Asthma mangement case study by 3TGsB50a


									                                    NUR 471 Family Nurse Practitioner I
                                                       Spring 2012

Case study: Asthma management
5-year-old boy presents with mother for wheezing, sore throat and cough.

Present Illness
1-year history of asthma, usually well controlled with budesonide nebulizer 2 times/day and albuterol inhaler 1-2
times/week for wheezing. 3 days ago, sore throat, clear nasal discharge, and a dry cough. Past 24 hours, intermittent
wheezing, used albuterol 2 puffs with a spacer every 3 hours, partial relief.

Past Medical History
Born at term without complications, no delays in growth or development.

Family History
Mother, age 28, alive & well; Father, age 30, asthma; Sister, age 3, alive & well

Social History
Lives at home with mother, father, and sister. Pre-school 5 days/week. Mother and father work full-time. Uses seat belts
in car, helmet with bike.


    1. What is his asthma severity classification? _____________________ and briefly explain why?

    2. What other history would you seek?

    3. What is the next most appropriate action? _____________________ and briefly explain why?

    4. If his respiratory rate is 50% of upper limits of normal for age. What medication would you prescribe?
       ____________________ and briefly explain why?

    5. Does he need antibiotic therapy? (Identify the reasons for your answer)

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