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  Visions of an Exceptional Future for the Federated Church
     & Preparing for the Call of Our New Senior Minister

                                Reported by
                                Bob Cannon
on behalf of the Federated Church Family and Friends that Gathered Together
                            on November 23, 2003
                                 Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Question 1

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Red Table Discovery

Green Table Discovery

Blue Tables Dreams & Visions

Yellow Tables Design & Destiny

Individual Data

Red Table Data

Green Table Data

Yellow Table Data
                                     Executive Summary

Federated Church is a community of some 1800 members with a decidedly open and
accepting feeling of family and home. We take great pride in our Youth Programs serving
over 800? young people. We love variety in our services that include great sermons filled
with challenging messages, humanness and humor. We have an active Mission & Outreach
program that we support in the Chagrin Falls community, the greater Cleveland Area and the
World. Our Music ministry is second to none. Our church includes many small groups in a
broad variety of programs that helps us develop the feeling of connectedness, the feeling of a
small church in the body of a large church.

We are blessed with great leaders in our ministers, our church staff and our committees and
small groups. We are blessed with a giving membership; they freely give of their time, their
talents, their support and their finances. We are also blessed with great facilities and a
reasonable debt.

As we envision our future with a new Senior Minister, we want to build on our diversity. We
enjoy a diversity of ideas, a diversity of need, a cultural diversity and an economic diversity.
We are weak in racial diversity and that is, primarily a reflection of our community. We are
an open and accepting congregation and we want to maintain, promote and build the
diversity we have as we move forward.

We take pride in our “Mission & Outreach” efforts and want to expand on that as we move
forward. We want to expand our outreach in the Chagrin Valley, the greater Cleveland area
and the World.

Our Youth Programs are incredible and we want them to be even more incredible as we
move forward. The Youth are the key to our future as a church and as a community. We feel
our programs are preparing the youth of this church to be citizens and members of the larger
world giving and understanding from the Christian perspective. The youth have been
instrumental in bringing adults to our church and to our worship services. We want this to get
even better and better.

We mentioned the importance of Small Groups and broad programming to building the
feeling of a small church even in what is a relatively large church. The small group
programming also serves as a stepping-stone in developing connectedness and leadership
throughout the congregation. We want to develop programming for everyone and keeping
our facilities fully utilized is of great importance.

One of the historical characteristics of the church has been the Welcoming Spirit and vitality
of the church. This is an integral part of who we are as a church community and we never
want to lose this valuable Christian asset.

Our members are committed to finding a new Senior Minister who will help us build and lift
up the Family Feeling, the Connectedness, the Welcoming Spirit and the Vitality that has
been and will be Federated Church for many years to come. We want to continue to foster the
openness that characterizes Federated Church. We want to be open, accepting and affirming
of a diversity of ideas, culture, economic status, need, programming and race. We want to be
open and learn more about how to bring the Holy Spirit into our lives and we want to grow in
our spirituality and faith. We want to continue to invite those who “question and have
doubts” to come explore with us We are a strong church and we are looking for a Senior
Minister to join with us and lead us from our strong base to an even higher level of strength.
On Sunday, November 23, Dr. David Cooperrider conducted an “Appreciative Inquiry” for
approximately 350 members of Federated Church. The event took place at the Family Life
Center and was intended as a means to gather input from the congregation that will be used
by the Search Committee to describe our church to prospective new Senior Ministers. That
evening was filled with story after story of people’s most memorable moments within the
church, people’s highest hopes and dreams for the future of our church, and visions of things
to come. An amazing and heartfelt thing happened that evening: Everyone present knew at
that moment that our strength lies in the members of this church, our visions are in the hearts
of every member, and every member of this church is committed to a bright, Christ-filled
future. People left with a feeling of energy, hope and enthusiasm for what the future holds for
us as a church community.

Each participant was asked to respond to the following questions:

   1. To start I’d like to learn about your beginnings at the Federated Church. When did
      you first become part of or connected to the Federated Church family as a member of
      Based upon the completed questionnaires turned in at the end of the night, the
      membership in attendance broke down as follows:
              2%               joined Federated in the 1940’s
              7%               joined Federated in the 1950’s
              2%               joined Federated in the 1960’s
              4%               joined Federated in the 1970’s
              9%               joined Federated in the 1980’s
              23%              joined Federated in the 1990’s
              10%              joined Federated in the 2000’s

       What most attracted you to connect/join with Federated? Can you remember your
       moment of decision—the moment you decided to become part of the community and
       congregation? Please tell me about that time and what most attracted you.
       Are there any stories to put with this question? Why did people join?

