                                       Neighbourhood Houses
                                                                              - Increased participation in physical activity by those most at need
                                       Ramahyuck District Aboriginal
                                                                              - Increased number of physical activity programs offered in smaller
                                       Victoria Police
                                                                              - Number of participants continuing to exercise after completing the
                                       Department of Sustainability &          program
                                        Environment (DSE)
                                                                              - Increased utilisation of physical activity options by communities most in
                                       Active After School                     need
                                        Communities (AASC) Australian
                                                                           4.2 – Social action and influence
                                        Sports Commission
                                                                              - Increased number of trained people delivering physical activity
                                       Community Representative
                                        Groups (CRG’s)                        - Changes in economic, social or built environments to enable people
                                                                                from low SES groups to participate in physical activity
                                                                           6.3 – Reoriented health services
                                                                           - Percentage of partner agencies who show improved sensitivity to the needs
                                                                           and expectations of the target groups to increase physical activity

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                      Page 2 of 69
Objective 1
By June 2012, there will be an increase in physical activity and active living amongst socioeconomically disadvantaged and the indigenous community.
Task                                                                                               Status
                                                             2009/10                           2010/11                              2011/12
Strategy 1 Build on and further develop the skills of organisations and residents to enable people to take a lead role in delivering physical activity
programs and recreation groups
                                                  YDHS facilitated accredited
Up-skilling volunteers and those from                                              Measurement tools                 One community member from Golden
                                                  training for Neighbourhood
vulnerable groups for coaching or leading                                                                            Beach withdrew from the course due
                                                  House Strength Trainer.          Reporting measures
physical activity programs                                                                                           to personal commitments. Her place
                                                  Incorporated workshops in        framework
                                                                                                                     was taken by a Woodside community
GippSport, AASC, WPCP staff                       Tai Chi, Fitness and Yoga        9 community members have          member.
July 2009 – June 2012 (as the need arises         within Yarram & District         successfully obtained the
over the life of the plan)                        Women’s Forum.                   Certificate III & IV in Fitness
                                                                                                                     A community member from Heyfield
                                                                                                                     has also enrolled in the course. The
                                                                                   through the reviewed mode of
                                                  GippSport have a program to delivery and are currently             person currently coordinating
                                                  subsidise coaching courses                                         physical activities in Heyfield will be
                                                                                   running classes in Briagolong,
                                                  for socioeconomically                                              retiring mid 2012 and this community
                                                                                   Boisdale, Loch Sport and
                                                  disadvantaged, indigenous                                          member will take over the position
                                                  community and people with a                                        once qualified.
                                                  disability. This was offered     Two community members
                                                                                                                     March and April 2012 Sideline Help
                                                  for a cricket coaching course    have commenced training in
                                                                                                                     provided an introduction to sports
                                                  and there were no community Golden Beach were there are            training with 40 participants from low
                                                  members who took this up.        currently no exercise classes
                                                                                                                     SES. Participants came from a range
                                                                                                                     of Wellington communities including
                                                                                                                     Woodside, Maffra, Stratford and Sale.
                                                                                   Although GippSport offered
                                                                                   subsidized coaching courses
                                                                                   to the target group, no person
                                                                                   has taken up the offer. A free
                                                                                   introduction to Sports Training
                                                                                   was also offered with the
                                                                                   course not able to be run due
                                                                                   to insufficient registrations.

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Up-skilling professionals through workforce   Tai Chi for Arthritis (Arthritis     Measurement tools                 Arthritis Victoria was scheduled to run
development                                   Victoria) Update - 8 people                                            a Chair-based and Warm Water
                                                                                   Reporting measures
                                              participated in the update who                                         exercise course for leaders at Aqua
WPCP Staff, GippSport, WPCP partner                                                framework
                                              had previously participated in                                         Energy in September 2011. Due to a
                                              the initial training in 2008.                                          range of issues such as a
July 2009 – June 2012 A minimum of one                                                                               misunderstanding of course structure
                                              Strength Training for Chronic
workforce development opportunity per year                                                                           and lack of knowledge of the course
                                              Illness Course (Arthritis
                                                                                                                     at the venue there were insufficient
                                              Victoria) - 40 people
                                                                                                                     numbers to run the course.
                                              participated in this training.
                                                                                                                     Currently negotiating with Arthritis
                                              Health Promotion Short
                                                                                                                     Victoria to run a course that better
                                                                                                                     suits the needs identified by trainers
                                              Train the Trainer Inclusive                                            in an audit of neighbourhood house
                                              Leisure Course - Held in                                               physical activity groups conducted in
                                              Melbourne and staff from                                               Oct – Nov 2011.
                                              Aqua Energy participated
                                                                                                                     Also building on partnership with
                                                                                                                     Aqua Energy to improve staff
                                                                                                                     knowledge and support of courses
                                                                                                                     that may be run at the venue in the
                                                                                                                     GippSport Access for All Abilities
                                                                                                                     worker completed Access Audits
                                                                                                                     training, is now able to audit
                                                                                                                     accessibility of community sporting

Review current Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness   14 community members are             Measurement tools                 Both Golden Beach community
Subsidy Program and identify strategies to    participating in Certificate III &                                     members withdrew from training due
                                                                                   Reporting measures
assist participants to complete training      IV in Fitness Subsidy program                                          to personal commitments.
                                              through the Wellington
WPCP Staff                                                                                                           Replacement students from
                                              Primary Care Partnership.            9 community members have
                                                                                                                     Woodside and Heyfield attended all
November 2009                                 Two people have completed            successfully obtained the
                                                                                                                     practical workshops and completed
                                              the training. FitNation              Certificate III & IV in Fitness
                                                                                                                     practical assessments in February.
                                              conducted practical                  through the reviewed mode of
                                                                                                                     One student completed Certificate III
                                              assessments in Sale in March         delivery and are currently

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                       Page 4 of 69
                                             and five participants             running classes in Briagolong,   and Older Adults qualifications in
                                             completed assessments.            Boisdale, Loch Sport and         March.
                                             Practical workshops have also     Sale.
                                             been provided to support
                                                                               Two community members
                                             participants through the
                                                                               have commenced training in
                                             training. The trained
                                                                               Golden Beach where there
                                             participants are leading
                                                                               are currently no exercise
                                             classes through the Sale
                                                                               classes offered.
                                             Neighbourhood House, Loch
                                             Sport Community House and         See Appendix 1: ‘Up skilling
                                             Briagolong Neighbourhood          communities to lead physical
                                             House.                            activities’ Case Study
                                             See Appendix 1: ‘Up skilling
                                             communities to lead physical
                                             activities’ Case Study
Build partnerships with local community      An Active Ageing Network          Measurement tools                An audit of neighbourhood house
groups and neighbourhood houses to           Practitioner Forum was held                                        physical activity groups in Wellington
                                                                               Reporting measures
implement and sustain physical activity      in Sale on 27th May. The                                           was conducted in October-November
programs                                     forum was a partnership                                            2011. Sustainability issues identified
                                             between the YMCA, WPCP,                                            by trainers and neighbourhood house
GippSport, WPCP staff, CGHS, YDHS
                                             CGHS, GippSport & WSC. 45         GippSport introduced their       coordinators ranged from venue
Ongoing                                      people attended the forum                                          difficulties to a lack of participants.
                                                                               Getting Active in Gippsland
                                             from a range of sectors           newsletters in October 2011
                                             (neighbourhood houses,            which includes a Wellington      GippSport supported the following to
                                             fitness industry, local           specific newsletter to promote   become accredited Welcoming and
                                             government, community             physical activity programs.      Inclusive Clubs:
                                             health). The morning session      Neighbourhood House              Golden Beach Surf Life Saving Club,
                                             involved various presentations    programs are featured along      Sale Hockey Club, Sale United
                                             and the afternoon was spent       with local council programs.     Football Club, Sale Hockey Club,
                                             exploring how people can          Walktober - a walking            Sale United Football Club, Sale
                                             work in partnership and utilise   challenge between the            Croquet Club, Sale Fly Fishing Club,
                                             resources more effectively.       Wellington neighbourhood         Aqua Energy, Maffra Gymnastics
                                                                               houses – was run in              Club, Golden Beach Surf Life Saving
                                                                               October/November 2011.           Club, Heyfield Golf Club, Loch Sport
                                             Grant applications have been                                       Bowls Club.
                                                                               This event has been run for
                                             submitted to WSC and YMCA
                                                                               four years. This project is

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                  Page 5 of 69
                                                 to enhance the capacity of       used to encourage                  CGHS exercise coordinator assisting
                                                 neighbourhood houses to          neighbourhood house walking        Maffra and Loch Sport community
                                                 increase the range and           groups to recruit more             houses and Golden Beach
                                                 number of physical activities    members.                           community hall in establishing
                                                 being offered.                                                      exercise programs.

Obtain funding to support neighbourhood                                           Measurement tools                  WSC and YMCA grants have funded
houses and community groups to implement                                                                             the purchase of equipment for Loch
                                                                                  Reporting measures
and sustain physical activity programs                                                                               Sport, Golden Beach, Briagalong,
                                                                                                                     Gormandale, Maffra, Yarram, Sale
GippSport, WPCP staff, CGHS, YDHS, Active
                                                                                                                     and Rosedale neighbourhood house
Ageing Network Forum, WSC
                                                                                  Successfully obtained grants       physical activity programs.
July 2010 – June 2012
                                                                                  from WSC and YMCA (AAN)            Six of the nine community members
                                                                                  to increase the range and          who completed the Fitnation program
                                                                                  number of physical activities      are delivering low cost physical
                                                                                  being offered.                     activity classes in these nine
                                                                                  Activities have included;          Wellington neighbourhood houses
                                                                                                                     and community halls.
                                                                                   Purchase of equipment
                                                                                                                     Sale Neighbourhood House, with
                                                                                   Training for instructors         support from GippSport, WPCP and
                                                                                                                     WSC, received a Country Action
                                                                                  GippSport’s ‘Getting Active in
                                                                                                                     Grant from DPCD to train a yoga
                                                                                  Wellington’ Term Newsletter
Strategy 2 Develop policies which ensure that physical activity programs are accessible, affordable and inclusive.
                                                Club Development                                                     Welcoming and Inclusive Clubs one-
Deliver Welcoming and Inclusive Clubs
                                                Workshops:                                                           on-one sessions have been delivered
workshops to sporting clubs and encourage                                        Measurement tools
                                                Yarram - 5 Clubs (Yarram                                             to:
clubs to commit to program.
                                                Bowls Club, Yarram Football      Reporting measures                  Sale Hockey Club, Sale United
GippSport                                       Club, Yarram Basketball          framework                           Football Club, Sale Croquet Club,
February 2010 – June 2010                       Association, Stoney Creek                                            Sale Fly Fishing Club, Aqua Energy,
                                                Football Club, Woodside          No workshops were run but           Maffra Gymnastics Club, Golden
                                                Football Club)                   there have been 6 one on one        Beach Surf Life Saving Club, Heyfield
                                                Sale - 7 Clubs (Sale Golf        sessions with clubs including       Golf Club, Loch Sport Bowls Club.
                                                Club, Devon Cricket Club,        Sale Tennis Club, Boisdale
                                                Sale Croquet Club, Wurruk        Briagolong Football Netball         GippSport supported following clubs
                                                Hockey Club, Seaspray Surf       Club, Loch Sport Boat Club,         to be accredited:

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                       Page 6 of 69
                                                Lifesaving Club, Golden         Loch Sport Bowls Club,           Golden Beach Surf Life Saving Club,
                                                Beach Surf Life Saving Club,    Rosedale Bowls Club and          Sale Hockey Club, Sale United
                                                Sale Hockey Club)               Sale Maffra Badminton            Football Club.
                                                                                Association. Woodside &
                                                One club in Wellington has      District Football Netball Club
                                                signed up to the Welcoming &    has been accredited as a
                                                Inclusive Clubs program and     Welcoming & Inclusive Club.
                                                interest has been expressed
                                                from an additional two clubs.

Support the implementation of the Wellington                                    Measurement tools                WPCP staff and partner agencies are
Shire Council Access & Inclusion Policy                                                                          involved in mobility maps working
                                                                                Reporting measures
                                                                                                                 group and WSC Community
WSC, WPCP partner agencies                                                      framework
                                                                                                                 Wellbeing Action group.
July 2009 – June 2010                                                           Partner agencies developed
                                                                                and implemented Scope
                                                                                communication boards in
                                                                                WSC facilities, including Aqua
                                                                                Energy and GRSC.
Utilise KGFYL resources to increase the         Membership - 2 new schools      Measurement tools                Supported the following schools to
number of early childhood settings and          have become members (only                                        achieve KGFYL awarded status
                                                                                Reporting measures
primary schools that have accessible,           four primary schools in the
                                                                                framework                           -   Cobains Primary School
affordable and inclusive physical activities.   catchment are not members).
                                                                                                                    -   St Mary’s Primary School –
CGHS                                            Awarded – Airlie Primary
                                                School                          Awarded
July 2009 – June 2012
                                                                                                                    -   St Mary’s Primary School –
                                                Working towards award - St         -   St Patricks Primary
                                                Patricks Primary School                School,
                                                Stratford, Cobains Primary                                          -   Wurruk Primary School
                                                                                   -   Gippsland Grammar
                                                School, Gippsland Grammar –            School – St Anne             -   Seaspray Primary School
                                                St Anne Campus, Maffra                 Campus
                                                Primary School, Loch Sport                                       KGFYL awarded primary schools
                                                Primary School                     -   Maffra Primary School     receive advanced standing under the
                                                                                                                 Victorian Government’s new Victorian
                                                KGFYL update (newsletter) –     KGFYL newsletter distributed
                                                                                                                 Prevention and Health Promotion
                                                A collaborative newsletter      and updated quarterly til
                                                                                                                 Achievement Program (VPHPAP)
                                                between WGHG, LCHS &            program ended June 2011.
                                                                                                                 which will commence April 2012.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                   Page 7 of 69
                                                  CGHS. Distributed quarterly
                                                  to schools.
                                                  Received a grant through
                                                  KGFYL for professional
                                                  development and capacity
                                                  building for schools.
Utilise the Access for All Abilities program to   Community spirit program in       Measurement tools                 In partnership with SNAP, GippSport
increase accessible, affordable and inclusive     Yarram - Five students from                                         has facilitated two mental health first
                                                                                    Reporting measures
physical activities.                              Yarram Secondary College                                            aid training courses attended by six
                                                  are providing support to                                            Wellington community sporting clubs
                                                  Mirradong participants with
                                                                                                                      Maffra and Sale Football/Netball
July 2009 – June 2012                             activities. Partnership project   Inclusive Leisure Initiative –    clubs have been involved in
                                                  between GippSport, Yarram         communication boards              conducting seven All Abilities football
                                                  Secondary College and             developed for Aqua Energy &       sessions attended by ten community
                                                  Mirradong.                        Gippsland Regional Sports         members living with disabilities.
                                                  Inclusive Leisure Initiative –    Complex.
                                                                                                                      No Boundaries cricket competition
                                                  GippSport is actively             SNAP Connecting to Sport:         with participants from Yarram, Sale
                                                  participating in the Inclusive    SNAP and GippSport                and Maffra. Competed in seven
                                                  Leisure Victoria PICSAR           partnership to improve            rounds plus a state carnival.
                                                  Program. A component has          physical activity accessibility
                                                  been to identifying gaps in       for people living with serious
                                                  staff competencies when           mental illness through the
                                                  working with clients with a       Welcoming and Inclusive
                                                  disability                        Clubs program.

