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									                                                        What is Religion?
                                                        Why we need Religion?

 SERMONS ON                                             Why there are so many religions in the world?
                                                        Can we see God face to face?

   MOUNT                                                Where is God?
                                                        Does assumes Human Form?
                  AND                                   Is God of Islam, Christians, Jews, Hindus and
                                                   countless sectarian religions, One or Different?

MAHTMA GANDHI                                           If God is one, than why people fight in the name
                                                   of God and religion?
                                                        When all religions teach noble values like truth,
 Booklet of Comparative Religions.                 forgiveness, non-violence, equality of all people and
                                                   celibacy, than why women and children of different ethnic
 (For Growing Youth of all World religions).
                                                   groups and nationality are raped, punished, killed and
                                                   tortured in name of God and religious beliefs?
                                                        Why there are so many Gods and Goddesses in
                                                   Hinduism? The correct name of the ancient 5000 years
                                                   old Heritage of India is Sanatan Dharm meaning Eternal
                                                   Moral religion.
                                                        Scientific answers of above questions need perfect
                                                   understanding in present times of religious terrorism.
                                                        One God of Universe and True Humanitarian religion
                                                   are logically given in India’s most popular Scripture- The
                                                   Gita - written in such a way, as if Supreme God, King of all
                                                   Kings in Universe is Speaking by using the first person
                                                   singular “Pronoun I”, which every living human being is
                                                   using for him or herself.
                                                        Lord of Universe- “Bhagvan” in the Gita promises:-
                                                     Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanir Bhavati Bharat,
                                                     Abhyuthamadharmasys,Tadaatmanam Srujamyaham
                                                     Paritranaya Sadhunam,Vinashaya Cha Dushkrutm
                                                     Dharma Sansthapanarthaya, SambhavaaMe Yuge Yuge
                                                                   (Gita Ch. IV-V- 7 & 8).
      By Swani Dwiroopanand                             “When Religion (moral values) degrades and un-
                                                   religious activities become rampant, I create divine souls
      (Dr. H. K. Gandhi in Past life)
                                                   (Atmas) to help the noble and destroy the evil doers. I
                                                   (Me) myself take human forms at intervals of centuries to
                                                   re-establish forgotten truths and moral values of Dharma”.
     This answers the Hindu belief of God sending his                      is the only true way of solving all disputes, personal in
enlightened souls or HIM-self assuming human forms to revise               family, Society, Village or Cities, or state and international
religious beliefs.                                                         levels”.
     This verse says that Revision (RENAISSANCE) of                              Views of Mahatma Gandhi about Jesus are worth
religions (Dharm-Sansthapan) is necessary at intervals of                  noting.
passage of some centuries. God assumes human form when                           “The New Testaments gave me comfort and
moral values fall and immorality becomes rampant.                          boundless joy, as it came after the repulsion those parts of
     Truth and nonviolence are preached in all world                       the Old had given me. Today, supposing I was deprived of
religions.                                                                 the Gita and forget all its contents but had a copy of the
      Most People in the world today know Mahatma Gandhi as                Sermons on Mount, I should derive the same joy from it as
                                                                           I do from the Gita”. (Young India, 22-12-1927.p.426).
a political freedom fighter. But his religious and spiritual side is
                                                                                 “Jesus expressed , as no other could, the spirit and
less known. I believe that all Indians can take pride for such a           will of God. It is in this sense that I see Him and recognize
noble divine soul of India, particularly the Gujaraties - for              Him as the Son of God. And because the life of Jesus has
Gandhiji was a son of Gujarat.                                             the significance and the transcendence to which I have
     Mahatma Gandhi was an incarnation (Avatara, Vibhooti)                 alluded. I believe that Jesus belongs not solely to
of God, equivalent to Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha.                        Christianity, but to the entire world, to all races and
                                                                           people - it matters little under what flag, name or doctrine
    Lord Mountbatten had said these words to the film                      they may work, profess a faith, or worship a God inherited
producer Attenborough - producer of award winning film,                    from their ancestors”. (The Modern Review, October
GANDHI - in an interview.                                                  1941, p.406).
    “Remember that you are making a movie of a                                   “My approach to other religions, therefore, is never as
personality of the caliber of Jesus Christ and Lord                        a fault-finding critic but as a devotee hoping to find the like
                                                                           beauties in other religions and wishing to incorporate in
Buddha.”                                                                   my own the good I may find in them and miss in mine.
    This movie “Gandhi” of Richard Attenborough has                        {Harijan, 12-8-1933).
played very important role in bringing to light the life of
Mahatma Gandhi. It had won eight academy awards in                                        Views of Gandhiji from a book
1988.                                                                                     "My Religion by M. K. Gandhi”.
     I firmly believe that Mahatma Gandhiji and Jesus Christ,
and all great founders of Today’s major world religions like
Islam, Hebrew, Buddhism, Tao, etc,. Were such a divine souls
called Vibhooties in the Gita. Mahatma Gandhi is the most
recent personality.
     Gandhiji has shown the world, a unique path of
‘Nonviolent Fight’ of gaining freedom (Mukti, Moksha) from
selfish and Ego griped political rulers.
     Gandhiji has described God in very few words. “God is
truth and truth is God. Non-violence preached in all religions,

     Mahatma Gandhi about Religions.                                             JESUS & MAHATMA GANDHI
     " I hold that it is the duty of every cultured man or woman                        ARE IMMORTAL SOULS.
to read sympathetically the scriptures of the world. If we are to                  (Based on a Famous Upanishad Hymn
respect others' religions as we would have them to respect our                        Mrutor mam Amrutam Gamaya)
own, a friendly study of world's religions is a sacred duty of all.                Lead me to Immortality by my death.
My respectful study of other religions has not abated my
reverence for or my own faith in the Hindu scriptures. They               Someone is Coming and someone is Going,
have indeed left their deep mark upon my understanding of the             Someone is Awaking and someone is Sleeping,
Hindu Scriptures. They have broadened my view of life. They               Someone is Sitting and someone is Running,
have enabled me to understand more clearly many obscure                   Someone is Leading and someone is Following,
passages in Hindu scriptures. I respect all religions". (Young                     Someone is Wedding and someone is Separating,
                                                                                   Someone is Laughing and someone is Crying,
India - 2-9-1926):
                                                                                   Someone is Barking and someone is Singing,
     By religion I do not mean a formal religion or customary                     Someone is Jumping and someone is Stumbling.
religion, but that religion which underlies all religions, which          Millions are Blue and Millions are Red,
bring us face to face with our maker or GOD.                              Only a few are Green but Millions are Pale,
     Every activity of a man of religion must be derived from            Only a few are Strong but Millions are Weak,
his religion because religion means bound to GOD, that is to              Millions are Bitter, but only a few are Sweet!.
say God rules your every breath.                                                   I search Thee Oh Lord, and the Mystery of JOY,
     Religion should pervade our every action. It does not                        My Death is near, Shall I SEE THEE Oh GOD?
                                                                                   THY LIGHT if seen, and (my) ignorance if gone,
mean sectarianism (Sampradaya). It believes in ordered moral
                                                                                   Then Fear of Death is gone, and courage is born.
government of universe (Kingdom of God or Rama Rajya). It is              Millions don’t know what things they Need,
not less real because it is unseen. This religion transients              Only Wise really know, what one should Seek.
Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc., etc.. It does not supersede          No human can give, all things you (people) want,
them. It harmonizes them and gives them reality.                          Only a few are conscious of the Gifts they've got.
     No man can live without religion. There are some who                         Why people are morose and think of Dying?
in Egotism of their reason, declare that they have nothing to do                   They know not the Limits, where Eagles are Flying.
with religion or God. But it is like a man saying that he breaths                  Why few are Blissful and millions so Sad?
but has no nose. Whether by reason, or by instinct, or by                          They know not in fact - The Beginning or The End.
superstition a man acknowledges some sort of relationship                 I dream of that day when all are in Cheers,
                                                                          No Worries, no Hunger, no Guns, no Fears.
with the Divine.
                                                                          No one is Crying and the youth is Dancing,
     The rankest agnostic or atheist does acknowledge the                And all are singing Divine songs for Living.
need of a moral principle and associates some thing good with                      Who Gives with Faith and holy Vows,
its observance and some thing bad with its non-observance.                         With Love Divine, no Hate for Foes.
     Religion which takes no account of practical affairs of                      When Forgiveness of Jesus pervades all souls,
daily life and does not help to solve them is no religion.                         A girl can sing, She has divine goals.
     Religion is the permanent element in human nature which             From Hell who came, and to Heaven who went,
counts no cost too great in order to find its full expression, and        Every born has to Die, the Gita has said,
                                                                          Only Prophets like Jesus and men like Gandhi,
which leaves the soul utterly restless until it has found itself,         True Scientists and Seers (of God) are IMMORTAL SOULS.
known       THE      MAKER,       and    appreciated the       true
correspondence between THE MAKER AND ITSELF.
