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									                        College of Opportunity: A Case Study

The strategic priorities for the College of Opportunity (COO) are:
    Successfully transition from quarters to semesters
    Increase research productivity, and especially inter-disciplinary research
    Escalate e-learning
    Innovate a new “Center on Aging”
    Build a culture that enables eminence

The 2008 and 2011 COO Faculty and Staff surveys show consistent results across the
two administrations, including the following strengths and challenges:

T/TT Faculty in COO:
    Are satisfied with the quality of graduate students
    Feel their teaching is valued by colleagues
    Are dissatisfied with opportunities to collaborate with faculty in their departments
    Are dissatisfied with Technical and Research staff
    Do not experience their departments as collegial
    Do not feel encouraged and empowered by their Department Chair

Staff in COO:
    Have a definite sense of direction and purpose
    Are proud to work at Ohio State
    Believe the college values productivity
    Do not feel they are treated with respect
    Do not perceive clear career paths and opportunities for promotion
    Do not feel this college is an emotionally healthy place to work

In 2010 the Dean’s office hosted a world café for COO faculty, staff, and key outside
stakeholders to focus on strategic planning. The following themes were revealed:
     There is divisiveness between departments in COO
     If COO is to become truly great, an infrastructure to support research is critical
     New “life” is needed to spark innovative research streams
     Department Chairs have assumed their positions without consideration for their
      roles as “leaders”
     Staff experience disrespect and feel under-valued
     All have a keen sense of “students first” and are dedicated to educating and
      helping students
                    College of Opportunity: A Case Study, p. 2

Diagnosis and Definition
Based simply on the information provided about COO, what ideas do you have about
cultural shifts? What needs to change to achieve strategic priorities? What strengths
should be leveraged? Attempt to phrase these ideas in the format of a “From – To” list.

For maximum effectiveness, what does COO want less of and more of?

                  From                                           To

What is working well and should be leveraged to achieve the college’s strategic
priorities? (This is the “Keep” part of the list.)

                     College of Opportunity: A Case Study, p. 3

Reinforce and Apply
Taking each of the “To’s” in the “From – To – Keep” list, identify 1-2 tactics that might be
implemented to move the COO culture in the direction of each “To.”

To: Innovative research streams

To: “One” leadership team with college-centric, collective decision-making

To: Ubiquitous respect and civility

To: A thriving, sought-after staff environment
                     College of Opportunity: A Case Study, p. 4

Define, Reinforce and Apply
Given the direction of the College of Opportunity, which of the university’s values are
most important for this college to emphasize? What aligning behaviors concretely
describe each of the values? Identify 1-3 values and write at least two behavior
statements under each.

Aligning Behaviors:

Aligning Behaviors:

Aligning Behaviors:

 “An important aspect of this work is translating the values into daily work life behaviors
   so that all organization members understand how they will be expected to conduct
business in ways that exemplify these values.” Levin & Gottlieb, p. 37.
                     College of Opportunity: A Case Study, p. 5

Using the COO case study as background, what do you know about your own college or
VP unit that can inform a “From – To – Keep” list?

What ideas do you have for tactics to move your college/VP unit directionally toward the
culture desired/needed to reach strategic priorities?

What is the conversation you want to have with your Culture Champion (Dean or VP or
unit head) about culture shaping and your role in shaping the culture?

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