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									                Corrections to Information Technology Project Management, Sixth Edition

                                              As of June 29, 2010

p. 142, line 15, the t should be a superscript in the formula.
p. 146, 10th last line, change to read "department specifically, it is best..." Right now there is an
incomplete sentence.
p. 246, Exercise 2, line 2, change days to weeks.
p. 267, 4th last line, change second word from "smonth" to "month"
p. 273, under the para. labeled 1., third line, change Table 7-3 to Table 7-4.
p. 382, fifth last line, change four main processes to five main processes.
p. 416, Quick Quiz Answers, change answer for 7 to b instead of c.
p. 470, 9th last line, Change to read: "are also often provided to suppliers for reducing contract costs"
instead of to.

                 Information Technology Project Management, Fifth Edition Corrections

                                            As of February 17, 2009

Change VPMi Standard to VPMi Express on front cover, lines 1 and 2 of the first paragraph.

p. 14, line 1, requirements not requirement

p. 38. 4th line from bottom, resource not resources

p. 38, last line, insert for before their

p. 174, Quick Quiz Answers, Change 8. a. to 8. b.

p. 176, Task 3, last sentence. Delete “under Appendix D.”

p. 240, line 5. Change 8/1/09 to Monday, August 3, 2009.

p. 241. Change the dates in this table based on the data below. Add the days of the week as shown
below, too.
p. 264, last para, change first sentence to read” Information technology projects have a poor track
record in meeting budget goals.”

p. 303, objective 6, change to read “…such as the Seven Basic Tools of Quality, statistical sampling, Six
Sigma, and testing.”

p. 341, bullet 0. Line 2, change exits to exist

p. 432, last para, line 3, refer to Table 3-12 instead of 3-13

p. A.4, second last line, delete the slash before 5e.

p. A.34, Table A-3, delete the word management in the task names for tasks 6, 7, and 8.
                  Correction for Introduction to Project Management, Second Edition

1. P. 64. Exercise 1, line 4. Change “4, and 5” to “and 4”.

2. P. 114, second para, second last line, change “scope statement” to “scope management plan”

3. P. 158. Definition of burst, fix spelling of occurrence.

4. P. 287. Question 3, last line, delete the word also.

5. p. 302. Need to add the heading” Best Practices” as an A head at the top of p. 302 since this is a
   whole new section.

6. p. 305. Delete the current best practice text in the feature box and insert the following one:

Best Practice

After reviewing many nominations in 2007, the Project Management Institute published a list of twenty-
four organizations from around the world that are considered to be outstanding in project management.
These organizations apply project management best practices that are fully supported by the entire
organizations and have a significant impact on the bottom line. Project management is a core
component of their business. Below is an alphabetical list of these organizations and their countries:

       AgênciaClick (Brazil)
       Airports Company South Africa (South Africa)
       Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (China)
       Central Federal Lands Highway Division (United States)
       Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia)
       Fluor Corp. (United States)
       IBM (United States)
       Indra Sistemas S.A. (Spain)
       Infosys Technologies (India)
       Intel Corp. (United States)
       MD Anderson Cancer Center (United States)
       Memphis Managed Care Corp. (United States)
       Missouri State Government (United States)
       Mutual of Omaha (United States)
       National Aeronautics and Space Administration (United States)
       Petrobras (Brazil)
       Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
       Serasa (Brazil)
       Shell (Netherlands)
       Stork NV (Netherlands)
       Suncorp (Australia)
       TV Guide Interactive (United States
       Wipro Technologies (India)
       Workplace Technology Services (Canada)7

7. p. 320. Change the current endnote 7 to the following:

Sarah Fister Gale, “Outstanding Organizations 2007,” PM Network (October 2007).

8. p. 320. Delete endnotes 14 and 15 and reference to them in the definitions for best practice and
   organizational project management

9. p. 351, Table 1-3, delete the word management in the task names for tasks 6, 7, and 8.

10. P. 425, second bulleted para., line 5, fix spelling of opportunity.

11. P. 426, line 7, fix spelling of additional.

12. P. 430, line 1, fix spelling of Research.

13. P. 430, 3rd last line, fix spelling of purchasing.

In the instructor materials with the solution for the New Business Venture Case Study, Initiating, Task 5,
the solution for the pessimistic scenario is incorrect. You can copy and paste the formulas from one of
the other two scenarios into that tab and fix the formulas. The total cumulative at Month 24 for the
pessimistic scenario should be ($298,058).

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Ch. 2 Quiz Question 2 below, the last word in b. should be costs.

Ch. 3, Quiz Question 3 below, the third word should be charter instead of character.

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