Mrutor mam Amrutam Gamaya, is a famous mantra and                            IS GOD A FACT OR A FICTION, TRUTH OR MYTH?
prayer to God from Brahad-Aranyak Upanishad.                                 Is God a fiction or fact, a myth or truth?
         In full verse one prays to Lord, Lead me from untruth to            Are these beliefs of people of blind faith of illiterate,
Truth, Lead me from darkness (ignorance) to Light                       uneducated and ignorant masses true or false?
(Knowledge) and Lead me to immortality from (by) my death”.                  Is there something like a maker of this wonderful and
         The spiritually evolved soul asks God to give him/her          perfect universe?
the death of a martyr, which will make him/her immortal.                     When such questions arise in mind of any reasoning
         People want to go to heaven after death, but they              individual of great achievements in material world (a
do not want to die for going to heaven !                                Siddha), a true seeker of God is born. Then such a person
         “Every born has to die”, is Eternal law of God. The            starts real search of God in the true sense. Most people
above poem shows a path for living with noble goals and dying           do not care for God or religion. They simply believe in
like a martyr in religious field. One should not be afraid of           rituals and traditions. Others are not interested in God or
dying for any good and noble cause. Such a death leads to               religion. They simply believe in idols as God.
immortality. People remember such souls for centuries.                       All scriptures of major world religions proclaim that
         Jesus and Gandhiji died as martyrs having firm                 ‘God is One’, But no scripture has a method by which one
faith in God and God’s work.                                            can SEE God and get 100% conviction about God.
         The laws of mother-nature or Maker of the Universe                  Why there are so many Gods and Goddesses in
(GOD) work in an equal manner upon all human beings,                    Hinduism? Is God of Muslims, Jews, Christians and
animals, plants, stars, suns, moons and all Galaxies.                   Hindus different or one?
Everything- perceptible with five senses is in a non-stop                    A man of reason and science wants proof of God,
motion or TIME-SPACE continuum. The possession of money,                direct or indirect. The theory of Karmas preached in the
property, political power and desires to get more Greed (Lobh)          Gita provides a proof. The Laws of Mother Nature govern
and family attachments create ‘False Egos and Illusions’ in             all individuals in an equal manner. Happiness and sorrows
minds (Ahamkara and Moha). These lead to commit great                   come to a person according to right and wrong Karma
religious and political wars by persons in high religious or            done by him/her or even not done by him (Akramas) at
political positions.                                                    proper time. (Theory of Karma, Akarma, and Vikarma).
                                                                             It is time that people of reason and spiritual quest
                                                                        should study all world religions as Gandhiji has
                                                                        recommended. The Upanishads, Patanjali Yoga
                                                                        (ASHTANG YOGA) and the Gita provide a time tested
                                                                        path of SEEING the formless God (Formless - Nirakara
                                                                        but not quality-less -Nirguna God). This science is called
                                                                        Bhram-Vidya or Self Realization (Adhiatma-Vidya).
                                                                             Anybody can see God face to face by devoted study
                                                                        of Gita and search of God with genuine inquisitiveness of
                                                                        a scientist. You can SEE HIM. The search starts with
                                                                        study of SELF (ATMA). It ends in Self (Atma). Yoga and
                                                                        the Gita teach that divinity dwells within your HEART. God
                                                                        cannot be seen with physical eyes or other senses. But
                                                                        omnipresence of God can be felt by the awakened or

conscious MIND, when all egocentric desires (Vasana) and                  practiced Yoga. But I had started writing notes of my
false beliefs regarding God, come to an end, then love                    scattered thoughts on religious subjects after Oct., 1979. I
compassion and an attitude of equality for all humans                     recorded this event and experience the next morning in
develops. This is spiritual evolution.                                    my note book.
      I SEE THE HOLY CROSS OF JESUS IN 1979.                                  Devoted Christians believe that the resurrected
     “It was a cold winter night. I was fast asleep on the second         HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS               CHRIST is pervading
floor of my clinic at Naroda, a suburb of Ahmedabad, India. I             everywhere. Later I read Swami Vivekanand had
woke up perspiring like a moist sponge. My clothes were                   experienced same spirit of Jesus Christ during his
soaked with sweat. Body hairs were raised in surprise. I wiped            meditation practices under the guidance of his Guru
my face and eyes. I saw a shining ball of dazzling light outside          Swami Ram Krishna Parmhans.
the window. The brightness of light was greater than                          But why I was chosen in India by Almighty God to SEE
thousands of suns in the sky. From the east window a ball of              (Darshana) this light of HOLY CROSS exactly at a
light entered the room. It pervaded in all objects like tables,           particular time of the Christian calendar? This is still a
chairs, books etc. and entered my body. For a few seconds I               question for me and I have no answer. This is this called
experienced that I was weightless and floating in a soft cloud            'Shakshatkara' or DIVINE EXPERIENCE OF GOD as the
of light. My total existence and all things in the room were in           Hindu scriptures describe.
tune and oneness with this light. I realized that everything was              Today I understand its little meaning. God had chosen
made of that light. There was no sun in the sky at midnight. I            me to become His instrument in finding parallels in
realized it was something else.                                           Eastern and Western religious thoughts.
     I saw at my wristwatch. The TIME was 12.00                               During last twelve years I wrote and published a few
MIDNIGHT, the zero hour between Christ’s year 1979 and                    books on Gita, Vedanta and Indian philosophy. An atheist
80. It was DEC 31,79. I still remember that I saw a SHINING               doctor practicing in a remote village of India could not
CROSS along with that bright light in the background”.                    have written these books.
                                                                              I used to get inspiring thoughts when I started writing
     Only at a later date I understood that it was the ‘Cosmic            on such subjects. I have always witnessed mercy and
Light’ of God and the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. I did not              help of God in all events, which have occurred in my life
understand any significance of that event at that time. Even              after 1979.
today after twelve years I do not know its meaning. But I am                  I am more than convinced that GOD is one,
sure about this. Whatever I experienced and saw on that night             Omnipresent and Almighty. He was, is and will ever
was not a dream or imagination. I am very positive about this.            be with me during all events that will happen in my
It was a real experience in the fullest conscious state of my             future life also.
mind. Three months prior to that date, I had started the study                After this experience I lost interest in my well
of Bhagavat Gita, a divine song of the Lord of Universe.                  established medical practice of 30 years. I withdrew from
     After attending a week’s discourse on ‘Karma Yoga’ (Ch-3             practice and social commitments. By the end of 1982 I
of Gita, The Yoga of correct action) by Swami Chinmayanandji              closed my clinic and immigrated to USA I was a crazy
in Ahmedabad during October-1979, I got interested in the                 reader from the childhood. Now I turned to subjects like
study of Gita for the first time in my life. I had no background of       world history, history of religions, history of science, life
Christianity, nor I had any great attachments to Hinduism,                stories of scientists and philosophers etc. I never read
religion or even God. I never believed in myths or rituals. My            these subjects before.
knowledge of Hinduism was hear-say, I did not meditate, nor                   In 1981 I came across a book, THE TAO OF
                                                                          PHYSICS by Fritj of Capra, Prof. of high-energy physics at
Berkley University, California. Mr. Capra also describes his                  In Capra’s book there are many quotations from the
similar experience of SEEING the cosmic light and the figure             Gita and Upanishads Prof. Capra has nicely presented
of Lord Shiva (Nataraj), a deity God worshipped by Hindus. He            parallels in science and religions. He has explained the
saw SHIVA in the open sky during daytime. This inspired him              bondage of “Time-Space” and the interplay of the
to write his book. This book discusses nicely the eastern                opposites. Gita and Upanishads describe these as duality
religions, science, and philosophies. With the help of the               (Dwandvas) of mind.
famous equation of Albert Einstein, E=MC2,132 Prof. Capra                     Hindus strongly believes in a cycle of previous births,
beautifully co-relates science and the verses of the Gita and            deaths and rebirths of soul (Atma). You are born at a
Upanishads, Space and Time. In the preface of his book Mr.               particular place and time according to desires and actions
Capra writes :-                                                          (Vasanas and Sanchit Karma) of previous lives. It is
     “I saw cascades of energy coming from the outer                     difficult to explain such mystic or illogical religious beliefs
space, in which particles were created and destroyed in                  to men of intellect and reason.
rhythmic pulses; I ‘saw’ the atoms of these elements and                      Sometimes I ask myself. Was I an American or a
those of my body, participating in this cosmic dance of                  Christian in my previous life, who was inspired by Swami
energy ; I felt its rhythm and I ‘heard’ its sound and at that           Vivekanand who came to USA in 1892. He gave many
moment I KNEW that this was the Dance of Shiva, The                      spiritual talks in America and Europe. Is possible that a
lord of dancers worshipped by the Hindus”                                desire to get birth in India would have remained in my
                                                                         mind at the time of my death when I died as an American?
