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               FOR THE TRADE

     Pump Operator cum Mechanic
         (Automobile Trade)
                (2nd semester)


                 YEAR – 2012

                    Designed By
                Government of India
           Ministry of Labour (D.G.E.&T.)
            EN-Block, Sector-V, Salt Lake
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        List of trade committee members approved the syllabus of semester system for the
       trade of “Pump Operator cum Mechanic (Automobile Trade)” held at ATI, Chennai

Sl.                          Name & Designation                     Representing Organisation                         Remarks
1     Shri R. Senthil Kumar, Director                          ATI, Chennai                                          Chairman

2     Shri S.Harinath Babu, Joint Director of Training         ATI, Chennai                                           Member

3     Shri E.Balakrishna, Ex_ Joint Director of Training       NIMI, Chennai                                          Member

4     Shri A.Suganthan, Assistant Training Officer             Govt, ITI, Arakkonam                                   Member

5     Shri N. Ramesh Kumar, Training Officer                   CTI, Chennai                                           Member

6     Shri T Nandagopal,                                       Anna University, Chennai                               Member

7     Shri K. Thaniyarasau, Assistant Training Officer         Govt . ITI, Trichy                                     Member

8     Shri P.K. Ramakrishnan Nair                              Ram international Industrial                           Member
                                                               Academy (p) Ltd, Chennai
9     Shri S.Arul Selvan, Assistant professor                  Dept Auto Engg, M.I.T, Anna                            Member
                                                               University, Chennai.
10    Shri R. Lakshmanan                                       Bosch Ltd, Bangalore                                   Member

11    Shri S. Jayaraj, Associate Professor                     Dept Auto Engg, M.I.T, Anna                            Member
                                                               University, Chennai.
12    Shri V.ChandraMohan                                      NATRIP, Global Automotive                              Member
                                                               Research centre, Chennai
13    Shri V.Vadivelan                                         NATRIP, Global Automotive                              Member
                                                               Research centre, Chennai
14    Shri A.D.Shewale Training Officer                        CTI, chennai                                           Member

15    Shri B. Gridharan                                        Visa Diesel Service, Chennai                           Member

16    Shri K.k.Valasarajan , Vice president                    Two Wheeler workshop owners                            Member
                                                               Association, Chennai
17    Shri Jayapal,                                            Two Wheeler workshop owners                            Member
                                                               Association, Chennai
18    Shri V. Vadivelan                                        Two Wheeler workshop owners                            Member
                                                               Association, Chennai
19    Shri Syedshwath                                          Two Wheeler workshop owners                            Member
                                                               Association, Chennai
20    P. Marveldass, Assistant Director of Training            ATI, Chennai                                           Member
21    K. ArulSelvi, Training Officer (Electronics)             ATI, Chennai                                           Member

22    Shri Gurcharan Singh, Assistant Director of Training     ATI, Ludhiana                                          Member

23    Shri O.R. Arjun Mohan, Assistant Executive Engineer      Agricultural Engg Dept,Chennai                         Member

24    Shri R.Murugesan, Assistant Executive Engineer           Agricultural Engg Dept,Chennai                         Member

25    Shri Ramakrishne Gowda, Assistant Director of Training   FTI, Bangalore                                         Member

26    C.Yuvaraj, Assistant Director of Training                ATI, Chennai                                           Member
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                                   GENERAL INFORMATION

1. Name of the Trade                 : Pump Operator cum Mechanic.

2. N.C.O. Code No.                   :

3. Duration of Craftsmen Training : 06 months (2nd Semester)

4. Entry Qualification               : Pass in 10th Class under 10+2 system of Education &
                                       completed Mechanic Basic Engineering.

5. Unit strength                     : 20

6. Space norms                      : a) Workshop: 120 Sq. Mtrs
                                                                              b) Class room: 30 sq.meter.

7. Power norms                      : 8.0 KW

8. Instructors Qualification   :         Degree in Mechanical/Automobile Engineering from
                                      recognized engg. college/university with one year experience in the
                                      relevant field OR
                                      Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile Engg from recognized board of
                                      technical education with two years experience in the relevant field

                                          10th/Madhyamic pass + NTC/NAC in the relevant Trade
                                          With 3 years post qualification experience in the relevant field.