Support the evaluation of the Welcoming and                                         Measurement tools                 Thirty accredited and non accredited
Inclusive Clubs program                                                                                               Welcoming and Inclusive Clubs have
                                                                                    Reporting measures
                                                                                                                      been contacted by Monash University
GippSport, WPCP Staff, Monash University                                            framework
                                                                                                                      to participate in the evaluation.
February 2011 – June 2012
                                                                                    Evaluation plan developed.

                                                                                    Monash University engaged to
                                                                                    support the ‘Welcoming &
                                                                                    Inclusive Clubs’ evaluation

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                        Page 8 of 69
                                                                                  through the Department of
                                                                                  Health Research and
                                                                                  Evaluation Support Fund

Strategy 3 Identify barriers and strategies to address access to physical activity for socioeconomically disadvantaged and indigenous community.
Identify data and research locally, state-wide   Meeting held with Ramahyuck      Measurement tools              Held yarning circles with children who
and nationally.                                  to identify links and                                           attended second Come and Try
                                                                                  Reporting measures
                                                 opportunities to the catchment                                  sports days to gain feedback on
WPCP Staff, WSC, CGHS, YDHS, community,                                           framework
                                                 plan.                                                           continued activities.
GippSport, Ramahyuck District Aboriginal
March 2010
Conduct focus groups with the community and                                       Measurement tools
health agencies to develop interventions
                                                                                  Reporting measures
guided by the evidence on Gippsland Health
WSC, WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, community,
GippSport, Ramahyuck District Aboriginal
July 2010 – June 2011
Identify and collect information on transport    Collaborated with YDHS           Measurement tools              Informal discussions held with
barriers that prevent people accessing           Transport Representative and                                    indigenous community. Free bike
                                                                                  Reporting measures
physical activity programs                       Community Nurse YDHS.                                           repair station offered at Close the
                                                                                                                 Gap event in Sale to support
WSC, WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, community,
                                                                                  Partner agencies supported     indigenous active transport
GippSport, Ramahyuck District Aboriginal
                                                                                  implementation of Scope        strategies.
                                                                                  communication boards taxi
July 2010 – June 2011                                                             services.
                                                                                                                 Ramahyuck Close the Health Gap
Engage the indigenous community to discuss       Initial meeting held in March
                                                                                                                 coordinator continues to engage
the establishment of a Wellington Indigenous     to scope the establishment of    Measurement tools
                                                                                                                 indigenous staff members on issues
Sport and Recreation Committee to support        a Wellington Indigenous Sport
                                                                                  Reporting measures             affecting physical activity
the implementation of the Closing the Health     and Recreation Committee.
                                                                                  framework                      engagement and identifying
Gap Project.
                                                                                                                 strategies to address barriers.
                                                 YDHS has liaised with

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                   Page 9 of 69
                                                   Walgunggo Ngalu Learning        Indigenous Sport &
GippSport, WPCP Staff, Ramahyuck District
                                                   Place Facility for indigenous   Recreation Committee             Three indigenous community
Aboriginal Corporation
                                                   Youth re participation in       established as a                 members attend the monthly Sports
February 2011                                      Woodside Gift                   subcommittee of the Closing      and Recreation meetings.
                                                                                   the Health Gap Local Agency
                                                                                   Network. The Committee
                                                                                   meet monthly are currently
                                                                                   seeking community member
Build the capacity of the proposed indigenous                                      Measurement tools                Indigenous Sport and Recreation
sport and recreation committee to deliver sport                                                                     committee supported a second
                                                                                   Reporting measures
and recreation opportunities for the indigenous                                                                     ‘Come and try’ event in October
community.                                                                                                          2011. Fifty indigenous primary
                                                                                                                    school children brought friends to the
GippSport, WPCP Staff Ramahyuck District
                                                                                   GippSport supported the          event. Five indigenous children
Aboriginal Corporation, Indigenous Sport and
                                                                                   Indigenous Sport &               continued to participate in croquet.
Recreation Officer (DPCD)
                                                                                   Recreation Committee in the      Sale Tennis Club and GippSport are
December 2009 – June 2012                                                                                           exploring indigenous scholarships.
                                                                                   running of a “Come and try”
                                                                                   event held in June 2011.         Indigenous students from Sale
                                                                                   GippSport provided               College facilitated indigenous game
                                                                                   information about local clubs    activities at ‘Come and Try’ day.
                                                                                   and Sate Sporting
                                                                                                                    GippSport promoted Tennis
                                                                                   Organisations to engage with
                                                                                                                    Australia’s Indigenous Tennis Day
                                                                                   to assist with the event.
                                                                                                                    which was held in Sale during March
                                                                                                                    2012. Indigenous Sports and
                                                                                                                    Recreation committee has agreed
                                                                                                                    Terms of Reference.
Explore opportunities and capacity to install an                                   Measurement tools
outdoor gym within the Lakeside project in
                                                                                   Reporting measures
                                                                                   Project not implemented due
September 2010 – June 2011                                                         to barriers being unable to be
Advocate for local facilities which encourage                                      Measurement tools                Advocated for neighbourhood houses

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                     Page 10 of 69
and promote physical activity                                                                                       that facilitate physical activities to
                                                                                     Reporting measures
                                                                                                                    WSC. Have supplied donated
WPCP member agencies                                                                 framework
                                                                                                                    equipment from Aqua Energy to small
July 2009 – June 2012                                                                Tarra Trail Steering committee facilities in Woodside, Boisdale and
                                                                                     Heated pool                    Yarram.

                                                                                     Outdoor gym

Strategy 4 Promote active living, active transport and the use of public transport
Actively promote the use of public transport to   Scoping of mobility maps in        Measurement tools               Inner Melbourne Hospital Map and
access program activities, medical                partnership with WSC                                               Guide continues to be promoted
                                                                                     Reporting measures
appointments, shopping and recreation                                                                                through the Medical Companions
                                                  YDHS Partner with Red Cross        framework
                                                                                                                     project along with online Department
WSC, WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GippSport,           Patient Transport, member of
                                                                                                                     of Health resource which supports
Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation         WSC Transport Access               Carpooling for Toora Pool       consumers who travel for healthcare.
                                                  Group. Provide advice to
July 2009 – June 2012
                                                  community on accessing local       Wednesday Loch Sport /          The Medical Companions project has
                                                  transport.                         Golden Beach bus service to     been trialled March 2011 – June
                                                                                     and from Sale rescheduled to    2012.
                                                  The Let’s Get Connected            improve community access to     Ramahyuck distributed over 300
                                                  Transport project has been a       Aqua Energy warm water          Medical Companions brochures
                                                  key partner in the                 exercise program.               events and 100 local bus timetables
                                                  development of the Inner                                           at Close the Gap. Bike repairs also
                                                  Melbourne Hospital Map and         Red Cross car consolidated at   offered at event.
                                                  Guide to assist regional and       YDHS.
                                                  rural Victorians travelling to                                     CGHS and WSC renegotiated bus
                                                  inner Melbourne for medical                                        hire and local bus timetable to enable
                                                                                     Inner Melbourne Hospital
                                                  services.                                                          Loch Sport residents to access Aqua
                                                                                     Maps were reprinted 2010/11.
                                                                                                                     Energy program and other activities.
                                                  The Inner Melbourne Hospital       Talking Transport timetables
                                                  Map and Guide provides             produced.
                                                  information to regional and
                                                  rural Victorians on the            Transport Assistance
                                                  following:                         brochures reprinted.
                                                        Public transport            Presentations to community

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                      Page 11 of 69
                                                         options to 14 public       groups by Let’s GET
                                                         and private hospitals in   Connected Wellington.
                                                         inner Melbourne
                                                        Travel concessions         Mobility scooter workshops
                                                         and subsidies              conducted.
                                                        Ticketing information
                                                        Travellers Aid
                                                         information and
                                                         support services
                                                        Access and mobility

Include goals for Walking for Transport as well   WSC Sale, Wurruk &                Measurement tools            WSC Walking and Cycling strategy
as Walking for Recreation in agency literature    Longford Structure Plan –                                      commenced community consultation
                                                                                    Reporting measures
and action plans                                  WPCP provided feedback                                         December 2011.
                                                  emphasising the importance
WPCP partner agencies                                                                                            Transport strategies included in
                                                  of active living and physical     Public transport checklist
                                                                                                                 council and agency plans:
July 2009 – June 2012                             activity                          developed for agencies.
                                                                                                                    -   Wellington Access and
                                                                                    Public transport overlays
                                                                                                                        Inclusion Action Plan
                                                                                    completed on WSC mapping
                                                  WSC Physical Activity
                                                                                    system.                         -   Physical activity Strategy
                                                  Strategy has a strong
                                                  emphasis on walking and                                           -   Healthy Lifestyles Strategy
                                                  cycling.                                                          -   Sustainability Strategy
                                                                                                                    -   Community Wellbeing Action
                                                                                                                    -   Smart Roads

Where possible, ensure program activity times     CGHS Planned Activity Group       Measurement tools            WSC working in partnership with
are compatible with available public transport    – The time of the singing
                                                                                    Reporting measures              -   Best Start
                                                  group aligns with the
WPCP partner agencies                                                               framework
                                                  Seaspray bus timetable.                                           -   Close the Gap
July 2009 – June 2012
                                                                                                                    -   Active After School
                                                                                    Wednesday Loch Sport /              Communities

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                  Page 12 of 69
                                                                              Golden Beach bus service to
                                                                                                                  -   GippSport
                                                                              and from Sale rescheduled to
                                                                              improve community access to      to ensure public transport timetables
                                                                              Aqua Energy warm water           are compatible with new agency
                                                                              exercise program.                programs (for example, pre-school
                                                                                                               programs and Active After School
                                                                              Transport checklist developed
                                                                              for agencies; public transport
                                                                              overlays completed on council
                                                                              mapping system.
                                                                                                               A submission was developed by
Raise awareness of the transport issues        WSC & Transport                Measurement tools
                                                                                                               members of the Transport
facing rural and remote communities through    Connections made a joint
                                                                              Reporting measures               Connections Network and funding
contribution to government submissions,        submission to the Rural
                                                                              framework                        obtained to develop the Gippsland
enquiries, state wide working parties and      Development Victoria inquiry
                                                                                                               Regional Car Pooling project. The
strategies such as Victoria Walks, Victorian   in to the needs of young
                                                                                                               project aims to raise awareness of a
Walking Strategy, Youth Strategies, Seniors    people.
                                                                                                               carpooling scheme to address young
Strategies, Municipal strategies, Health
                                                                                                               people’s travel needs in relation to
promotion and research activities.
                                                                                                               accessing training and employment in
WPCP partner agencies                                                                                          the Gippsland region. This will be
July 2009 – June 2012                                                                                          achieved by engaging partners such
                                                                                                               as the region’s major employers,
                                                                                                               regional training organisations, local
                                                                                                               councils, employment services and
                                                                                                               Centrelink (representatives from
                                                                                                               these organisations are involved as
                                                                                                               members of the Gippsland Transport
                                                                                                               Connections Network group).

                                                                                                               Contribution by WSC Transport
                                                                                                               Connections Program to the Rural
                                                                                                               Inequity Report and the Gippsland
                                                                                                               Education Plan.

                                                                                                               Advocacy through the VCOSS All
                                                                                                               Aboard accessibility initiative by the
                                                                                                               WSC Transport Connections

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                Page 13 of 69
Identify opportunities and build partnerships to   The walking school bus            Measurement tools               WSC Physical Activity Strategy
increase active transport eg. the walking          program has been included in                                      surveyed primary and secondary
                                                                                     Reporting measures
school bus program sustainable through             the WSC Physical Activity                                         schools December 2011 on active
increasing volunteers and involvement              Strategy.                                                         transport initiatives as part of Walking
                                                                                                                     and Cycling community consultation.
WSC, Primary schools, WPCP partner
agencies, LCHS                                                                                                       WSC and WPCP working in
                                                                                                                     partnership on National Ride2School
July 2009 – June 2010
                                                                                                                     Day 2012.
Strategy 5 Partners will identify gaps and duplications in physical activity programs and provide support for new providers.
Encourage sporting clubs and community             A presentation on Sports Link     Measurement tools               GippSport monthly newsletters
groups to utilise SportsLink Website to            was delivered at the Active                                       continue to promote SportsLinks.
                                                                                     Reporting measures
connect community with physical activity           Ageing Network Forum                                              Approximately 900 individuals
opportunities through a launch, workshops                                                                            subscribe to the newsletter Gippsland
                                                   GippSport delivered two
and promotion.                                                                                                       wide.
                                                   workshops, one in Sale and
GippSport                                          one in Yarram promoting           GippSport continues to
                                                   clubs to utilise SporksLink       encourage clubs to register
July 2009 – June 2012
                                                                                     with Sportslink through their
                                                   Radio and television
                                                                                     monthly newsletters and one
                                                   advertisement has been
                                                                                     on one meetings. Another
                                                   trialled and has resulted in an
                                                                                     Radio campaign was
                                                   increase in usage.
                                                                                     conducted in June 2011.
                                                   Neighbourhood Houses have
Partner agencies will utilise the SportsLink                                         Measurement tools               CGHS exercise groups added to
                                                   listed activities on SportsLink
website where appropriate and will ensure that                                                                       Sports Link website.
                                                                                     Reporting measures
their program information is up to date
                                                   Organisations listed on           framework
CGHS, YDHS, Neighbourhood Houses                   SportsLink in Wellington (non
July 2009 – June 2012                              clubs)
                                                        Loch Sport Community
                                                        Healthy Inspirations
                                                        Aqua Energy
                                                        Rosedale
                                                          Neighbourhood House
                                                        Maffra Community

