reader case study rubric rev by 3TGsB50a


									EDUC 301                                   Reader Case Study                         Corrective Reading

Name               Date                                               Submitted on time
                                                                      YES NO

criteria           Unsatisfactory            Basic                    Proficient                Distinguished
ANGEL - course     1                         2 -15                    3 - 17                    4 - 20
C1. Plans          Paper presented but       Most lessons             Each lesson               Each lesson enhances
informative,       omits lesson plans or     appropriate for          appropriate for           previous lessons;
developmentally    Lessons are not           intervention and         intervention and          appropriate for
appropriate        appropriate for           developmentally          developmentally           intervention;
                   intervention              appropriate              appropriate               developmentally
lessons and/or
                                                                                                appropriate; resources
units                                                                                           appropriate and
PHASE II                                                                                        included

A2. Assesses       Paper presented but       Assessment is            Assessed learning to      Assessed learning
learning through   omits tests used to       incomplete;              determine decoding        before, during and
standardized       determine reading         Description is unclear   and/or comprehension      following intervention;
and/or teacher-    instruction for P-12                               skills ; Description is   Description clearly
                   student                   Attempts                 generalized and vague;    explains assessment;
                   Assessment not            intervention             utilized                  more than 3 different
tests to drive     related to                                         3 different forms of      forms of assessment;
future             intervention                                       assessment; includes      copies of student work
                                             Less than 3 different
instruction                                                           student work samples      samples included
                                             forms of assessment;
                                             includes student
PHASE I                                      work samples

A3. Assesses       Paper presented but       Assessment               Description is            Selected appropriate
learning through   omits alternative         administered may         generalized and vague;    alternative measure
appropriate        assessment used to        not be appropriate       included student work     for monitoring
alternative        determine reading                                  samples                   progress of
                                             for P-12 student
                   instruction P-12                                                             P-12 student;
measures to                                  and/or intervention;
                   student and/or no                                                            Description clearly
drive future       student work              Description is                                     explained assessment
instruction        samples                   unclear; included                                  and basis for selection
                                             student work                                       of each assessment;
                                             samples                                            included student work
A4. Uses a         Paper presented but       Limited assessment       Assessments include       Assessments include
variety of         omits assessment          tools used;              one IRI and description   multiple informal
appropriate,       tools and methods         description is unclear   is generalized and        reading inventories,
authentic          used with P-12            or confusing as to       vague; included           Description clearly
                   student; assessment       purpose of tools or      student work samples      explained
                   data base not             methods; included                                  performance-based
tools, and         included                  student work                                       assessments giving
methods                                      samples                                            examples; included
PHASE I, III                                                                                    student work samples;
                                                                                                Assessment data base

EDUC 301                                    Reader Case Study                        Corrective Reading

R3. Values life-
long learning,     Paper presented but        Does not utilize the    Uses information from     Effectively used the
                   omits setting new          information provided    the reader case study,    information from the
                   goals for professional     from the reader case     but does not connect     reader case study to set
Professional                                                            that information to
                   growth                     study                                             new professional
development,                                                              individual goals      development goals
and/or service

R5. Models         Severe & pervasive         Consistent errors        Sentences convey         Well-organized
appropriate        errors result in           detract from            meaning; Inconsistent     sentence structure;
written            sentence                   meaning; Weak            errors that detract      Minimal errors do not
communication      incoherence; writing       sentence structure                                interfere with meaning;
                                                                         from meaning
                   in first person                                                              writing in third person

R6. Motivates      Paper presented but        Vague description of    Described activities      Detailed description of
P-12 students to   omits evidence             activities used in      used during               activities; Activities
want to learn      exhibiting ability to      intervention ; may      intervention; some        relate to intervention;
individually,      motivate P-12                                      activities relate to
                                              relate to                                         Active P-12 student
                   student during                                     intervention; Active
collaboratively,                              intervention; limited                             involvement in ALL
                   intervention                                       student involvement in
and                                           P-12 student            some lessons during       lessons during
cooperatively                                 involvement during      intervention              intervention;
                                              intervention                                      manipulative teaching
                                                                                                tools included

E1.                Paper presented but        Kidspiration graphic    Kidspiration graphic      Kidspiration graphic
Differentiates     omits documents            organizer is not        organizer supportive of   organizer supportive of
learning           exhibiting ability to      supportive of           intervention for P-12     intervention for P-12
opportunities      differentiate learning     intervention for P-12   student; included         student; included
                   opportunities for P-       student; included       student work samples;     student work samples;
that respond to
                   12 student using a         student work            presented clearly;        presented clearly and
individual         graphic organizer          samples; organizer      allowed for basic level   creatively; allowed for
learning styles                               vague or confusing;     of understanding          high level of
and learning                                  may allow for some                                understanding
challenges                                    understanding
E4. Keeps          Paper presented but        Presented results       Presented organized       Utilized a system of
records to         omits documents            of assessments          results of                record keeping
monitor,           used to show               including initial       assessments               creating a student
document, and      monitoring of              assessment,             including initial         profile; records show
                   P-12 student’s
report P-12                                   progress                screening, progress       monitoring of
                   progress and/or final
student            results
                                              monitoring and          monitoring and final      progress;
progress                                      final assessment        assessments               documented initial
                                                                                                screening and final
                                                                                                assessment results

EDUC 301                                        Reader Case Study                          Corrective Reading

E7. Engages in         Paper presented but        Does not adequately      Reflected on his/her      Reflected on his/her
research and           omits setting new          reflect on his or her    own abilities,            own abilities,
                       goals for professional                              strength//limitations,    strengths/limitations,
reflection on                                     own abilities,
                       growth                                              experiences, but does     and/or experiences as a
best practices in                                 strengths/limitations,   not apply that            teacher candidate by
teaching                                          or experiences as a      information to the        including concrete
strategies                                        teacher candidate        reader case study         examples of what was
                                                                                                     learned and what
                                                                                                     might be change
Reflective voice       Paper presented but        Student writing lacks      Student writes in a     Student writes in a
                       written as a list of         independent and         personal tone that is    personal tone that is
                       events and not              original thought, or    somewhat reflective of
                                                                                                     reflective of
                       reflective                    expression of a          independent and
                                                  personal tone; written      original thought.      independent and
                                                      in first person                                original thought;
PHASE III, IV                                                                                        written in third person

Organization           Content is                     Materials are        Materials are organized   Materials are organized
                       unorganized and            organized in a binder;        using a logical      using tabs designating
                       missing a component          signed time sheet       sequence in a binder;    phases of study in a
                       and/or tabs not in a                                   signed time sheet
PHASE I, II, III, IV                                                                                 signed
                                                                                                     -time sheet
                                                                                                     -parent letters
                                                                                                     -evaluation from
                                                                                                     cooperating teacher

                                                                                                     Points earned


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