   2. Thinking back over your Federated memories, what have been the real “high points”
      for you as a member or friend of this congregation ---memorable times when you felt
      best about Federated---times perhaps when you felt most inspired, challenged,
      engaged, or spiritually nurtured; times you were most proud about being part of this
      church family.
          A. Name some of the times that stand out for you as high points as a member of
             friend of Federated.
          B. Now can you tell me the story—in more depth—about one of the high point
             experiences? What happened? When? Can you remember the feelings you
             had? What was it about Federated Church that allowed you to have this
Some of the stories included:
    “Rally Day 03 – The feeling of being included as part of a family – the kids
      and their pride at being part of it all, the wide variety of activities that suit
      every type of person.”
    “When joining Federated I was very welcomed and had an overwhelming
      feeling that it was time to join.”
    “The time they rolled shopping carts down the aisle filled with food – They
      had shopped with money they had saved. Warm – exciting – and happy
    “High School experiences for youth w/ soup kitchen, being able to help thers,
      becoming aware of the need w/in the city and opening eyes to diversity.”
    “Last day of Vacation Bible School, children singing togetherness, smiles
      belonging. Encouragement to be involved.”
    “Burying my parents and their funerals at the Church were at once both high
      and low points. It is a feeling of seeing and experiencing the circle/cycle of
    “Singing “Here I am Lord” following an impassioned sermon by David to be
      open to God’s calling and what He wants us to do – to act and feeling the
      spine tingle.”
    “When I felt needy and just watched people coming down from Worship and
      the love in people’s eyes.”
    “Watching my daughter in Christmas Eve pageant, knowing we’d made the
      right decision to raise her in a strong, loving Christian community.”
    “The Ensemble prayer groups – prayers for Bob Marquart, fellow ensemblers
      and for myself. Being able to grieve with these friends when hopes and
      dreams for a son were challenged. My friends held me in prayer. I could cry
      while I sang and got knowing supporting looks.”
    “Mark Simone was suffering with liver disease awaiting a transplant that
      would be costly. Fed raised a tremendous amount of money ($100k) to meet
      medical costs. This was the church coming together as a community to help
      someone in need. The depth of love shown created feelings of awe and
      wonder. Mark had his surgery on Easter. The next year he played Jesus in the
      Christmas Play.”
    “ I recently met someone who said, “I think I know you” and the first thing I
      said was “I’m a member at Federated Church.” It struck me later that the first
      thing I defined myself by is Federated. I was proud that my church family is
      so important.”
    “Freedom to sing and experience the Holy Spirit – That Cantata was so
      powerful, I felt I was with Christ.”
    “Shelby’s and John’s Baptism – Dave Norling’s role and how entertaining he
      was during the process.”
    “Being in Chancel Choir during Christmas and spring performances.”
    “Transactional Analysis Weekend Retreat – I discovered a lot about myself
      that helped my family relationship.”
    “Christmas offering made me feel how giving the Church is outside of the
   “Dave’s account of facing his father’s death, how real it seemed. I could
    identify with his feelings, reactions and hopes. His talking evokes important
    emotions in me.”
   “Building Committee meeting when I led the discussion saying – let’s go
    forward – listen to all and go forward.”
   “Pixie’s memorial – the whole congregation seemed to come together and
    embrace each other.”
   “I feel grateful to have met such good friends. We just moved into Chagrin
    Falls from Manhattan, N.Y. It was a HUGE change for me. I left family &
    friends and a profession that I enjoyed for 43 years. I thank Federated Church
    for their kindness and generosity.
   “Thru circle involvement and Stephen Ministry, I have found a very special
    family feeling.”
   “Chairing the meeting where we chose the Christmas Eve offering.”
   “Being part of a small group that is very supportive. Collecting food and gifts
    for one of ours who was out of work.”
   “Receiving a Thank You card from the kids I taught. I felt maybe I made a
   “Being allowed to teach Confirmation during Mark Simone’s illness; in
    particular the confidence others had in my abilities.”
   “The first Gathering of Women Retreat was so moving – soul searching. The
    spirituality was unbelievable. I felt close to God and other women there.”
   “Healing Service – I sensed light all around and I could feel God/Jesus
    touching me. I felt open and I felt other people’s acceptance of me.”
   “Christmas Eve- when children returned home from college for Christmas.
    How special to have the whole family there.”
   “Rally Day when my kids were singing up at the front, “We are the Church.”
    My little one got in the car and said, “If we don’t go to Church, it is just a
    building because people are the Church.”
    ”Preparing the IHN rooms the first couple of times they came. What a
    wonderful feeling to see the clean, warm rooms and food waiting to give
    comfort to a needy family to let them rest.”
   “Cindy Woodie, our sign language interpreter came to Federated for the
    specific purpose of providing sign language. This was a job and she was
    actually grumbling, “here goes Sunday morning.” But after meeting with
    Dave she began to look forward to the service. Then she joined the church
    after years away from the church.”
   The gathering of women a few years ago was absolutely one of the peak
    moments for me in this church. At the end of one of the evening small group
    conversations, we met in the Chapel for a prayer and healing service. I had
    been having lots of back pain from a car accident. The pain had been lingering
    for over a year. I was sitting in the pew with tears strolling down my cheek,
    Priscilla was talking us through a prayer, opening our hearts to the love in the
    chapel, pointing out where the angels were, and leading God’s healing light to
    us. At that moment, I felt the pain in my back tingle and move down my arm
    and the tingling sensation left out of my fingers. Leaving the chapel, I realized
           that the pain that had been in my back for over a year was now gone. The
           healing light of God was truly upon us in the chapel that night.