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                      Page 14 of 69
                                                         Seaspray Senior
                                                         Wellington PCP
Encourage and support clubs and groups in          Information was distributed to    Measurement tools               There are now 58 clubs and
the Getting Active in Wellington booklet to        those in the ‘Getting Active in                                   organisations listed on Sportslink for
                                                                                     Reporting measures
register on the SportsLink website.                Wellington’ Booklet to                                            the Wellington area. Sportslink
                                                   encourage use of sports link.                                     continues to be promoted through
WPCP Staff, GippSport
                                                   27 clubs/groups have                                              GippSport website and newsletters.
January 2010 – March 2012                          registered (52 listed in          There are now 56 clubs and
                                                   Wellington).                      organisations listed on
                                                                                     Sportslink for the Wellington
                                                                                     area. Sportslink continues to
                                                                                     be promoted through
                                                                                     GippSport website and
Development of a ‘Active in Wellington’ Term                                         Measurement tools               Each school term Gippsport has
Newsletter outlining activities available across                                                                     distributed ‘Getting Gippsland Active’
                                                                                     Reporting measures
the catchment                                                                                                        newsletters including events such as
                                                                                                                     Lap the Lakes and Walktober.
GippSport, WSC, Neighbourhood Houses,
Community Groups
                                                                                     Three editions have been
September 2010 – June 2012
Promote the heart foundation walking program                                         Measurement tools               Getting Active in Wellington
through ‘Active in Wellington’ newsletter                                                                            newsletter currently promotes seven
                                                                                     Reporting measures
                                                                                                                     walking groups in Wellington. This
CGHS                                                                                 framework
                                                                                                                     includes the Heart Foundation
February 2011 – June 2012                                                                                            walking group in Maffra.
Strategy 6 Increase the participation of individuals in community run events
Support the running of a community physical        Lap the Lakes 2009 – 69           Measurement tools               Lap the lakes 2011 – 59 teams
activity event                                     teams participated in Lap the                                     participated a community /business
                                                                                     Reporting measures
                                                   Lakes, a community/business                                       fun run/walk.
GippSport, Victoria Police, WPCP Staff, WSC                                          framework
                                                   fun run/walk.
                                                                                                                     Walktober 2011 – two neighbourhood
July 2009 – June 2012 One event annually
                                                                                                                     houses participated in the walking
                                                   Providing support for             Lap the lakes 2010 – 64         challenge.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                      Page 15 of 69
                                                Woodside Gift Event.          entries.
                                                                                                                        Inspired by the Lakes 2011 –
                                                CGHS Annual Bike Ride
                                                                              Walktober 2010 – four                     promoted physical activity for people
                                                                              neighbourhood houses                      with a disability to celebrate
                                                                              participated.                             International Day of People with a
                                                                                                                        Disability. The event was attended
                                                                              Woodside Gift
                                                                                                                        by 60 people.
                                                                              - Funded and organised Bike
                                                                                                                        Close the Gap Day 2012 – Attended
                                                                              Ride 75 participants
                                                                                                                        by over 100 indigenous and non-
                                                                              - Caravan                                 indigenous community members.
                                                                              - Report – EMBED                          Included free physical activities
                                                                                                                        facilitated by Aqua Energy staff, bike
                                                                                                                        repair station and walks around the
                                                                                  I:\Services\                          Botanical Gardens and Lake Guyatt.
                                                                              Community Services\Health Promotion\Evaluation\Woodside Gift Bike Ride - HP program evaluation.doc
                                                                                                                        Providing support to WSC Physical
                                                                              Tarra Family Bike Ride                    Activity Strategy Officer to identify
                                                                                                                        barriers to walking and cycling
                                                                              - 40 participants                         through community consultation
                                                                                                                        workshops and surveys.
Social marketing and promotion through the      Social marketing has          Measurement tools                         GippSport continues to use its
media                                           included; distribution of                                               newsletters and website to promote
                                                                              Reporting measures
                                                newsletters, website,                                                   events and encourage participation.
GippSport                                                                     framework
                                                newspaper advertisements                                                GippSport has developed Facebook
July 2009 – June 2012 As need arises            and media releases.                                                     and Twitter pages to assist with this
                                                                              GippSport continues to use its            promotion. GippSport regularly
                                                                              newsletters and website to                publishes items in local media and
                                                                              promote events and                        uses local radio and television to
                                                                              encourage participation.                  promote activities.
                                                                              GippSport has developed a
                                                                              Facebook page to assist with
                                                                              this promotion. GippSport
                                                                              regularly publishes items in
                                                                              local media and uses local
                                                                              radio and television to
                                                                              promote activities.
Promotion of the infrastructure that has been   Lap the Wetlands - This was   Measurement tools

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                           Page 16 of 69
developed through the GFYL projects at          modelled of Lap the Lakes
                                                                                 Reporting measures
Heyfield Wetlands and Stratford through         and was held to promote the
physical activities and events                  infrastructure developed
                                                through the DSE ‘Go for your
DSE, GippSport, WPCP Staff, WSC, Heyfield
                                                Life’ project. The event was a
Wetlands Committee, Stratford Avon Heritage
                                                partnership between DSE,
Trail Committee
                                                GippSport, WPCP, Heyfield
One event/program for each project by June      Wetlands committee and the
2012                                            community. 45 teams
Heyfield Wetlands during 2010                   participated in the event.

Stratford Avon Heritage Trail during 2011
                                                                                                                  Twelve Wellington neighbourhood
Develop and target physical activity programs   Loch Sport – Strength for        Measurement tools
                                                                                                                  houses now facilitate physical activity
in smaller towns                                Older Adults (instructor
                                                                                 Reporting measures               programs Seven of these are
                                                trained through the subsidy
Up-skilled community members, WSC,                                               framework                        facilitated by a WPCP up-skilled
Neighbourhood Houses, GippSport, WPCP                                                                             community member. Audit of
                                                YDHS conducted Pole
Staff                                                                            Come & Try Day for cycling in    neighbourhood house physical
                                                Walking Event in Yarram.
                                                                                 preparation for Woodside Gift.   activity program embedded.
July 2009 – June 2012                           Facilitated Supervisor
                                                                                 Representation from cycling
                                                Training in Pole Walking
                                                                                 groups. Road worthy checks
                                                through CWGPCP.
                                                                                 on the bikes
                                                Facilitated physical activity                                       Neighbourhood
                                                                                 Reach: 50
                                                workshops within women’s                                          House Audit 2012.doc
                                                                                 Ride to work day
                                                                                 Reach 15
Place templates on Wellington PCP website                                        Measurement tools
for community to access when holding
                                                                                 Reporting measures
community events
WPCP staff
March 2011
                                                                                 Templates are available on
                                                                                 the Wellington Primary Care
                                                                                 Partnership website.
Support the Tarra Trail Bike ride in sourcing                                    Measurement tools                Tarra Trail Bike ride committee now
funding for event and advocate for the                                                                            managed by Tarra Festival. Tarra
                                                                                 Reporting measures

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                    Page 17 of 69
completion of the trail                                                            framework                         Bike Challenge is now run annually
                                                                                                                     as part of the Easter Festival
YDHS                                                                               As above
February 2011 – June 2011                                                          First stage completed
                                                                                   Second stage to reach Port
                                                                                   Albert requires additional
                                                                                   Committee consulted
                                                                                   regarding the walking paths
                                                                                   around the Lake
                                                                                   Tarra Bike Challenge ran as
                                                                                   part of Tarra Easter Festival .
Objective 2
By June 2012, the social, economic, environmental and cultural environments that support and enable physical activity and active living will be
enhanced particularly for small and remote communities, vulnerable groups and indigenous communities.
Strategy 1 Build upon and broaden the WSC Municipal Physical Activity Strategy so that it incorporates and reflects partner agencies and a catchment
Task                                                                                               Status
                                                            2009/10                            2010/11                             2011/12
Advocate for interventions from the               The Wellington Primary Care      Measurement tools
Department of Health intervention portfolios to   Partnership, GippSport,
                                                                                   Reporting measures
be included in strategy.                          Department of Health,
                                                  Department of Planning &
WPCP Staff
                                                  Community Development
December 2009                                     participated in the Project
                                                  Reference Group for the WSC
                                                  Physical Activity Strategy.
                                                  The draft strategy (pending
                                                  endorsement by Council)
                                                  includes a number of DH
                                                     -   Community policy and
                                                         guidelines that support

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                     Page 18 of 69
                                                        physical activity
                                                    -   Environmental and
                                                        infrastructure audit
                                                    -   Improve parks, green
                                                        spaces & play areas
                                                    -   Location and access to
                                                        community civic
                                                        buildings for physical
                                                        activity programs
                                                    -   Safe routes to walk
                                                        and cycle
                                                    -   Walking/Cycling to
                                                 See Appendix 2: ‘WSC
                                                 Physical Activity Strategy’
                                                 Case Study.
Wellington Shire Council will implement the      A jointly funded position       Measurement tools    WSC Physical Activity Strategy
Physical Activity Strategy in partnership with   between WSC & WPCP is                                Officer commenced September 2011.
                                                                                 Reporting measures
WPCP agencies                                    currently being scoped to                            WPCP staff working closely with
                                                 facilitate the implementation                        Officer to implement joint plan. WSC
WSC, WPCP staff, GippSport
                                                 of the Physical Activity                             staff presented strategy at Regional
January 2010 – June 2012                         Strategy.                                            PCP forum in February. WSC and
                                                                                                      WPCP to jointly present strategy at
                                                                                                      Active Ageing Network forum in May.
                                                                                                      GippSport staff member chairs WSC
                                                                                                      Community Wellbeing since 2011.
                                                                                                      Two GippSport staff members are
                                                                                                      members of the Walking and Cycling
                                                                                                      Strategy working group.
                                                                                                      WPCP staff members are also
                                                                                                      members of the Health and Wellbeing
                                                                                                      and the Walking and Cycling Strategy
                                                                                                      working groups.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                      Page 19 of 69
Utilise the WSC Municipal Physical Activity       This will occur during the       Measurement tools               WPCP adopted WSC Municipal
Strategy to inform and expand the Physical        review of the plan pending                                       Physical Activity Strategy as Physical
                                                                                   Reporting measures
Activity component of the Wellington Health       endorsement by council.                                          Activity component of Wellington
Promotion Catchment Plan.                                                                                          Health Promotion Plan.
WSC, GippSport, YDHS, DSE, Ramahyuck                                                                               Ramahyuck Close the Gap
District Aboriginal Corporation                                                                                    coordinator has been an active
                                                                                                                   member of working group to support
July 2010 – June 2012
                                                                                                                   strategy and present indigenous
                                                                                                                   communities physical activity barriers
                                                                                                                   and opportunities.
Increase the capacity to implement the                                             Measurement tools               WSC Physical Activity Strategy
Physical Activity Strategy through shared                                                                          officer and WPC Project Officer
                                                                                   Reporting measures
resources                                                                                                          collaborate on mutual Physical
                                                                                                                   Activity plan.
February 2011 – February 2012
                                                                                   A Physical Activity Strategy
                                                                                   Coordinator has been
                                                                                   appointed and is being funded
                                                                                   jointly by WSC & WPCP.
Share the learnings of development of the                                          Measurement tools               WSC Physical Activity Strategy
Physical Activity Strategy locally, regionally,                                                                    officer has shared knowledge with
                                                                                   Reporting measures
state and nationally                                                                                               EGPCP project worker who is
                                                                                                                   developing physical activity strategies
                                                                                                                   in East Gippsland. As above strategy
June 2010 – June 2012                                                                                              has been presented at regional PCP
                                                                                   Oral presentation at the
                                                                                   Australian Health Promotion     forum and Active Ageing network
                                                                                   Association Conference in       forum.
                                                                                   April 2011.
Strategy 2 To encourage multiple use of community/civic/ education buildings for physical activity programs particularly in smaller communities.
Undertake an audit of accessible venues           This is a recommendation         Measurement tools               GippSport Access for all Abilities
                                                  within the Physical Activity                                     worker has conducted an access
WSC, DSE, CRGs, hall committees, sports                                            Reporting measures
                                                  Strategy and will be explored                                    audit of Sale United Football Club.
clubs, primary schools, neighbourhood houses                                       framework
                                                  further in the Strategy Action
April 2010 – June 2010                            Plan over the next 12 months.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                    Page 20 of 69
Develop policies and procedures for use of                                           A summary of the use of
community/civic/education buildings for                                              venues and facilities across
physical activity programs particularly in                                           Wellington has been
smaller communities.                                                                 compiled. It identifies current
                                                                                     user groups and links to the
WSC, Clubs and groups, physical activity
                                                                                     physical activity strategy.
July 2010
                                                                                     Multi purpose centre at YDHS
                                                                                     Regent Theatre
                                                                                     Secondary College and
                                                                                     Primary Schools
Promote availability of                                                              Measurement tools                 GippSport has worked with Maffra
community/civic/education buildings for                                                                                Community House and Heyfield
                                                                                     Reporting measures
physical activity programs                                                                                             Resource Centre to find sustainable
                                                                                                                       locations to run physical activity
WSC, WPCP partner agencies
July 2010
                                                                                                                       Golden Beach community hall
                                                                                                                       facilitated physical activity classes for
                                                                                                                       older adults but due to insurance
                                                                                                                       coverage restrictions classes were
                                                                                                                       discontinued. Classes restarted in
                                                                                                                       May with CGHS physical activity
                                                                                                                       coordinator who has professional
                                                                                                                       indemnity coverage.
Strategy 3 To create additional opportunities for cycling and walking throughout Wellington Shire
Plan, implement and evaluate the DSE Go for        The trail was officially opened   Measurement tools
your Life Stratford Avon Heritage Trail project    on 18th June 2010. An
                                                                                     Reporting measures
as per project plan                                evaluation workshop held by
                                                   Clear Horizons.
DSE, WSC, WPCP Staff, GippSport
                                                   See Appendix 3: ‘DSE - Go
July 2009 - June 2010
                                                   for your Life’ Case Study.
Participate in the Stratford Avon Heritage Trail   Participated on the steering      Measurement tools

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                        Page 21 of 69
Steering Committee                                 committee and attended
                                                                                    Reporting measures
                                                   meetings as scheduled.
DSE, WSC, WPCP Staff, GippSport, West                                               framework
Gippsland Catchment Management Authority,          The WPCP participated on
Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation,         the Project Control Board
community members                                  which guided the selection of
                                                   the trails to be developed
July 2009 – June 2010
                                                   through the project.
Explore funding opportunities to complete the                                       Measurement tools
Stratford Avon Heritage Trail
                                                                                    Reporting measures
DSE, WSC, WPCP, community members                                                   framework
July 2010 – June 2012
Continue to promote and support activities         Refer to Objective 1 Strategy    Measurement tools
utilising the new infrastructure at the Heyfield   6
                                                                                    Reporting measures
Wetlands in conjunction with the local Heyfield
DSE, GippSport, Heyfield community, WPCP
July 2009 – June 2012
Identify and support further ‘Go for your Life’    Further funding was not          Measurement tools
funding opportunities for projects in the          received for future DSE ‘Go
                                                                                    Reporting measures
Wellington Shire.                                  for your life’ trail projects.
                                                   Funding needs to be sought
DSE, WPCP Staff, GippSport, WSC, CRG’s
                                                   to complete the Avon Heritage
July 2009 – June 2012                              Trail
Explore the capacity to develop a Municipal                                         Measurement tools
Pathways Strategy that connects people with
                                                                                    Reporting measures
facilities and services in those communities
WSC, WPCP Staff, WPCP partner agencies
and other key stakeholders
January 2010 – June 2010
Development and distribution of a Wellington       A draft booklet has been         Measurement tools    Wellington Walks booklet distributed
Walks Booklet                                      developed ‘Great walks in                             at community physical activity events

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                          Page 22 of 69
                                                Wellington’.                                                             such as Lap the Lakes. Currently
WSC, WPCP staff, CRG’s                                                           Reporting measures
                                                                                                                         developing an electronic version of
June 2009 – March 2010                                                                                                   booklet for wider distribution.