     I record one more experience of a young student of North
                                                                         Is this possible? If this is not logical, than the beliefs of
 Florida University. In April (1995), I was invited to give a talk
                                                                         previous births are misguiding and one should not waste
 on Hinduism to the students of comparative religions class in
                                                                         time to prove or disprove such notions and beliefs. It is
 NFU (FL). They were mostly Christian students. When I
                                                                         easy to understand that Karma done in this life operate in
 described my above experience of SEEING the Holy Cross
                                                                         this very life generally speaking. This is possible to prove
 in 1979, and then after my life's turn towards the study of
                                                                         to a fair extent.
 world religions, all students were spell bound. At end of talk
                                                                              The Holy Spirit in me and all living creations is one
 after the question answer session, we were dispersing.
                                                                         and same. This spirit was present in bodies of all great
     A young girl approached and placed the following note in            souls of the past who inspired people in different lands. In
 my hand. She had never studied religious scriptures in depth.           this sense I can say that I have lived many previous lives.
 But her experience of "Seeing Divine Light" is worth                    I was Veda Vyasa the writer of Mahabharata and Gita
 reading.                                                                about 2500 years ago. I was Shankaracharrya in 7th
     She wrote. "Thank you for your wonderful seminar.                   century and Arya Bhatta in 4th century AD I had lived as
 Almost 2 years ago, I had similar experience, though                    many scientists who gave knowledge in different countries
 there was no one religion which struck me, rather what                  of the world. In same sense and manner I can say that I
 (after studying) is most similar to BRAHMAN reaching                    was Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Ram and Krishna many
 ATMAN. As you say seeming crazy; for this reason I have                 centuries ago! By reading thoughts of all these great
 stopped trying to tell people. But this seed was planted and            personalities any one can get tuned to their noble minds,
 I too came to the same conclusion that all religions should be          feelings, intellect and devotion to God.
 respected and merged in a way that the world community can                   In a verse of Gita, Lord Krishna says:-
 love one another. Any how if you have any type of mailings                   Bahuni me vyatitani janmani tava ch Arjuna ;
 please include me. - "Amenda Mehrtens."                                      Tan Aham vettha sarvani natvam vettha Paramtpaha.
     * *         *              *                                                                                          Gita Ch IV-5.
     “I have lived many lives in past and I know them all. But              like Jesus and messengers like Mohammad to uplift
Oh, man of great penances (Paramtapa), you do not                           morals of the poor and help them and also to punish the
remember any past life, although you have also lived many                   evil doers and sinners.
lives in past”.                                                                  All Divine souls and prophets of world’s religions at
     Only a seeker like Arjuna can see a glimpse of God. A                  different places were the human forms or incarnations
scientist like Mr., Capra can hear ‘HIS’ sound, and get divine              (Avatars or Vibhooties) of God according to this verse.
inspirations. This is a purely subjective self experience, which            Their life stories and message is same.
occurs at individual level only. ‘Only one successful soul, one                  Mohammed raised his voice and fought against idol
in a million knows Me (God) perfectly‘. (Gita. VII-4).                      worship of many different Gods by Arabs tribes. Christ
     A scientist, an artist, a lover of truth and non-violence is           fought against the priests and the political rulers of Rome.
very near to God compared to rich people giving big donations               But he was crucified by his own Jewish priests.
or narrow minded priests of secular religions.                                   God's search and path needs fearlessness (Abhaya)
     A verse of Shiva prayer describes invisible Shiva, - the               of a martyr. Only after passage of some centuries people
God of Cosmic Energy in Universe and God of Universal Time,                 understand the message of love and equality of humans,
- as follows :-                                                             preached by all past prophets. Then people start
     “Asit giri samam syat, kajjalam sindhu patre,                          worshipping such martyrs as Gods in human forms.
     Sur taruvara shakha, lakhini patra bhurvihi,                           Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Mahatma Gandhi belong
     Likhati yadi grahitva sharada sarva kalam,                             to this rare class of super-human souls.
     Tadpi tava gunanam param isham ne yati”.                                    Lord Mountbatten in a interview said these words to
                                 Shiva Mahimna Strotrum - (V-32)            Attenborough, the producer of the movie 'Gandhi,' “Mr.
     “The description of Lord always remains incomplete, even               Attenborough you are making a movie of a man of caliber
if Goddess SHARDA (Goddess of music, speech and                             of Jesus Christ and Buddha. Please see that you do not
knowledge) turns oceans into ink, land into paper, trees into a             do any injustice to this great soul (Mahatma).”
pen and describes the qualities, kindness and mercy of God till                  After my twelve years of study of the Gita I firmly
the end of time” (Dooms day ).                                              believe and say that Mahatma Gandhi was an incarnation
     God is beyond words and beyond OM. But to gain                         of God (Vibhooti). Lovers of Gandhi should come forward,
knowledge of religion is within range of OM, or symbol of any               unite and start a new world community (Religious Union -
spoken language. Morality (Dharma-religion) could be taught                 Sangh).
and explained by words. Religion is like a map, which                            My idea of International Gandhi Gita-Dharma Sangh
indicates the goals in life and shows directions and ways of                (IGDS) is based on this theme. Men and women of any
achieving those goals. Achievements of life goals bring joy and             sect, country or religion can join this movement without
happiness.                                                                  renouncing their old religious beliefs, or practices of
     Speech or spoken language Vani) roots from OM. If there                worship.
is One God, then there should be only one religion, Open                         With modern tools of communication like press,
minded and able people must try to find common factors in all               transport and TVs., Computers and internet, IGDS can
religions and try to establish a new Global Religion. This                  propagate Gandhiji’s thoughts on subjects like education,
religion will provide correct guidelines to all priests and political       ideal political system, sociology, economics, sex,
leaders also.                                                               marriage, diet, health, religion and God. These are worth
     Lord in the Gita (Ch, IV-7 & 8) declares that He sends                 studying by people of all countries. He has left for us great
divine messengers in every era (Yuga), Whenever ethical                     literature which will help everyone and bring real world
values decline, God assumes human forms or sends his Sons                   peace in the 21st century.
    Mahatma Gandhi was a fighter of political freedom, but he                 THE UNIQUE HEBREW PEOPLE.
fought with a gun of non-violence and bullets of love. He
believed in democracy, yet he said, “Only I am the only true                   Five day war took place in the middle east on June
communist in this world”. He was a lawyer, but an advocate of         5th, 1967. It shocked the world. It was over on the sixth day.
poor and the untouchables. He preached village autonomy as            It was between 12 powerful Arab kingdoms on one side and
an ideal system for any government.                                   one tiny Israel on the other side!. There were eleven
    He strongly believed that the borders of any country must         hundred million (Crores) Arabs, who had prepared for a war
be decided on the basis of spoken languages of the people.            to crush this new country, born in 1948, having a population
His thoughts on ‘Swadeshi’ are based on sound economic                which equal half the city of Bombay. But the Israelis in three
principles. Spirit of Swadeshi teaches “Use the products made         days demolished completely the powerful Air-force of Egypt
in your own country."                                                 and captured great areas of surrounding lands of Arabs.
    He was a selfless saint who has showed to all a path of           The war was over. Who are these people!
truth, non-cooperation, non-violence and how to struggle for                   Palestine liberation organization (P.L.O) had
true human rights. We must not have any hatred towards                terrorized world air lines by hijacking many planes. On June
enemies in our minds.                                                 1976 a group of 104 fellow men were captured as hostages
    Mahatma Gandhi was a true Karma-Yogi.                             on the air port of Antoby, in Uganda Africa, nearly 2500
    Rabindranath Tagore, the winner of the peace Nobel Prize          miles away from their land. They did an unimaginable
(1912) writes:-                                                       adventure and liberated all their fellow brothers with the
    “Go ahead, Go ahead , even if Nobody listens thy voice,           fastest counter action lasting for only 52 minutes. Who are
God ahead, Oh man.                                                    these people!
    If nobody joins, keep on Going all alone, all alone, but go                For nearly 2000 years, these people have lived
ahead, Oh man,                                                        without a country of their own and a national flag. They have
    If your path is true and love is your weapon, you shall           wandered in more than 40 different countries as a hated
reach your goal, Go ahead, Oh man,                                    and ill-treated community. Yet they did not get extinguished
    Go ahead, Go ahead, Go ahead, all alone, Oh man go                as the people nor they changed their religious beliefs. Who
ahead,“.                                                              are these people!
    Sir Sarvapalli Radha-Krishnan, ex-president and a                          There are no great rivers nor there is regular rain fall
renowned scholar of Hindu scriptures says, “If thoughts of            in their land. There are no underground wells of sweet
Gandhi are broadcasted in all world languages daily for fifteen       drinking water. Yet within a period of only 20 years these
minutes, It will bring true world peace “                             people have converted a desert into a beautiful garden of
    My sincere Namaskar and salutations to all true Gurus,            roses, oranges and grapes. Who are these people!