3. Distinctive strengths and special qualities: Every Church today must change,
   transform and grow with God’s radical call---constantly. But vibrant congregations
   also, in the midst of change, know how to preserve the “positive core” of their special
   qualities and enduring strengths.
       A. Strengths you bring: Without being too humble what strengths or best
           qualities do you bring to Federated community? Please tell me about one
           example—one way that you have shared those strengths alone or in
           combination with others.
       B. Federated’ special or distinctive strengths: When you think about your hopes
           and dreams for the future of Federated there are things you would want to see
           our congregation keep and strengthen. What, in your view, are the 3 most
           important qualities or special strengths of Federated Church—those precious
           qualities and practices from our past and present that you want us to keep and
           preserve, even as we move into a new and changing future?
           The most important qualities or special strengths reported were as follows:
                   Youth Programs                                      37%
                   Great Sermons, Services / Challenging               28%
                   Mission & Outreach                                  27%
                   (If combined with Community)                        37%
                   Music                                               26%
                   Small Groups / Breadth of Programs                  19%

4. Images of an Exceptional Future---Your Hopes and Visions of Federated in 2010.
   Engaging in envisioning provides an opportunity to listen carefully to God’s call and
   the call of our times. It is an opportunity to push the creative edges, to do new things,
   and to wonder and pray about our ministry’s greatest potentials—both internally as a
   church and externally in our ministry in the world.
       A. Let’s assume that tonight, after the meeting here, you go into a sound sleep
           and when you awaken it is seven years into the future—the year is now 2010.
           While we were asleep many exceptional things happened—miracles
           happened—and the Federated Church became something you would most like
           to see for yourself and friends, for children, for our community and for our
           world. Now you awaken. You go into the Federated Church of 2010 and you
           get a panoramic view. You are moved and proud in a heartfelt way. It’s the
           kind of Federated Church and community you most want to be part of—one
           that is living God’s call in fresh, vibrant, meaningful and powerful ways. So
           now, please share some highlights of what you see in this vision of 2010:
           What do you see happening that is vital and good? What is happening that is
           new, different, or better—things that “bring to life” our greatest potential.

       The most common visions for the future included:
                 Diversity                                               32%
                 (diversity of ideas, need, culture, race)
                 Mission & Outreach                                      27%
                      Youth Programs                                       26%
                      Small Groups and Breadth of Programs                 15%
                      Welcoming Spirit & Vitality                          13%
           B. What is it that most excites you about your vision of Federated in 2010?

   5. Transitions—we have all experienced transitions and probably have ideas that can
      help make our congregation’s transition a successful and positive one.
          A. Of all the things you have shared with me tonight, what do you most want a
              future senior minister to know about our congregation—the Federated family?

               As we approach the transition to a new Senior Minister, the things that are
               most important for that person to know are:
                      Connected / Family Feeling                           16%
                      Openness                                             13%
                      (to diversity, ideas, challenges etc.)
                      Spirituality / Growth                                11%
                      Welcoming Spirit / Vitality                          11%
                      Diversity                                            11%
                      (We are diverse and want more diversity)

           B. What, in your view are the steps we—as people of this congregation—can do
              to make this transition healthy and successful…
                   i. What is the smallest step we could each personally take that would
                      have the biggest impact?
                  ii. What is a bigger or bolder step we can take as a Church—in groups or
                      as a community to make this transition healthy and successful?

           C. Dave and Priscilla said in their letter:
           “This is not easy because we love this place of grace and all of you”.

           What, at this early phase of transition, would you most want to say to Dave and
           Priscilla—as it relates to how you feel about them and our relationship with them,
           as well as how it relates to our transition ahead?

After everyone had answered the questions individually, the participants were paired with
someone they didn’t know and each interviewed the other for 25 minutes and then the roles
were reversed. The idea in doing these interviews was to go deeper into the stories and ideas
of each person. At the end of the second 25-minute time period, Dr. Cooperrider had
everyone re-assemble in tables of eight. At each table there was a Discussion Leader, a
Timekeeper, a Recorder and a Reporter. At the table, each person introduced themselves
(from question 1 and 2)—Who they are—and one memorable “highpoint” experience at
The tables had previously been color-coded. Each color represented a different set of
questions and each table was to address their specific set of questions from the interviews. .

RED TABLES – Peak Moments and Strength Themes of our Present Church

The red tables were instructed to look at the high point stories from Question 2 – looking for
the underlying patterns and strengths of Federated when it is at its best. The participants at
the red tables revisited things that represent moments they have experienced the very best
qualities of Federated as a church and community. They were then were directed to ask: what
caused the high point experiences? What do the stories say about Federated—its special
qualities, strengths, values, and practices?

One of the really strong themes that come out of virtually every question is the feeling of
home and family that is generated by Federated Church. The Church seems to find ways to
connect everyone even though it is a very large church. It is an Inclusive rather than an
Exclusive congregation. It is a network of caring and sharing that joins every member, staffer
and minister. It seems to start with the Inquirer’s Classes where people start to get connected.
It is supported by the tremendous variety of high quality, small group programs that the
church fosters to make a large church feel like a small church. It starts with the Youth
Program that is especially strong and continues through diverse programming to reach out to
people of all ages. Our ministers and staff are creative, strong, caring, human and vulnerable.
The Church meets people where they are. Federated is Family, it is spiritual, accepting, warm
and welcoming.