                                                                                 Booklet has been developed
                                                                                 in partnership with WSC,
                                                                                 Rural Access, Transport
                                                                                 Connections, Tourism and
                                                                                 Wellington Primary Care
                                                                                 Partnership. The booklet
                                                                                 uses the DSE Walking Track
                                                                                 Classifications. The booklets
                                                                                 have been distributed across
                                                                                 the catchment.
                                                The policy & procedure for the
Review the Walk and Talk program and the                                         Measurement tools                       Volunteer coordinator at YDHS
                                                Walk-n-Talk program was
evaluation tools used utilising the Gippsland                                                                            unable to find volunteer for walk
                                                reviewed.                        Reporting measures
Health Online evidence                                                                                                   organiser role. Group currently
                                                                                                                         facilitated by community support
                                                                                 Continue to facilitate Walk-n-          officer.
January 2010                                                                     Talk program. Volunteer
                                                                                                                         Reach: 15
                                                                                 coordinator approach to
                                                                                 source a volunteer facilitator          Frequency: Twice a week
                                                                                 for the group
                                                                                 Reach: 10
                                                                                 Frequency: Twice a week

                                                                                 Community Services\Health Promotion\WalknTalk\Evaluation Walk and Talk 20-01-11.doc

                                                                                 Participant Feedback –
                                                                                 Embed Document
Register as an Area Coordinator for Heart       Two people have been trained     Measurement tools                       WPCP staff member attended Heart
Foundation Walking Program and attend           as area coordinators for the                                             Foundation Area Coordinator training.
                                                                                 Reporting measures
training                                        Heart Foundation Walking

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                            Page 23 of 69
                                                    Program (one in Sale and one
YDHS, CGHS                                                                          One person participated in
                                                    in Yarram).
                                                                                    Area Coordinator training
November 2009 (attend training when offered)
                                                                                    There are 3 heart foundation
                                                                                    walking groups operated
Utilise the volunteer coordinator to identify                                       Measurement tools                  Volunteer coordinator at YDHS
potential walking leaders                                                                                              unable to find volunteer for walk
                                                                                                                       organiser role. Group currently
                                                                                    Reporting measures                 facilitated by community support
February 2011 – June 2012                                                           framework                          officer.

Register existing Walk and Talk group on                                            Measurement tools                  As above
Heart Foundation Walking Program database
                                                                                    Reporting measures
and utilise resources to support group
                                                                                    This has not occurred as a
November 2009
                                                                                    suitable volunteer has not
                                                                                    been sourced.
                                                    Promoted Supervisor Training
Offer facilitator training in line with the Heart                                   Measurement tools                  Attempted to start a Heart Foundation
                                                    to members of Walk and Talk
Foundation Walking Program resources                                                                                   walking group in Golden Beach and
                                                    Group.                          Reporting measures
                                                                                                                       train Walk Organisers but due to lack
YDHS                                                                                framework
                                                                                                                       of safe walking paths community did
July 2009 – June 2012 as need arises                                                                                   not support commencement of group.

                                                    Promoted Walking programs
Identify opportunities to support existing or the                                   Measurement tools                  Walking program promoted at Yarram
                                                    at Women’s Forum, Men’s
development of walking groups through the                                                                              show.
                                                    Health Evening at Lung Clinic
Heart Foundation Walking Program in towns
                                                    and Allied Health at YDHS.      Reporting measures
surrounding Yarram.
                                                    Facilitated out-reach Walk      framework
                                                    and Talk monthly.               Participation in the Binginwarri
January 2010
                                                    Mapped existing walking         Walking Group
                                                    groups. Dargo and Rosedale      Tarra Trail Committee
                                                    have registered their walking
                                                    groups as part of the Heart

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                        Page 24 of 69
                                                 Foundation Walking Program.
Promote the program through newsletters,                                       Measurement tools               Seven walking groups in Wellington
news papers and neighbourhood houses                                                                           currently promoted in Getting
                                                                                                               Gippsland Active newsletter. CGHS
YDHS, WPCP, CGHS, Neighbourhood
                                                                               Reporting measures              client Autumn newsletter publicised
                                                                               framework                       walking groups.
July 2010 – June 2012
                                                                               Walking groups promoted
                                                                               through Getting active in
                                                                               Gippsland newsletter. CGHS
                                                                               newsletter publicised walking
Prepare and distribute mobility maps providing                                 Measurement tools               Community consultation via
relevant information for people with limited                                                                   distribution of survey; disability
                                                                               Reporting measures
mobility to enable effective travel planning                                                                   service specialists to undertake
when visiting designated areas.                                                                                mapping throughout 6 townships.
                                                                                                               Mapping consultant contracted in
                                                                                                               December to develop Wellington
WSC, WPCP, GippSport
                                                                                                               mobility maps based on community
July 2011 – June 2012                                                                                          consultation surveys.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                Page 25 of 69
Promoting Accessible and Nutritious Food
Increase the consumption of nutritious food by residents living in the Wellington Shire particularly for communities most at need.
Target groups           Partners                     Impact Measures
      Small and               CGHS                 1.1 - Reach
       remote                                           - Percentage of people, organisations or settings from small and remote communities and those
                               YDHS
                                                          most at need who participated in community kitchens
      Indigenous
                               Quantum                 - Percentage of schools and early childhood settings participating in Kids Go for your Life and
      Socioeconomi                                        Smiles 4 Miles
                               Ramahyuck
                               Neighbourhood           - Number of community kitchens established
                                Houses               2.1 – Increased knowledge & skills
                               Sale Baptist            - Increased cooking skills
                                                        - Percentage of target group who have an increased awareness of how and where to access
                               Kingsway                  nutritious food
                               The Salvation        3.1 – Change in health related behaviours
                                                        - Percentage of adults meeting recommended levels of fruit and vegetable consumption has
                               Mission Australia         increased
                               Kilmany Uniting         - Percentage of children meeting recommended levels of fruit and vegetable consumption
                                                        - Increased number of early childhood settings and schools that have developed and actively
                               VicRelief Food            implemented their food and nutrition policy
                                                        - Increase number of school canteens offering healthy meal choices
                               WSC
                                                     4.2 – Social action and influence
                               Dental Health
                                                        - Increased community capacity to address food security
                                Services Victoria
                                                        - Number of initiatives to address food security where the community has taken ownership and
                               Co-ops
                               AASC
                                                     6.3 – Reoriented health services
                               Wurruk Harmony
                                                     - Percentage of partner agencies who show improved sensitivity to the needs and expectations of
                                                     the target groups to increase consumption of nutritious food

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                      Page 26 of 69
Objective 1
To increase knowledge, skills and access to nutritious food for those living in small and remote communities, socioeconomically disadvantaged and
indigenous communities by June 2012.
Strategy 1 Support existing Community Kitchens and the establishment of new community kitchens that target vulnerable groups and small and remote
Task                                                                                    Status
                                                    2009/10                              2010/11                                2011/12
CGHS & YDHS will support         A selection of the Evaluation tools      Measurement tools                       CGHS Rosedale staff continue to
the existing community           developed by Monash University to be                                             support the community kitchen
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
kitchens                         used (surveys and focus groups)                                                  program.
                                                                           CGHS Rosedale staff supported
- Rosedale Neighbourhood         - Cooking Skills
                                                                          Rosedale community kitchen by
                                 - Demographic                            participating in group and planning     2.4 Enhanced social skills, self
- Sale Baptist Church                                                     menus.                                  esteem and self efficacy
                                 - Social skills
- Sale Neighbourhood House
                                 - Financial skills
- The Station, Yarram
                                 - Wellbeing
- Regent Theatre, Yarram
                                 - Access
CGHS, YDHS, Neighbourhood
                                 See Health Promotion in Gippsland
                                 program and evaluation design
July 2009 – June 2012
ongoing support for existing
groups and as need arises for
Partner agencies to recruit      Six Community Kitchen facilitators       Measurement tools
Community Kitchen facilitators   recruited through word of mouth.
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
through promotion in
newsletters, websites, local
papers, volunteer programs
and partner agencies
Sale Baptist Church,

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                  Page 27 of 69
Kingsway, VicRelief Food
July 2009 – June 2012 as
need arises as required
Utilise best practice training    The Frankston Community Kitchen         Measurement tools
packages in partnership with      Training Package was adapted and
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
dietitians (eg Frankston          condensed.
Community Health model)
October 2009
Delivery of training package to   Facilitator Training was delivered in   Measurement tools
new volunteers and provide        June for 9 community kitchen leaders
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
ongoing training and support      from across the catchment.
to volunteers
CGHS, YDHS, WPCP Staff                                                    Facilitator Training was delivered in
                                                                          Nov for 10 community kitchen leaders
October 2009 and then
                                                                          from across the catchment.
annually as required
Explore opportunities to offer    YDHS formed partnership with
Food Handlers Training for        VicRelief Foodbank in 2009, with 10
Community Kitchen facilitators    participants receiving accredited
in partnership                    training in Safe Food Handling.
WPCP Staff, VicRelief Food
January 2010
CGHS & YDHS will support          Support for existing kitchens;          Measurement tools                       Five Star Community Kitchen
the existing community                                                                                            continues to operate with four
                                  Loch Sport Neighbourhood House          Reporting measures framework
kitchens and will support the                                                                                     regular participants (all residents).
                                  Community Kitchen
establishment of new                                                                                              The establishment of a vegetable
Community Kitchens within         Kingsway Community Kitchen                                                      garden at the facility is planned for
                                                                          Continuing to support Rosedale NH,
Wellington with a particular                                              Sale Baptist Church and Sale NH with    2012.
focus on vulnerable groups as                                             their CKs.
                                  New Kitchens                                                                    Ramahyuck Youth Centre has three
identified by community need.
                                                                                                                  raised garden beds for elders.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                 Page 28 of 69
                                                                                                                        Living Strong programs currently
- Ramahyuck                      Rosedale Neighbourhood House               Sale Baptist Church is struggling to
                                                                                                                        being implemented with the
                                 Community Kitchen                          find participants. Currently only two
- UnitingCare Gippsland,                                                                                                intention of utilising the fresh
                                                                            regular participants.
                                 6 – 10 participants meet fortnightly and                                               vegetables in classes. Intention is
- Five Star,
                                 pay $5. The kitchen was initially led by   Kingsway CK not operating due to            for Ramahyuck community kitchens
- Anglican Church Yarram         the neighbourhood house coordinator        lack of interest                            to run after Living Strong program is
CGHS, YDHS                       and a CGHS community health nurse.                                                     completed.
                                                                            Loch Sport NH CK not operating as
                                 Two of the participants have completed
July 2009 – June 2012                                                       no facilitator available                    Planning is underway for a new CK,
                                 the facilitator training and are taking
ongoing support for existing                                                Uniting Care Gippsland held a CK            to be coordinated by Maffra
                                 more of a leadership role. Evaluation
groups and as need arises for                                               open day in May 2011 but only had 2         Community House. Scoping has
                                 questionnaires have been completed
establishment                                                               participants, they are rethinking their     been undertaken to source a
                                 Sale Baptist Church Men’s Kitchen                                                      suitable venue which is accessible
                                                                            approach, Will try again before the
                                 5 – 7 participants meet fortnightly and    end of 2011.                                with appropriate kitchen facilities for
                                 pay $5. Transport is provided through                                                  the program. Maffra Primary
                                                                            Ramahyuck have planned a CK open            School Council has agreed to
                                 CGHS and a volunteer driver. The
                                                                            day but are currently running Living        provide access to the school hall,
                                 kitchen is lead by two volunteers from
                                                                            Strong program. They are hoping this        where a suitable kitchen is located.
                                 the church. A partnership has been
                                                                            program will lead into the
                                 developed with The Salvation Army to
                                                                            establishment of a CK by the end of
                                 access the fresh produce they receive
                                 through Aldi. Evaluation
                                 questionnaires have been completed         A CK has been established at the Five
                                                                            Star Complex. It ran during Terms 1
                                 Sale Neighbourhood House Young
                                                                            (just residents) and 2 (residents and
                                 Mum’s Kitchen
                                                                            general public) 2011 with 2-4 regular
                                 This kitchen was promoted as a young       participants. Struggling for participants
                                 mum’s community kitchen and it was         towards the end of Term 2. Facilitator
                                 anticipated that referral would come       is away for Term 3. Kitchen will
                                 through the maternal and child health      recommence in Term 4.
                                 nurses. This kitchen is currently not
                                 running however a community member
                                 has been trained as a leader.
                                 Advocated for upgrade to kitchen
Assist community kitchens to                                                Measurement tools                           A Wellington Shire Community
                                 facilities at Regent Theatre Yarram,
apply for grants for equipment                                                                                          assistance grant will be applied for
                                 with upgrade to commence shortly.          Reporting measures framework
and venue costs                                                                                                         by Maffra Community House mid-
                                 Conducted community fundraisers.                                                       2012.
                                                                            A WSC grant of $890 was received to         YDHS Health Promotion worker

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                        Page 29 of 69
                                                                              establish CK at Five Star Complex.      supported The Station community
July 2009 – June 2012 as
                                                                                                                      kitchen’s successful grant
need arises
                                                                                                                      application for a pizza oven.
                                                                                                                      3.2 Resources
                                    The Community Kitchen at The Station
Review two current community                                                  Measurement tools                       Regent Theatre community kitchen
                                    continues to operate.
kitchens in Yarram and identify                                                                                       cost prohibitive. An alternative
                                                                              Reporting measures framework
alternative venues                  The Community Kitchen for children                                                venue is continuing to be
                                    with special needs is in recess, due to   The Station Community Kitchen           investigated but no suitable
                                    upgrade of The Regent Theatre             Providing support and advice            kitchens have been sourced.
November 2009                       kitchen.
                                                                              Provision of Resources/Tools
                                                                              Leader from YSC
                                                                              Reach: 15
                                                                              Regent Theatre
                                                                              Not operating
Support neighbourhood house         Support offered to Yarram                 Measurement tools                       Yarram Neighbourhood House has
as requested with the               Neighbourhood House                                                               chosen not to pursue a cooking
                                                                              Reporting measures framework
establishment of the cooking                                                                                          program at the moment. YDHS
for one program                                                                                                       remains available to lend support
                                                                                                                      should circumstances change.
If requested
Promotion of community                                                        Measurement tools                       Community Kitchens happening are
kitchen concept                                                                                                       advertised in the WPCP newsletter
                                                                              Reporting measures framework
                                                                                                                      each Term.
                                                                              Community Kitchens happening are
WPCP partner agencies                                                                                                 Flyers for each community kitchen
                                                                              advertised in the WPCP newsletter
                                                                                                                      are produce every term and added
July 2009 – June 2012                                                         every Term.
                                                                                                                      to the WPCP website.
                                                                              Flyers for each community kitchen are
                                                                              produce every Term.
Sale Baptist Church to explore      Sale Baptist Church Men’s Kitchen         Measurement tools                       Sale Baptist Church Men’s
the possibility of establishing a                                                                                     Community Kitchen saw an
                                    5 – 7 participants meet fortnightly and   Reporting measures framework
Community Kitchen                                                                                                     increase in participation with five

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                     Page 30 of 69
                              pay $5. Transport is provided through                                            regular attendees at the beginning
Sale Baptist Church, WPCP                                              Sale Baptist Church is struggling to
                              CGHS and a volunteer driver. The                                                 of term 4, 2011. A volunteer driver
Staff                                                                  find participants. Currently only two
                              kitchen is lead by two volunteers from                                           from CGHS volunteer program was
                                                                       regular participants.
January 2010                  the church. A partnership has been                                               sourced to help with transport for
                              developed with The Salvation Army to     Facilitator questioning viability of    participants, however numbers
                              access the fresh produce they receive    continuing, combining with Five Star    were not sustained and the kitchen
                              through Aldi. Evaluation                 CK might be an option.                  was wound down at the end of
                              questionnaires have been completed.                                              2011.
Referral pathways for         CGHS delivered a presentation to         Measurement tools
Community Kitchens will be    HACC staff within CGHS, UnitingCare
                                                                       Reporting measures framework
identified and promoted as    Gippsland staff and members of the
appropriate                   Sale & District Aged Care Network.
- HACC                        YDHS conducted information sessions      Email outlining CKs happening is sent
                              with Baker’s Youth & Family Services     to a few agencies each Term. Need to
- Care Coordination
                              staff, Yarram Secondary College staff,   expand.
- UnitingCare Gippsland       local pharmacies, Yarram Women’s
- Assessment Team             Forum Nutrition Workshop, Divisional
                              Heads Primary Care Dept – YDHS,
- Emergency Relief Network    Social Worker YDHS
- Sale & District Aged Care
Kilmany Uniting Care,
Emergency Relief agencies
January 2010

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                              Page 31 of 69
Work with Ramahyuck to            Initial meeting held with Ramahyuck       Measurement tools                       Ramahyuck have commenced a
establish a community kitchen     and there is interest in establishing a                                           Community Kitchen which is
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
and identify ways to modify the   cooking program.                                                                  operating fortnightly from Sale
program to accommodate the                                                  Ramahyuck have planned a CK open        Neighbourhood House.
needs of the community and                                                  day but are currently running Living
explore scope for a community                                               Strong program. They hoping this
kitchen at Wulgunggo Ngalu                                                  program will lead into the
                                                                            establishment of a CK by the end of
Ramahyuck District Aboriginal
Corporation, YDHS                                                           Close the Gap Project Coordinator
                                                                            has been appointed.
February 2011
                                                                            Wulgunggo Ngalu
                                                                            Project scoped however existing
                                                                            cooking program is already delivered.

