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advice to procrastinators 930 class by F8bZ59


									Advice to Ricardo and Tracy, “The Procrastinators” case study, pg. 102

Ricardo’s “problems”:

   “had to” go to wedding and stayed over an extra day;
   didn’t have my essay done so I stayed home;
   stay up late talking to girlfriend, playing video games

Our advice to Ricardo:

  1.   Get your homework done and then play video games
  2.   Do your homework and then talk to your girlfriend
  3.   Turn your phone off until you get homework done
  4.   Limit the amount of time you talk to girlfriend on the phone
  5.   Organize your time on a daily calendar/planner
  6.   Leave earlier from the wedding, as you had planned to
  7.   Don’t go to the wedding
  8.   Go to class even if your homework is not done—you’ll just get
       farther behind by not knowing what happened in class

Tracy’s “problems”:

      single mother of 3 kids;
      works 20 hours a week and takes 4 courses;
      kids got sick;
      refrigerator broke down;
      had to work overtime for repair money;
      changed work schedule;
      needed to find new day care;
      only gets 5 hours of sleep
Our advice to Tracy:

  1. Is there a friend to trade babysitting with? A family member?
  2. Look for a refrigerator at a thrift store
  3. Contact professors to see if you can attend one of their classes at
     a different time when work schedule changes; or maybe work
     independently temporarily
  4. Maybe try two classes per semester and see if you can be
     successful with that level of commitment
  5. Find a man to take care of her, a sugar daddy
  6. Look into local social service agencies which may provide help
     with day care, food
  7. Take your homework to work in case you have some spare time
  8. See if you can find on-line courses

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