Another strong theme develops around our worship service. We value and appreciate
sermons that feel like they are directed to us personally and challenge us to stretch spiritually,
in our families and work life, in our activities and financially. They are at the same time:
intellectual, humorous, human, emotional and inspiring. Our Music is incredible. Not only do
we have incredible musical talent within the church, but we also bring in outside
professionals as well. The range of the programming is unbelievable. The variety is exciting,
as services range from traditional to contemporary. We don’t want to miss church because
each week is different and each service brings something special to our lives. There is a great
appreciation for the wholeness of the services where all aspects connect: from the prayers,
hymns, anthems, sermons, lessons, personal witnesses and benediction.

The third really strong theme is the importance of the programs at the church. Our Youth
programs are strong now and very important as we move into the future. Our Music
programs involve large numbers of members and are an integral part of our community as
well as our worship service. Our Missions are important to us as well as they are a visible
demonstration of our love. We value our Spiritual Programs, from healing services to the
Mid-Hour programs, Gathering of Women, Men’s groups, the Memorial Garden and more.
Our Elderlife program is important to us and will be more important as baby boomers reach
retirement age. The Stephen Ministry is a valuable asset that we appreciate as well. The large
number of programs involves and connects our members.

One table developed an acronym:
       P = Physical Support
       O = Outreach
       S = Spirituality
       S = Support (spiritual)
       E = Emotional support
       S = Service
       S = Sincerity
       I = Inclusive
       O = Openness / Accepting
       N = Non Judgmental

GREEN TABLES – Images of our “Positive Core”

The green tables were instructed to map the “positive core” of Federated’s distinctive
strengths and special qualities and to answer the question the: What do we want to preserve
about our congregation and ministry—things we most want to keep and build on –even as we
change in the future? This mapping of the positive core could be an image, a picture, a
graphic, a poem, etc. The groups developed the following for the maps of the “positive core”
of Federated:

God’s Magnet
God’s Hands
Solar System
The picture that came over the Internet and was published on the back of the spire of Christ
welcoming souls from the twin towers after 9/11.

                                         Positive Core
Welcoming, Friendly, Open and Accepting Environment.
High quality, varied, Music Program
Loving Children’s and Youth Program – Outstanding participation
Focus on Grace with Emphasis on Spiritual journey
Diverse Mission programs worldwide (locally, country & worldwide)
Diverse Small Group Ministries
Generosity – Talented, giving, selfless – no exceptions
Facilities – evidence of a growing congregation/beacon to the community

BLUE TABLES – Federated Church in the year 2010.

The blue tables were instructed to engage in envisioning, to discuss common themes, visions
and unique or exciting new possibilities for our future. They were to use that information to
imagine it is 2010 and the Plain Dealer –because of Federated’s extraordinary vibrancy and
capacity and ministry—has made the Federated family and congregation its feature full page
story. What is the HEADLINE? What does the story say about our congregation and

                            Chagrin Falls Church Changed Lives!
Chagrin Falls church is changing lives in the Chagrin Valley, greater Cleveland and the
World beyond. In a community where comfort abounds - luxury cars, extravagant homes and
gourmet restaurants - a community of people are living outside their comfort zone.
Believing in the healing power of prayer and the Grace of Jesus Christ, this group is focusing
on their personal and collective spiritual life. As an outgrowth of their increasing desire to
serve their neighbors this church is engaging in social ministries that change lives.

                        Federated Fabric Stretches to New Dimensions
Federated members and the communities they serve have been hard at work reaching across
all kinds of barriers. Going beyond traditional stereotypes, members are valued for their
individual differences.

Our strands of diversity traverse many sexual, cultural, racial, intergenerational and
denominational fronts. The threads of support, gifts of love and encouragement and joy of
knowing that Federated members make a difference is spectacular! Their Faith lives helping
others, a great joy to see. It takes a village to raise a child. Federated is a fabric that supports
that village.

                          Behold How They Love One Another
    1. Large Church with small group feeling and lots of small groups.
    2. Something for everyone
    3. Melting Pot – Socially and Economically
    4. Continuing outstanding musical opportunities
    5. Continuing programs and outreach to community
    6. Continuing diverse facilities at 2 locations
    7. Computer ministry for shut-ins
    8. Socials, movie night
    9. Sermon discussions
    Come and experience the feel of Federated!

    1. Utilize all capabilities of each congregant.
    2. Reach beyond existing church community, neighborhood and culture. (beyond
       Sunday a.m. too)
    3. Spirituality, Inspiring, Challenging, Effective Sermons
    4. Marquart’s Mentors

               Federated Church Goes Global in Realizing Their Potential
    1. Our potential of giving and of missions. Free ourselves of limitation, individually and
       as a church to grow. Enlarge our diversity, membership, ideas, and opportunities.
       Expand capacity for growth.
    2. Global includes more diversity, which means more interests in the Cleveland area,
       nationally and internationally.
    3. Contemporary programs to meet the diverse needs of the young and future members.
    4. Brought together the diverse faith community in the Chagrin Valley.

                      Fed Church Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk
In a series of bold maneuvers, they embody the model of Christ. Through vibrant worship
and inspiring sermons Fed Challenges its worshipers to:
   1. Proclaim the Love of Jesus knowing every person of every Race, gender, sexual
      orientation is welcome at the table of life.
   2. Enables small groups to flourish and encourages its members to be companions to
      each other in their faith journeys.
   3. Be committed to justice in the community and in a hurling world. Federated Church
      is a church that refuses to ignore the needs of the world.
   4. The Fed Church is not for spectators and it’s not a country club. Church leaders
      encourage all to be involved in the Fed Programs.