Support agencies to become        Evaluation design developed across        Measurement tools
familiar with the Community       the region and circulated to partner
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
Kitchen evaluation tools and to   agencies
develop an evaluation plan.
CGHS, YDHS, Sale Baptist
November 2009 – March 2010
Partner agencies will evaluate    Evaluation of the Rosedale Community      Measurement tools                       The Community Kitchens evaluation
the Community Kitchens as         Kitchen and the Sale Baptist Church                                               templates are currently being
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
per the evaluation plan           Men’s Community Kitchen has                                                       reviewed with new survey
                                  occurred. The surveys have been sent                                              instruments expected to be
                                  to Monash University for analysis.        Evaluation of the Sale NH CK,           implemented in July. The new tools
Sale Baptist Church
                                                                            Rosedale NH CK and the Sale Baptist     are expected to be more user-
July 2009 – June 2012                                                                                               friendly and will possibly include the
                                                                            Church Men’s CK has occurred. The
Annually                                                                                                            AQoL 8D as well as a 24 hour recall
                                                                            surveys have been sent to Monash

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                   Page 32 of 69
                                                                            University for analysis.                questionnaire.
Identify opportunities to link in    Evaluation design developed across     Measurement tools
with other regions with              the region and circulated to partner
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
Community Kitchen training           agencies
and resources
July 2009 – June 2012 as
opportunities arise
Promote community kitchens                                                  Measurement tools                       Flyers developed for Community
groups on the WPCP website                                                                                          Kitchens and made available on the
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
                                                                                                                    PCP website and in newsletters.
March 2011
                                                                            Community Kitchens happening are
                                                                            advertised in the WPCP newsletter
                                                                            every Term.
                                                                            Flyers for each community kitchen are
                                                                            produce every Term. Need to put
                                                                            them up on the website.
Develop a generic flyer to                                                  Measurement tools
promote community kitchens
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
March 2011
                                                                            Flyers have been produced for each
Objective 2
To increase food security for vulnerable groups living in Wurruk, Sale & Yarram
Strategy 1 Develop partnerships to plan, implement and evaluate local solutions to improve food security
Task                                                                                       Status
                                                  2009/10                                   2010/11                              2011/12
                                     Community Crunch Project –
Identify barriers to low fruit and                                          Measurement tools
                                     Assessing barriers and feasibility
vegetable consumption in

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                   Page 33 of 69
vulnerable families in Wurruk,   strategies to increase fruit and
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
Sale and Yarram and identify     vegetable consumption in low
strategies to addressing food    socioeconomic families within
security through focus groups.   Sale, Wurruk & Yarram.

September/October 2009
Undertake a review of food       Healthy Food Basket surveys were         Measurement tools
supply utilising the ‘healthy    conducted across all supermarkets
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
food basket’ in Wurruk, Sale     and general stores in Wellington Shire
and Yarram – package for         Council
students to implement                                                     Healthy Food Basket surveys were
CGHS, YDHS, WPCP Staff                                                    conducted across all supermarkets
                                                                          and general stores in Wellington Shire
June 2010

Map food access across                                                    Measurement tools
Wellington including public
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
transport, store locations
against the SEIFA data
                                                                          Accessibility of Healthy Food in
WPCP Staff, WSC                                                           Wellington - SEIFA maps were
                                                                          obtained for towns across Wellington.
November 2010
                                                                          Using Wellington Shire Council
                                                                          records, a list of all the supermarkets,
                                                                          general     stores,     green    grocers,
                                                                          butchers, bakeries and fast food
                                                                          stores registered in Wellington and
                                                                          their locations was collated. Public
                                                                          transport routes and timetables were
                                                                          collected     and      analysed.    Store
                                                                          locations and public transport routes
                                                                          were then mapped on the SEIFA
                                                                          maps using Geographic Information
                                                                          Systems (GIS) software. A 500m
                                                                          radius was drawn around stores as a

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                Page 34 of 69
                                                         way of identifying potential ‘food
                                                          Alberton – bus only allows 2 hours
                                                           to shop in Yarram
                                                          Boisdale – bus not low floor
                                                          Dargo – no public transport
                                                          Licola – no public transport,
                                                           consider a shopping bus service to
                                                           Heyfield    that    also   services
                                                           Glenmaggie,      Coongulla,    and
                                                          Parts of Rosedale – no public
                                                           transport and low SEIFA score,
                                                           consider a town shopping bus
                                                           service that extends to Sale or
                                                          Tinamba – public transport not
                                                           suitable for shopping, consider
                                                           extending Maffra town route to
                                                           include Tinamba and Newry
                                                          Woodside – no public transport,
                                                           YDHS bus available to some
                                                          Parts of Yarram – no public
                                                           transport and low SEIFA score,
                                                           YDHS bus available to some,
                                                           consider a town route that extends
                                                           to Alberton, Woodside, Tarraville,
                                                           Langsborough, Port Albert and
                                                           McLoughlins Beach

Identify existing strategies to                          Measurement tools
address food access
                                                         Reporting measures framework
VicRelief Food Bank, WPCP
partner agencies                                         Not quite complete
March 2011                                               Wellington Food Security Initiatives

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                           Page 35 of 69
Analysis of data and               Creation of a short term project         Measurement tools
information obtained through       position to further map food access
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
consultations will guide the       across Wellington.
direction on which interventions
                                   Communities identified with the lowest
will be selected for
                                   access to affordable and nutritious
implementation from the
                                   food will be targeted.
healthy eating portfolio.
Ramahyuck District Aboriginal
Corporation, community,
Wurruk Harmony Group
July 2010
Ensure that food                                                            Measurement tools
access/security is included in
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
the Community Wellbeing Plan
(municipal public health plan)
WPCP Staff, WSC, WPCP                                                       Food access is included in the
member agencies                                                             Wellington Community Wellbeing Plan
September 2010
Promote the use of public          Public transport has been mapped as      Measurement tools
transport around Sale and          part of the Food Access project.
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
Wurruk to access fresh food
WPCP Staff, WSC, bus
companies, schools, taxis
July 2010
Identify issues and                The Sale Baptist Church has been         Measurement tools
opportunities through the          accessing fresh produce for the Men’s
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
Wellington Emergency Relief        Kitchen through The Salvation Army
Network                            who has recently commenced
                                   receiving produce three times a week
Emergency Relief Services,
                                   from Aldi through VicRelief Food Bank.
WPCP partner agencies

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                            Page 36 of 69
November 2009 – June 2012
Strategy 2 Work in partnership to establish and support community gardens across Wellington
Establish a community garden                                            Measurement tools                        As above Five Star community
at Five Star site                                                                                                garden planned for 2012
                                                                        Reporting measures framework
September 2010 – June 2011
                                                                        Planning has commenced on the
                                                                        establishment of the community
Explore opportunities to                                                Measurement tools
develop a community garden
                                                                        Reporting measures framework
with support from the Rosedale
Community Kitchen
CGHS                                                                    They are still keen to do this, can we
                                                                        help them do a WSC grant
February 2011 – June 2012
Support Ramahyuck to scope                                              Measurement tools                        Ramahyuck garden at Warehouse
opportunities to develop                                                                                         established. At this stage they can
                                                                        Reporting measures framework
community garden at the                                                                                          only be utilised by HACC services.
Ramahyuck, CGHS
February 2011 – June 2012
Map existing community                                                  Measurement tools
gardens to identify future
                                                                        Reporting measures framework
opportunities and to share
March 2011
Provide support with the                                                Measurement tools                        Discussion has taken place for a
implementation the Street                                                                                        regional food security forum to be
                                                                        Reporting measures framework
Harvest program in Yarram                                                                                        held in Sale during 2012. It was

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                Page 37 of 69
                                                                                                                      intended that the Street Harvest
YDHS, VicRelief Foodbank,                                                     The Street Harvest model was
                                                                                                                      project would be showcased as a
Anglican Church,                                                              developed by VicRelief Food Bank
                                                                                                                      best practice model and support
                                                                              and has been implemented in Yarram
December 2010 – June 2012                                                                                             was offered in preparing a case
                                                                              through YDHS. A project worker has
                                                                                                                      study. However, personnel who
                                                                              been appointed to implement the
                                                                                                                      were directly involved in the project
                                                                              project. The project involves
                                                                                                                      had left the organisation early in
                                                                              community growing an extra row of
                                                                                                                      2012 and WPCP were advised the
                                                                              vegetables and donating them to
                                                                                                                      project was no longer being
                                                                              distribute to others. A
                                                                                                                      supported by YDHS. Funding for
                                                                              Steering Committee has been             Street Harvest ceased in February.
                                                                              established and includes; YDHS,
                                                                              VicRelief Foodbank, WSC, Uniting
                                                                              Church, Anglican Church, YSC,
                                                                              Bakers Youth & Family Services staff.
                                                                              Advice on funding providers and
                                                                              sourcing additional funding.
Objective 3
By June 2012, there will be an increase in the access to healthy foods among children aged 0 – 12 years.
Strategy 1 Increase the number of early childhood services and primary schools that are participating in the Kids – ‘Go for your life’ Award Program.
Task                                                                                        Status
                                                  2009/10                                   2010/11
Encourage and support schools     Kids – ‘Go for your life’ health            Measurement tools                       Five Wellington primary schools
as required to utilise the        professionals forum held in March to                                                who achieved KGFYL award status
                                                                              Reporting measures framework
Nutrition Australia’s canteen     demonstrate how health professionals                                                had menus checked and approved
resources to make healthy         can assist settings to achieve the                                                  by dietician.
                                                                              Number of early childhood services
changes to canteens               award.
                                                                              that are Kids – ‘Go for your life’
                                  Of the 55 primary schools and early
CGHS                                                                          members in Wellington -
                                  childhood settings in Wellington, there
                                                                              11 member ECS of 23 ECS in
July 2009 – June 2012 as          are currently 27 who are members and
                                                                              Wellington (48%) are members of the
requested                         are working towards completing the
                                  Award criteria. There are 10 that have
Provide schools and early                                                     61.2% of all ECS in Victoria were       96% of Wellington early learning
                                  been awarded, they are Boisdale
childhood settings with                                                       members of the program                  centres are participating in the
                                  Consolidated      School,      Briagolong
resources and support to                                                                                              Smiles 4 Miles program and have

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                     Page 38 of 69
develop healthy eating policies      Primary School, Cowwarr Primary                                                   nutrition policies; staff have been
and lunchbox guidelines which        School, Gumnuts Early Learning           Number of early childhood services       trained in healthy eating guidelines.
include increased access to          Centre, Guthridge Street Primary         that are Kids – ‘Go for your life’
                                                                                                                       KGFYL awarded schools have
water and healthy fundraising.       School, Neighbourhood Kids Early         awarded in Wellington -
                                                                                                                       nutrition policies and menus that
                                     Learning Centre (Rosedale), Rosedale     4 awarded ECS of the 11 ECS
CGHS                                                                                                                   have been approved by a dietician.
                                     Primary School, Sale 545 Primary         members in Wellington (36.3%)
July 2009 – June 2012 as             School and Yarram Primary School         23% of all member ECSs in Victoria
requested                            and Airly Primary School.                were awarded
                                                                              Duke Street Children’s Centre            Five additional primary schools
Provide support to member            The Kids - 'Go for your life' program
                                                                              received the award in 2010/2011.         were supported by CGHS to receive
primary schools and early            has been identified as a key strategy in
                                                                                                                       KGFYL award status before the
childhood services to complete       the Wellington Health Promotion
                                                                              Number of schools that are Kids – ‘Go    program finished December 2011.
the Award criteria                   Catchment Plan 2009 - 2012.
                                                                              for your life’ members in Wellington -
                                     In Wellington 31.8% of early childhood
CGHS, YDHS                                                                    30 member PS of 33 PS in Wellington
                                     settings are members and 9% are
July 2009 – June 2012                                                         (91%) are members of the program
                                     awarded, this is below the state wide
                                                                              62.3% of all PS in Victoria were
                                     uptake against our statistics at the end
Promote the Kids – ‘Go for your                                               members of the program                   CGHS focused on supporting
                                     of    June      2010.    For     primary
life’ Award program to non-                                                                                            member school s to become
                                     schools 85% in Wellington are
member schools and services                                                   Number of schools that are Kids – ‘Go    awarded before the KGFYL
                                     members with 24% being awarded.
CGHS, YDHS                                                                    for your life’ awarded in Wellington -   program finished in December so
                                     This is slightly above the state wide
                                                                              11 awarded PS of the 30 members in       more Wellington schools would
July 2009 – June 2012                uptake against our statistics at the end
                                                                              Wellington (36.6%) are awarded           receive advanced standing under
                                     of June 2010.
                                                                              27% of all member PS in Victoria         new VHPAP.
                                                                              Maffra Primary School and St Patricks
Identify Kids – ‘Go for your life’                                                                                     KGFYL ceased December 2011;
as a strategy in new work plans                                               Primary School in Stratford achieved     replacement program will be
and organisational strategic                                                  the award in 2010/11.                    supported through strategic 2012
                                                                              There are currently five primary
documents being developed                                                                                              plans.
                                                                              schools that are in the process of
WPCP Staff, WSC, CGHS,                                                        completing the award application. The
YDHS                                                                          primary schools are; Wurruk Primary
July 2009 – June 2012                                                         School
                                                                              Cobains Primary School
                                                                              St Marys Primary School, Maffra
                                                                              St Marys Primary School, Sale
                                                                              Loch Sport Primary School
Review health promotion and          CGHS have developed a 0.6 EFT            Measurement tools                        Achieved March 2010
community health hours and           ongoing position which includes the