Noble Saints and Prophets of all religions.                                    These are the unique Hebrew people. They are
    Hari Om Tat Sat. (God is absolute truth)                          people of today’s Israel and all over world.
        Om Shantihi, Om Shantihi. Om Shantihi                                  Their Jewish religion is one of the oldest mono
        Let peace prevail Let peace prevail                           theistic religions in the west, and perhaps the world. A
        Let peace prevail.                                            student who wishes to study comparative world religions
                                                                      must study the history of ups and downs of the Hebrew
                                                                      people. The student should also study and understand the
                                                                      meaning of words like religion, culture, heritage, tradition,
                                                                      morality, ethics, civilization, religious and political empires,
sociology, economic principles and prosperity etc, etc. But above                      The history of Hebrews provides an interesting story
all he must understand the meaning of the world PEOPLE. The                   of how religion, culture, education, family ties, and faith in
Hebrews are a unique POPLE.                                                   words of prophets and God can unite and preserve good
         In order to understand the above words, the story of                 traditions, and how such values lead to suffering for some
Hebrew People (the Jews) is fascinating and interesting. Their                time. But the same moral and ethical principles and faith
story is very well documented in scholarly volumes in all libraries           (True religion) brings in the end real prosperity and
of the world. In this small chapter of comparison of religions we             happiness for its followers.
will study only a few important words and mention a few historic
events.                                                                                All religions believe that God is One.
         The word for 'civilization' in Indian language is 'Sanskruti'.                The basic natural instinct or desire of every living
The ancient language of the Aryans is called Sanskrit, meaning                being is to be happy and live long. In former times few
the language of civilized people. Religion in former days meant               intelligent people studied the effects of natural elements on
observance of tribal traditions and unwritten social laws.                    life. They thought well and suggested ways how people can
Prosperity was counted in terms of cattle and sheep and                       become happy.
ownership of land by a tribe over a particular land area. The                          They observed that the basic needs of all beings
early days of evolving human religions, civilized and uncivilized             were air, water and food. When these were satisfied people
people were fighting for ownership of rivers and fertile land.                were happy. Then in later times, their attention was drawn
         In ancient Hindu scriptures the civilized people were                to different diseases which made people unhappy. Almost
called Devas (deities) and uncivilized people Asuras or Demons.               every born died due to some disease or fatal injuries.
Fights between these two classes of people were going on since                Knowledge of seasons and rainfall developed and people
pre-historic times. They are not yet over after four thousand                 learned to live together in co-operation and harmony, with
years of evolution of countless world religions, publications of              exchange of knowledge and material wealth. Jungle-man
many holy scriptures, and mankind witnessing the highest                      and cave-man learnt cultivation of land, art of agriculture,
progress of science in the 20th century after fructification of               herbal medicine, cattle and sheep raising and started to
Jesus Christ. Man has placed his footsteps on the moon, and                   build houses and live in planes and become more civilized.
replaced heart of one person into chest of another man. But the                        (See the chart of Evolution of World Religions
real transplantation of hearts has not occurred in the last decade            in End).
of this 20th Century. Let us hope this real spiritual evolution
occurs in the 21st century.                                                          There are three major religions in West. Judaism
         The word Dharma (religion) of Sanskrit language                      or the Hebrew religion had started about 2000 years
indicates moral, social and obligatory duties. The codes of social            before the birth of Christ. Christianity is linked with birth of
behaviors and customs were called religious guidelines                        Jesus Christ. Islam has started in the 7th century A.D..
(Commandments). Communities of people staying in limited                      These dates of origin or start should be remembered by
geographic areas and following such codes were 'the religious                 the students. Christ was born about 1990 years ago.
people' of ancient times. A person or a family, not agreeing with             People link calendars with birth dates of great prophets,
such codes was driven out from that area or punished by the                   pioneers of religions or great kings. Today, the people of
ruling heads. In this manner political, economic and social laws              these three religions follow their own calendars. But the
were taking shape. Wise and learned men would move to                         calendar of Jesus Christ is followed by the entire world. In
different areas in search of better living conditions. We see this            former days there were no well organized religions. The
trend even today. Many individuals and families immigrate to rich             general pattern of religion was of social customs of
and free countries, like America today.                                       marriages, food habits and hygiene, methods of disposal
of dead and tribal family traditions. Even today we see the             the sides of river Jordon were the trading land-routes
same pattern in all parts of world and prophet started secular          between Europe, Egypt and Arab countries in those days.
religions.                                                                       Nearly all ancient religions have a common
        A curious student of world religions should understand          character of tribal discipline and local sociology. 2000
the difference between Christianity and the Hebrew religion,            years prior to the birth of Jesus, the present Hebrew
and the New Testaments and Old Testaments. I suggest him                traditions were started by a man called Abraham. He was
to study only one particular section of the Holy Bible, known as        a wise businessman who had moved to the city of
'Sermons on the Mount'. Compare the preaching of Jesus with             Jerusalem with his family members from a near by small
the preaching of earlier Hebrew prophets. Then try to compare           village called Ura (presently in Iraq). He was a man of
them with similar doctrines of other religions. In this way an          high morals and honesty. He had realized the importance
unbiased student of comparative religions will understand the           and need of family unity and love, and friendship among
noble and deeper messages of all world religions.                       nearby neighbors. He thought these noble values to his
        In order to understand the difference between Judaism           children and grand children. To remain united with family
and Christianity, we shall first study the geography of the land        ties by marriages within known circles, chaste sex
known as Israel today. Then we will try to learn the origin of          relations, sharing joys and sorrows, and helping the poor
Judaism and preaching of their earlier prophets like Abraham,           members of nearby families was his simple advice. These
Moses and others. This background would help us to                      advices became codes of good conduct (Religion) for the
appreciate the message of 'sermons on mount' in a better                great grand children of Abraham family and their following
perspective.                                                            generations till present times. Moses, a great prophet in
        Jesus was born nearly 2000 years after the origin of            lineage of Abrams, liberated his fellowmen from the
Hebrew religion. The land called Israel today was known as              slavery of Egyptian kings and declared Ten
Palestine in those days. This holy land of all Hebrews,                 Commandments for all the people. They were revised
Christians and Arabs too was a small hilly and sandy area of            short sentences of ancient preaching of Abram. These are
only 1100 sq. miles. It was a region of 140 miles north-south           known today as Old testaments.
and 80 miles east-west. Its north end touched the present area                   The members of the family of Abrams were called
of Lebanon. The east limits merged with a desert leading to             Judas, the residents of Judah district. Their traditions
Syria. In south there was the Sinai peninsula leading to Egypt.         became Judaism or the Hebrew religion in course of
In the west there was the Mediterranean ocean. The river                centuries. They evolved into an isolated but a strongly
Jordan ran from north to south in the middle of this land. This         united and scholarly community compared to their other
river ends in a big lake known as the Dead Sea. Because of              Semitic brothers - the uneducated and tribal Arab families,
inflow of water for years and no outlet, this river and sea have        who were children of Abraham's two brothers. Hebrews,
become very salty. No fish can survive or vegetations can               the children and grand children of Abraham, mostly
grow in this water. To imagine this area one can think of one           resided in big towns and became a business community.
quarter area of the southern peninsula of Michigan, extending           They had good knowledge of mathematics, medicine and
from Toledo to Port Huron.                                              astrology. They tried to remain an isolated, non-political
        There were five districts in this area. Two districts on        business community faithful to the rulers of the land. But
the east side of river were called Decapolis (district of ten           in those days rulers changed often. Their isolation from
towns) and Pieria. Three districts on the west side of the river        other people and politics of the land turned them into a
were called Galilee, Samaria and Judah. The city of Jerusalem           hated community by the following rulers. They were
was in the south west district of Judah. This strip of land and         looked upon as unfaithful citizens because they were
                                                                        faithful to the former rulers.
