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									Specialization: 010600 Applied Mathematics and Physics
Program: Laser physics and quantum optics
Program director: Professor, Dr.Sc. S.A.Pulkin
Department of General Physics-1
Scientific advisor: Professor , Dr.Sc. Yu.M.Golubev
Рецензент: Ph.D. student. A.N.Vetlugin

The influence of light diffraction on the efficiency of the resonant quantum
 memory on the three-level atom ensemble in the lambda configuration
                                 Tikhonov Kirill Sergeyevich

We continue to study the quantum memory protocol for spatially multimode light based on an
atomic ensemble in the Λ-configuration, which was proposed in [1]. We consider the case for
backward retrieval for which the read-out driving pulse propagates in the opposite direction to
the writing pulse. We estimate the storage efficiency and find the influence of light diffraction
on it. We analyze the process of restoring the transverse profile of signal quantum field.
 [1] K.Samburskaya, T.Golubeva, Yu.Golubev and E.Giacobino, Opt. and Spectros. 110, 5

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