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                      Page 39 of 69
funding across the catchment       ongoing implementation of Kids – ‘Go
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
to identify existing roles that    for your life’
can be reoriented, or new roles
                                   See Appendix 4: ‘KGFYL in
that can be created, which are
                                   Wellington’ Case Study.                  CGHS have developed a 0.6 EFT
dedicated to the                                                            ongoing position which includes the
implementation of Kids – ‘Go                                                ongoing implementation of Kids – ‘Go
for your life’ upon cessation of                                            for your life’
the state wide funding.
                                                                            This will be reviewed in light of the
WPCP Staff, CGHS                                                            recent changes to the KGFYL
July 2009 – December 2009                                                   program and it ceasing in December
Provide professional               A grant was received from KGFYL to       Measurement tools                          All five primary schools where
development opportunities for      hold professional development training                                              policy workshops were held
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
school and child care staff to     for schools.                                                                        achieved award status in 2011.
build capacity to implement
                                                                            A Policy Workshop was conducted
interventions (eg; nutrition
                                                                            with five primary schools in May.
policies and healthy canteens).
                                                                            Children participated in activities with
CGHS, WPCP Staff, KGFYL                                                     the ‘Go for your Life’ team whilst the
                                                                            teachers worked on the policy
Annually or if a particular need
is identified
Support Woodside, Devon            Referred Alberton Primary School to      Measurement tools
North, Alberton Primary School     Kids Go for Your Life Coordinator
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
and Yarram Primary School as
requested with the ‘Kids go for
your life’ award program and                                                Yarram Primary School renewed
link with the local KGFYL                                                   Award status April 2011.
July 2009 – June 2012
Link other schools who express                                              Measurement tools
interest to Kids ‘Go for your
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
Life’ resources

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                      Page 40 of 69
July 2009 – June 2012 as
Support five schools to achieve                          Measurement tools                          Five primary schools who
award status through accessing                                                                      participated in policy development
                                                         Reporting measures framework
the ‘GFYL’ van to release                                                                           workshop achieved Kids – Go for
teachers to participate in PD to                         A Policy Workshop was conducted            your life award status in 2011.
develop award                                            with five primary schools in May.
                                                         Children participated in activities with
                                                         the ‘Go for your Life’ team whilst the
May 2011                                                 teachers worked on the policy
Support state wide team to                               Measurement tools
work with Nurture One to
                                                         Reporting measures framework
develop overarching nutrition
policies                                                 CGHS health promotion officer
                                                         worked with Duke Street on KGFYL
                                                         policy but found award program did
February 2011 – June 2011                                not match setting requirements.
Work with two Nurture One                                Measurement tools                          All three Wellington Nurture One
early childhood settings to                                                                         settings (Duke St, Reeve St and
                                                         Reporting measures framework
obtain award status                                                                                 McCole St) completed Smiles 4
                                                         .                                          Miles training March 2012. Nurture
                                                                                                    One nutrition policies will be
February 2011 – June 2011                                                                           submitted to DHSV to support
                                                                                                    award applications.
Explore opportunities to                                 Measurement tools
promote KGFYL and S4M
                                                         Reporting measures framework
through TAFE childcare
February 2011 – June 2011
Identify strategies to engage                            Measurement tools
remaining two schools to
                                                         Reporting measures framework
become KGFYL members

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                   Page 41 of 69
February 2011 – June 2011                                                       Two primary schools are not members
                                                                                and various strategies have been
Strategy 2 Support primary schools to maintain or establish sustainable vegetable gardens so that children can experience growing, harvesting,
preparing and sharing.
Support schools who have            WPCP held a School Garden                   Measurement tools                       Yarram Secondary College
existing vegetable gardens          Workshop in March for schools with                                                  continues to support Yarram
                                                                                Reporting measures framework
through assistance with funding     existing gardens and those looking to                                               Harvest Festival as part of its
submissions and training to         establish a garden. Rosedale,                                                       outreach VCAL program.
build sustainability                Seaspray and Cowwarr Primary
                                    Schools presented at the workshop.
                                    YDHS support Yarram Secondary
July 2009 – June 2012 as
                                    College garden which provides
                                    produce for community kitchen.
                                    Provided advice on funding and
                                    professionals to advice on sustainable
Provide resources and support       GFYL $6000 Healthy Start Grant              Measurement tools
to schools interested in            received by Rosedale Primary School
                                                                                Reporting measures framework
establishing sustainable            which will be used to build a utility
vegetable gardens.                  shed and to purchase a pump for the
                                    water tank
                                    Invited school students to attend
July 2009 – June 2012 as
                                    sustainability event as part of Yarram
                                    Women’s forum 2010.
Strategy 3 Implement Smiles 4 Miles in early childhood settings using a multifaceted approach including curriculum, policy, parent engagement,
community links and role modelling.
Support Kilmany Uniting Care        A draft policy has been developed for       Measurement tools                       UnitingCare Gippsland has adopted
to develop a nutrition policy for   the UnitingCare Gippsland                                                           Nutrition Guidelines and
                                                                                Reporting measures framework
preschools                          Kindergarten Network and is awaiting                                                Procedures document developed by
                                    endorsement. As UnitingCare                                                         East Gippsland PCP.
CGHS, Kilmany Uniting Care,
                                    Gippsland is a regional service this will   A draft policy has been developed for

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                       Page 42 of 69
preschools                     potentially be implemented across the     the UnitingCare Gippsland
                               region.                                   Kindergarten Network and is awaiting
December 2009 – January
                                                                         endorsement. As UnitingCare                  UnitingCare
                                                                         Gippsland is a regional service this     Gippsland Kinder Nutrition Policy.pdf
                               See Appendix 4: ‘Smiles 4 Miles Policy    will potentially be implemented across
                               Development’ Case Study.                  the region.

                                                                            Draft Policy

Embed the S4M program into     UnitingCare Gippsland Kinders:            Measurement tools                        Remaining UnitingCare Gippsland
the Kilmany kindergarten                                                                                          kinders:
                                   -   Glassford Street                  Reporting measures framework
                                   -   Queen Street                                                                    -    East Sale
CGHS, Kilmany Uniting Care         -   Longford                                                                        -    St Andrews
                                                                         UnitingCare Gippsland kinders:                -    Heyfield
January 2010 – June 2010       Engaged as S4M settings
                                                                            -    St Columbas                           -    Stratford
                                                                            -    Briagalong                            -    Gormandale

                                                                         Engaged as S4M settings                  Engaged as S4M settings March
                               Resources that are circulated through                                              All S4M settings received electronic
Establish a S4M resource
                               the S4M settings are:                                                              resources to support S4M
                               2 x drink well displays (sugar content                                             messages:
CGHS, Kindergarten network,    in common drinks)
DHSV                           2 x eat well displays (sugar content in                                            How much sugar are you drinking
January 2010 – June 2010       common snacks and cereals)                                                         power point presentation (sugar
                               4 x eat well games (flash cards with                                               content in common drinks).
                               pictures of ‘everyday’ and ‘sometimes’
                               foods. Children are asked to identify                                              The great lunchbox dilemma display
                               which category each flash card                                                     kit developed by Department of
                               belongs in. for example carrots =                                                  Health & Human Services
                               everyday, cakes = sometimes.                                                       Tasmania. A visual display which
                               3 x Colgate ‘Your Smiles Counts’ story                                             supports parents to choose healthy
                               books                                                                              lunch options for children.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                     Page 43 of 69
Expand the S4M program to         Six Preschools and one Day Care        Measurement tools                       New settings to the program:
additional settings               Centre are working towards the award
                                                                         Reporting measures framework               -    Seaspray Primary School’s
CGHS, kindergarten network,                                                                                              Pippies Playgroup,
Kilmany Uniting Care                                                     New settings to the program                -    Gippsland Grammar Early
                                                                         St Columba’s Kindergarten, Sale                 Learning Centre
January 2010 – June 2010
                                                                         Briagolong Kindergarten                    -    Gormandale Kindergarten
                                                                                                                    -    East Sale Kindergarten
                                                                                                                    -    St Andrew’s Kindergarten,
                                                                                                                    -    Stratford Kindergarten
                                                                                                                    -    Duke Street Children’s
                                                                                                                         Centre, Maffra
                                                                                                                    -    McCole Street Children’s
                                                                                                                         Centre, Sale
                                                                                                                    -    Heyfield Kindergarten
                                                                                                                    -    Neighbourhood Kids Early
                                                                                                                         Learning Centre, Rosedale
                                                                                                                    -    Gippsland Grammar Early
                                                                                                                         Learning Centre, Sale
                                                                                                                 Additional setting engagement
                                                                                                                 increased reach of Smiles 4 Miles
                                                                                                                 reach in kindergartens to 95%
Continue to support settings                                             Measurement tools                       Supported six settings to complete
involved in the program as                                                                                       updated award requirements.
                                                                         Reporting measures framework
required                                                                                                         Seven Smiles 4 Miles training
                                                                                                                 sessions delivered to thirteen new
CGHS, DHSV                                                               Hyland Kindergarten, Sale
                                                                         Sale North Kindergarten
July 2009 – June 2012
                                                                         Gwenfa-Hampton Kindergarten, Sale
                                                                         Longford Kindergarten
                                                                         Glassford Street Kindergarten, Maffra
                                                                         Queen Street Kindergarten, Maffra
Support settings to achieve the   Six Preschools and one Day Care        Measurement tools                       Six settings awarded:
Smiles 4 Miles Award              Centre are working towards the award                                           Longford Kindergarten
                                                                         Reporting measures framework
                                  program.                                                                       Queen Street Kindergarten, Maffra
                                                                                                                 Sale North Kindergarten

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                  Page 44 of 69
                                                                                                 Glassford Street Kindergarten,
July 2009 – June 2012
                                                                                                 Gwenfa Hampton Kindergarten
                                                                                                 Hyland Community Kindergarten,

Evaluate the Smiles 4 Miles                              Measurement tools                       WPCP working with EGPCP oral
program utilising the East                                                                       health promotion worker to utilise
                                                         Reporting measures framework
Gippsland tools                                                                                  tools in 2012.
                                                         Due to CGHS staffing issues
Kindergarten teachers                                                                            WPCP staff member attended S4M
                                                         evaluation not completed during 2011.
                                                                                                 forum in November where
Pre and post program                                     Will support settings to complete and
                                                                                                 presentation on new evaluation
(February 2011 and                                       in 2012.
                                                                                                 project, Cheeky Chompers, was
October/November 2011)
                                                                                                 presented. CGHS participated in
                                                                                                 Cheeky Chompers focus group and
                                                                                                 are supporting local settings to
                                                                                                 complete Cheeky Chompers
Encourage preschools to                                  Measurement tools                       Seaspray Primary School’s Pippies
become KGFYL members and                                                                         playgroup engaged late 2011.
                                                         Reporting measures framework
support to obtain award status
February 2011 – June 2012
Explore and implement a                                  Measurement tools                       CGHS has developed referral
referral pathway between                                                                         pathway. Currently engaging
                                                         Reporting measures framework
maternal and child health and                                                                    feedback from dental staff and
dental                                                                                           maternal and child health staff
February 2011 – June 2012
Participate in the development                           Measurement tools                       Attended DHSV Oral Health
of the Oral Health Promotion                                                                     Promotion forum February 2012.
                                                         Reporting measures framework
actions within the Gippsland                                                                     CGHS actively participating in
Oral Health Plan                                                                                 Gippsland Oral Health Consortium.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                Page 45 of 69
CGHS, Oral Health Consortium
February 2011 – June 2012
Strategy 4 Advocate and support WSC to have policies and procedures that support the healthy eating and physical activity of children 0 – 12 years
Work in partnership with the                                              Measurement tools                       WSC, Ramahyuck, UnitingCare
Wellington Shire Council to                                                                                       Gippsland, WPCP and CGHS
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
support and link the policies                                                                                     participated in development of Early
and actions in the Municipal                                                                                      Years Municipal Plan.
Early Years Plan to the                                                   The Best Start Partnership has been
catchment plan and other                                                  integrated in the Wellington Primary
potential partnership initiatives                                         Care Partnership.
WPCP Staff, CGHS, Kilmany                                                 The development of the Action Plan
Uniting Care, YDHS                                                        involved various partners and
July 2009 – June 2012                                                     community consultation.
                                                                          The Municipal Early Years Plan will
                                                                          also use this platform.
Broad consultation in the           WPCP members involved in the          Measurement tools                       Two forums conducted 2011 to
development of the Wellington       development of the WSCMEYP                                                    develop Early Years Municipal Plan
                                                                          Reporting measures framework
Shire Council Municipal Early       included; CGHS, YDHS, UnitingCare                                             and feedback provided by multiple
Years Plan                          Gippsland, GWHS                                                               agencies.
WSC, WPCP staff, CGHS,
Kilmany Uniting Care
July 2009 – December 2009

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                  Page 46 of 69
Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing
Further develop the capacity for small, remote and those most at need in the Wellington Shire to be strong, inclusive, resilient and
Target groups        Partners
                                                   Impact Measures
    Small and           YDHS
       remote            Regional Arts Victoria 1.1 - Reach
       communities       Secondary Schools           - Percentage of people, organisations or settings from small and remote communities and
    Youth               School Focused                those most at need who participated in; Festival for Healthy Living and Life Skills
    Women                  Youth Service          2.1 – Increased knowledge
    Older Adults           (SFYS)
                         Primary Schools             - Increased understanding of mental health and wellbeing amongst participants
                         Royal Children’s         3.1 – Change in health related behaviours
                            Hospital (RCH)
                         WSC                         - Increased participation in the community by target group
                         CGHS                     4.2 – Social action and influence
                         Relationships
                            Australia                 - Increased number of community initiated and lead mental health and wellbeing activities
                         WPCP                        - Increase in the skills, understanding and confidence to allow communities to take action that
                         VicRelief Food Bank           will lead to improved mental health and wellbeing
                         Gippsland Women’s        6.3 – Reoriented health services
                            Health Service
                            (GWHS)                 - Percentage of partner agencies who show improved sensitivity to the needs and expectations of
                         Office of Seniors        the target groups to increase consumption of nutritious food
                         Villa Maria
                         Anglicare
                         LCHS
                         Sale Mental Health
                         Kilmany Uniting Care
                         Life Line
                         Department Primary
                         DSE
                         Department of
                            Veteran Affairs (DVA)
Objective 1

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                 Page 47 of 69
To build the capacity of 7 schools in Yarram and Maffra to promote mental health and wellbeing amongst youth.
Strategy 1 To implement the Festival for Healthy Living Program with a cluster of primary and secondary schools in Yarram to promote mental health
and wellbeing amongst youth through the arts.
Task                                                                                              Status

                                                           2009/10                                2010/11                       2011/12

                                             The Festival for Healthy Living
Yarram & District Health Service will                                               Measurement tools
                                             (FHL) is a program developed by
plan, implement and evaluate the
                                             the Royal Children’s Hospital          Reporting measures framework
Festival for Healthy Living program –
                                             (RCH) which promotes belonging
Plan attached
                                             and mental health amongst              Evaluation Report
YDHS, RCH, WPCP Staff, SFYS,                 children, young people, parents,
Secondary Schools, Primary Schools           schools and the community. A           FHL Steering Committee
                                             snap shot of the FHL is provided       Partnership survey
July 2009 – June 2012
                                             below. A detailed overview of
Facilitate a ‘Partnerships workshop’ with    Phase One is captured in the           Sub committees
the Festival for Healthy Living partners     attached case study.                   Minutes
and provide assistance with partnership
analysis tools                               Phase One – Engagement                 Planning for next program to
                                             Stage 1 – Established a Regional       commence in July 2011
Secondary Schools, Primary Schools           Steering Committee in August
                                             2009. Yarram & District Health         PD day all professionals
September 2009                               Service instigated the FLH
                                             program in Yarram in 2009 and          HP meetings
Participate in the Festival for Healthy
Living Steering committee and relevant       lead the project in partnership with
                                             RCH, School Focused Youth              Acquittals to funding providers
sub committees
                                             Service, Primary and Secondary
WPCP Staff, YDHS, RCH, SFYS,                 Schools, Regional Arts Victoria,
Secondary Schools, Primary Schools           Community & Parent
July 2009 – June 2012                        representatives, Artists,
                                             Department of Education and
Identify and apply for funding               Early Childhood Development,
opportunities for the Festival for Healthy   Wellington PCP, Catholic
Living Program                               Education Office, South Coast

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                 Page 48 of 69
                                       Division of General Practice,
YDHS, RCH, partner agencies
                                       Foundation of Rural and Regional
July 2009 – June 2010                  Renewal and the Wellington Shire
                                       Several subcommittees were
                                       established to implement the
                                       project; evaluation, finance, arts &
                                       professional development.
                                       A partnership analysis tool was
                                       completed by steering committee
                                       members in January and June

                                       See Appendix 6: ‘Festival for
                                       Healthy Living’ Case Study.

