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Through Information
Typical Customer Project
 Implement a condition monitoring Improvement Program

 In a way that:
 Examines current practices against worlds best practices and
 chooses appropriate components to implement

 So that:
 Customer can improve uptime, save money on machine

 failures and improve profitability
Conoco Dingo Capabilities
Most of the best practices solution we propose contain
the following major elements:

1. Needs Assessment Study
2. Software Products
3. Implementation Services
4. Condition Monitoring Education and
5. On-going Training and Support Services
6. Systems Integration
       Case Study #1
Pre-empting an Engine Failure
•   5 MM ton coal mine in Hunter Valley
•   Unit 445 Dresser 830 Truck at 17,788
•   Extreme iron wear rate at 0.27 ppm/hr
    a High tin wear rate at 0.031 ppm/hr
    Moderate Chromium wear rate of 0.09
•   Characteristic of cylinder kit problems
    for Detroit 149 engines on site.
•   Engine inspected the following day
•   5R piston skirt badly cracked and
•   Piston was very close to complete
•   Would have only lasted another couple
    of days at most.
•   Estimated Savings $40,000 parts alone

Dingo Lube Explorer®   Dingo FleetOil for      Dingo Lube Professional™    Dingo Lab Manager™
•Entry Level product   Windows®                •Latest Product             • Oracle Database
•Beginner users        •Flagship product       •Large Power Users and      • High end power users
•Simple to install     •High end power users   Small Labs                  •Testing database
•Basic Features        •Advanced features      •Expert System generates    • Ideal for in-house labs
•Easy to use           •Powerful reports and   recommendation for action   • Remote locations
                       analysis                based on triggers and       • Rio Tinto, Alcoa
                       •Extra Fleet Features   conditions
                                               •Powerful reports and
       Services Overview
•   Implementation
•   Training
•   Education Classes (Noria Franchisee)
•   Technical Support
•   Consulting
•   Custom software development
            1. Needs Assessment
               What is a Needs Assessment?
    A Needs Assessment is an intensive interactive exercise
                         designed to:

•   Understand and define the goals;
•   Analyze current practices against worlds best practice;
•   Define the Scope of the transition;
•   Develop and document a comprehensive solution;
•   Present benefits (and a ROI worksheet);
 Assessment Process
    1                2                3

              Opportunity         Plan &
 Goals        Assessment          Control

              Benchmarking /
 Strategic                       Opportunity ?
               Best Practices

              Process Review /
 Business                          Quantify

Operational   Brainstorming

 Goal 1..N
   Some of the many benefits of performing such a study are:
 Simplicity – Understanding the problem in detail, leads to a simpler,
  more comprehensive solution. The process generally uncovers many
  new and beneficial opportunities for adding value by examining the
  business processes in more detail.
 Speed – By understanding all issues before embarking on the project,
  the fastest deployment and most efficient use of resources is ensured.
 Risk containment – All aspects of the project are understood and
  defined up front. A well designed project is less likely to fail or incur
  cost overruns.
 Control – The report is a good tool for communicating a concise plan
  with senior executives and those responsible for implementation.
  Costs can be well defined, budgeted and controlled.
 Gain Support – Opportunity for the team to have input to designing
  the solution. This leads to better support when resources are
Dingo Collaborative
Maintenance Network
What is Collaborative

“The ability for site maintenance
    people to share data and
 collaborate via the internet to
  solve business (maintenance)
problems with external experts.”
                  Ive just received an                 Equipment Mfgr.
                      alert. The iron                  Design Engineer
                  is up in Engine 301                  Peoria, IL        Copper is also
                        Any ideas?                                      increasing. The
                                                                          piston liners
                                                                       could be wearing.

Maintenance planner
Gillette, WY                                         We’ve seen this at other
                                                    customers. We had great
                                                         results with ...

