GroupCompoChester Lim by wanghonghx


									     Amy learnt a valuable lesson and decided to turn
over a new leaf so that she will be more vigilant in future.
      It was a scorching hot day as the Sun rose from the
horizon. l was coming back from school and humming my
favourite tune. When I reached my flat, I saw my ninth
floor neighbor drying her clothes at the balcony. Out of a
sudden, there was a gush of strong wind blowing her
blanket away. Unfortunately, the blanket flew down
strongly and blocked an oncoming motor-cyclist’s vision.
Panic engulfed the motor-cyclist and he swayed his bike
aimlessly around. Not knowing where he was heading, he
collided into the kerb of the road and nearly knocked down
two pedestrians who were walking along the pavement.
They were in a state of shock and stood rooted to the
ground. One of them dropped his grocery and oranges
were rolling down along the pavement.
      The collision was so deafening that some of the
passers-by were mouth-agape and would not believe their
eyes. The motor-cycle was in a complete wreck and the
cyclist was lying unconsciously on the road. Blood was
bleeding profusely from his hand and he was severely
injured. Without hesitation, l whipped out my phone and
dialed for the police and ambulance. Just then, all
vehicles screeched to a halt and caused a massive traffic
jam. Some drivers were impatient and started yelling at
the top of their voice. In the spilt second, there was a
crowd forming around the scene and some even lent a
helping hand to the cyclist.
      In the twinkling of an eye, the ambulance and police
arrived at the scene. The police interviewed the eye-
witnesses and most of them blamed the woman for being
inconsiderate. The police later found out that the wind
actually blew the blanket and the woman was partially at
fault. They warned her to be alert at all times and tried not
to hang her clothes along the balcony anymore.
      Meanwhile, the paramedics took out a stretcher and
quickly put the motorcyclist on it. On the other hand, the
police praised me for doing a heroic act. l was exuberant
and in seventh heaven that l had done a good deed. This
accident would be forever etched in my mind and it was
really an unforgettable day!

Done by: Chester Lim, Charlene Chan, Joash, Shu Hui

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