                                       Stage 2 Established a local
                                       The schools’ cluster was
                                       developed and was made up of;
                                       Yarram Secondary College and
                                       nearby feeder primary schools
                                       including; Alberton Primary
                                       School, Devon North Primary
                                       School, St Mary’s Primary School,
                                       Woodside Primary School &
                                       Yarram Primary School.
                                       Funding for the program was
                                       sourced from WPCP, OTHERS…..
                                       Support was received by the
                                       Gippsland Health Promotion Task
                                       Group Evaluation Support Fund to
                                       engage MUDRIH to assist with the

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                        Page 49 of 69
                                       evaluation of the program.
                                       Extra funding has been secured
                                       from FRRR for the 2nd round of the
                                       program in 2011.
                                       The Steering Committee
                                       appointed members of an artists’
                                       team and was made up of a seven
                                       artists (including the coordinator).
                                       The Professional Learning
                                       Program commenced in January
                                       2010 for artists and teachers to
                                       reflect and refine components of
                                       the project.
                                       The Phase two project schedule
                                       was developed. The steering
                                       committee decided on the over-
                                       arching theme of resilience for the
                                       FHL program as it was identified
                                       as being relevant for the young
                                       people of the Yarram district. It
                                       was agreed that this theme would
                                       support the transition and changes
                                       for the primary students moving
                                       into secondary school in 2010 and
                                       Phase 2: Implementation
                                       Stage 3 Towards Performance
                                       Students, teachers and artists
                                       completed surveys prior to the
                                       commencement of the program.
                                       The creative program commenced
                                       in late February 2010 and the
                                       artist team were based at three

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                        Page 50 of 69
                                       schools; St. Mary’s Primary
                                       School, Yarram Primary School &
                                       Yarram Secondary College. The
                                       arts workshops were conducted
                                       each week for eight weeks with
                                       120 students in grade 6 and year
                                       The students and artists,
                                       alongside the teachers, principals
                                       and health professionals from both
                                       the school and regional agencies,
                                       participated in a range of creative
                                       workshops including; music,
                                       dance, performance, story telling,
                                       mask and puppets, visual arts and
                                       clay and wood work and
                                       Stage 4 Production:
                                       Performances & Exhibitions
                                       On Monday 3rd May, the Regent
                                       Theatre in Yarram came alive with
                                       the Festival for Healthy Living
                                       performance, Re: Silly ants, which
                                       explored the theme of resilience
                                       through music, dance, story telling,
                                       puppets and masks. A large
                                       audience were entertained by the
                                       performance which was the
                                       outcome of the eight weeks of
                                       The workshops and performance
                                       were one component of the FHL
                                       program and further work on the
                                       project will continue into 2011.
                                       Phase 3: Consolidation will involve

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                        Page 51 of 69
                                         planning for sustainability which
                                         will include school policy &
                                         curriculum reviews to include FHL
                                         program within Transition
                                         Programs and to
                                         incorporate/update student
                                         wellbeing and resilience
                                         The following evaluation tools
                                         were used;

                                         Data collected is currently being
                                         analysed with the assistance of
                                         MUDRIH. Focus groups will also
                                         be conducted.

Investigate and partner to implement     Maffra Secondary College have       Measurement tools
community arts programs including        been working on a Cyber Bullying
                                                                             Reporting measures framework
participation by youth in creating       Project in partnership with
solutions to issues                      Regional Arts Victoria
WPCP Staff & Regional Arts Victoria,
WSC, RCH, SFYS, Catholic Education
Department, DEECD
July 2009 – June 2010
Skill development for professionals,                                         Measurement tools
school students and staff and
                                                                             Reporting measures framework
community members about the factors
affecting mental wellbeing.                                                  Youth mental health first aid
WPCP Staff, LRH, RCH                                                         Mental health awareness training
                                                                             at the Station
July 2010 – June 2011
                                                                             Provision of resources to support
Strategy 2 Delivery of the Respectful Relationship Education is Schools Program at Maffra Secondary College

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                           Page 52 of 69
Explore opportunities and capacity to                    Measurement tools
deliver Respectful Relationship
                                                         Reporting measures framework
Education in Schools (RREIS) in
Wellington.                                              GWHS and Maffra Secondary
                                                         College (MSC) Wellbeing team
                                                         met to discuss RREIS program.
June 2010                                                3.8.10.
                                                         Weekly meetings between GWHS
                                                         and MSC wellbeing team to
                                                         establish engagement and develop
                                                         Individual School Plan (ISP).
Work with Maffra Secondary College to                    Measurement tools                      Maffra SC is one of two regional
deliver the RREIS program                                                                       locations to undertake a
                                                         Reporting measures framework
                                                                                                consultation regarding the
                                                         Implementation of ISP at MSC           development of a whole of school
September 2010 – June 2012                                                                      toolkit for Respectful
                                                         2 x presentations to all staff at
                                                         MSC outlining RREIS                    Relationships.

                                                         Co-ordination of Phunktional
                                                         performance and classroom follow
                                                         up. (See box below)
                                                         1x support role for student
                                                         management team workshop –
                                                         “Working towards consistent
                                                         Student Management”
                                                         Co-ordination of presentation to all
                                                         staff on mandatory reporting by
                                                         DHS and Child First.
Support Maffra Secondary College to                      Measurement tools
participate in the MindMatters program
                                                         Reporting measures framework
                                                         CGHS lead role
September 2010 – June 2012

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                              Page 53 of 69
Provide support with policy                              Measurement tools
development to embed within the school
                                                         Reporting measures framework
                                                         Identification and documentation of
                                                         MSC internal and external
February 2011 – June 2012                                processes for student welfare
Respond to requests for assistance by                    Measurement tools
schools across Wellington dependant
                                                         Reporting measures framework
on GWHS capacity at the time.
                                                         Co-ordination and follow up
                                                         classroom support for Phunktional
July 2009 – June 2012 as requested                       event at Sale College (SC).
Provide support to non-government                        Measurement tools
schools in Wellington and explore
                                                         Reporting measures framework
capacity to implement RREIS in a non-
government school setting.                               No requests received
November 2009 – June 2012
Hold performances of the Phunktional                     Measurement tools
Love Drunk at Sale Secondary College
                                                         Reporting measures framework
and Maffra Secondary College
                                                         Co-ordination of Love Drunk by
                                                         Phunktional to 300 students in
March 2011                                               Year’s 9 & 10 across both schools.
                                                         Engagement of 8 external
                                                         agencies to collaborate with MSC
                                                         & SC for Phunktional performance.
                                                         Follow up classroom support
                                                         provided by 5 external agencies
                                                         across both schools.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                         Page 54 of 69
                                                                               Delivery of follow up activities from
                                                                               Phunktional performance by
                                                                               GWHS to 4 groups of Yr. 9 and 2
                                                                               groups of Yr. 10 students at SC.
                                                                               Delivery of follow up activities from
                                                                               Phunktional performance by
                                                                               GWHS to 4 classes of Yr. 9 and 10
                                                                               students at MSC.
                                                                               Evaluation report written and
                                                                               distributed to all agency and

Objective 2
To provide opportunities for people living in small and remote communities to access information and programs that will enhance their mental wellbeing
and connection with their community.
Strategy 1 Identify resources and opportunities increase social opportunities in small and remote communities
Task                                                                                          Status
                                                       2009/10                               2010/11                                 2011/12
Identify and strengthen community                                              Measurement tools                       An application to the Transport
resources (leadership, skills, funding,                                                                                Connections Program Innovations
                                                                               Reporting measures framework
volunteers)                                                                                                            Fund submitted in December for
                                                                                                                       $85,000 was successful. The
WSC, WPCP Staff, CRG’s
                                                                                                                       Virtual Visiting proposal is an inter-
July 2009 – June 2012                                                                                                  regional partnership with three
                                                                                                                       local government areas in
                                                                                                                       Gippsland involved in the pilot
                                                                                                                       project, to commence in 2012.
                                                                                                                       Wellington, East Gippsland and
                                                                                                                       Baw Baw Shires will be the
                                                                                                                       location for the project which will
                                                                                                                       involve utilising Broadband for
                                                                                                                       Seniors kiosks that have

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                     Page 55 of 69
                                                                                             previously been installed in aged
                                                                                             care facilities. Volunteers will be
                                                                                             sourced from the community and
                                                                                             local secondary schools and will
                                                                                             assist residents in communicating
                                                                                             with family and friends with
                                                                                             through Skype and other forms of
                                                                                             social networking. Accredited
                                                                                             training will be provided for
                                                                                             volunteers and aged care staff.
                                                                                             Partnerships have been
                                                                                             established with educational
                                                                                             settings, job service providers,
                                                                                             Transport Connections Programs,
                                                                                             aged care facilities and regional
                                                                                             PCPs. TOR is being developed
                                                                                             and discussions undertaken with
                                                                                             MUDRIH for the development of
                                                                                             an evaluation framework and
                                                                                             selection of validated survey
                                                                                             instruments, with support of
                                                                                             4.1 Social capital
Identify opportunities to support                        Measurement tools
Community Representative Groups to
                                                         Reporting measures framework
implement interventions that have been
identified in their community plans                      Transport outcomes completed in
which increase social connection.                        relation to WSC Community
                                                         Representative Groups’
                                                         community plans included an
July 2009 – June 2012                                    application by WSC to the
                                                         Transport Connections Flexible
                                                         Fund. This provided for a Maffra
                                                         town bus, Briagolong loop service
                                                         and holiday bus.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                           Page 56 of 69
                                          Women’s Forum held in March                                                     A women’s forum was held in
Assist and support a Women’s Health                                            Measurement tools
                                          2010.                                                                           Yarram in November 2011. The
event in the Yarram region and use as a
                                          Length of event increased from 1     Reporting measures framework               local secondary college was made
platform to inform strategies
                                          to 2 ½ days, with increased          Established a steering committee           available as a venue and
YDHS, Relationships Australia, Division   attendance. New partners                                                        community involvement extended
                                                                               partnership of a variety of service
of GP’s, South Coast PCP, GWHS,           introduced including WSC,                                                       to the organising committee,
                                                                               providers. Community chair of the
Monash University                         Bushfire Recovery Committee,                                                    community volunteers (including
                                                                               committee. Provision of ongoing
March 2010                                Gippsland Climate Change Group,      support and advocating for                 Year 11 students) and the local
                                          DSE, Dept of Agriculture.            physical activity and nutrition.           Red Cross providing catering.
                                                                               Increasing community capacity to           Childcare was available which saw
                                          See Appendix 7: ‘Women’s Forum’      continue the event.                        an increase in the number of
                                          Case Study                                                                      young mothers in attendance.
                                                                               Received funding
                                                                                                                          1.1 Reach
                                                                               Planning for next event to be held
                                                                               in October 2011                            5.2 Partnerships

                                                                               Sustainability – long term
                                                                               programs? - Facilitating
                                                                               community based Committee in
                                                                               collaboration with Relationships

                                                                               Community Services\Health Promotion\Women's Forum 2010\SurveySummary_0928 2010.pdf

To put the LifeSkills program in the      The program logic model has been     Measurement tools
program logic model to be included as     utilised to determine the strength
                                                                               Reporting measures framework
an innovative intervention.               of evidence for the LifeSkills
                                          program for it to be listed as an
                                          intervention. This process has
November 2009                             been supported by MUDRIH.
Deliver one LifeSkills program in                                              Measurement tools
                                                                               Reporting measures framework
                                                                               Discussion with LCHS Carers

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                         Page 57 of 69
                                                                             Groups regarding delivery of one
July 2009 – June 2010
                                                                             Pilot LifeSkills for Women program
                                                                             July 2011-June 2012
Strategy 2 Evaluate the mental health and wellbeing elements of Community Kitchens
Source evaluation tools to measure      Tool developed across the region     Measurement tools                    The Community Kitchens
social connection and community                                                                                   evaluation templates are currently
                                                                             Reporting measures framework
involvement for the Community Kitchen                                                                             being reviewed with new survey
program                                 Questionnaires have been                                                  instruments expected to be
                                        completed by; and have been sent                                          implemented in July. The new
                                        to Monash University for analysis.                                        tools may include the AQoL 8D
July 2009 – December 2010                                                                                         with impact measures for
                                                                                                                  improved social connectedness
                                                                                                                  and increased social capital
                                                                                                                  expected to have more emphasis
                                                                                                                  in the revised evaluation design.
                                        Nutrition Workshop incorporating
Promote the social opportunities of                                          Measurement tools
                                        promotion of Community Kitchen
Community Kitchens
                                        conducted in March 2010 as part      Reporting measures framework
WPCP, CGHS, YDHS                        of Women’s Forum. 35 were in
July 2009 – June 2012                   attendance and 2 new volunteers
                                        were identified. Regular articles
                                        are placed in the Yarram Standard
                                        News and YDHS Community

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                Page 58 of 69
Capacity Building
The Wellington Primary Care Partnership (WPCP) will work with partner organisations and the Wellington community to build the capacity of
organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of the community
Partners                             Impact Measures
    WPCP                                 Capacity for health promotion is built in partner agencies (including
    CGHS                                    workforce development, organisational development, leadership,
    YDHS                                    partnerships, involvement of consumers, development of management
    GWHS                                    and governance structures, and monitoring and evaluation).
    WSC                                  Decrease in fragmented and duplicated effort as organisations work
    GippSport                               together and pool their resources and skills.
    DSE                                  Increased organisational commitment to make health promotion a
    Other WPCP partner                      priority
       agencies as appropriate            More effective targeting of health promotion investment through
                                             evidence-based practice
                                          Enhanced organisational learning and improved practice through
                                          Greater proportion of planned health promotion initiatives delivered in
                                             partnership with local community and other organisations.
Objective 1
To link with peers at a state, regional and local level to guide and enhance the work of health promotion
                                                         2009/10                               2010/11                         2011/2012
Strategy 1
Participate in capacity building strategies offered by DHS

                                           WPCP, GWHS, CGHS, & YDHS               Measurement tools
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS               participated in the Program Logic
                                                                                  Reporting measures framework
July 2009 – June 2012 as offered and       training facilitated by MUDRIH to
appropriate                                up skill staff to be able to put up
                                           innovative mental health promotion
                                           interventions. CGHS & YDHS
                                           worked on community kitchens and
                                           GWHS worked on the Life Skills

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                 Page 59 of 69
Strategy 2 Participate in Gippsland Health Promotion Task Group and Research Subcommittee

                                              WPCP and member agencies have        Measurement tools                   WPCP and member agencies
                                              actively participated in the GHPTG                                       have actively participated in the
                                                                                   Reporting measures framework
                                              meetings and the research sub                                            GHPTG meetings and the
Attend quarterly meetings as scheduled        committee meetings as scheduled.                                         research sub-committee meetings
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS                                                       WPCP and member agencies            as scheduled.