                                                     Lubricant Engineer
                                                     Denver, CO
                       Content - adding value
                                                                          safety, production
                                                                         -context from other
        Results!           •recommendations                  •case studies
                           •action taken                     •group reporting
                           •cost savings result              •tips and hints

                                                                                      Engineers research
                  Finish                                                              and publish globally
                                                                                          via intranet
        Start                                     Database

                           •raw data                         •information
                           •low value                        •higher value
                           •high volume                      •generic rules
Site Condition
Monitoring Data

                                                        Experts Collaborate &
                                                            Analyze Data
                             Before                                                          After
                                            Site A

                                                                  Site A                             Site B
Oil Analysis

        Vibration Analysis


               Site B                                        Microsoft DNA
                                                             MS SQL & Web        Single
                                 Oil Analysis
                                                                             global, multi
                                                                               site, multi      Corporate HQ
                                        Vibration Analysis                      database

    Alert            Work Request

Event History         Work Orders
3. Professional Implementation
  Development of implementation plan with site team,
                  project management.

                Sample Project Team

4. Education & Training

•   Software - Application Based
•   Oil Analysis
     –   Trades
     –   Basic
     –   Advanced
     –   Integrated CM.
5. Professional Support
   •   Software
        – Dedicated support team
        – Developers of the software
        – Remote dial in support
        – Internet support
        – E-mail support
        – Enhanced support with
          regular visits
        – Annual User Conference
   •   Condition Monitoring
        – Engineers
        – Oil Analysis Experience
6. Systems Integration.
   •   Intergration of Systems to allow:
        – Improved Management of and Access to Data
        – More Informed Maintenance Decisions
   •   Examples
        – Oil Analysis
        – Asset Management and Enterprise Resource
          Planning (e.g. MIMS, SAP, MP5)
        – Vibration Analysis
        – Thermography
        – Ultrasonics
        – Process Control (e.g. Tritronics, Wonderware)
        – Vehicle Management Systems (e.g. VIMS, DDEC)
        – Dispatch Systems
               Customer Benefits
 Improved asset performance
 Asset life cycle cost reduction
 Global improvement in
  Condition Monitoring
 Reduced lubricant, parts and
  labour costs
 Faster problem resolution
  through real time collaboration
 Reduced system administration
  and overhead
Five Best Practices in Condition
    1. Setting Goals