9. Desirable qualification     : Preference will be given to a candidate with CITS.
                                (If not done CITS than must be trained within 02yrs on joining)
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Syllabus for the Trade of “Pump Operator Cum Mechanic.(Automobile
                        Trade)” under C.T.S.
                     Duration : Six Month

                       Second Semester
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Wee    Trade Theory   Practical            Vocational Science                     Engineering
kNO.                                       and Calculation                        Drawing
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1   Types of key and key ways, their uses      Exercise on making out            Trigonometric system                   Use of drawing
    and applications. Preparation of keys,     key as per shaft, hub,            of measurement of                      instruments, T-square
    allowable tolerance, clearances. Key       keyways, preparing keys           angle, trigonometric                   and drawing board.
    fitting procedure-methods. Procedure       to fit into keyways.              ration, relation and                   Use of different types
    for removing keys. Types & uses of                                           formulae. Calculation                  of scales in inches
    key pullers.                                                                 on height and                          and millimeters
                                                                                 distance calculation
                                                                                 of lapses.
2   Specification and use of different types   Identifying, selecting, use       Friction, co-efficient                 Lettering number &
    of ropes such as hemp, manila, nylon,      of different types of ropes       of friction, angle of                  alphabet
    wire etc. Practicing different types of    such as hemp, manila,             friction, laws of
    knots and its applications.                nylon, wire etc.                  friction-definition,                   Explanation of simple
    Method of joining two ropes together       Practicing different types        explanation &                          Orthographic
    for extension. Detection of                of      knots     and     its     application                            projection-lst angle
    unsafe/defective conditions of ropes       applications. Method of
    and knots. Specification and correct       joining two ropes,
    use of slings. Safety to be observed in    Together for extension.
    use of ropes and slings.                   Detection                 of
                                               conditions of ropes and
3   Description, operation, purpose,           Use of different types            Levers, screws jack,                   Views of simple
    application, care and use of Different     lifting tackles both              wheel and axle                         hollow and solid
    types of lifting tackles for components    mechanical and hydraulic          definition, application                bodies with
    of pump set.                               such as –                         and related shop                       dimensions. Use of
    Precaution to be observed while using      Screw jacks, chain pulley         problems                               different types of
    lifting tackles.                           block, crabs and winches,                                                lines and symbols for
                                               rollers and bars, levers,                                                drawings.
                                               lashing and packing. Use
                                               of inclined plane,                                                       Free hand sketching
                                               hydraulic trolleys etc.                                                  of screw jack
                                               Care and maintenance of
                                               lifting equipment and
                                               safety to be observed by
                                               handling the equipment.
4   Types of pulleys solid, split, “V”         Making different types of         Gravity, acceleration                  Explanation of simple
    groove, step, cone, taper, guided and      keys for fitting pulleys,         due to gravity,                        orthographic
    jockey or rider pulleys, their functions   Assembling and                    weight, centre of                      projection 3rd angle.
    and uses. Procedure to assemble and        dismantling of bushes,            gravity-definition,
    dismantle pulleys and impellers from       bearings and couplings            explanation examples                  Simple isometric
    shafts following safety precautions        maintaining safety.               and calculation.                      drawings, isometric
                                                                                                                       views of simple
                                                                                                                       objects, such as
                                                                                                                       square, rectangles,
                                                                                                                       cubes, rectangular
                                                                                                                       blocks etc.
                                                                                                                       Free hand sketching
                                                                                                                       assembly of pulleys.
5   Types of belt drives, velocity ratio of  Familiarization          with Torque - definition -                       Free hand sketching
    belt drive. Horse Power transmitted by plain/journal         bearings, example torque                              of bearing with
    belt. Ratio & driving tension in a belt.  anti-friction                  wrenches application                      dimensions from
    Parallel & cross belt drive, open         bearings          used         on machine involving
                                                                             - problems assembly.                      sample
                                                                                                                       Specification               &   s
    & cross belt drive, angular belt drive.   Mounting of bearing on shafts torque values.
    Methods of fixing                         and in housing with proper fit
    and uses. Description, types and          & axis alignment.
    application of bushes, bearing and        Use of proper tools.
    couplings. Procedure to fit bushes,       Removal of bearings
    bearings and coupling safely.             from s h a f t s & housing
                                              by using pullers.
                                              Cleaning up & removing
                                              old metal form bearing
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                                                and replacing with new
                                                metal. Checking of shafts
                                                for alignment with dial
6    Pumps-its importance for agricultural      Identification of different       Newton’s law of                        Free hand sketching
     & industrial applications.                 pumps, its components,            motion – definition                    of plain and elevation
     Classification of pumps, its prime         prime movers. Practice on         explanation and                        of simple objects like
     movers, parts and operation safety.        operational safety.               related shop problem.                  hexagonal bar, square
                                                                                                                         bar, circular bar,
                                                                                                                         tapered bar, hollow
                                                                                                                         bar etc.