July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled                                                 have actively participated in the
                                                                                   GHPTG meetings and the
                                                                                   research sub committee meetings
                                                                                   as scheduled.
Assist in the facilitation/development of                                          Measurement tools                   In response to the Workforce
activities/strategies as identified through                                                                            Training Needs Survey,
                                                                                   Reporting measures framework
the task group                                                                                                         prioritisation of professional
                                                                                                                       development opportunities has
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS                                                                                           been undertaken.
                                                                                   Workforce Training Needs Survey
July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled                                                 Health Promotion Short Courses
Strategy 3 Participate in the PCP State wide meetings & online discussion group
                                              WPCP has actively participated in    Measurement tools                   WPCP has actively participated in
                                              the state wide meetings as                                               the state wide meetings as
Attend quarterly meetings as scheduled                                             Reporting measures framework
                                              scheduled.                                                               scheduled.
WPCP Staff
July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled                                                 WPCP has actively participated in
                                                                                   the state wide meetings as
                                                                                   Measurement tools                   Forums/workshops have been
                                                                                                                       delivered through the Wellington
Participate in opportunities to share                                              Reporting measures framework
                                                                                                                       Health Promotion Network,
learning as appropriate                                                                                                including those that have been
WPCP Staff                                                                                                             identified through the Gippsland
                                                                                   Presentation provided on the DSE
July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled                                                 ‘Go for your Life’ Walking Trails   Workforce Development Needs
                                                                                   Project                             Survey undertaken regionally in

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                    Page 60 of 69
Strategy 4 Support local reference/steering groups relevant to health promotion
Festival for Healthy Living               Actively participated in meetings   Measurement tools
                                          as scheduled. Other steering
   -   Steering Committee meetings as                                         Reporting measures framework
                                          committee and working groups
   -   Evaluation Sub Committee
                                          Active Ageing Network Working       Actively participated in meetings as
       meetings as scheduled
                                          Group (convenor)                    scheduled. Other steering
WPCP Staff                                                                    committee and working groups
                                          Wellington Shire Council Physical
July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled        Activity Strategy (member)
and appropriate                                                               Wellington Shire Council
                                          Stratford Heritage Trail
                                                                              Community Wellbeing Action Group
                                          Committee (member)
                                          Wellington Indigenous Sport &
                                          Recreation Committee (member)

Sexual and Reproductive Health                                                Measurement tools                      Attended reference group
                                                                                                                     meetings as scheduled.
   -   Reference group meetings as                                            Reporting measures framework
WPCP Staff
July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled
and appropriate
Best Start                                                                    Measurement tools                      Attended working group meetings
                                                                                                                     as scheduled.
   -   Reference group meetings                                               Reporting measures framework
   -   Working groups meetings as
                                                                              Actively participated in meetings as
WPCP Staff                                                                    scheduled.
July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled
and appropriate
Closing the Health Gap                                                        Measurement tools                      Actively participated in meetings
    - Local agency network meetings                                                                                  as scheduled.
       as scheduled                                                           Reporting measures framework

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                   Page 61 of 69
   -   Sport & Rec committee meeting
       as scheduled
                                                                             Actively participated in meetings as
WPCP Staff                                                                   scheduled.
July 2009 – June 2012 as scheduled
and appropriate                                                              Wellington Indigenous Sport &
                                                                             Recreation Committee (member)
                                                                             GippSport is an active member of
                                                                             the Local Agency meeting and the
                                                                             Indigenous Sport & Recreation

                                                                                   Wellington Shire Council
                                                                                    Strategic Review Cultural
                                                                                    and Heritage Advisory
                                                                                    Committee – facilities for
                                                                                   Bush Fire Recovery
                                                                                   Developmental Disorder
                                                                                    Support Project
                                                                                   Wellington Shire Community
                                                                                    Action Group
                                                                                   Gippsland Women’s Forum
                                                                                   Friends of Tarra Trail
                                                                                   Women of Interest

Strategy 5 Participate in the Health Promotion Workplace Training and Assessment course and support partner agencies through the delivery of an
Introduction to Health Promotion session and assistance with orientation for new health promotion staff.

Participate in the Health Promotion      Representatives from WPCP (2)      Measurement tools
Workplace Training and Assessment        and GWHS (2) participated in the
                                                                            Reporting measures framework
course                                   TAA training in November 2009.
                                         A workshop was held in March as
WPCP Staff, CGHS, GWHS                   an assessment requirement.
November 2009 (training), sessions

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                               Page 62 of 69
delivered as required
Delivery of the Introduction to Health      Two ‘Introduction to Health           Measurement tools
Promotion workshop in partnership with      Promotion’ sessions were
agencies and PCP staff                                                            Reporting measures framework
                                            delivered with staff at YDHS
                                            (allied health & medical centre
                                            staff).                               An ‘Introduction to Health
Sessions delivered as required
                                                                                  Promotion’ session was delivered
                                                                                  with staff at CGHS.
Assist agencies to include health                                                 Measurement tools
promotion within orientation sessions for
new health promotion staff                                                        Reporting measures framework

Sessions delivered as required
Strategy 6 Involvement in the Gippsland Health Promotion Conference organising committee and assist
organisations to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations for state wide and national conferences.
Participation in the organising             Actively participated in the
committee for the 2009 Gippsland            conference organising committee.      Measurement tools
Health Promotion Conference                 In the lead up to the conference
                                                                                  Reporting measures framework
WPCP Staff, GWHS, LCHS, EG PCP,             agencies were encouraged to
MUDRIH, MU GMS, DoH, CWPCP                  participate in the abstract writing
                                                                                  Staff from WPCP, GWHS, YDHS &
                                            and presenting (oral & posters)
July 2009 – November 2009                                                         CGHS attended the Australian
                                            workshops. DSE & GWHS
                                                                                  Health Promotion Association
                                            Suzette Fullerton (DSE) presented     GWHS had a poster and oral
                                            at the CO-OPs Collaboration           presentation.
                                            Conference in November on the         YDHS had a poster presentation
                                            DSE ‘Go for your Life’ projects.      DSE had a poster presentation
                                            GWHS presented at the Womens          WPCP had an oral presentation
                                            Health Conference in May.

                                            Staff from WPCP, GWHS and
                                            CGHS attended the National
                                            Australian Health Promotion

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                               Page 63 of 69
                                        Conference ‘Walking the talk
Participation in the organising                                            Measurement tools
committee for the 2011 Gippsland
Health Promotion Conference                                                Reporting measures framework

MUDRIH, MU GMS, DoH, CWPCP                                                 Actively participated in the
December 2010 – November 2011                                              conference organising committee.
                                                                           In the lead up to the conference
                                                                           agencies were encouraged to
                                                                           participate in the abstract writing
                                                                           and presenting (oral & posters)
                                                                           workshops. WSC, Ramahyuck, and
                                                                           DeafAccess participated from

Strategy 7 Development of a Wellington Health Promotion Network to support the implementation and evaluation of the Catchment Plan
                                        The Wellington Health Promotion
Review the existing Physical Activity &                                     Measurement tools
                                        Network was established in
Nutrition Network
                                        October 2009. Meetings are held Reporting measures framework
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS,           bi monthly. The network will be
WSC, SFYS, GippSport, DSE               used to implement and monitor
October 2009                            the Health Promotion Catchment
Bi Monthly Meetings
                                        A submission was put forward by
                                        the Wellington PCP for the inquiry
                                        into the potential for developing
                                        opportunities for schools to
                                        become a focus for promoting
                                        healthy community living. GWHS
                                        also put in a submission.

Establish the Wellington Health                                            Measurement tools                     The Wellington Health Promotion
Promotion Network                                                                                                Network continues to be held bi-

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                              Page 64 of 69
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS,                                                Reporting measures framework
WSC, SFYS, GippSport, DSE
                                                                             The Wellington Health Promotion
Bi Monthly Meetings
                                                                             Network continues to be held bi-
                                                                             monthly. The membership of the
                                                                             network has grown with
                                                                             representation from a variety of
Develop TOR for the network                                                  Measurement tools
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS,                                                Reporting measures framework
WSC, SFYS, GippSport, DSE

Incorporate professional development                                         Measurement tools                     A food security forum was held in
opportunities as appropriate                                                                                       December with representation
                                                                             Reporting measures framework
                                                                                                                   from 4 LGAs along with a number
                                                                                                                   of Wellington Health Promotion
WSC, SFYS, GippSport, DSE                                                    Professional development is being
                                                                                                                   Network members. Information
                                                                             incorporated in to the network with
                                                                                                                   on accessing local population
                                                                             an attempt to draw on the expertise
                                                                                                                   health data was provided via a
                                                                             of members.
                                                                                                                   presentation from the Department
                                                                                                                   of Health. Positive and Productive
                                                                                                                   Meetings workshop provided to
                                                                                                                   member agencies.
                                        GWHS, YDHS and CGHS have             Measurement tools
                                        received funding to increase staff
Strategy 8                                                                   Reporting measures framework
                                        capacity to implement
Explore funding opportunities to        components of the catchment
agencies to increase Health Promotion   plan.                                GWHS, YDHS and CGHS have
capacity (include guidelines) and                                            received funding to increase staff
support the recruitment of staff.       The five day Health Promotion        capacity to implement components
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS            Short Course was delivered           of the catchment plan.
                                        across Bairnsdale and Sale in
July 2009 – June 2012
                                        June 2010. 18 participated in the
                                        full course and 3 participated in

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                Page 65 of 69
                                            one day which they missed from
                                            the previous course that was run.
                                            WPCP and EGPCP subsidised
                                            this course for agencies.

Objective 2
Support the partners of the catchment plan through planning and evaluation.
Strategy                                                                                     Status
                                                        2009/10                             2010/11                        2011/12
Strategy 1 Meet with partner agencies to assist in the development of work plans
Meet with partner agencies to assist in     CGHS & YDHS have work plans         Measurement tools
the development of work plan as                                                 Reporting measures framework
                                                                                CGHS & YDHS have work plans
July 2009 – December 2009 and then
ongoing as required
Upon the review of work plans the                                               Measurement tools
catchment plan will be updated to reflect                                       Reporting measures framework
changes as required
July 2009 – December 2009 and then
ongoing as required
Strategy 2 Development of evaluation plans
                                         Evaluation design and tools have       Measurement tools              Presentation from Department of
                                         been developed across the region                                      Health – Public Health, Primary
Utilising of the tools on the Gippsland  for community kitchens through         Reporting measures framework
Health Online website.                                                                                         Health and Planning via the
                                         the research sub-committee and                                        Wellington Health Promotion
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS             Monash University.                                                    Network, April 2012.
July 2009 – June 2012                       Support received from DH
                                            through the GHPTG Evaluation

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                            Page 66 of 69
                                         Support Fund for the Festival for
                                         Healthy Living evaluation.
                                         Expertise will be sought by
                                         MUDRIH and there has been a
                                         steering group working on
                                         evaluation component of the
                                         program throughout the
                                         implementation and data has
                                         been collected.

                                         There were 17 participants at the
                                         Wellington Health Promotion
                                         Network Evaluation workshop in
                                         May which was facilitated by
                                         Monash University.
                                                                             Measurement tools
                                                                             Reporting measures framework

Development of program logic models                                          Program logic models have been
for programs                                                                 developed for:
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS                                                 Welcoming and Inclusive Clubs
                                                                             Kids ‘Go for your Life’
July 2010 – June 2012                                                        Smiles 4 Miles
                                                                             School Gardens
                                                                             Festival for Healthy Living
                                                                             WSC Physical Activity Strategy

Assist with applications to the GHPTG                                        Measurement tools
Evaluation & Research Support Fund to                                        Reporting measures framework
access academia expertise
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS                                                 Application successful for the
                                                                             ‘Welcoming & Inclusive Clubs’
July 2010 – June 2012                                                        evaluation.

Support agencies to develop evaluation                                       Measurement tools
plans in line with the DH Reporting                                          Reporting measures framework

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                        Page 67 of 69
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS                                                    Evaluation plans have been
                                                                                developed for;
July 2010 – June 2012                                                           Welcoming and Inclusive Clubs
                                                                                Kids ‘Go for your Life’
                                                                                Smiles 4 Miles
                                                                                School Gardens
                                                                                Festival for Healthy Living
                                                                                WSC Physical Activity Strategy

Strategy 3 Assistance and support will be offered to partners to write up innovative programs using program logic so that they can be submitted for
inclusion in the interventions.
                                           The program logic model has          Measurement tools
                                           been utilised to determine the
                                           strength of evidence for the         Reporting measures framework
                                           LifeSkills program for it to be
Follow up with agencies who                listed as an intervention. This      Program logic model have been
participated in the MUDRIH Training        process has been supported by        developed for;
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS               MUDRIH.                              Welcoming and Inclusive Clubs
                                                                                Kids ‘Go for your Life’
July 2009 – December 2012                                                       Smiles 4 Miles
                                                                                School Gardens
                                                                                Festival for Healthy Living
                                                                                WSC Physical Activity Strategy
Provide support as identified by partner                                        Measurement tools
agencies                                                                        Reporting measures framework
July 2009 – December 2012
Strategy 4 Offer training in qualitative evaluation and research skills and support agencies to conduct evaluation
Identify opportunities to incorporate        MUDRIH delivered Research &          Measurement tools                  Making Written Information
training within Health Promotion             Evaluation Training in February                                         Accessible training will be
Network                                                                           Reporting measures framework
                                             around evaluating small groups.                                         provided in partnership with
WPCP Staff, CGHS, YDHS, GWHS,                Representatives from YDHS,                                              Scope.
WSC, SFYS, GippSport, DSE                    CGHS, GWHS, UnitingCare

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                                   Page 68 of 69
                                        Gippsland & WSC participated.
January 2010 – June 2010
Assist with applications to the GHPTG                                   Measurement tools
Evaluation & Research Support Fund to
                                                                        Reporting measures framework
access academia expertise
WSC, SFYS, GippSport, DSE                                               Monash University conducted a
January 2010 – June 2010                                                Focus Group Training Session with
                                                                        GippSport coordinators.

Wellington Health Promotion Catchment Plan 2009 – 2012                                                      Page 69 of 69

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