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									                              Nutrition Cluster Meeting
                     Held at Marriot, Islamabad – January 19, 2010

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                  Updates on Inter Cluster Coordination Meeting (ICCM)
                  Presentation by WFP “Acceptability Report of RUFC in children”
                  Follow-up on action points of the last cluster meetings
                  AoB

Main Discussions and Action Points:
    1. The joint Operation Coordination Meeting (OCM) with PaRRSA/PDMA, Line
       Departments of Government and UN Clusters Coordinators was held on 19 January 2010
       in Peshawar. The meeting is planned to be held twice a month.

    2. There will be no separate taskforce meeting on Waziristan IDPs (DI Khan and Tank).
       This will be discussed in the next ICCM.

    3. Regarding Saudi funds, the agreements submitted by UN agencies/organizations are
       being reviewed by Legal Department of the Saudi Government. There was an indication
       of receiving feedback by Saudi Government by end of next week.

    4. Some agencies raised security clearance requirements by the military with OCHA. If any
       of the nutrition cluster members have faced similar case, it was suggested to share this
       with OCHA (none of the cluster members mentioned any concern on this).

    5. Some colleagues from OCHA have requested the cluster for latest nutrition data. Save the
       Children has planned for the survey in Swat, Buner and Swabi as per the signed
       agreement with UNICEF. Save the Children informed that implementation of the survey
       is expected to start soon as they are waiting for an international technical expert.

    6. WFP presented a summary of the nutrition activities supported by WFP. A presentation
       was followed on the summary of an acceptability study on the use of “Ready to Use Food
       for Children” (RUCF). The study was conducted in Swabi with 36 children concluding
       that RUFC was quiet acceptable among the studied children. The study was limited to
       acceptability test, but not its impact on the child nutritional status.

    7. Nutrition Cluster focal persons are attending regular District Coordination Meetings
       (DCM) in Swat, Buner and Lower Dir under the chairmanship of DCO and OCHA
       Pakistan. They are providing updates on the nutrition activities held in each district.
    8. DoH Peshawar and Nutrition Wing requested to receive simplified information sheet on
       cluster activities regularly (action: regular copies of the sitreps and monthly update to be
       sent by UNICEF to both DoH and NW.

    9. A meeting among WFP, WHO and UNICEF agreed to plan to clarify the roles and
       responsibilities of each agencies (action: UNICEF to arrange a meeting)

    10. The next nutrition cluster meeting is proposed in Peshawar. The date and the venue of the
        meeting will be shared with the cluster members.

On behalf of the cluster, we would like to thank WFP for hosting this meeting

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