7    Classification of reciprocating pump,      Dismantling of                    Liquids – properties,                  Free hand sketching
     construction and operation.                reciprocating pumps-              units of measurement                   of reciprocating
     Installation technique of reciprocating    valves, pistons, cranks,          and related friction.                  pump component.
     pump. Tools and equipment required         seals etc. for inspection,        Measuring of suction
     & procedure.                               repair & replacement.             head & delivery head
                                                Cleaning of parts &               and effects of
                                                assembling. Installing of         atmospheric pressure
                                                reciprocating pumps.              on them. Related shop
8    Classification of rotary pumps-            Dismantling of rotary             Calculation on                         Free hand sketching
     Construction and operation- repairing      pumps- impeller, shaft,           repairing and                          of rotary pump
     procedure. Brief description of turbine    bearing etc, for inspection,      installation of rotary                 component
     & stage pumps, positive displacements      Repair & replacement.             pumps.
     and their advantages. Meaning of           Cleaning of parts and
     priming and its effect. Installation       assembling. Checking for
     techniques of rotary pump-procedure,       alignment, clearance, etc.,
     tools and equipments required              Priming technique and its
                                                application. Installing,
                                                operating & testing of
                                                rotary pumps.
9    Different types of valves-their            Servicing of pumps and            Pressure measuring                     Drawing sectional
     description, advantages & use. Special     valves of general purpose         instruments- Brief                     views of geometrical
     pumps & glands used for corrosive          and of corrosive fluids.          description and                        solids hollows with
     fluids. Different gasket cement used to    Selection of gasket, packing      method to read. Flow                   dimensions.
     prevent leakage and advantages of          & gland materials, marking        measuring
     each over the other. Principle of direct   & cutting off gasket as per       instruments- brief
     reading pressure and temperature           shape & profile. Using            description and
     measuring instruments. Method to           gasket cement to stop             method to read, level
     read and application of pressure and       leakage & for fixing              measuring
     temperature measuring instruments.                                           instruments- Brief
                                                                                  description and
                                                                                  method used to read,
                                                                                  related calculations.
10   Various seals- their use and places of     Installation of seals leather       -do-                                 Free hand sketches of
     application with advantages.               polythene, asbestos, rope                                                the precision
     Lubrication-types of lubricant use &       rubber and mechanical                                                    instruments related
     methods of lubrication.                    seals. Maintenance of                                                    the trade.
                                                lubrication systems.
11   Various tools and accessories used in      Fitting of flanges and            Different type of seal                 Views of simple solid
     pipe fitting with their details. Use of    assembling of pipe work,          materials and its                      and hollow bodies cut
     protecting caps on threads. Pipe fitting   leak testing and                  application.                           by section plane.
     technique. Procedure to fit flanges &      rectification. Use of tee,
     for leak testing                           elbow, bend, socket,
                                                rectifiers and other pipe
                                                fittings. Cutting threads
                                                for pipes.
12   Method of install, align and testing of    Installation of stationary &      Calculation on the                        -do-
     pumps for their serviceability. Concept    coupled pumps, checking           cost of installation
     of lightening torque for different sizes   and correcting of                 and repairing of
                                                                        Automobile Trade_ Pump Operator cum Mechanic_2nd semester   Page 8 of 14

