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									               PE Teacher’s Pre-Sport Skill Lessons
                  Object Control Revision/Extension
                   BASKETBALL - Lesson #26
Key Focus Areas: Basketball Play – Ball Handling/Passing

Skill Builders: ball handling, chest and bounce passing, and catching techniques,
hand-eye coordination, tracking, footwork, cooperation

Key Outcomes:
    Demonstrates competency in chest and bounce passing and catching.
    Demonstrates proficiency in ball handling tasks and executing offensive
    Willingly cooperates and interacts with other class and team members.
    Performs proficiently in aerobic fitness, agility, and strength demands.

Facility / Equipment Required:
Gymnasium, under cover area, or flat surface
Cassette or CD player, popular music
1 basketball ("hands-on") or large playground ball per player

Teaching Points
Chest Passing:
    Start in a balanced stance.
    Hold ball with your fingers (not hand) in front of chest, one hand on
      each side of the ball. Spread fingers, thumbs up, elbows in.
      Hands should be slightly behind the ball in a relaxed position.
    See your target without looking at it.
    In one motion, step in the direction of pass and force your wrists and
      fingers ‘through’ the ball.
    Release the ball off the first and second fingers of both hands to impart
      backspin and give the ball direction.
    Follow through with arms fully extended and fingers pointing towards
      the target with palms facing down.
    Aim for the receiver’s hand target (chest level).
Bounce Passing: (Start position is similar to the chest pass)
    Start by holding ball at your waist with fingers spread on each
      side of ball; thumbs up, elbows in.
    In one motion, step in direction of pass and force wrist and fingers
      ‘through’ the ball.
    Use fingertip release off first and second fingers to impart backspin and accuracy.
    Aim for a spot on floor about two-thirds of the way or a few feet in
      front of target. Ball should bounce to receiver’s waist.
    Follow through by pointing fingers at target with palms of hands
      facing downwards.
Catching a Pass (away from the scoring area)
    See ball and go to meet the pass.
    Land with feet shoulder width apart, knees flexed, balanced stance.
    Use hands to set a target, facing your partner, and “asking for the ball.”
    Keep eyes on the ball, tracking it all the way into your hands.
    Catch the ball with both hands with thumbs and fingers relaxed.
    Give with the ball on catch, bringing arms and hands into position
      in front of chest.
    After receiving the pass, land with a one-two stop.
    Be ready to make the next pass or shoot.

Warming Up Activities / Games
Basketball is a team game. To be an effective contributing team player, he/she must
master the fundamental skills of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, defending,
moving with the ball and moving without the ball.

Basketball Signals (develop footwork, body work, listening skills, court awareness,
general and personal space awareness.)
Perform without a basketball at first, then with a basketball that is dribbled.
     Basketball Scramble: Run in and out of each other with quick changes
    of direction and without making contact or losing control of the ball.
     Jump Stop with both feet landing simultaneously, feet shoulder width
    apart, knees bent, and hands out to side for balance.
     Triple Threat: Land on two feet at the same time, bending
    at the knees, hands/arms out to sides for balance, head up.
    Ball held in both hands in close to inside of one hip. Makes you
    a ‘triple threat’ to shoot, pass or drive.
     Pivot: Keeping contact with the floor on the ball of one foot,
    (which acts like a ‘swivel’) . Use the other foot to push off in
    different directions.
     Rebound: Jump up in the air, stretching high while grabbing
    an imaginary ball rebounding off the basketball backboard.
    Land bending at the knees and bring the ball to the triple threat position.
     Circles: Jog quickly, heads up to touch all the basketball circles
    with two hands; when finished jog in place.
     Three-Point Circle: Run to 3 point circle and ski-jump back and forth
    over the circle line.
      Sidelines: Shuffle from one sideline to the other, touching each
   with one hands.
    End Lines: Sprint from one end line to the other. Watch where
   you are going to avoid collisions. Touch each end line with opposite
   foot to dribbling hand.
    Free Throw Line: Touch with right hand, left foot. Reverse for other line.
    Keyway: Run to keyway and use a shuffle step to cut in and out of keyway
   from high post to low post, to mid post. (See illustration).
    Switch: Use the other hand to dribble!
Skill Practice & Progressions
Ball Handling:
Each player has a ball and starts in a home space.
Use music to further reinforce ball- handling rhythm.

   1. Wake-Up: Toss ball up into the air. Catch it in both hands.
   Slap the ball to wake up your hands. Feel the ball on your fingers.