    2. Selecting the Laboratories/Vendors

    3. Taking Samples/Readings

    4. Analysing the results

    5. Taking Action & Feedback
1. Setting Goals
•   Quantify the opportunity.
•   Examine available resources.
•   Define and set goals.
     – CM Analysis for PM .
     – CM Analysis for PdM.
     – CM Analysis to support the
       goal of potential reliability
       (RCM or ProActive).
•   Communicate them throughout
    the organisation.
2. Lab and Vendor Selection
     •   Laboratory/vendor audit.
     •   What certification/standards the
         laboratory/vendor operates
     •   What analysis the
         laboratory/vendor can do and
         compare that to what you require
         based on the goals set in Step 1.
     •   Strengths and limitations of
         analysis - lubricant technical
     •   Communication between lab and
3. Taking the Samples/Tests
     •   Determine what gets sampled.
     •   Error free labelling techniques.
     •   Representative sampling.
     •   Sample point identification.
     •   Maintain education and feedback to
         those taking samples.
     •   Determination of Sample Interval.
4. Analysing the results
   •   Knowledge of equipment and
       metallurgy of components
   •   Awareness of site specific
   •   Understanding of lubricants and
       filters in use.
   •   Monitoring of Trends (Abs and
   •   Establishing site specific exception
   •   Compare to other maintenance
       data sources.
   •   Analysis to determine
5. Taking Action
•   Set standards of action (Proactive,
    Predictive Levels).
•   Used before failure, not after.
•   Document in software.
•   Do extensive studies or pilot programs
    before making global changes.
•   Continous improvement processes.
        What is Reengineering?
• Original term by Michael Hammer in
  Harvard Business Review in 1993
• “Radical redesign of a company’s
  processes, organization, and culture to
  achieve a quantum leap in performance”
• Four Key words
  –   Fundamental
  –   Radical
  –   Dramatic
  –   Processes
    Rethinking business processes
•   Several Jobs are combined into one
•   Workers make decisions
•   Steps are performed in a natural order
•   Processes have multiple versions
•   Work is performed where it makes the most sense
•   Checks and controls are reduced
•   Reconciliation is minimized
•   Case Manager provides single point of contact
•   Hybrid Centarlized/Decentralized operations are prevalent
     Reengineering applied to
     Opportunity Assessment
• Oil Analysis is a business process which
  involves significant resources
• As such reengineering can and should be
• Information technology is key
• Emerging technologies should always be
  evaluated for applicability!
             Oil Analysis Process
            Step                Who          Handoffs
Site Takes samples            Mechanic
Sends samples to lab          Site Clerk        1
Lab performs testing        Lab Technician      2
Lab performs analysis        Lab Analyst        3
Lab sends results to site     Lab Clerk         4
Site decides action            Planner          5
Site implements action        Mechanic          6
      Information Technology
• is an Essential Enabler
• change from deductive to inductive thinking
• “first recognising a powerful solution and
  then seek the problems it might solve”
• Shift in thinking
  – Old Rule
  – Disruptive Technology
  – New Rule
     Information technology
Old Rule:     Only Experts can perform
              complex work
Disruptive    Expert Systems
New Rule:     A generalist can do the
              work of an expert
            Combining Jobs
      Metropolitan Transit Authority
              Old                                               New
•   Receipt of US Mail reports                   •   Software Automatically
    (1000 per month)                Disruptive        – Downloads results
•   Manual Calculation of rate of
    Change values
                                    Technology        – Calculates Wear Rates
                                                      – Triggers Exceptions
•   Review against alarm levels
                                                      – Adjusts Alarms
•   Consult reference material on
    Oil Analysis                    Computer          – Stores all historical
                                    Database             information
•   Secondary System to record
    Action                                       •   Oil Analysis Info stored in
•   Manual adjustment of alarm
    levels                                       •   Audit Trail of Action
•   Filing of Information
     Workers Making Better Decisions
          Aluminum Smelters
            Old                Disruptive              New
• Communication gap            Technology   • Info shared by Lab,
  between External Lab,                       Management and
  Planners and Workers                        Workers
• Poor sampling procedures                  • Workers taking more
• Pain involved in analysing   Computers,     ownership
  numerical data halted        Software,    • Access to vital integrated
  progress                                    information allows pro-
                                              active behaviour during
                                              PM activities
                                            • Workers making higher
                                              value maintenance
       Work is Performed Where it
        Makes the Most Sense
         Old             Disruptive          New
• Rely solely on lab for Technology • Analysis performed on
  analysis                              site, considering lab and
• No site conditions                    other input
  considered in          Analysis   •   Site specific alarms
  Analysis               software   •   Comparisons amongst
• Limited                & e-mail       similar equipment
  understanding of Oil              •   Action taken based on
  Analysis on site                      site goals
                                    •   Manage risks against
Other Reengineering Examples
 Process Step               Before Re-Engineering       After Re-Engineering

 Sample Labels              Hand Written                Computer Generated
                            Error Prone                 Error Free
                            Time Consuming              Takes Seconds
 Laboratory Processing      Manual Tests                Automated Tests
                            Reports compiled by hand    Software collects and
                                                        compiles report
 Communication              Results posted by mail or   Results posted by internet
 Interpretation of Trends   Slow numerical paper        Fast computer graphs
 & History                  reports
                            Alarm conditions notified   Automated colour-coded
                            by fax/phone                exception reports
                            Limited History             Full History
                            No Trending                 Automated Trends
                            Filing Cabinet              Electronic, online
                            Time Consuming              Instant Recall
 Reporting                  Paper Overload              Reports on demand
 Alarm Limits               Lab Alarm limits based on   User alarm limits based on
                            oil or machine              user data
 Access to Information      Limited by volume and       Shared to all over network
                     The Internet

   “The challenge that most corporations fail
   to meet is the business possibilities that lie
   latent in technology”

* Rengineering the Corporation, Michael Hammer and James Champy,
     • World first collaborative web product
     • Intranet portal for Maintenance Staff
     • Single large database
     • Multi-site, Multi lingual
     • Data Portability
     • Multiple technologies
     • Re-Engineering Principles applied to the Web
     • Able to access data on multiple machines that are
       geographically dispersed
     • Can connect to legacy systems on other operating
       system platforms
     • WAN’s, Internet and low speed connections supported

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