     of bolts.                                  alignment of pump with its       stationary & coupled
                                                prime movers and its             pumps.
                                                serviceability test. Testing
                                                of pumps for their delivery
                                                flow & pressure.
13   Principle of centrifugal pump.             Reconditioning of                Calculation on the                     Free hand sketching
     Construction and operation of              centrifugal pumps.               cost of installation                   of centrifugal pump
     centrifugal pump in series and parallel.                                    and repairing of                       component.
     Finding out defects and method to                                           centrifugal pumps.
     recondition centrifugal pump.
14   Submersible pump- construction,            Dismantling identifying of       Calculation on the                     Free hand sketching
     operation and selection of appropriate     parts, finding out defects,      cost of installation                   of Submersible pump
     type. Procedure to recondition, install    repairing, and replacement       and repairing of                       component.
     and test of submersible pumps. Causes      of components, cleaning,         Submersible pump.
     of failures and remedial measures.         assembling, installing and
                                                testing of submersible
                                                pumps. Finding out &
                                                rectifying faults developed
                                                during operation.
15   Defects in pump sets- procedure for        Identifying and rectifying       Concept of condition                   Prepare a scheduled
&    detection of causes & rectification.       defects of pump sets.            monitoring system.                     maintenance chart.
16   Purpose and procedure for balancing        Practice on preventive &
     of rotor. Procedure to be followed for     scheduled maintenance of
     preventive & scheduled maintenance,        pump sets.
     planning for spares and other stores.
17   Safety rules to be followed in              Familiarization with the        Definition and                         Views of simple solid
     connection with electrical work. First     safety precautions to be         explanation of matter                  and hollow bodies cut
     aid when affected by electrical shock.     followed for electrical          molecule, atom,                        by section plane.
     Purpose, types, description and            work. Treatment for              electron and flow of                   Drawing of electrical
     method to use common electrical hand       electrical shock. Use of         electric current,                      symbol as per
     tools.                                     hand tools connected with        conductors, insulators                 IS:1248
                                                electrical work and              and semi conductors.
                                                maintenance of electrical
18   Description and method to use current,     Verification of Ohm’s law.       Definition,                            Electrical- Series and
     voltage and resistance measuring           Building up of electrical        application &                          parallel and
     instruments and precaution to be           series, parallel and             calculation on ohm’s                   combination circuits
     taken. Insulation Tester- description,     combination of series &          law, series, parallel                  with BIS symbols.
     method to use and precautions to be        parallel circuits.               and combination
     taken. Alternating current- Definition     Measurement of current,          circuits.                              Electrical circuits
     explanation and advantages over.           voltage resistance.                                                     connecting wattmeter
     Direct current and vice-versa. Concept     Exercise on fixing and                                                  & Energy meter
     and application of phase, star and delta   connecting switches
     connection. Procedure to identify live,    holders, fuses, plugs
     neutral, single phase and 3-phase          sockets, Push buttons, etc.
     power supply. Method to measure            Use of test lamp and neon
     power and energy consumed by               tester. Identification of
     electrical appliances using wattmeter      live, neutral and earthling
     and Energy meter.                          wires. Measurement of
                                                electrical power and
                                                energy consumed for a
                                                definite period of time.
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19    AC Motors – related terminology.          Identifying of A.C motors,      Definition and                         Electrical circuit
      Purpose, type, construction, operation,   their testing, identifying      explanation of work,                   diagram connecting
      testing for correct functioning,          terminals, connecting           power, energy.                         A.C. motors.
      maintenance and industrial                running & reversing.            Simple calculation to
      applications. Trouble shooting &          Measuring speed of A.C          determine electrical
      protection of induction motor.            motor using tachometer          power of electrical
                                                with stop watch.                appliance and energy
                                                Dismantling, assembling         consumed by an
                                                of A.C motors &                 electrical circuit for a
                                                identification of parts.        definite period of
                                                                                time and different
20              -Do-                            Starting a single phase         Magnets – Properties,                  Reading of the circuit
                                                A.C motor with Direct on        types, molecular                       diagram of electrical
                                                line (D.O.L) starter.           theory and method to                   circuits.
                                                Starting a 3 phase motor        induce magnetic
                                                with star-delta starter.        properties.
                                                Checking for proper             Electromagnetic
                                                running of motor,               induction and electro
                                                overheating etc.                magnet.
                                                maintenance of motors use
                                                and connection of single
                                                phase preventor trouble
                                                shooting in circuit.
21    Principle of Compression-ignition         Familiarisation with diesel     Calculation of Horse                   Free hand sketching
      engine, Spark Ignition Engine,            engines, tools and              Power IHP, FHP and                     of of 4 stroke cycles
      differentiate between 4-stroke and 2      equipment required for          applied shop problem                   & 2 stroke cycles of
      stroke, C.I engine and S.I Engine, Otto   maintenance, engine parts                                              engine
      cycle and Diesel cycle.                   and their handling
      Different type of starting and stopping   technique. Starting and
      method of Diesel Engine.                  stopping of engines.
      Engine output; Power range                Running of engines and
                                                checking temperatures,
                                                fuel oil pressure and
                                                consumption on load and
                                                engine speed.
22    Procedure to clean fuel tank & check      Cleaning of fuel tank,          Heat and temperature                   Exercises on blue
      leak in the fuel line. Lubrication        checking leaks in the fuel      – definitions,                         print reading.
      system – types, description and           lines. Cutting, flaring of      difference effects of
      advantages of each over others. Filters   tubes to make T & Elbow         heat, temperature
      and oil coolers – their description       fitting using unions.           scales and related
      functions and method to overhaul for      Fitting of lubrication pump     calculations.
      efficient functioning.                    oil filters, air filters,       Transmission of Heat-
                                                checking and adjusting of       Methods & examples.
                                                oil pressure. Preventive        Co-efficient of linear
                                                maintenance & repairing.        expansion of solids.
                                                                                Definition &
23-   Common troubles in diesel engines         Trouble shooting for diesel     Abscissa, ordinates,                   Reading, interpreting
24    and their remedies. Method to be          engines & its component         graphs of straight line                & practicing
      followed to assure quality servicing.     and their repairing             related of two sets of                 engineering drawing
      Ecological consideration & pollution                                      varying qualities.                     for identification of
      control.                                                                                                         surfaces & edges,
                                                                                                                       finish tolerance &
                                                                                                                       allowance, study of
                                                                                                                       assembly drawing of
25                  Industrial training OR Project work preferably in cross sectoral trades
26                                                      Revision and test
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      FOR THE TRADE OF “Pump Operator cum Mechanic. (Automobile Trade)”

