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									The State Hospital, Carstairs

Metsec has won the contract to supply in excess of 500 tons of lightweight galvanised steel

framing as the load-bearing superstructure of the four new two-storey buildings for The State

Hospital at Carstairs in Lanarkshire.

The decision to choose Metsec’s SFS was a critical one as the programme demanded a short

build time and the need for an extremely versatile system.          Metsec’s SFS was the only

system able to meet the stated criteria, being sustainable, economic and with flexible design

parameters, yet with the strength and integrity to reflect the importance of the structure being


The State Hospital is being partly rebuilt and partly refurbished at a cost of £65m, to meet 21

Century standards. The aim is to make it feel closer to ‘normal living’ for patients and remove

the feel of an institution, while at the same time maintaining a high level of safety and security.

Construction started in 2008 and is due to be completed in 2011/12. The main contractor,

Skanska, is creating 19,000m2 of new wards and facilities, as well as refurbishing a further

1,500m2. When complete, the new Hospital will provide beds for around 140 male patients -

12 specifically for patients with a learning disability – as well as a wide range of activity and

therapy spaces. It will serve Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Veitchi Interiors is responsible for the construction of the superstructure, as well as the

internal partitions and dry-lining, and chose Metsec to supply the lightweight galvanized steel

superstructure using SFS. Colin Kennedy, Managing Director of Veitchi, explains: “We felt

that Metsec was the only company with the technical experience to handle a project of this

magnitude. They worked with us as part of a project design and development team for two

and a half years prior to the commencement of construction. We also knew that we could rely

on Metsec to meet the tight program for supply and scheduling of materials and that ongoing

technical support during the construction period would be there.”

…/2 The State Hospital, Carstairs

Speed of construction is a key consideration, as the operation of the Hospital has to continue

as normal throughout the project. The SFS panels have been prefabricated in a workshop

created onsite, which was quick and efficient and has helped to minimise disruption for the

local community as well as patients, visitors and staff.

“This is the largest project of its kind in Britain that Metsec has undertaken to date,” says

Adrian Bellingham, Sales Director of Metsec’s Framing Division. “Our SFS system is ideal for

projects such as this, where speed of construction is required in inclement weather, or in

cases where a lightweight frame is critical, because it provides the necessary stability and

integrity without the need for a steel or concrete primary frame.”

The new Hospital has been designed by Macmon chartered architects to facilitate a new

model of clinical care and improve the facilities for patients, visitors and staff. As well as the

most up-to-date treatments, it will boast the latest equipment and technology, including a new

biomass heating plant that will help it to meet its environmental targets. Around 15% of the

building materials will be recycled products.

Using steel to create the superstructures has also offered environmental benefits: steel is

infinitely recyclable and considerably less of it is required to create the new buildings than

would have been the case with block work. This has not only reduced the construction

project’s carbon footprint, it has also reduced the impact of noise and traffic on the local area.

For any construction project, Metsec’s design office provides structural calculations and fully

detailed drawings to enable the accurate installation of the SFS system. A full design

warranty is also available for the system.

…/3 The State Hospital, Carstairs

To find out more about Metsec products, call 0121 601 6000, email

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Notes to editors

          Research recently carried out by Faithful & Gould has demonstrated a cost saving of
           up to 39% when using SFS compared with block work. The research report may be
           downloaded from Metsec’s website:

          Since 1998 Metsec has been part of the Profilform Division of voestalpine which is a
           leading European processing group with its own steelmaking facilities and
           headquarters in Linz, Austria. The five divisions of voestalpine – Steel, Special Steel,
           Railway Systems, Automotive and Profilform – all occupy top positions in their
           respective markets. Today, voestalpine turns over in excess of €10 billion, has almost
           40,000 employees, production and sales locations in 60 countries and is the World’s
           largest manufacturer of cold roll-formed sections producing in excess of 800,000
           tonnes per annum.

          In addition to its BS EN ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for environmental performance,
           Metsec was the first cold roll-forming company to be awarded the prestigious gold
           standard under the Steel Construction Sustainability Charter. This Charter was drawn
           up by the British Constructional Steelwork Association to develop steel as a
           sustainable form of construction in terms of economic viability, social progress and
           environmental responsibility.

…/4 The State Hospital, Carstairs

Notes to editors (cont)

         In May 2008 The Sunday Times included Metsec in its ‘Green List’, a roster of the
          UK’s 50 best green companies, and positioned Metsec as the highest ranking
          manufacturer in the Midlands for its sustainability practices. The company has also
          been assessed as part of consultant Arup’s Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine
          (SPeAR ). In its report, Arup says, “Metsec is already meeting legislation or best
          practice in the large majority of areas. In some cases Metsec is starting to move
          beyond best practice.”

Project               The State Hospital, Carstairs

Category              Hospitals and Clinics

Products              SFS

Scale                 The project, which is the largest of its type in Britain, is costing around
                      £65m. It incorporates some 29,000m2 of SFS wall panels and an SFS roof
                      structure covering 12,000m2, weighing approximately 500 tons.

Architect             Macmon Chartered Architects

Developer             Skanska

Engineer              Aecom

Fabricator            Metsec

Installer             Veitchi Interiors

9 September 2010

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