   2. Flash Fingers: Pass the ball quickly but in control from
   hand to hand in front of your body while jogging in place;
   while marching in place; while lightly jumping in place.
   Start with hands close together, gradually move them further
   apart. Emphasize control. Watch the ball, then close your
   eyes and repeat task.
   Can you pass the ball behind your back?
   Pass the ball while one-knee sitting, kneeling, wide sitting,
   standing up again.

   3. Body Wraps: Spread your feet and pass the ball around
   your waist, clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Try this while
   jogging in place; side-stepping in place, while jogging in general space.
   Pass the ball around your right knee; left knee; both knees
   Try the sequence: around the waist, right knee, left knee, both knees
   again around the waist. Repeat!
   Make up a your own body wrap sequence!

   4. Figure–Eights: pass the ball in a figure-8 pattern around
   one leg, between legs, around the other leg. Reverse the pattern.
   Gorilla Walk: do figure-8’s while walking forward in a straight line.

   5. Body Circles: Holding the ball in both hands, use it to ‘trace’
   a large circle in front of you. Do this in slow –motion, then reverse direction.

   6. Flip-Flops: Lean over, bending at the knees and hold the ball
   between your legs with one hand in front and the other behind. Drop
   the ball, change hands over to catch it. Let the ball bounce to practice
   the hand switch, then repeat with no bounce.

   7. Tappers: Keep the ball bouncing by tapping it with each hand
   in front, then each hand behind. Be patient – this takes some practice!

   8. Make up a ball-handling stunt of your own!
   Passing and Catching:
   1. Demonstrate the chest pass and catch technique. Use the
   cue words for passing: “chest, thumbs up, elbows in, step and
   push away, flick and follow-through, thumbs down.
   Catching: “target, eyes, reach and give”
   2. Partners, facing about 3-5 yards/meters apart. Practice chest
   passing ball back and forth to each other. Emphasize setting hand
   targets to receive the ball. Observe each other and give feedback.
   Make 20 passes.
   3. Demonstrate the bounce pass and catch technique. Use the
   Cue words for passing: “chest, thumbs up, elbows in, step and
   push down, flick and follow through, thumbs down.”
   Have passers experiment with where the ball should be contact the
   floor on the way to their partner. Make 20 passes.
   4. Hot Pepper Passes: which pair can make 20 chest passes the
   Quickest and end in a one-knee sit position? Make 20 bounce passes!
   5. Combination Passing: Using one ball, one partner bounce passes,
   other partner chest passes. Switch roles. Make 20 passes the quickest
   then get into a one-knee sit position.
   6. Split-Vision Passing: Form groups of 3 in triangle formation. Start
   With on ball, then introduce two balls to pass and receive a ball at the
   same time. Heads up! Use chest pass; bounce pass.

  1. Corner –Spry: Form teams of 5-6 players, with each
   team lined up in a semi-circle. Leader positions in the centre
  facing the team and holding a basketball. Leader chest passes
  the ball to each player in turn. Each player receives the pass
  and chest passes ball back to leader When the last player receives
  the ball he/she dribbles to the centre to become the new leader
  while the former leader runs to join the opposite end of the semi-circle.
  Corner-Spry Challenge: use two balls, with leader and first passer
   having a ball to start the activity.

   2. Bull In the Ring: Play with 3-6 players. One player
   (defensive player) stands in the middle of the ring or jump ball circle.
   Other players (offensive players) pass ball to each other while ring
   player tries to intercept, deflect, or touch the pass. If defensive player
   is successful, then the passer becomes the defender in the middle
   and the defender goes to offence. Encourage player with the ball
   to fake the pass in one direction and pass in another direction.
   Make the rule that the passer my not hold the ball longer than
   3 second-count.
Warming-Down Activities / Games
Shuttle Pass Relays: Each half of the team positions in a file opposite the other
10 m(yards) apart. Chest pass to the front player of opposite line, then run to join
the end of that file, passing file on the right side. Drill continues with each player
catching, passing, and following the pass with quickness and accuracy. Repeat relay
using the bounce pass. Remember to pass first, then move feet!

Legend(s) of the Day; Recognize a child or children with positive comments about
their performance in today’s lesson!

Homework Idea: Spinners: Practice spinning the ball on your middle
or index finger. Provide opportunity for players to demonstrate their ‘spinning’

Fit-Think Idea: Discuss the following focus word: ‘P-R-I-D-E’
Let ‘P.R.I.D.E.’ be the focus word for the week!

   “P” - be positive within and without
   “R” – respect yourself and show respect to others
   “I” – make intelligent decisions (think before you act!)
   “D” - be determine; have a dream
   “E” – be enthusiastic, put in the effort to get results

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