         History records only a few centuries of peace and               mines, nor any great rivers or fertile land in this region.
prosperity for these Hebrews. History of Hebrews is full of long         There are some missing gaps in all these three religions,
periods of sufferings, mass massacres (as seen in Germany                which could be filled with acceptance of some eternal
recently), destruction of their temples and properties and               truths and spiritual philosophies of eastern preaching.
slavery. Religion in those days meant strict observance of                        Before 2000 years, in period prior to birth of Jesus
tribal traditions, discipline and obedience to elderly and grand-        Christ, the Hebrews were enslaved and ruled by Romans.
fathers. The fighting barbarian tribes off and on destroyed their        Romans had appointed Harold as governor (Sultan) for
settlements, robbed away sheep, and destroyed the property               collecting state taxes. At the time of birth of Jesus, Harold-
of this God fearing Hebrews staying in the ancient land known            II, the son of first Harold was local ruler. He had married a
as Palestine.                                                            Hebrew girl. Due to this arrangement there was some
         Hebrews had developed alphabets and a system of                 harmony between the king and Hebrew community. The
writing and keeping good records. They have well preserved               religious freedom of Hebrews was preserved. The social
records of births of their families since 4000 years like our            laws for Hebrew community were made by a central
modern birth registers. In the first chapter of Genesis in Bible         council of 71 priests, who were representatives from
one finds a long lineage and dynasty from Abraham to Jesus.              different towns of that area. This council had powers to
After some centuries the Hebrews learned that change of a                decide punishments for sinning and anti-religious
ruling king meant loss of independence and wealth. They                  Hebrews.
thought of establishing a kingdom of their own. Peace loving                      Herod was a tyrant king. To please his Hebrew
business minded community learned that use of weapons was                wife he had executed a reformist Hebrew saint, John the
necessary to preserve wealth and independence, because                   Baptist. John had refused to obey the authority of the
'Might is Right' was the law in those times. It has not changed          religious council of priests. This independent saint John
even today.                                                              had baptized young Jesus. The rich Hebrews and
         Hebrews established a kingdom of their own. The                 orthodox Hebrew priests had accepted slavery of Herod
temple of Jerusalem was built during the rule of a Hebrew King           and the Romans. They had no vision or courage to fight or
David. Hebrews were at the peak of their prosperity in the               look at the sufferings of many poor Hebrew families.
times of king David and his son Solomon. Jerusalem became                Orthodox Hebrew priests, known as Pharisees and
a place of attraction and pilgrimage for the entire Hebrew               business minded rich Hebrews had joined hands with king
community living in nearby and adjoining areas. In the course            Herod. The average God fearing and law abiding Hebrews
of centuries this holy temple has been destroyed and rebuilt             were silent. Mysticism and astrological beliefs were
several times. The land of Hebrews was conquered off and on              rampant. About 2000 years ago, Jesus was born in this
by the mighty Egyptians, the empire minded Romans and                    land when such circumstances were prevailing.
other Semitic barbarian tribes of nearby regions. These                           A bright star was visible in dark sky. Many
scattered Arab tribes were later on united by Mohammad in                predictions and legends are associated with the birth of
the 7th century A.D. when he founded a new religion Islam.               Jesus. But the historic fact is that there was no shelter for
This short history of Hebrews indicates one important thing.             delivery of Mary. Jesus was born on a bed of grass in a
Except for their religious beliefs the Arabs and the Hebrews             stable of a poor potter in the company of sheep and
are the children of same Semitic forefathers.                            mules.
         Since last 3500 years endless wars and blood baths                       The story of birth of Jesus gives us one important
are going on in this part of world in the name of God and                message. It is not important in which family and where
religion and nationalism. This holy land has remained a battle           you are born, but what you think, what you do, how you
ground for Arabs, Hebrews and Christians. There are no gold              live, and what message you give to the people is
important. But above all how you die is an important thing in
life.                                                                                      SERMONS ON MOUNT. Part-1.
         This is very well said by an important character 'Karna',                 In the previous chapter we learned few points about
in Mahabharat story. Many a times the Brahmin son                         the history of Hebrews and the birth of Jesus. In course of
Ashvasthama (son of a priestly teacher) and other Kshatriya               some years Jesus found his twelve disciples, Andrew,
princes used to insult Karna by addressing him as son of a                James, John, Philip, Nathanael, Jacob, Matthew, Thomas,
maid-servant, Soot-putra or Radhaye. He replies on one                    Mark, Luke and Judah. After baptizing them Jesus took
occasion like this:-                                                      them to a mountain. On the top of this mountain, Jesus
         Sooto va soot-putro va, yova kova bhavami aham                   gave this most important speech. This particular lecture
              Daivayattam kule janmah, madayattam tu                      became the heart of Christian faith in course of time. It is
paurusham.                                                                famous as "Sermons on the Mount".
         "To get birth in a rich or a well known family might                      All world religions believe that there is one God, a
depend upon the wish of God. I may be a servant or a son of               perfect maker of this wonderful Universe. Sometimes a
servant. But might, actions and efforts to uplift myself are in           question arises in our minds.
my hands. 'Purushartha' is in my hands".                                           Does God ever assume a human form? This
         Joseph, the father of Jesus was a poor carpenter. He             question is very well answered in the Bhagavat Gita.
had come to work in a village Bethlehem. Here he came to                   "Yada yada hi dharmasya, glanir bhavati Bharata,
know a local girl Mary. They wanted to be married. But                     Abhuthanam adharmasya tada atmanam srujami aham,
according to Hebrew customs their marriage could only be                   Paritranam sadhunam, vinashaya ch dush-krutam,
registered in Joseph's village Nazareth, a town in the northern            Dharma samstapnarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.
district of Galilee. Before this was done, Jesus was born.                         (V 7 & 8 CH. IV).
Because of this position regarding the marriage of Joseph and                      Lord says: "Whenever whenever, there is
Mary, Jesus is sometimes called "Son of a virgin mother". The             degradation of religion (morality), I create divine souls to
childhood of Jesus is not well documented. In course of time              destroy immorality and uplift the spiritual and moral values.
he was baptized by a revolutionary saint John the Baptist,                In every era I create myself and assume a human form to
referred to earlier.                                                      protect the good people, to destroy the evil doers; and
         In next chapters we will learn about 'Sermons on                 reestablish the true values of religion".
Mount'.                                                                            Thus Hindu belief of God taking human forms
                                                                          (incarnations) or 'Avatarvad' roots from the above verses of
                                                                          the Gita. The Sanskrit word 'Dharma' is usually translated
                                                                          as religion. But it means morality, duty consciousness and
                                                                          spiritual awareness according to The Gita, most Hindu
                                                                          scriptures and other Indian religions.
                                                                                   Hinduism is not a tribal tradition, a blind faith in God,
                                                                          fixed scriptural doctrines or some secular organization.
                                                                          Religion is linked with an individual (Atma) or self in The
                                                                          Gita. It is called Swa-Dharma. To perform one's obligatory
                                                                          duties is religion. Scriptural stories indicate such duties. The
                                                                          duties indicated for priests and the rulers demands higher
                                                                          sacrifices compared to those for average people.

          I have great respect and faith in the words and message             king having such broad vision (Rajarshi) becomes a political
of Jesus Christ. I believe in the noble message of sermons on                 head, kingdom of God comes to that land. This is the Hindu
the mount, though I do not agree with all chapters of the holy                concept of 'Ram-Rajya' or kingdom of God on earth, which
Bible. Ten years before, on 31 Dec 1979 I had seen the Cosmic                 Jesus refers to many a times.
Light of Jesus and the Holy Cross in India. I believe that the holy                    A prophet is a man of simple living but noble and
spirit of Jesus is imperishable and an eternal force. After that day          high thinking. He establishes contact with God at some
of experience, the 31st day of December has become a day of                   point in his life. Then he becomes a religious reformist. He
prayers for me.                                                               uplifts the spirits of ignorant people and liberates them from
          I believe that God had created the divine soul of Jesus             false religious beliefs and fear of death. He fights against
Christ for the aims and objects mentioned in above verses. He                 business minded priests and evil rulers who have enslaved
came as voice of God to re-establish the forgotten spiritual                  the people at gun point. Generally the message of a prophet
consciousness. The moral of the people was at its lowest level in             is not grasped by the people of his land during his life. His
the land called Palestine in those times.                                     own people are against him. He has to struggle against the
          The true message of Christianity and Jesus is found in              priests and the rulers to remove wrong beliefs propagated in
sermons on the mount. This chapter has inspired me most                       name of state and religion. Any person who makes contact
during last ten years of my religious studentship. Mahatma                    with supreme God, can become a liberated man (Jivan-
Gandhi, whom I consider a prophet of 20th century, writes in his              Mukta). He dies the death of a religious martyr. He speaks a
autobiography that the 'Sermons on the Mount' from the holy                   language which is higher than that is written in scriptures,
bible had touched his heart most, when he was a student of law                doctrines or man made political or social laws.
in England.                                                                            Formless God (Nirakar Ishver) or idols of God
          Most Hindus believe that there is only One God who is               cannot speak. The message of God comes to human
formless. God is neither born nor God ever dies. Words of any                 beings via preaching of prophets and saints. All prophets
language can't describe the glory of God. But a true seeker of                have preached love and equality of all humans. All holy
God can feel HIS presence everywhere. He or she can see HIM                   books also preach the same message. There is always
at some point in life's journey. Such seers become prophets in                need for revision of doctrines with the passage of time. To
course of time. Thus according to Hinduism, all prophets or                   revise scriptures and comment upon the deeper meaning of
messiahs of world religions were divine souls or human                        verses, to abandon wrong rituals and suggest newer
incarnations of God (Vibhooties).                                             traditions is not an anti-religious activity in Hinduism.