             Federated Church Continues the Journey, Inward & Outward

                                    The Sky’s the Limit
Federated to host International Music Group
Federated Builds
Federated a Life Saving Community in Chagrin
Federated Faith Community of Life Savers in Chagrin
Federated – A Community on the Move
Federated – Space Aliens accepted with Open Arms
Federated Opens a Church Service on the Internet
Federated – A Life Saving Community on the Move


The yellow tables were instructed to share the three elements of question 5 from the

The first question was about what the future minister should know about us and there were
several recurring themes in the answers:
   1. We are a community, a family. We are loving, caring, open, inclusive,
        compassionate, warm, friendly, music loving and we accept everyone where they are.
   2. We are a social change and spiritual growth machine. We have a talented
        congregation, so you are not alone. We are willing to be challenged and we need
        fresh ideas, but don’t throw out what is good. Our members are willing to learn, love
        and take risks. We are open to new ways of helping people. We have a “can-do”
        attitude and we have the money. There is little we can’t accomplish.
   3. We need more diversity, but don’t think we are homogenous as there is more
        diversity than meets the eye. We are diverse economically, religious backgrounds
        differ, personalities differ, ethnicities differ, we think differently etc.
   4. We are used to having our souls nurtured in worship. We want a balance between
        emotional and intellectual. Small groups are important to us and we want our youth
        programs to be strong. We are and want to stay an outreach organization.

Interesting commentary from one of the tables:
“It was very clear that most of us were attached to the current programs at Federated. We
love the children, the music, our missions, and very much want them to stay strong.
When we thought of change, transition, we saw ourselves continuing on the path we were on,
but going farther. Loving more people, reaching out farther, thinking out of the box,
encouraging diversity. We felt sure that since love could do anything, Federated could too!
The tough question is how we personally can help make the transition go smoothly. Small
steps were easy to generate – we all will strive to be supportive, participatory and non-
judgmental. We will try to avoid negatives. Prayer will be a constant, both individually and
in groups. More specifically we think regular attendance at church to hear “trial” ministers
would be helpful. We were less sure of “bolder” steps, but felt that we would support
boldness on the part of the search committee. Challenge us, make us question ourselves. We
are ready for it.”

The second question resulted in the following summary list of steps we could take to make
the transition healthy and successful:
        Be open
        Be open minded
        Be open to the Spirit
        Be open to change
        Be supportive: of the search committee, each other and the new minister
        Pray for the process
        Attend Church regularly
        Step forward with talent, energy, love and stewardship
        Be patient
        Keep updated
        Stay positive

The third and final question was about what we would like to say to Dave and Priscilla. A
summary of the results follows:
    We love you.
    We are heartbroken to lose you and will have a hard time saying good-bye.
    You nurtured our Spirits and taught us many things about our Faith.
    You have helped us continue and strengthen our Spiritual Journey.
    You have mad our lives more joyful.
    Thank you for demonstrating the possibilities.
    Thank you for emotional authenticity.
    Thank you for being role models.
    Thank you for the strength to be who you are and to push us when we need it.
               Thank you for leading us to solutions.
    Thank you for helping us understand unconditional Grace, Faith and the Power of
    Thank you for gently nudging us out of our comfort zones.
    Thank you for your gift of authenticity, sincerity and being one of us.
    Thank you for remembering our names.
    Thank you for challenging us to grow.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and please pray for us, as we will for you.
    We are grateful that you now have time for your wonderful family. Enjoy your