                                                                                                   (Unit Size : 20)

Sl.No                                       Name of the Tools & Equipment                                Quantity
  1     Steel rule 15 cm inch and metric                                                                  20+1
  2     Steel rule 30 cm inch and metric                                                                  20+1
  3     Steel measuring tape 10 meter in a case                                                           20+1
  4     Try Square 10 cm Blade                                                                            20+1
  5     Calipers outside 15 cm spring                                                                     20+1
  6     Caliper inside 15 cm Spring                                                                       20+1
  7     Dividers 15 cm Spring                                                                             20+1
  8     Scriber 15 cm                                                                                     20+1
  9     Knife double Blade Electrician                                                                    20+1
 10     Wire insulation Stripper for shinning conductors from 0.4mm to 4mm                                20+1
 11     Electrician testing Pencil (Line / Neon tester)                                                   20+1
 12     Electrician Screw Driver 250mm                                                                    20+1
 13     Centre punch 10 cm.                                                                               20+1
 14     Chisel cold flat 20 mm x 150 mm                                                                   20+1
 15     Hammer ball peen 0.5 kg with handle                                                               20+1
 16     Screw driver 20cm.X 9mm. Blade                                                                    20+1
 17     Screw driver 30 cm. X 9 mm. Blade                                                                 20+1
 18     Spanner D.E. set of 12 pieces (6mm to 32mm)                                                       20+1
 19     Pliers combination 20 cm.                                                                         20+1
 20     Pliers side cutting 15 cm                                                                         20+1
 21     Pliers round nose 15 cm                                                                           20+1
 22     Pliers flat nose 15 cm                                                                            20+1
 23     Hands file 20 cm. Second cut flat                                                                 20+1
 24     Hand file 20 cm. Second cut half-round                                                            20+1
 25     Hand file 20 cm. smooth triangular                                                                20+1
 26     Hand file 30 cm. bastard                                                                          20+1
 27     Hand file 30 cm. round bastard                                                                    20+1
 28     File card or cleaner                                                                              20+1
 29     Wire cutter and stripper                                                                          20+1
 30     Steel tool box with lock and key (folding type) 400x200x150 mm                                    20+1
                                 Tools Instruments and General Shop outfits
 31     Adjustable micrometer sprit level to measure flatness, indication and                                 2
        taper with prismatic measuring base
 32     Vernier caliper A 200 with inside and depth measurement                                               2
 33     Telescope gauge                                                                                       1
 34     Surface gauge with dial test indicator plunger type i.e. 0.01 mm                                      2
 35     Vacuum gauge to read 0 to 760 mm of Hg.                                                               1
 36     Pressure gauge 0 -5 Kg/cm2                                                                            2
 37     Flow meter 0-400 lt/min                                                                               2
 38     Temperature Gauge 0-100 Deg C                                                                         2
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39   Marking Material (Consumable)                                                                 As required
40   Electric testing screw driver                                                                      2
41   Allen Key set of 12 pieces (2mm to 14mm)                                                           2
42   Spanner, adjustable 15cm.                                                                          2
43   Spanners socket with speed handle, T-bar, ratchet and universal upto                               2
     32 mm set of 28 pieces with box
44   Adjustable spanner (pipe wrench 350 mm)                                                               2
45   Spanner, ring set of 12 metric sizes 6 to 32 mm.                                                      2
46   Spanner T. flocks for screwing up and up-screwing inaccessible                                        2
47   Spanner Clyburn 15 cm                                                                                1
48   Magneto spanner set with 8 spanners                                                                1 set
49   Spirit level 2V 250, 05 metre                                                                        2
50   Torque wrenches 5-35 Nm, 12-68 Nm & 50-225 Nm                                                     1 each
51   Universal puller for removing pulleys, bearings                                                      1
52   Radius Gauge, Metric                                                                                 2
53   Voltmeter AC to 500 V                                                                                2
54   Ammeter AC 0 to 50 A                                                                                 2
55   Wattmeter AC/DC, 0 to 10 Kw                                                                          2
56   Energy meter, AC, Single Phase, 5 Amps, 230 Volts                                                    2
57   Megger 500 V                                                                                         2
58   Digital Tonge Tester 0-20 A AC                                                                       2
59   Single Phase 220 V Capacitor type AC Meter squirrel gage Induction                                   1