          The message of formless and invisible God reaches                   Because of such attitudes, Hinduism today possesses a
people via words and sermons of such self-realized souls. All                 voluminous literature on religious, philosophical and spiritual
religious scriptures are recorded messages of such great souls.               subjects.
True Hindus respect all prophets and all scriptures. Gandhiji has                      The above verses of The Gita were written 500
said this nicely. "All religions and all humans are equal. Any                years prior to birth of Jesus. Similar predictions of God
person having such an attitude is very near to God". People call              coming in human form, were written in the Hebrew bible
him a saint or a true devotee (Bhakta) of God.                                also. A savior of Hebrews would be born who would
          A saint is at little lower level than a prophet. He preaches        establish a kingdom of God (a rule of justice, peace and
the message of prophets and scriptures. He is a friend of the                 human rights for every body). He would liberate Hebrews
poor, the ignorant, the sick and suffering humanity. His heart is             from the slavery of tyrant Roman kings. The life of Jesus
filled with compassion and love. His vision and mind is broad. He             Christ proved such predictions but his message was not
is a man of high moral character, renunciation and forgiveness.               grasped by his own people. Jesus was hated, torch red and
He thinks beyond national limits, family, time and space. When a
crucified by the same Hebrew people who were waiting for                       style appears like that of Adi Shankaraacharya (7th century
God's arrival and HIS divine birth.                                            A.D.), commenting upon the meanings of Vedas and
         The preaching of sermons on mount is specially meant                  Upanishads.
for those who accept priesthood as a way of life. They stress the                      But such comments were not tolerated by people
role of priests and saints in any society. We can call them as                 and priests in the land were Jesus lived. Jesus was crucified
"Brahamin Dharmas" or the duties of priests. The message is                    by his own people because they could not grasp his divine
similar to the advice given in The Gita's last 18 verses of 2nd                message of universal love and forgiveness. Gandhiji was
chapter, and last 8 verses of the 12th chapter. When one                       killed by bullets of a fanatic Hindu while he was trying to
compares the text of the sermons on the mount and above                        bring Hindu-Mosleem unity. This is the fate of all religious
verses of The Gita written 5 centuries earlier, in a different land            prophets and social reformers.
and different language, one is amazed at the similarity of                             Christianity became an organized religion in Rome
message and identical divine vision of all prophets of all                     after the fall of Roman Empire in 4th century A.D. when king
religions.                                                                     Augustine accepted Christianity as a state religion, nearly
         The average people run after money, which is                          after 5 centuries after fructification of Jesus. Then only his
understandable. But when the religious priests run after money,                message was understood in the western countries.
deteriorate in character, become enslaved by devilish political                Compare this with Buddhism and Jainism. These religions
rulers and do not live according to the higher values of life                  got established as off-shoots of Hindu traditions and the
indicated in the holy scriptures, the religion (Morality) falls in that        right thoughts were welcomed by people during life time of
land. There is no difference between an average man and a                      Lord Buddha, and Lord Mahavira (6th century B.C.). India is
priest. At such times some average person gets divine                          mother land of spirituality, research of divinity and religious
inspirations. He comes foreword to lead the people.                            tolerance. Indian people generally welcome any religious
         The oral speech of sermons on mount was recorded by                   thoughts. In chapter (II) we shall study 'Sermons on the
some disciples. These documents later became known as                          Mount'.
Gospels of Matthew, Gospels of Peter, and Gospels of John and
so on. The present Bible is a mixture of Hebrew heritage,
prophesy of Moses and scholarship of other Hebrew prophets
and their wisdom. But the heart of Bible lies in the chapter of
Sermons on Mount. Many a times a student of comparative
religions is lost regarding the true message of Jesus. He must
devote more time to this particular chapter.
         Jesus declared himself as "Son of God, and Son of
man". How he reached this state of freedom (Nirvana) is not well
documented. He doesn't call him a prophet or a messiah. He
does not accept the authority of the religious council of 71 priests
or the word meaning of the laws of Moses. This is the correct
state of mind of a truly liberated soul and who has attained self-
         This section of sermons on mount explains the difference
between the old preaching of Moses and their true
interpretations by Jesus. Jesus throws fresh light on the old
commandments and the wrong practices done by Hebrews. His
                SERMONS ON THE MOUNT Part 2.                               behind. You walk with upright neck and forward chest filled
          Only few selected Sermons are presented here from the            with ego due to riches. When money (Laxmi) goes, you get
holy Bible's famous chapter of Sermons on mount. An attempt to             a second kick from front. You walk like a bent down old man
compare them with similar preaching of Bhagavat Gita and                   walking with a stick. You're very unhappy and a depressed
thoughts of other Hindu saints of India is done. Jesus himself             person. Money is necessary in life, but money should never
points the difference between commandments of Moses and his                become the only and ultimate goal of life.
own views.                                                                         Also compare this sermon with a famous verse of an
          Addressing his twelve disciples Jesus says:-                     Islamic Saint Raheem. Raheem was a military general of
          1. "Oh my dear saints, they are the children of God who          famous king Akbar, a contemporary of Mira and Tulsidas.
live with peace of mind, who are poor, humble, honest and                  Akabar ruled in India during the 16th century A.D. Rahim
compassionate. Only such people are saved and liberated by                 was a great scholar of Hindu scriptures. He has written
My Lord. Only those, who observe self-control (sanyama) and                many verses in Hindi which give great practical guidelines in
discipline are eligible to enter the kingdom of God". Swami                few short sentences:-
Vivekanand calls such persons as "Daridra-Narayanas" meaning                       Raheem says ;-
'who see God in the poor'.                                                         Raheem sab sampati sage, banat bahut bahu reet,
          2. "My dear Saints, consider yourself lucky and blessed                  Vipadi kasouti jo kase, so hi sache meet.
when people insult you, punish you, and criticize you. Only then           (Meet=Mitra, friend).
you would find the path of God. All past saints have entered the                   "When you are rich, people come to you and say I
kingdom of God after suffering at the hands of ignorant people             am your friend or such and such a relative, in this way and
and tyrannical kings". The case of Dalai Lama is an example of             that way. But your real friends and well wishers are only few
such a saint. Saint Kabir also gives same message in a beautiful           who stand by you in the times of your difficulty".
style:-Nindak nihare rakhia, aangan kutir bichaya,                                 In another verses Raheem says:-
          Bin sabun bin aapse dhovat nishdin pap.                                  Mitra aisa kijiye, jo dhaal sarika hoy,
          "Keep your critics near you. Make a small hut for them in                Sukkhame to pichhe rahe, aur Dukhame agai
front of your home. They will wash your sins daily without soap            hoy.
and water. "Welcome criticism" is the simple meaning of this                       Rahim compares true friend with a shield on the
sermon and Kabir's verse (13th century A.D.) Generally We feel             back. It remains on the back in ordinary times but comes
insulted when some one criticizes us or our religious beliefs.             forewords to receive blows of enemy's sword. Keep only
          Jesus about Wealth and Money:-                                   such friends who come to your help in days of difficulty.
          3. Talking about money, Jesus says "Money could never            True friends usually remain little away from you during times
give you permanent happiness. Never believe that money is                  of your riches and happy days.
strength or power because when you loose money, the peace of                       "A friend in need is a friend indeed".
your mind is gone. You become unhappy. You are not able to                         Compare this sermon also with the following verses
make compromises in life.                                                  of The Gita Ch-II-38.
          4. "If by chance you are rich and happy at present, don't                Sukkhe dukkhe samei krutva labha-alabhau
think that this is a permanent state. If people are praising you           jaya-ajayau
now, don't get elated. A day will come when the same people                        Tato yuddhaya yujjasva naivum papam
will criticize you and hate you. Then you will become unhappy".            avapsyasee.
          Money is called Dolat (Do=two, lat=kick, meaning two                     The Lord says:- "He who is equipoise in happiness
kicks) in Hindi. When money comes it gives the first kick from             or unhappiness, in gain or loss and in victory or defeat is not

a sinner. There is no sin in fighting for your rights and uplifting                 Mayadhykshana prakrutihi, sooyate sachara-
your self".                                                                achalam;
        Yo na hrashyati na dweshti na shochati na kankshati                         Hetuna-anena Kaunteya jagat viprivartate.
        Shubhashubha parityagi yo mad bhaktaha sa me                                The Gita Ch. IX- verse 9.
priyaha.                                                                            The Lord says: "Oh son of Kunti, Under my
        Ch XII-16. The Gita.                                               authority and supervision the laws of mother nature
        The Lord says; "One who is not elated, not jealous, not            (Prakruti) transcendent in living and non-living things in
anxious, does not expect rewards or help from others (desire               equal manner. Physical objects undergo definite and fixed
less) and does not think this is good and that is bad is my                changes with the passage of time. This is an ever
devotee. I love him". Now we return to Sermons on mount.                   changing world. Newer things and people come and older
        "Priests must teach morals by their own practices".                ones vanish".