We will miss you both so much. The special light that shines within each of you reaches out
and touches us in very personal significant ways. You are the reason I joined and I believe
you have created an incredibly strong foundation upon which we can go radiate our light.
Table                        High Point Stories                                               Themes
 33 Many different small groups                          find ways to connect everyone
      Strong Grace message                               Salvation through Grace - not acts
      Gift of the Sea                                    network of caring and sharing - support
      Sense of surprise when you get involved            discovering that the giver is the receiver
      Sermons - The Holy Spirit                          David is human and genuinely vulnerable
      Inquirer's Class - laying on of hands              The connection is started
      Faith by example                                   A sense of connection through Faith
      people open up in this church                      The giver is the Receiver
      affirming other people                             recognize the blessing each person is
      Strong in mission                                  Strong leadership with vulnerability
      David's gift of reaching each one of us            large church - very connected
                                                         Sermon is personable, he's speaking to me
      David and Priscilla compliment each other and us   Music
      Music Program is amazing                           mission
      high points are every Sunday                       diverse groups - something for everyone
                                                         Empowered to do more
 25   Mark Simone Christmas eve offering                 Dave is inclusive and human
      Building Committee and FLC                         Openness & clapping
      Work Camp - 55 people, spiritual and connected     Priscilla's spirituality
      Sunday School Program                              Sunday School
      Service 3 days after 9/11                          Youth Programs
      FLC capital campaign                               Numerous activities that people can join
      Priscilla's Womens Group                           Sermons - message, wit, emotional
                                                         Devoting time
  ?   out poring of support, cards,support for Mark      spirituality
      youth Group                                        faith - community
      Dave's Retirement Announcement, love of family     love - acceptance, empathy, love with follow thru
      Music outreach of church at death                  outreach
      out reach of church and members during illness     family - community
      Book Group, Bible Study, Cup of Life               mission
      Laying on of hands when joining church             kids
      Unconditional love of members                      music
      want diversity, mission & support
      want a contact/shepherd or group for everyone
 41   Baptisms                                           diverse programming
      Regular Sunday Involvement - Friendly              Inclusive
      Peace Initiative Mtg                               high quality programs
      Christmas Eve Offering                             ability to reach out to all ages
      New Beginnings                                     community outreach - near & far
      Music Program is amazing                           friendliness of people
      Laying on of hands                                 Inquiry
      Prayer                                             Tradition - new and old
9   Joining the church                                           Music program
    Youth Group (soup kitchens/ work camps)                      Youth programs
    Music                                                        The congregation - accepting people
    Mid-hour                                                     outreach
    Small Groups - personal growth and friendships               inreach (small groups)
    St Pauls                                                     Elderlife
 37 Memorial Services                                            Inquirers Class- very impressed as new member
    Celebration of life                                          varied and numerous activities
    Pixie Ferlito                                                Sense of Family- spiritual, warm, welcoming
    Bob Marquart                                                 Men are finding a new way to approach their emo
    David Pointer                                                Dave's speaking skills, doesn't dictate, poses que
    Willingness to participate as volunteers                     Church asks us to stretch, spiritually, activity wise
    Dedicated and creative staff                                 Priscilla's womens groups and healing services
    Congregation feels good about self and want to work for good Dave & Priscilla opening up to holistic faith & the
                                                                 Willingness to participate as volunteers
                                                                 Dedicated, creative and committed staff
                                                                 Dave feels good about self, staff, congregation, c
                                                                 Youth Groups - bringing in outside community &
? Childrens Musical                                              Support
    All Saint's Service                                          Sincerity of members - go out of way to show app
    Christmas Eve Service (message & music)                      Support when son died - staff congregation
    Support during difficult times                               Church rallies around those in crisis & grief
    Music                                                        Memorial Gardens
    youth Retreats                                               Church meets people where they are.
    Experience of Joining Church                                 Rally Day - Jack Schantz
    Inquirer's Class - sharing personal experience               Minister who fosters inclusiveness vs exclusivene
    Meeting Bob Marquart                                         Church so big - should be like a university w sep.
    Small Groups - personal growth and friendships
 21 Children's programs and acceptance/welcoming                 importance of youth in church & outreach
    Feelings, positive energy, aura of happiness
    Valentines & flowers - Gifts of Love                         attracts people - feelings! Not such deep religious
    Cohesive ministry between all three ministers                show them missions
    marketing - prayer connection                                build membership
    outreach to the community - you don't have to be a member community
    a sense of belonging
    Stephen Ministry help you learn about yourself
    HS kids
    For Jesus - share fellowship
    Elderlife                                                    Stephen Ministry
? Rally Day                                                      Everyone is accepted
    Dave's personal investment in his weekly sermons             welcoming environment - feeling of coming home
    Thank you note from kids in church school to teacher         Strong, strong staff
    Guest speakers - inspirational                               music
    Music - all of it is awesome                                 strong outreach
    Welcoming                                                    something for everyone
    Staff helped through dificult time                           youth programs
                                                                 challenges you
                                                                services are different each week
                                                                sense of humor - everyone
    ?   Christmas Eve Service, All Saints Service               Inclusiveness vs exclusiveness. Emotional, movi
        Music, Jack Schantz, Todd Haefling, bells, choirs       Provides the connection of mind, spirit, soul.
        Mens group, Womens groups, choirs, committees           Small groups are important in a large congregatio
        David Norling messages, Inquirers Classes               Sharing with congregation, sincerety
        Support groups/deaths                                   Congregation supports each other Memorial serv
        youth programs                                          Mark, Music
        Divorce Support Group                                   Small group support, connection

    Table                                Positive Core
      ?      Dave's impact on everything at church
             Everyone can grow and learn, no rules
             Feeling of Grace
             Very Accepting
             Continue w wonderful programs & opportunities
             opportunity to serve
             Giving - selfless - no exceptions
             Help & Encourage new pastor
             Continue outreach to St. Pauls
             Working well w Dan & Mark
             Diverse Mission Programs worldwide
             Looking for new - have faith - step out in faith
              Focus on Grace
              Open and Accepting Environment
              Loving Children's and Youth Program
              Diverse Programs for Adults
              Mission Oriented, locally, country & world
              Fantastic Staff
              Fulfilling Music Programs
              Trusting Environment, Sense of Humor
              Great Facilities
              Unlimited Potential
            6 Diversity of Thought
              Spiritual Life Opportunities
              Worship Experience
              Relationship w God over doctrine
              Love and acceptance for diverse people
              Small group experiences
              Children's Ministries (including youth
              Emphasis on Spiritual Journey
?             Music
          Small group ministries
          Good Sermons
          mission statement
          congregational bonding
          joyful, applauding, humor
          Youth programs
          special needs response
?         Accepting/Welcoming/Friendly
          Open - Inclusive
          Sincere - We walk our Talk / Genuine
          Music Programs - High Quality
          Youth Programs - Outstanding/participation is incredible
          Supportive/loving community
          Facilities - evidence of a growing congregation/beacon to community
          leadership - dynamic, good sermons
          Capable Congregation - lots of diverse talent