60   Three Phase 50 Hz, 5 HP AC squirrel gage induction motor with star                                    1
     delta starter
61   DC Ohmmeter 0 to 300 Ohms, mid scales at 20 Ohms                                                     1
62   Electric Soldering Iron 230 V 60 watts 230 V 25 watts                                             2 each
63   Copper bit soldering iron 0.25 Kg                                                                    5
64   Thimbles of different sizes                                                                          2
65   Wire Gauge (metric)                                                                                  2
66   Hand operated crimping tool (i) for crimping up to 4mm and (ii) for                                  2
     crimping up to 10mm
67   Hand rubber gloves tested for 5000 V                                                            5 pair
68   Holders, lamp teakwood boards, plug sockets, solders, flux wires and                          As required
     cables batteries round consumable blocks and other consumables as
69   Multimeter digital                                                                                    2
70   Scientific Calculator                                                                                 1
71   Hydrometer                                                                                            2
72   High rate discharge tester (cell tester)                                                              2
73   Bradawl                                                                                               2
74   Rawl plug tool & kit                                                                                2set
75   Masonary bit (Assorted up to 12 mm)                                                                 2sets
76   Hand key way broacher                                                                                 1
77   Manila ropes 12, 20, 30 mm dia.                                                                    1 each
78   Pipe wrench 45 mm                                                                                     2
79   Chain pipe wrench 65 m                                                                               2
80   Self alignment roller ball bearing                                                                   2
81   Vibrometer                                                                                           2
82   Flow detector (magnetic crack detector)                                                              1
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83    Engg. Stethoscope                                                                                      2
84    Pin spanner set                                                                                        2
85    Bearing and gear tester                                                                                2
86    Pneumatic scraper with adjustable stroke                                                               2
87    Hydraulic wheel and bearing puller                                                                     2
88    Master test bars (different size)                                                                    1 set
89    Level bottle (sprit) 150 ml.                                                                          1
90    Three cell torch                                                                                      1
91    Bar type torque wrench                                                                                1
92    Cam lock type screw driver                                                                            1
93    Flaring tool                                                                                          1
94    Tube expander up to 62 mm                                                                            1 set
95    Adjustable micrometer sprit level to measure flatness, indication and taper                            1
      with prismatic
96    measuring base
      Screw jacks                                                                                            1
97    Hand operated chain pulley block                                                                       1
98    crab                                                                                                   1
99    Forks clips 02 tonnes (copa)                                                                           1
100   Forks clips 05 tonnes (copa)                                                                           1
101   Crow bar                                                                                               2
102   Rollers (steel tubes) from 40 to 65 mm dia.                                                            5
103   Block of timber (various sizes)                                                                        5
104   Portable jack                                                                                          1
105   Carge winches 3, 5 tonnes                                                                              1
106   Wall hoists                                                                                            1
107   Travelling and gantry cranes                                                                           1
108   Shear legs (tripod)                                                                                    1
109   Mobile crank                                                                                           1
110   Ratchet chain pulley                                                                                   1
111   Foundation bolt                                                                                        4
112   Plumb bob                                                                                              1
113   Square box wrenches                                                                                    1
114   Square T-wrenches                                                                                      1
115   Engineers square 700 mm                                                                                1
116   Threaded fastener type B                                                                               1
117   Threaded fastener type C                                                                               1
118   Threaded fastener type F                                                                               1
119   SRDG ball bearing, DRDG ball bearing, self aligning ball bearing,                                   1 each
      SRAC ball bearing,
      needle bearing, single raw cylindrical roller bearing, tapered roller
      bearing, plain bush bearing, thin walled bearing.