        Jesus says;                                                                 Jesus about Non-violence.
        5. My dear saints, you are the 'salt' of the land. When                     Look at the views of Jesus on the issue of 'Non-
the salt looses its taste, it turns into mud. Never loose your             violence' (Ahimsa).
taste. If you loose your taste the land would also loose its                        7. "You are familiar with an old doctrine "Do not
nobility and spirit. You are like candles that give light in               kill". You also know that a killer will go to hell. But now I
darkness. A candle is not placed under a bed. It is placed in a            tell you this. If you become angry with your brother you
balcony so that everyone in the town gets its light. You are like          have done violence. If you speak bad words for your
the houses of a city on a mountain. Such a city is visible to              fellow brothers you have done violence and you will go to
travelers from a distance".                                                hell. If you call someone a fool you will go to hell and
        There was a charge against Jesus that he didn't                    suffer.
respect the scriptures of Hebrew prophets like Moses. In the                        While making sacrifices if you have hate in your
following sermon Jesus gives a definite answer to this                     mind for your brothers, I ask you to halt. Go to your
allegation in the style of an Indian Rishi.                                brother, make compromises and purify your minds first
        "Don't think that I am destroying the ancient                      and then make sacrifices. Don't waste a moment in
scriptures. In fact I am trying to elaborate their eternal                 making compromises with your opponents".
message and request you to translate it in your daily life.                         Hebrews performed sacrifices by killing sheep and
        6. Saints, always remember that you must excel in                  chicken and offering them to God. Similar practices in
noble character compared to the Pharisees and the rich                     India were carried out by Brahmins in times of Lord
Hebrews. The door of the kingdom of God won’t open for                     Buddha and Mahavira. Jesus asks to purify our minds
you until you prove that you are superior to them by your                  first, by removal of hatred (Dwesha) towards fellow
deeds and conduct. As long as the Heaven and the Earth                     brothers and then performing sacrifices.
exists, not a word or letter, not even a straw will escape                          A great sermon of Jesus regarding
from the laws of God until all that must happen has                        'forgiveness' (Kshama).
happened". Matthew 5:18.                                                            Jesus says :-"Saints, You have learnt and are
        A student should note that in this sermon Jesus affirms            advised - eye for eye and tooth for tooth (old preaching).
that the laws of mother nature (Prakruti) work in living beings            But what I tell you is this:
and also in non-living things in an equal manner. Compare this                      Do not set your hand against the man who
statement with the following verse of The Gita:                            wrongs you. If someone slaps you on your right
                                                                           cheek turn and offer him your left. If a man wants to
                                                                           sue you for your shirt let him have your coat as well. If
a man in authority makes you go one mile go two miles                       expectations and rewards, indebtedness and
with him.                                                                   obligations. This sense of obligations is seen even
        You may ask why turn the other cheek? Because                       among the drug dealers, criminals, sinners and
hate multiplies like a wild fire. Average person loves his                  tyrants. But I tell you to give where there is no chance
friends and hates his enemies. I tell you to love even your                 of return". In this sermon we find a very important theme
enemies". Matthew. 5:38 -41.                                                of The Gita known as 'Nish-kam karma-bhava'. Helping
        Mahatma Gandhi was highly influenced by this                        unknown people without expectation of rewards.
particular sermon. He had translated this message in his fight                       9. Jesus teaches to give with grace and dignity.
against the Britishers in South Africa and later in his entire life.        There should not be any ego while giving donations. He
This scene is nicely shown in the award winning movie                       teaches to forgive who have offended in the past. Only
'Gandhi'. There are many verses of similar kind in The Gita.                then you are eligible for asking for forgiveness of your sins
        Samah       Shatrau      cha    mitre      cha,      tatha          before the Lord. Jesus says :-           My Lord is perfect,
manaapmanyoho". The Gita:- CH XII-17.                                       merciful and full of all good qualities. In Sanskrit God is
        "He who treats friends and enemies in an equal                      called 'Karuna-sagar' meaning an ocean of mercy and
manner and is equipoise during insults and praises is a true                'Sad-goona Bhandara', having a treasure full of good
devotee of God".                                                            qualities. Oh saints, you also try to be perfect, merciful
        Nirvairaha sarve bhuteshu yaha, sa mameti                           and a treasure full of good qualities".
Pandavaha. CH. XI - 55.                                                              Jesus on celibacy and sex. (Brahama-charya).
        "Only he can reach me and see me who has no                                  10. The old testaments declare "Thou shalt not
animosity towards any living creature". A true saint doesn't                commit adultery". The codes of Moses prescribed heavy
look upon lions and snakes as enemies.                                      punishments for those who committed this sin but they
        8. Jesus says "Never be jealous of anybody, never                   were mostly applied to women. A virgin girl or a widow
hate anyone. Always have good thoughts about others                         becoming pregnant is looked upon as 'sin' even to day in
even if they give you abuses and curses. You always try                     any civilized community.
to help those who have made you suffer. This is the path                             Jesus pleads for women and explains, "But I tell
towards kingdom of God".                                                    you that he who casts his eye on a woman so as to
        We Hindus must also learn something from Bible and                  lust after her has already committed adultery within
Christianity regarding an attitude of helping others. True                  his own heart". We see here that Jesus enters into
Christians display maximum helping spirit during Christmas                  people's minds and hearts and calls a person sinner if a
days. Jesus, giving examples from mother nature says:-                      desire or a thought of passion exists in the mind. He does
       "The sun doesn't discriminate between a good man                     not wait for the evil tree to bear the evil fruits.
and a bad man in giving his light. The rain doesn't                                  Jesus advises his disciples, "Saints, in case your
discriminate between a saint's temple and a sinner’s                        right eye commits a sin of adultery, tear it out and
home in giving its pure water. In the same manner, Oh my                    fling it away; if your right hand does such a sin, cut it
saints, you also always remain merciful, compassionate                      away. It is better you loose an organ or a limb before
and behave in an equal manner towards everybody.                            you loose your character and go to hell".
        It is natural that you love those who love you. But to                       Matthew: 5: 29-30.
become super-humans you have to learn to love those who                              We find this advice literally translated in the life of
hate you and harass you.                                                    a great Indian saint Suradasa who lived in 13th century
        Even the uncivilized people possess a sense of                      A.D. Suradasa pierced both his eyes with hot sharp iron
obligation and try to return them. People live in a world of                rods and invited life long blindness, when he was gripped
with lust even in case of his own wife. Sex control in married           worry for your life and food, you cannot walk on the path
life is very important. The vow of celibacy brings great success         of God. Your worries cannot feed your body. Sublime all
in marital relations.                                                    your fears and worries and have faith. HE who nourishes
         "Never try to read intentions of others. You try to             all the animals, birds and plants is sure to look after you.
harbors good and noble thoughts for everybody. A blind                   Only those people worry who have no faith in HIM. They
man cannot lead another blind man. Too much attachment                   worry for food, water and clothes. If you remain pure and
to relatives makes a person blind like Dhrutarashtra.                    honest you shall get everything".
         Giving false witness.                                                   Jesus about Time.
         11. "Scriptures advise you to speak the truth and not to                14. Look at 'time sense' of Jesus and all great
give false testimony. But I advise you never to take oaths in            prophets of the world.
the name of God, scriptures, land, temple or even your own                       "Don't worry today for tomorrow. Tomorrow will
self. In case you have to be a witness, speak less and think             take care of itself. Even to take care of one day- today,
well, and then give very short answers by saying yes or no".             one needs efforts and consciousness. It is the question of
         Jesus about Guru - pupil relations.                             faith and asking with faith". We find many verses of similar
         12. "A disciple cannot be greater than his teacher. At          kind in Kabir's verses. In one verse Kabir says we live
the most he can be equal to his teacher. He can never excel              only three days, yesterday, to day and tomorrow.
his teacher. As long as there is a grain of sand in your eye,                    Where is God? Jesus shows us the residence
don't try to clear the sand from other's eyes. First remove your         of God.
own faults and then try to improve others.                                       15. "The door of God is not far. It is near. Knock it
         A sweet apple tree bears sweet apples. A sweet apple            and it shall open".
cannot grow on a bitter berry tree. In the same way your                         Hindu Upanishads also declare the same theme in
actions and behavior with others shall speak whether you are             this manner.
a sweet apple or a bitter berry tree".                                           "Taddure, tadvantike" Ishavasya Upanishad
         Who is a true disciple?                                         Verse No. 5.
         "Many times you refer to me as master, Guru and                         "HE is near and hear, HE is far and there". God is
savior etc. But if you don't behave according to the rules of            every where.