Table                                   key elements for the future
    3 expand ministry - whole of programs
      physical capacity = potential for growth
      vision of having a large facility like Philomethian School bldg.
      exploit potential of giving
      expand fellowship with other churches in community
      ministry to college age worship
      ministry to youger adults
      provide nest step from IHN
      Growth of Fed. Legacy to become more useful
      Possible physical growth in places like Colorado or S. Africa
    7 not all having to fit into religious mold, diversity of belief
      socials, movie night, more small groups
      computer for shut-ins
      retain coffee hour
      neighborhood coffees
      talk backs after sermons
      Bell choir waiting list
      someone to orchestrate music (ministry of music)
      elderlife great
?     being comfortable with who we are as a group
      outreach programs - expanded participation by members
      expanded racial-socio-eco.-non trad. Family diversity
      large church w small group emphasis - connectedness
      contemporary worship service - late teens - 30's
      powerful sermons-challenging-connected w music
      inspirational music
      continued emphasis to inward spiritual journey expressed in outreach
       guided by commitment & leadership of senior minister
    39 more faith in action
       dynamic and grounded
       Be what we want to become, don't force issue
       would like to be more diverse
       be active in outreach programs
       hope to be more diverse
       maintain current warm friendly loving environment
       get better not necessarily bigger
       maintain/expand small groups - strong emphasis
       have contemporary worship weekly
       continue supportive & challenging sermons
       maintain strong music and outreach programs
       committed to strong spiritual journey balancing both inward & outward
    15 Creative, celebrated worship
       diversity of styles of worship
       all inclusive community - many kinds of people, even interfaith diversity
       Individuals come, bring their gift and find acceptance
       Individual sharing strong lay participation
       strengthen/expand missions outreach program
       more interfaith discussion to global awareness
       opportunities for congregation to build meaningful relationships with missions
       more socio-economic diversity
       Experiment with smaller, more intimate, alternative worship services
       lots of opportunities to participate in smaller groups, study groups etc.
       Future use of FLC
       a mission program that energizes the congregation with focused passionate goals
       Vibrant, huge youth group participation - integrate youth more in services
?      vibrant leadership
       strong leadership
       no "country club" feeling - true spirit and mission
       more inroads into diversity - more partnerships with different groups
       open and affirming
       Risk takers in Church
       Lay leaders & congregation take a stronger leadership role & need to take risks
       Each individual taking action- no complacency all committees embody the bold
?      Become more diverse- find ways to invite different cultures
       Hands-on missions, IHN, St Pauls - getting hands dirty, side-by-side
       individually driven to God's purpose in each members own life
       Less emphasis on bricks & mortar - a little to country club, too homogenous
       More diversity, more hands on exposure (less $ over the fence)
       mutual fiving & receiving - uses resources in community to be a ring church
       Share the wealth/benefits of church's growth.
       Expansion of youth programs & opportunities in church
       Spiritual growth like wildfire through the church
       Continued growth - toward full potential
       Congregation's relationship w/God personally
       Don't get comfortable "Comfort the inflicted & inflict the comfortable.
       Music programs, talent, resources
       Go beyond St. Pauls & S. Africa for outreach and tap into other resources
       Youth resources- continue to grow & maximize input from youth for vision
       how to connect w resources in UCC community
       Utilize national UCC & assoc.- locally
    31 more diversity
       Inclusive but can do better
       recommend involvement by Jerry Graham
       More small groups, where relationships develop
       how do we house ourselves in 2010 with an increasing membership
       Services, Fri, Sat, Sun nights
       not a club, but a life saving station
       keep being a church of unconditional acceptance
       healthcare, financial wellness and other needs of elders.
?      Journey Outward - greater outreach in missions
       Journey Inward - spirituality, prayer, youth, personal development
       Connections - sharing of resources, other congregations, giving & receiving
       Evangelism - Encourage diversity
?      Global Outreach
       Realize Our Potential, individual, congregation, financial, programs
       Expand capacity to grow
       embrace community - fellowship
       Diversity of membership, ideas opportunities
       Contemporary - meeting the needs of young adults and college age
       Free ourselves of our limitations ( church debt)
?      Large church w a small group feel
       Something for everyone
       Melting Pot
       Continue outstanding music
       2 locations
       Program & outreach to community
       Computer ministry for shut-ins
       Come and experience the feel of federated
    19 Utilize all of the capabilities of each congregant
       Reach beyond existing church community, neighborhood & culture-beyond Sunday too
       Spiritualy inspiring, challenging, effective sermons
       Marqurt's Mentors
Table             future minister should know                           Steps
    8 Loving, caring, willing to become involved             Be open                       Appreciate Dave's sermons & s
      That we love one another                               flexible                      Thanks from the bottom of our
      love for our young people                              supportive of new minister    Thank you, Thank you, Thank y
      Enormous talent - great willingness to share           robed or derobed              We value that you now have tim
      wide variety of ages                                   support search committee
      willingness to accept change, growth & new ideas       step up stewardship
   28 Base on Grace                                                                        Thank you, demonstrateing pos
      open & inclusive, loving                               pray for the process          Thank you, emotional authentic
      untapped resources                                     give generously               Thank you, role model, witness
       diversity of needs                                    open mind                     Thank you, strength to be who
      keep open mind                                         open to the spirit            Thank you, leading us to solutio
      members willing to learn, love, take risks             avoid negativity              Thank you, helping us understa
      We're a community, family                              Support each other            Thank you, gently nudging us o
                                                             step forward t, e, e, I, $
       used to having our souls nurtured in worship          keep involved in process
       enabled to share with others                          maintain open commo
       willing to face the challenge of unknown              embrace change
       need organizer
     4 We are a social change & spiritual growth machine withhold judgment                 We love you and your love & de
       Keep us open                                        stay positive                   Dave you have taught me so m
       We have a "can-do" attitude                         stay involved                   Dave you've helped me continu
       We have the $ & there is little we can't accomplish avoid negativity                You've helped me enjoy my life
       We are diverse, economically, religious bacgrounds, keep updated
       personalities, ethnicities, health issues etc.      pray for the process
       Don't think we are homogenous - need more diversity
       Humor is very important as it makes you human       embrace diversity
       music is very important and must stay strong        attend church regularly
       Exploring & open to new ways of helping people
       We accept everyone where they are.
       Love is the strongest force in the world.
    36 strong human preacher                               keep coming               Thank you for:
       Compassionate, warm, friendly, music loving         keep hopeful              all the programs
       we embrace the "mission statement"                  keep the faith            buildings
       Celebrate members young to old in worship           keep recruiting           ensemble
       Prayerful consideration & support of members        openness to change        growth in membership
       More diversity that meets the eye                                             growth in budget
                                                           don't fill footsteps - create
       Wide variety of programs is vital                   pray for the process      youth emphasis
       Talented congregation "you are not alone"           keep programs going       your gift or humanness, sincerit
                                                           don't compare             challenging us to grow
                                                           be patient                transition time and involvement
                                                           send notes of welcome     remembering names
                                                                                     the love
?     Something for everyone - eclectic group                Be supportive           We love you
      willing to be challenged                               avoid negatives & comps You have taught us many thing
      need fresh ideas but don't throw out what is good      Keep updated            You have helped us continue o
         balance emotional and intellectual                 attend church regularly   You've made my life more joyfu
         we are an outreach organization                    pray for the process      Enjoy your grandchildren
         we want our youth programs to be strong            embrace diversity         We are heartbroken to lose you
         small study groups are important                   be open minded
         New member inclusion                                                         you nurtured our spirists
                                                                                      taught us about our faith
                                                                                      warm, caring, sincere, role mod