120 Universal puller for removing pulleys, bearings                                                    1
121 Rotary pump working for dismantling and assembling                                                 1
122 Gasket material (consumable)                                                            As required
123 Gasket hollow punches 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 19, 25 mm dia.                                           1 each
124 Various type of seal required for pump assembly (consumable)                            As required
    General Machinery / Installation
125 Reciprocating Pump                                                                                        1
127 Reciprocating Pump working for dismantling and assembling                                                 1
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128     Hydraulic Leak Testing equipment                                                                  1
129     Centrifugal pump coupled with mono block set                                                      1
130     Back pull out type centrifugal pump                                                               1
131     Horizontal split casing pump                                                                      1
132    Multi stage pump                                                                                   1
133    Submersible pump set, eight stage upto 10 KW/ 15 HP                                                1
134    Overhead tank, pump, minimum 5000 litres with level indicators and                                 1
135   piping layout 2 stroke vertical (up to 10 KW/ ISHP)
       Diesel engine                                                                                      1
136    Diesel Engine 4 stroke vertical (up to abouit 10 KW/ISHP)                                          1
137    Diesel Engine upto 3.5 KW /4.5 HP fitted with pump                                                 1
138    Diesel Engine Driven portable pump set                                                             1
139    Injector Testing set (Hand Tester)                                                                 1
140   Trolley type portable air compressor single cylinder with 45 liters                                 1
141   Grinding machine (general purpose) D.E. with working pressure 6.5
      capacity Air tank, along with accessories &pedestal with 300 mm dia                                 1
142   kg/sq cmelectric drill Machine
      wheels rough and smooth
      Portable                                                                                            1
143   Spring tension tester                                                                               1

        Sl.                  Class Room/ Workshop Furniture                                    Quantity
       1.     Suitable class room furniture                                                    As required
       2.     Suitable Work Tables with vices                                                  As required
       3.     Stools                                                                           As required
       4.     Discussion Table                                                                 1 No.
       5.     Tool Cabinet                                                                     2 Nos. to accommodate 20 lockers
       6.     Trainees locker                                                                  2 Nos.
       7.     Fire Extinguishers, first- aid box                                               As required
       8.     Book shelf (glass panel)                                                         1 No.
       9.     Storage Rack                                                                     As required
       10     Storage shelf                                                                    As required.
       11     LCD projector                                                                    1 no
       12     Multimedia CD for Automotive application                                         As required
       13     Desktop computer and related MS office software                                  4 No
       14     Online UPS 2KVA                                                                  1 No
       15     Laser printer                                                                    1 No
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