Lord preached by me, then you are speaking one thing and                         Ishavasya Upanishad is the first Upanishad written
doing other. On doom's day, if you say before the Lord, that             about 2000.B.C.
you were chanting his name and my name, I will not accept                        In the end assuring us about the mercy of God
your word. I will say to Lord that I never knew you and                  Jesus Says:-        "Is there any one among you who will
preached you. Keep the foundation of your building sound and             give stones to his son when he asks for bread? Then how
firm so that it can withstand heavy storms. If the foundation is         come Lord would give you harmful things when you
weak, the house will fall even under mild winds and light rains.         demand good and useful things?
         Pray to the Lord and ask that you never become a                        The path leading to kingdom of God and heaven is
victim of sensual joys. You ask Lord, "Give us day by day our            narrow. The roads leading to hell are broad and open from
daily bread". You ask for the courage to forgive the sins of             all sides. The path to God demands great sacrifices,
criminals. You pray like this. Let thy kingdom of love and               (Tapas) efforts (Purusharthas) and awareness (Jagruti).
mercy spread everywhere. Amen".                                          Amen".
          Difference between God and Satan.                                      May God Bless you. May God inspire you with love
         13. "My dear saints, You cannot serve Satan and God             and mercy, forgiveness and helping nature.
at the same time. If you wish to be rich and famous, if you                      Amen. Hari Om tat sat.
Ages of Major three Western and Eastern religions.                                              CHRONOLOGY OF HINDU SCRIPTURES.
  Age periods of evolution of world religions & thought streams in Hinduism.
                                                                                                OM IS SYMBOL OF KNOWLEDGE & ROOT OF ALL SPOKEN
                                       Rig, Yajur and Sam Veda Develop. Later                                                7000 BC
                                       Atharva Veda was added. Aur, Dhanur,                       EARLY HINDUISM OF THE VEDIC ARYANS. SEARCH OF
                                       Gandharva Artha Veda Develop in later ages. In              KNOWLEDGE. Vedas were also called SHRUTIES or AUDIO-
                                       final portions of Vedas we see start of Upanishad           knowledge. Rig, Yajur and Sam Vedas develop. In early 3
                                                                                                   Vedas there is worship of Natural Elements like sun, Fire,
                                                                                                   Rain, Air, Water, Land etc.. These were refereed to as Devas
                                            MANU SMRUTI AND SAMHITAS
                                            DEVELOP. The 4 CLASS SYSTEM
                                                                                                   and Devies. First 3 Vedas took nearly 3 to 4 thousand years to
                                            IN HINDUISM STARTED                                    develop.
                                  H                                                             VEDIC PERIOD. 5000 BC.
   ERA of                         I
   2500 BC                                                                                        The Aryans were the earliest tribe to develop Vedas. Fire
                                  N                      240 UPANISHAD                             (Agni) and Rain Gods (Indra) were worshipped as Gods. After
   of Aryans                      D                      DEVELOP-ISHA, KATH
                                                                                                   settling in N-W Parts of Indian sub-continent, their King Manu
                                  U                      AND OTHERS
                                                                                                   dictated the doctrines of a four class socio-political system,
                                  I                                                                the Varna Dharmas (Dharma= Duties).
   Upnishd                        S                                                             SMRUTI PERIOD. 4500. BC.
                                              SANKHYA, NYAYA, YOGA.
   ERA                            M
                                              VAISHASHIK PURVA                                    After the Vedas one observes development of Smruties, which
   2000 BC
                                              MIMAMSA & UTTAR MIMANSA                              dictate the class laws of King Manu called Manu Smruti.
   Age of                                     VEDANTA DEVELOP                                      Development of early Upanishads like Ishavasya and
   Rishies   E                                                                                     Kathopanishad.
   1000 BC   B                                                                                    3000. BC. Special privileges are given to higher classes of
                                               RAMAYANA BY VALMIKI AND
             R                                GITA & MAHABHARAT BY                                 Brahmins and Kshatriyas.
   SIX-Hindu                                                                                    UPANISHAD PERIOD: 2000 BC.
                                              VEDA VYASA who lived during
   Darshans E
   Develop   W         Roots of Jainism &     (mostly) the 500. BC period.                         Search of self (soul) and its relationship with the Vedic Gods
                       Buddhism lie in                                                              is studied in the Upanishads. Aryans and original residents of
                       Upanishads and 6
   600 BC                                                                                           India fight. Stories of Devas (deities) and Asuras (demons) are
                       Hindu Darshans                   Era of 18 Hindu
    500 BC                                                                                          seen in scriptures. They suggest conflicts or wars between more
                                                        PURANAS of Brahma
   2 to 300                                                                                         civilized and less civilized people.
                                                        Vishnu and Shiva -6 for
                                                        each Mystic Deity.
                R                                                                               DARSHAN PERIOD. 1200. BC.
   00000      +++++++++++----+++++--+++++++-------
                E                                                                                  WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL HINDU SCRIPTURES DEVELOP.
                     C                                      Islamic Rule in
               L     H                                      India                                        These include the famous Six Hindu Darshans. By this time in
               I     R            H                                                             the Ganges regions, Sun worshipping and moon worshipping royal
               G     I            I                                                             dynasties were established. (1). POORVA MIMANSA, by Jaimini, (2)
    700 AD     I                        J     B             Four Acharyas, &
                     S            N           U             Saints & Bhaktas
                                                                                                NYAYA, by Gautama, (3). YOGA BY PATANJALI, (4). SANKHYA
               O     T            D     A
                                              D             start many secular                  by Kapil, (5) VAISHASHIK by Kanad, AND
               N     I            U     I
   1000 AD                 I                  D             religions, only in                      (6) VEDANT by Ved Vyasa, DEVELOP.
                     A            I     N
   1200 AD                 S                  H             last 8 centuries.                       (7) Charvak's Darshan denies the theory of rebirths of souls
                     N            S     I
                           L                  I                                                 propagated by selfish ritual minded Brahmins.
                       I          M     S
   1500 AD                 A                  S         British Rule Start in 1758.
                     T                  M                                                               ? VALMIKI RAMAYANA written in this age. Rama was the
                           M                  M         Ends in 1947 thru
                     Y                                  leadership of Gandhiji.                         58th son in the dynasty of Manu. ? Krishna, in human
    1800 AD                                             (He is forgotten by the                         form after Rama, who perhaps lived in the 12th cent. BC.
                                                        politicians & Indian

600. BC.       IMPORTANT DATE (CENTURY) OF WORLD                                SUMMARY.
RELIGIONS.                                                                         Hinduism is a non-prophet philosophy of attaining wisdom by
 MAHAVIRA AND BUDDHA START TWO GREAT RELIGIONS                                     search of self (Atma). This subject is discussed in great
    IN INDIA. BUDDHISM AND JAINISM, LAYING STRESS on                                details in Upanishads, Darshans, and the Gita. Innumerable
    NON-VIOLENCE IN RELIGION.                                                       Prophets in Hinduism are seen only in recent centuries. They
                                                                                    have started many secular Guru worshipping cults
                                                                                    (sampradayas). They are also called religions.
500. BC. GITA AND MAHABHARAT.                                                   Search of God Starts with SELF, and Ends in SELF by
BY VED VYASA WRITTEN IN THIS PERIOD, MOSTLY AFTER BUDDHA                        understanding the fixed laws of Mother nature.
PURANIC PERIOD.- 300. BC. Mythology enters Hinduism.
   18 Puranas(Mythology)scriptures develop during 2nd BC. To 3rd AD.
    DESCRIBED IN THESE PURANAS. Their mystic stories symbolize
    divine love between husbands and wives. .Bhagavatum became a
    popular Vishnu PURANA after 15th century A. D. It describes 10 major
    incarnations of VISHNU. RAMA & KRISHNA are the 7th & 8th.

0000- + Christ is born. + + + + + + + + + + + + +
         He preaches LOVE and forgiveness in the West.
500 AD. Roman Church in West. Arya Bhatta invents Zero in Math.
700 AD. SHANKARACHARYA (preaches Adwaita theory) IN EAST
   Era of Islamic invasions in Europe and India start.
1200 AD. Islamic rule in India
   For next 600 years.: Ghori, Lodi, and Mogal dynasties rule India.
    KABIR, SURDAS preach BHAKTI PATH.(All preach Dwaita
1500 AD. Rule of King Akbar
   Mira & Tulsidas. Vallabhacharya starts Vaishnivism. Chaitanya,
    Narsinha Mehta (in Gujarat); Guru Nanak starts Shikh Religion
                 BRITISH RULE IN INDIA.
1800 AD. Swami Sahajananda Swaminarayana Religion in Gujarat.
1900 AD. Vivekananda in America. Gandhi leads INDIA to freedom.
1947 AD. India Independent. 40 Years Rule of Nehru Dynasty in
Democratic India. GURUS build palacious temples, only at one place,
Haridwara. They have forgotten their duty of educating the poor people
in villages of India. THE 21st CENTURY NEEDS NEW LIGHT IN THE


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