                                       Begin        Strengths   %        Vision       %        Transition   %        To
1940's                                          2                  2%
1950's                                          7                  7%
1960's                                          9                  2%
1970's                                          4                  4%
1980's                                          9                  9%
1990's                                         23                 23%
2000's                                         10                 10%

Mission & Outreach                                        27      27%          27      27%            10    10%
Youth Programs                                            37      37%          26      26%             4     4%
Diversity                                                  7       7%          32      32%            11    11%
Music                                                     26      26%           5       5%             7     7%
Welcoming Spirit / vitality                               16      16%          13      13%            11    11%
Great Sermon/challenging                                  28      28%           3       3%             8     8%
spirituality / growth                                     15      15%          11      11%            11    11%
Connected/Family                                          11      11%          11      11%            16    16%
small gorups / breadth of programs                        16      16%          15      15%             3     3%
Openness                                                  19      19%           2       2%            13    13%
Volunteers / People / Congregation                         6       6%           4       4%             7     7%
Inclusion                                                  9       9%                                  2     2%
Leadership                                                 9       9%             1       1%          10    10%
Size                                                       2       2%             9       9%           0     0%
More Bible                                                 1       1%             6       6%           2     2%
Caring                                                     4       4%             3       3%           3     3%
Community                                                 10      10%             4       4%           1     1%
Self Growth                                                5       5%             1       1%           4     4%
Grace                                                      3       3%             1       1%           3     3%
Stewardship/ Generosity                                    5       5%             4       4%           4     4%
Elderlife Program                                          1       1%             4       4%
Balance                                                    1       1%             2       2%           1        1%
Prayer                                                     5       5%                                  3        3%
Clergy & Staff                                             1       1%             1       1%           1        1%
Sense of Humor                                             2       2%                                  1        1%
Affirmingness                                                                     1       1%           4        4%
Healing Service                                            3        3%
God's Presence                                             1        1%                                 1        1%
Tolerance                                    1   1%     1   1%
Conservatism                                            1   1%     1   1%
Bell Choir                                              1   1%
Minister of Music                                       1   1%
Buddy program                                           1   1%
Open Theology                                1   1%
Contemporary Worship Service                            1   1%
Cleveland Girl's Choir                                  1   1%
Speakers                                                1   1%
FLCs in poor areas                                      1   1%
Handicap Access                                         1   1%
Visual Aids before and after service                    2   2%
Liberal views                                1   1%
Continuity                                              2   2%
no parking problems                                     1   1%

                                101    0   273        201        142

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